Vegan Shampoo: The Complete Guide

Currently, vegan cultivation affects a large number of areas. Aside from food and clothing, you can find cosmetic products like vegan shampoo on the market.

Known for their virtue and ethical aspects, these products are increasingly popular with many people, even those who do not necessarily adhere to the vegan diet.

However, it should be understood that many questions are asked around vegan hair products including vegan shampoo. The latter is offered in supermarkets as well as in organic or online stores.
So, before you adopt vegan shampoo, here are a few things you’ll need to know about this product.

What is a vegan shampoo?

The term vegan, or vegan that comes from English, means that the product you use does not exploit or use animals in any way. This means that the product is completely free of any animal ingredients and is organic and natural.

A vegan shampoo is therefore a shampoo that has not been tested on any animal and does not contain any animal derivatives (animal fats for example). They are also usually free of all chemicals as well as any artificial additives. These shampoos do not skimp on quality and will always contain ingredients that will cleanse the hair and rid it of the dirt and sebum that has accumulated.

If you want to make sure you have a vegan shampoo in your hands, you should always make sure that your shampoo has been certified completely free of animal ingredients or derivatives by an independent body before purchasing it.

Things to Know About Vegan Shampoo

We all spend a lot of time processing our hair and following a hair routine to try to increase their shine, but we also often make the mistake of not paying the necessary attention to the ingredients of the products we use.

Unfortunately, many common and popular brand shampoos contain really harmful ingredients that not only help to increase split ends and hair dryness, but are also very harmful to the environment and various animal species.

For this reason, vegan shampoos are a much better choice if you want to improve the health of your hair without harming the environment. It is equally important to ensure that your vegan shampoo is developed without any testing on the animals to be developed, so it is developed without animal humane and guilt-free for consumers.

All ingredients must be humanely certified so that you can ensure that no animals have been used in the process. These shampoos generally do not contain harmful ingredients, which is important not only for adults, but especially for children who are more sensitive to these ingredients.

Hair loss has even been a side effect of using regular branded shampoos! Vegan shampoos contain more natural and organic ingredients, and absolutely no animal by-products. The environment but your hair will thank you!

The best vegan shampoo

Finding a vegan shampoo is not always easy because the shelves of supermarkets contain very little.

To help you we’ve put together the best vegan shampoos you can find for you:

Maria Nila vegan shampoo

Maria Nila is a Swedish cosmetics brand, based in Stockholm, specializing in organic, vegan and professional quality hair products.
Their vegan shampoo has been voted the best on the market by several professional magazines for its nutritional abilities capable of giving a new lease of life to your hair. Moreover, with a score of 4.5/5 for more than 380 reviews even customers show their satisfaction:

Maria Nila vegan shampoo

  • Swedish vegan shampoo voted best on the market
  • Repairs damaged hair

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Faith in Nature vegan shampoo

Faith in Nature is also a brand specializing in organic and plant products. The interest is that they offer packs including shampoo and after shampoo to make your life easier:

Faith in Nature vegan shampoo

  • Vegan shampoo and shampoo kit
  • 100% organic

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Corine Farme vegan shampoo

Here is a solid vegan shampoo made in France! Made from coconut oil, it nourishes your hair deeply to give it suppleness and shine. If you’re not used to dry shampoos don’t worry, use is easy. Simply wet your hair, as with a classic shampoo, then gently rub the solid shampoo against your hair. Then wash your hair as you usually do. This avoids plastic packaging:

Corine Farme vegan shampoo

  • Solid shampoo to avoid plastic packaging
  • Vegan and cruelty-free shampoo
  • 100% organic and moisturizing to revitalize your hair

Love Beauty and Planet vegan shampoo

Love Beauty and Planet is a brand of organic and vegan cosmetics. Their shampoo is among the best on the market. It includes rosemary, coconut oil and vetiver to provide your hair with all the vitamins, nutrients and hydration they need:

Love Beauty and Planet vegan shampoo

  • Vegan and organic shampoo
  • Recycled plastic bottle
  • Rich in vitamins to nourish your hair

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What are the advantages of a vegan shampoo over a conventional shampoo?

You’re probably wondering what benefits vegan shampoo brings? We have made a list of the benefits you can derive from the use of these types of products.

Ingredients that are not harmful

They contain fewer ingredients than conventional shampoos and the ingredients they contain are entirely organic. This means that they are aggressive mount for the health of your hair, as well as for your overall health.

These vegan shampoos are environmentally friendly and tend to be packaged in a material that has been recycled, so you not only get a healthy product, but you also help preserve the environment when you buy your shampoo.

They are completely free of harmful chemical ingredients such as sodium sulphate. The latter is responsible for the hair loss that many people suffer.

A vegan shampoo to promote hair growth

Vegan shampoos can promote and stimulate hair follicles, making it easier for you to accelerate hair growth.

Vegan shampoos add minerals and natural oils to hair and scalp, helping hair maintain natural hydration and stay healthy. They are enriched with essential oils, such as the herbal tea tree and jojoba. Essential oils add vitamins and minerals to the scalp to stimulate growth.

They do not contain any parabens. Parabens are preservatives used in commercial shampoos that damage hair follicles.

Natural ingredients and fragrances

Vegan shampoos are more often composed of many natural herbal ingredients, such as argan oil, aloe, jojoba oil, buriti oil, shea butter and kaolin clays, which benefit hair from nourishing vitamins, nutrients and of course, moisture. However, beware of perfumes that may hide in other shampoos marketed in supermarkets that often come from artificial ingredients.

Protective ingredients

One of the main problems with non-vegan shampoos is that aggressive chemicals and additives strip hair of their natural protective coating. On the contrary, vegan shampoos do not damage the existing oils of your hair and in fact, protect the hair even more with the nourishing essential oils they bring to the image.

Less hypoallergenic products in vegan shampoo

Many non-vegan shampoos are made with various aggressive chemical compounds and animal by-products, which can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction. Because vegan shampoos use non-aggressive organic products and many natural and plant ingredients, they are much softer for sensitive skin.

A vegan shampoo is much more environmentally friendly

The ingredients of a vegan shampoo are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and of ethical origin, and the containers in which they are supplied are often also made from recyclable materials. When you use vegan shampoos as an alternative to branded shampoos containing chemical ingredients, you will contribute to a more sustainable future.

Does a vegan shampoo wash hair as well as a conventional shampoo?

Now you know what vegan shampoo is and what benefits you can derive from its use, we’ll now talk about the effectiveness of vegan shampoos.

It’s time to tackle the myth that vegan beauty products are less effective than traditional products. Although vegan shampoos and conditioners often avoid many common ingredients found in regular shampoos, they are just as effective at washing, cleaning and taking care of your hair.

Some of the best-known vegan shampoos include those containing coconut oil and sulphate-free ylang ylang. This is a great example of vegan shampoo that provides superior hair care. In addition to being vegan, these products can repair hair with coconut oil while gently removing dirt and deep nourishing hair fiber.

So if you’re looking to add more vegan cosmetics to your daily hair routine or just want hair care products that will nourish your hair, then why not try a vegan shampoo and shampoo?

Do vegan shampoos fit all hair types?

If you want to adopt the vegan lifestyle, you need to know that you are committed to promoting environmental sustainability. When you choose shampoos, conditioners or other vegan hair care products over conventional hair care products, you are not only more careful about your hair, but also about the environment. But the question everyone is asking is: do vegan shampoos fit any type of hair? If you too have asked yourself this question, here are the points to know.

Vegan hair care has come a long way since its inception. So, if you dream of offering the best to your hair while doing good to the planet, be aware that the use of vegan shampoos and other natural-based hair products is more than advisable. You’ll feel good and look great while doing your part for the planet.

In addition, these products are suitable for all types of hair, so trying them is more than adopting them. You won’t risk attacking your scalp or hair fiber. Whether you have fine, smooth, curly or wavy hair, these products will be suitable for your hair and will allow you to make all the difference, precisely because they are soft and therefore do not risk damaging even more already fragile hair.

However, always check the label before you buy. Most vegan products have a certified vegan green leaf label. They must also have a “animal humane” badge. If they miss, don’t hesitate to check the brand’s website.

Also get to know the ingredients. Some companies disguise things using different names. Lanolin, for example, is derived from sheep’s wool. The hairsy gum is known to retain hair color and make it shiny, but it is made from thousands of insects, which is not as vegan as it sounds!

Vegan products for both hair and skin

Vegan hair and skin care products can be better for your skin and hair. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Plant-based ingredients contain more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: this is the benefit of plants.

Natural ingredients for all tastes

Vegan shampoos are full of herbal benefits with ingredients such as Kakadu plum, promoting hair hydration, increasing moisture and shine in particularly dry or dull hair. Without any inconvenience, vegan shampoos and conditioners are richer in vitamins A, C and E, making hair softer and brighter.

Vegan hair care products generally contain more natural ingredients, replacing synthetic ingredients with essential oils and natural cleaning agents for cleaning, rehydrating and repairing. In addition, artificial fragrances are replaced by the aromatic scent of herbs and flowers.

Natural extracts, such as coconut oil and aloe vera in vegan hair treatments, help soften and moisturize. Vegetable proteins in vegan shampoos enter the hair cuticle for stronger, thicker hair. The moisturizing mask contains ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera, rice protein and pear extract to rehydrate and soften hair.

An environmentally friendly product

Did you know that the packaging used to contain vegan shampoos is 100% recyclable? Some brands also use recycled cardboard for all of its distribution boxes and product packaging. Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and are therefore 100% humane.

In addition, they are free of animal ingredients such as beeswax, honey and collagen. You can also understand that this same process is adopted by manufacturers of skin care products. So, if you want to invest in good products and make new resolution, the use of vegan products for both your hair and your skin is more than advisable. Be aware, however, that if you want to buy vegan products, whether online or from a physical store, it is recommended that you check the provenance of your products if they are truly vegan.