Hello? Hi How are you? I’m Robin welcome back to welcome to my YouTube channel This little world right here is Man For Himself If you like men’s hair product reviews grooming skincare fragrance and videos like this very one, then press subscribe right now You’re going to love it around here Okay We are in were in October now I hadn’t had my hair cut since February I had a quick trim in July and then I had a cut last week I have been growing my hair Its the longest it’s ever been And I’ve Had some bad stages in this.

I’ve had times where I felt like I’m getting there and I’ve gotten a few pitfalls that I’ve definitely experienced that I wanted to share with you because I know so many of you guys have been asking so many of you are growing your hair too so this should help The first thing I would say to avoid a mistake you can make is to think that this is going to be an overnight process I know that you’re Yeah I know my hair has got to grow.

But thinking that it’s going to bee easy and not really having a goal in mind Have a goal in mind have an idea of the type of hair that you want and the type of hair that you can achieve And on ManForHimself COM? I’ve got the hairstyle directory On there, there is a cut and a style that I still look to That’s Jake Gyllenhaal his hair is amazing It looks fantastic has got hair really quite similar to mine But he looks far better than me.

Let’s be clear but he got really fine hair And I’ve been looking into that thinking I can achieve that Been looking for it, I’ve been seeing how it was styled sort of the products that can be used And I’ve got my eyes on the prize So check that out Just be mindful of what your hair can actually do If you’ve got Afro hair, then growing out its just going to mean the hair is going to go bigger I mean you can obviously relax it And if you’ve got really sort of curly wiry hair Then it’s going to grow in a different way.

So just keep that in mind Right? The second sort of thing is those awkward stages I have a friend my friend Nicholas who’s a hairdresser had said to me You’re going to have awkward stages just right out I thought these awkward stages are going to be easy Its going to be so easy Its not Awkward stages really means when the hairs starting to do its own thing.

This especially on the sides These started to grow like this and it looked awful You’re going to find that Let me put this back You’re going to find that the hair grows in different ways Its going To get to a point that it doesn’t look styled It doesn’t look good I can’t see a thing And you are just going to want to cut it.

Avoid cutting it avoid I’m doing little trims yourself taking it off here in the sort of sideburn area across the neck ride it out Honestly avoid all those little bit spin it back use some sort of products a bit of clay onto that So sleek it back just slightly ride it out and see what you can do But a mistake also and I would say about this is not getting you Are hair cut is also a mistake I was in lockdown so I couldn’t get my hair cut from February until July.

And when I did get it cut it really needed it But I just had a trim because I was still growing it And that was really just to take the edge at the ends off to just keep it neat just to kill off some of that Well To get rid of the sort of the dead ends on it and just to ensure I had a bit more shape into it So don’t avoid a hairdresser just because you’re growing it,.

Go and see them regularly Riley And they’re going to help to basically put a bit more shape back into that hair Maybe take out some of the sides just kind of level it off to stop the hair flicking out because that’s what my hair was doing Another sort of thing about this is don’t think that your barber or your hairdresser that you went to when you have that super sleek fade super sleek Super sharp fade is going to be the same person that can do this sort of thing.

I remember one of my barbers when I decided initially that I wanted to move away from the fades and I wanted to grow the sides out My barber could only use clippers and I said I really want a scissor cut My barber just can’t do that So I had to make the decision to leave that barber and to go someone that had more like a skill set for what I was looking for If you see a guy on the street or there’s someone on social media whose hair you really like,.

And you live in a sort of similar place for the mask them where they got it cut And if you asked them where they got it cut then it means you can go to the same person because that person knows what they’re doing On manforhimself come too You’ll also see on the hairstyle directory If it’s something that a barber has submitted,.

Then you can check out where that barber works and you can maybe go and see them yourselves I’ve got places in London there I’ve also got someone in the North and there’s a real mixture there So just be mindful of that But you really do want someone that knows their craft And my friend Nicholas who works at Josh Wood Color? he did that because he knows what I want He knows me He knows how I want my hair.

His kind of come on this bit of a hair journey with me So just having these regular trims just to ensure that it’s growing in the way it should And yeah It’s slightly shorter than it was but it’s just going to grow in better Also Don’t think that the same products you used when you had short hair are going to work on longer hair Now you might think longer hair needs heavier and heavier, thicker products Its actually the opposite When your hair is longer It’s going to have more natural weight The hairs going to sit far easier.

Those awkward stages yeah It’s going to jump up a bit you might need something but when you get to sort of this length Actually, having something lighter In my hair today I’ve just used a tiny bit of hair custard by Lush straight through the ends I let it dry And then just a bit of a hair Dryer with.

What did I use? I used a tiny bit of cream the dirty Lush texture cream just to add a bit more sort of definition I’m looking down here Just to add a bit more sort of oomph to it But actually using some of those thicker clay products aren’t going to be great in this long hair because it’s just going to weigh it down Also in terms of products when you’re washing your hair maybe take down that washing cycle just a tiny bit Ill be doing another video on washing your hair or It’s already up And just be mindful of that.

I’ll link it so you can check out but different products are really going to be needed Stick out honestly stick out keep your eyes on the prize know what you want with your hair and you will get there I promise you Thank you very much for watching And if you’re still new to this You’re still not pressed subscribe go on hit subscribe right now the button is just there Also some more video suggestions down there stay with me and watch the em Head into the hairstyle directory will be there Right there.

And there are other links of things I’ve spoken to in the description Until my next new video buh-bye