8 Natural Ingredients to Moisturize Curly Hair

What are the best natural ingredients to moisturize curly hair?


In Team Belle Boucle, we love natural ingredients to moisturize our curly hair. Some ingredients are more effective than others and have an incredible effect on curls! In this article, we will introduce you to the 8 best moisturizing ingredients to have perfect curls! ūüćć

Moisturizingcurly hair is essential so that it is in great shape! Here are the reasons:

  • Good hydration helps to form and define the curls
  • Limit frizz and knots
  • Allows curls to be soft and supple

How to moisturize your curly hair?

  • by doing a¬†weekly moisturizer after your shampoo
  • using¬†styling products adapted¬†to your hair type
  • during your daily “Morning Routine”(or according to your needs)
  • finally,¬†by drinking enough¬†because good hydration begins internally

Top 8 Best Moisturizing Ingredients


Oats are a real natural treasure for curly hair. Indeed, mixed with water, oatmeal forms an ultra creamy cream. Oat Cream deeply moisturizes and strengthens the hair fiber; while untangling and sheathing the hair fiber. Also, it brings shine and softness to the curls! The little +: it intensely soothes sensitive scalps!

Belle Boucle Tips:

  • Oat Cream can be used as a¬†mask after shampoo, as a¬†styling cream¬†or¬†diluted in water for a moisturizing spray¬†on a daily basis!
  • In addition, you can¬†keep it for 1 week of refrigerator¬†in a closed container! Of course, check the appearance (color/smell) of your preparation before use.


Organic Marshmallow Powder is an incredible care powder. Rich in mucilages, it will come to unravel the loops, sheath them and strengthen them. The hair is left defined, soft and supple! The little +: it brings volume and soothes sensitive scalps!


  • Mix Marshmallow Powder with a little hot water to get a¬†moisturizing, detangling and sheathing hair care!
  • Generally,¬†2 to 3 tablespoons¬†in total are enough to make up your homemade mask (a single powder or in synergy)
  • By the way, you can also choose¬†to add other moisturizing ingredients¬†for even more hydration!
  • Leave your treatment on for at least 30 minutes under a¬†care cap¬†or warm towel.

Flax Seed Aloe Strong Hold Sculpting Gel 

Flax seeds are small nuggets for the care of curly hair in natural. Indeed, by bringing flaxseed mixed with water to a boil, we get the famous Flax Gel! Flax Gel is wonderful for: moisturizing and protecting the hair fiber, fighting frizz, defining curls and freezing them!


  • Like Oat Cream, you can use Flax Gel both as a¬†conditioner, as a¬†styling gel¬†or¬†diluted in water in a moisturizing spray.
  • Flax Gel¬†replaces conventional gel¬†to¬†tame small baby hair¬†and sublimate your¬†hairstyles!
  • In addition, you can use it as a¬†night care;¬†by applying it from the roots to the tips to¬†moisturize your curls,¬†limit frizz¬†and¬†knot formation!
  • Flax Gel can be¬†stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week without preservatives, in a closed container. Of course, check the appearance (color/smell) of your preparation before use. Nevertheless, in order to keep your Flax Gel longer, you can add 19 drops of Cosgard preservative per 100g of product.


Yogurt is a flagship ingredient of natural hair care based on cooking ingredients. Indeed, Yogurt is a complete care base: it moisturizes the hair in depth, nourishes it and provides it with proteins. The frizz is mastered and the curls are left soft and silky!


  • Add 1 yogurt to your homemade skincare recipes to have curls in great shape!
  • Instead, opt for vegetable yogurts (plain) that leave no smell (unlike yogurts with animal milk).


Do we need to present it? ^^ Honey is adored for textured hair (frizzy, curly, wavy and curly)! It moisturizes the hair fiber deeply and takes care of the lengths and tips. Exceptional care, it purifies and soothes the scalp! The little +: it helps to rebalance the scalps with an oily tendency!


  • You can incorporate it into all your hair recipes for ultra soft and shiny curls!
  • The more you choose a dark honey, the more it will give reflections to the goldilocks! ūüĎ©ūüŹľ ūü¶Ī


Among the best natural moisturizing ingredients, we count of course the fruit compote. Fruit compote moisturizes and softens curls. After a good care, the curls are soft, supple and frizz-free!


  • Choose a smooth fruit compote without pieces¬†to rinse your hair easily!
  • You can use it alone or combine it with Honey


Organic Banana Powder is rich in sugars and mucilages; which makes it the ally of your homemade moisturizing recipes! It moisturizes the hair fiber and protects it from dehydration; thus limiting frizz and knots! In addition, it untangles, softens and revitalizes the curls. Your hair is ultra soft, supple and sheathed!

Belle Boucle Tips:

  • Mix banana powder with a little hot water to get a¬†moisturizing and revitalizing hair care!
  • Generally,¬†2 to 3 tablespoons¬†in total are enough to make up your homemade mask (a single powder or in synergy)
  • For even more benefits, you can make a¬†synergy with Marshmallow Powder¬†and/or add other¬†ingredients from our Top 8!
  • Leave your treatment on for at least 30 minutes under a¬†care cap¬†or warm towel.


Aloe Vera Gel is an exceptional care of the scalp with tips! It moisturizes the hair fiber and protects it from dehydration. Aloe Vera Gel untangles all textured hair and its light texture does not weigh it down curls. Ideal for forming loops and perpetuating them; we love to use it on a daily basis! The little +: it soothes and purifies sensitive scalps, fights against itching, dandruff and hair loss!


  • With a dab of product, massage your scalp with your fingertips to soothe your scalp, stimulate growth and fight against falling.
  • Like Flax Gel, you can use it as a night care; by applying it from the roots to the tips to moisturize your curls, limit frizz and knot formation!
  • Aloe Vera Gel is an excellent styling gel, both for adults and mini curly/curly/frizzy!