All You Need to Know About Hair Styling Cream

Before hair styling creams became popular, most people were using variations of hair gel. The gel was used primarily by men to shape their hair to get the desired look. The problem with gel was that it can be heavy on the hands and awkward to work with. Many gel products in earlier decades tended to be oily. Hair styling cream was invented as an alternative to hair gel. Although there are many types of hair gels- some are lighter, some allowed for flexibility- gels still suffer from the problems mentioned above.  Hair styling cream can help you get the right look even if you have dull hair. It also can be used in a wide range of conditions and it is easy to use regardless of your hair type.

Cream Brings Body

If you do not want to spend a lot of time using a blow dryer and a can of hair spray to give your hair the body, presence, and volume that you want, hair styling cream is it. With a little bit of cream applied to your hair, the right combing strokes, and the right blow drying, you can get the right look without spending much time, effort, and energy. Compare to the oily hair gel that makes your hair look clingy and matted in certain parts, hair cream leaves gel styling products in the dust. For a flawless and smooth look that is light and easy to work with, hair styling cream is the way to go.

Other Selling Points of Hair Cream

If your hair is unmanageable or wavy or curly, hair cream can smoothen out your hair to a certain extent. It keeps your overall hairstyle in place so it does not fall apart. This is important if you are going to an event and you want your hair well-kept and look good for a few hours. Hair styling cream also prevents flyaway and frizzy hair. It is quite amazing how hair cream does this. Unlike other styling products that pack on a lot of volume to hold your hair in place, hair cream has enough hold even if you use only a little of it. Say goodbye to flyaway and frizzy hair without the unnecessary bulk and thickness to your hair.

Hair Cream is Great for Unusual Hairstyles

No other hair product comes close to styling cream if you want an unusual hairstyle like a mohawk or spiky hair or an extraordinary pompadour. Using gel to spike your mohawk makes it look rigid as if it is something made out of plastic on your head. Hair cream is preferable as it is soft to the touch and looks natural while preserving the overall extraordinary look of your hair. Don’t let its smooth look fool you, it has tremendous holding power that can help you keep the shape of your hair for hours on end.

Hair Cream Cleans Your Hair

Amazingly, creams can act as powerful hair masks if you apply it on your hair before you wash it. They have cleansing properties that can rejuvenate and let your hair look good as new. Using cream as part of your multistep hair cleaning routine is definitely a good idea. Use it as a hair mask before you wash your hair.

Picking the Right Hair Styling Product

If it is hair cream you are looking for, follow these steps to make informed decisions when buying this type of product.

Be Clear on the Outcome You Are Looking For

What hairstyle do you usually wear? Is it normally raised? Does it have to follow a certain shape? You have to know this because if your hairstyle is casual and only needs its parts held in certain places during work hours or for a short time, you have a wide range of hair cream products to choose from. On the other hand, if you have a pompadour or you raise parts of your hair or you require more body than typical hairstyles do then you have to use specialized cream products that have the holding power your desired look requires.

You have to get the idea out of your head that hair styling creams are all the same. It is a common misconception about hair creams that get people into trouble because these products are not interchangeable. Some are good for quick air drying. Others are great for achieving a rigid look while being soft to the touch. Others still are marketed for their smooth look while being light and easy on the hair.

Pay attention also to your hair type. Do you have curly hair? Frizzy hair or unmanageable hair? Or do you have thin hair? Make sure you consider all these factors if you are looking for the right type of hair cream. It is important as well to know the value-added effects of hair creams. Some creams are nourishing to the scalp and hair follicles. Some have hydration formula so your hair does not dry out. Others are infused with natural oils like coconut oil for air dry styling. For men, you might want to consider a hair styling cream that is formulated specifically for men. Examples of styling creams for men are cream pomades or molding-specific products.

How to Use Hair Cream

The best time to use hair cream is when your hair has just been cleaned. It’s very important that you wash your hair first, and then adequately towel-dry it.

Next, take a small amount of hair cream (around the size of a dime) and place it on your hands. Make sure to rub the cream in between your palms so it starts emulsifying. It should bubble up. Make sure it’s evenly distributed on your palms.

Next, apply it to your hair by running your hands through your hair in an even pace. It’s important that the cream product coats the surface of your hair strands in an even distribution.

Next, comb your hair with your fingers. You can also use an actual comb.

Next, you can start blow-drying your hair and comb it to define its style. Blow-drying is the best way to go if you have long hair.

Take note that if you blow-dry after applying hair cream, it’s going to add additional volume and body. How much depends on how full and thick your hair already is.

Quick Warning

It’s important not to put too much of this product on your hair because it can expand so much that it can actually make your hair feel heavy. This is a big problem because if there is too much product on your hair it’s going to give you a tough time as you try to style or otherwise work with your hair.

The Key to Hair Cream Success

Your strategy should be to start with just a small amount. A little bit goes a long way. Work with it and keep adding to the amount until you get the desired look.

Don’t start with too much. It’s much better to start with a smaller amount and then scale your way up.

Which Type of Hair Cream to Pick

There are many different products currently on the market. As much as possible, you should talk to your stylist. They should know your hair the best. They have worked on your hair many times before and they are in the best position to recommend a specific hair cream product.

Please understand that if you are to just pick one out yourself, you might just get confused because there’s a lot of hair cream products out there that works with different types of hair. The key is to match your specific hair type with the product that will bring out its best.

How to Select the Right Hair Styling Cream

If you are looking for a styling cream, pay close attention to your hair type. This should be your first step.

Second, understand the types of styling creams currently available. The label on the package might say “styling cream” or “hair cream” but these different products actually have different specializations.

Some products are more like lotions, others are molding creams, while even others help you shape or form your hair the right way. These are not just differences in designation. These terms have a serious impact on the kind of result you would get with these products.

For example, lotions tend to have a consistency that is lighter than the other types of styling creams. Lotions would work best when you have thin hair or you’re looking for maximum versatility.

You might also want to pay attention to product ingredients. Some consumers prefer products that are more natural. This means that when they read the label, they can actually understand the list of ingredients.

Most typical hair care products currently on the market have ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. They’re basically just the names of raw chemicals with very long names.

This is very scary to a lot of people, and for good reason. You really don’t know how harsh these chemicals could be and how they can affect your hair over the long run, especially after repeated use.

Also, pay close attention to what other stuff is in the cream. Does it contain essential oils, proteins, vitamins, and other components that could boost the overall health of your hair?

Consider the Cream’s Holding Power

It’s very important to pay close attention to how the product will hold your hair.

There is such a thing as a “hold level”. Most hair cream products fall in a certain range as far as holding capacity. Some can handle your hair very lightly, and others have a more moderate hold.

If you are looking for a stronger hold, you probably shouldn’t use a hair cream. Instead, you might want to use hair wax, pomade, or even hair clay. Hair creams are generally intended for consumers looking for a more natural look.

Type of Finish

Hair creams can be either a flat matte or it can leave a shiny finish on the surface of your hair. It’s really important to understand the kind of finish the hair cream you are thinking of buying delivers.

You don’t want to find out too late that it actually has a shiny finish – much shinier than you’re comfortable with. So, it’s really important to pay close attention to the level of finish the cream leaves on your hair’s surface.

There are specialized creams that have a matte or flat finish. Some even have a no-shine finish. Again, it all depends on the kind of look you are trying to achieve with the product.


Another key distinction between different hair cream products is the scent or aroma they have. Many users like having a little bit of scent in their hair so that when they pass by, they leave a pleasant aroma.

Others are looking for a more unobtrusive effect so they insist on a fragrance-free or a completely odorless hair cream. It really all boils down to what kind of effect you want.

Many hair cream products out there do have a fragrant scent. You can definitely smell them but they are pleasant and understated. Let’s put it this way, if you are using any kind of perfume or cologne, you can bet that these cream products are not going to overwhelm your scent.

Also, more natural hair creams get their scents from the mild fragrances or essential oils that are mixed into their natural ingredients and components.

The Final Word on Hair Cream

Hair cream is great for optimal hair management, but you have to be specific on the type of look that you’re gunning for.

For consumers who need a lot of height or volume for that “larger than life” effect, hair creams are probably not up to the job. They’re geared more towards people looking for a more natural look and hold.

In the case of really structured hair, for example, you need exquisite curls that holds up for several hours, you probably would be better off with a different hair product with stronger holding power like pomades or even hair clay.