All you need to know about safe foundations

Confidence is key and you need to look your best whenever you go out or while in the house. You need to glow and look beautiful. Hence, applying makeup is awesome, but you need to find one that suits your skin most.

Don’t purchase one that will make you look lighter or darker than how you are. Hence, you need to know your skin type and the best cosmetics that go with it. Also, you need to be cautious of the product ingredients to prevent you from getting any allergies and destroying your face.

Makeup gone wrong? Here’s why?

  • Low-quality makeup

I am not against all types of makeup, but when the deal is too good, you need to think twice. This is mainly about foundations. You do realize that foundation is often applied on the bare skin, thus, if you use a substandard product, it will lead to your skin getting damaged. Imagine, a lifetime with such horrible skin that you would have prevented if you used the right foundation.

  • Ingredients used

Just like any beauty product, always be cautious of the ingredients used in your foundation of choice. Yes, a new line of cosmetics has come up. Hurray! However, don’t just buy anything. Always check the ingredients used and what skin type it is for. Your skin can easily get burnt with some of the ingredients and who is to blame? Not me, but you!

  • Wrong skin foundation

You need to understand yourself well before deciding to buy any cosmetics. If your friend has a certain skin type, that doesn’t mean, you should use the same. We are all different, even twins differ at some point.

They don’t always have similar likes and depending on environmental exposure, their skin complexion can also differ. Thus, before buying any skin foundation, ensure it aligns with your skin.

  • Skin allergies

I won’t stop stressing the point that we need to know ourselves better. Even if you are not allergic to proteins and all that, your skin may be allergic to something. Thus, some of the chemicals or organic products used in some of the foundations may have some effects on you.

Also, when exposed to too much sunshine, the makeup may affect you. Just the same way, too much sunlight can cause sunburns, the ingredients used may also affect your skin.

  • Suppressed pores

Regularly applying an unsafe foundation can easily suppress your skin pores. Hence, if they are suppressed, they won’t allow you to sweat or release any harmful toxins from your body. That is dangerous!

 Ultimately, it can also lead to acne and pimples that you previously didn’t have. Yes, the foundation helps to hide acne and pimples, but at what cost? What if it’s just a cover-up and if used improperly will increase your skin pimples because of the sensitivity.


How to know whether you are using a safe foundation           

In as much as it is important to keep away from bad makeup cosmetics. You need to distinguish between credible and non-credible foundations. Even if it is from a known brand, always do your background research and read reviews to see if it worked on other people or didn’t.

  • No toxic ingredients

A safe foundation tends not to have any toxic ingredients. The toxic ingredients can easily spoil your skin or even suffocate your skin. Thus, always strive to get safe foundations that have the right kind of minerals and ingredients. Thus, a safe foundation will allow your skin to breathe well and not remove any of your natural skin’s oil

  • Protects you from bad environmental conditions

Well, the main idea of using a foundation is to help protect your skin. Thus, you can know whether your foundation is safe if it protects you from harsh environmental conditions. It tends to add a layer of protection that helps prevent you from getting harm by any environmental damage.

However, if you note that it is doing more injustice than justice, you need to dispose that off! You shouldn’t compromise your fair skin due to one product. An ideal, right product will never let you down.

  • Organic/natural ingredients

A safe foundation is often made of organic products that make it safe. Hence, a foundation with sunscreen is a bonus and will hugely protect your skin. Thus, always be observant to check the ingredients of a product before purchasing.

  • Take care of your skin

You may also be using a safe foundation, but if you don’t take care of your skin, you won’t be in a good position. Always remember to clean the makeup off your skin before sleeping or after a long day in direct sunlight.

If you won’t be getting out of the house again, always be taking off your makeup. It may seem like a small task, but it can easily cost you. So, even if you are using the right foundation, anything can go wrong.  Also, remember to moisturize your skin, don’t leave it like that. Proper hygiene is essential and you should always clean your makeup brushes at all times.

  • Compatible with other beauty products

To genuinely know whether your foundation is safe, it should be compatible with cleansers, toners, sunscreen, and moisturizers. They shouldn’t work against each other. If they do, then one of your products is not right. Save yourself all the hustle and choose the best, high-quality foundations.

  • Looks great in natural daylight

If you want to know whether your foundation is safe, try it on direct sunlight or where there are weather changes. See how it reacts to your skin. Also, ask a friend to look at you and see whether there are certain reactions. This tracking is important and will take you a step forward.

  • Needs to align with your skin tone

You need to ensure that the foundation you are using matches well with your skin tone. Please don’t use something that will make you look like a joke! Spare yourself the drama of being looked at by everyone because of that simple mistake.

Be confident with your skin, don’t fake it, just be natural. Also, you need to check the undertones that help to know the best products for you. You also need to apply the foundations lightly then use a concealer to make it perfect. It should ultimately look like your natural skin.

Do you know your type of skin? Here are 4 major types of skins

You need to understand your skin before you buy any foundation, it will save you a lot of time. It is hard to predetermine your skin type just like that. Don’t ever try to guess your skin type. Also, the environmental conditions, hormones, and diet can change your skin and how it reacts to the environment.

1. Oily skin

Well, oily skin is the type that secretes natural oils often to keep itself moisturized. However, if you have this type of skin, you need to be cautious to prevent it from going overboard if you have larger pores that are more active. Having oil all over your face ain’t that cute.

You can know whether you have oily skin if anything you apply tends to break out at all times. Thus, at times even when you apply sunscreen, you may feel as if it is sticky and heavy. Hence, if you have oily skin, detach yourself from using any thick creams and moisturizers.

2. Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you should use cosmetics that go well with your skin. If you don’t, it might be a bit hectic on your side. You can note whether your skin is the dry type if it appears dull and lifeless. This is because of the dead skin cells. Also, if you have dry skin, light often reflects off, unlike with a hydrated skin that helps reflect light evenly. Thus be cautious of this!

Also, try not to stay out in direct sunlight for long or use bad skin products that can affect you. Moreover, age and hormones are a factor to dry skin. Thus, you need to use the best mechanism to make your skin to get back its hydrated nature. If you have this kind of skin type, try to apply a cream moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning.

3. Sensitive skin

This is the kind that is prone to any kind of inflammation. In simpler terms, it tends to react to many things. Thus, many product ingredients can easily affect your skin. Most people with sensitive skin tend to have acne and may be prone to stinging or skin burning. These can cause many skin overreactions when you least expect.

Thus, if you have this skin type, be careful about the products that you use, avoid friction, excess heat, and other stress triggers that can affect your skin.

Your skin can easily turn red if you apply a bad thing to it. Thus, you need to be cautious. Also, sensitive skin can occur temporarily if you had used harsh products previously. Knowing your skin type will help you not make any choices that you will regret.

4. Combination skin

This is the type of skin that changes with different seasons. Thus when it is cold, it becomes dry and when it is hot your skin becomes dry. If you have this type of skin, then you have varying oil production. Thus, you tend to be oilier in the T-zone. Which is the forehead and nose area.  

How to choose the best foundation for your skin

As we have discussed earlier, you need to get the right foundation that won’t affect your skin. You need to find the perfect match for your skin type.

  • Matte Liquid foundations

These types tend to be lightweight and don’t have such a heavy finish. Thus, it can easily blend with other cosmetics and make you look beautiful. Also, if you have the oily skin, this foundation can help hold back excessive oil shine.

It is also effective for covering skin that has a lot of blemishes. It is beneficial to those who live in humid areas. However, you need to be careful, because if the finish is too dry it can make you look like you have wrinkles or flaky skin. Thus, you can use a moisturizer to make things better.

  • Moisturizing liquid foundations

This type of foundation helps provide light to medium coverage on the skin thus providing a natural look. It also helps to hydrate the skin and not be extreme. Thus, they can work best for normal to dry skins. It can help you get an amazing youthful look and glow.  If your skin is the oily type, don’t try it as it may disappoint you so much.

  • Anti-aging and powder foundation

These tend to help in preventing aging of your skin. Thus, it can be used on all skin types. You can use it if you want to look younger and reduce the wrinkles on your face. For the powdered foundations, they will help you get a smooth finish. They also enhance your skin glow. The powder versions are also portable and you can carry anywhere without fear of it spilling or something. It also provides a lightweight feel.

You can use it together with sunscreen to reduce the shiny finish of the product. It is not recommended for people with oily skin as your skin can easily get clumpy. However, if you have dry skin, the powder will help absorb moisture and this will make your skin look drier. The build-up can be frustrating if you are not careful.

  • Cream  foundations

The cream foundations are also effective and are ideal for slightly dry or slightly oily skin types. It also covers the surface well and is efficient. The cream foundation will make your skin look beautiful. However, on the downside, the cream foundations tend to look heavier than other foundations. It also ain’t compatible with all dry skins. It has specifics.

  • Stick foundations

 On the other hand stick foundations also offer full coverage to hide imperfections. However, it doesn’t easily blend well over large areas. Thus, apply as per the instruction given by the specific product. You ought to know that each product has its specifics.

Why you should apply foundation?

  • Boosts your self-esteem

When you feel pretty, it often helps in boosting your self-esteem. Thus, imagine applying the foundation on your skin? That will boost your esteem double. I hope that reason is good and convincing enough, isn’t it?

No matter where you wear it, the foundation will never fail you. Do you have a presentation and afraid that your esteem won’t be at a great level? Why not apply your foundation! This will help you feel better and at ease. You will even feel on top of the world and no one will manage to put you down.

  • It helps to add a layer of protection to your skin

The UV sun rays can easily affect your skin. That’s why the skin foundation came to the rescue. It helps reduce pollution and prevent any environmental stressors.

Thus, it helps in a huge way to protect your skin against any damage. The foundation will help make you feel comfortable and feel nice. Just, know your skin type and choose the best foundation for it. Hence, this is a great way to help prevent any premature aging.

  • It helps reduce any environmental damage

The skin foundation is effective against harsh weather conditions. However, even if you will use it, ensure you don’t use too much of it. Be cautious and ensure it doesn’t have any toxic ingredients. It also helps to prevent and harmful effects that may be caused by pollution.

However, to enhance this you will need to clean your face well each day before and after applying. Choose the ones that will make your skin healthy at all times. We have no control over the environment, but we have control over our bodies!

Best safe foundations on Amazon

Maybelline Fit Me Matte liquid foundation makeup, fair porcelain

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This is an amazing foundation that will give you a great natural look. It also comes in 40shades thus you can easily find the best skin shade. It is also best for normal to oily skin and it refines pores for a natural finish. Moreover, it provides coverage for a wide range of skin tones.

The result will be a flawless finish. It also comes as a package and you can look for similar items that are made from the same ingredients to make it easier for you and for your skin to look amazing. However, always cleanse your face before doing any further things.

Covergirl and Olay Simply ageless 3-1 liquid foundation

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This amazing product helps to reduce any wrinkles, prevents any anti-aging, and provides a smoother and youthful appearance. It also helps improve your skin tone and make your skin look better and perfect. It also helps provide healthier-looking skin. You can choose the best shade that will suit your preference.  Also, ensure you are careful while applying to ensure the result is perfect. Don’t make a mistake that will mess you up.

L’oreal Paris Makeup Infalliable Pro-Matte Liquid Foundation

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Just like any other ideal foundation, this one is lightweight and offers a smooth semi-matte finish. Amazingly it can last up to 24hours letting your complexion look great. Simply apply using your fingers or your makeup sponge. You should start from the center of your face to other areas of the face carefully. This will ensure uniformity and a similar layer on all parts.

All the pieces of equipment that you use to put on and remove makeup need to be properly taken care of and cleaned at all times. You can use a concealer with the foundation to hide any imperfections that are there. You will glow in a way that you never imagined. The manufacturers have a great line of makeup that can be essential for you and suite your needs at all times.

Revlon colorstay liquid foundation

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Do you have a combination or oily skin? Well, this is an ideal foundation for you. It offers a matte finish that will make you glow for long. It also comes in different shades that make it ideal for anyone depending on your preference. It is also lightweight and won’t be seen as heavy on your skin. It is also made from fine ingredients that will help protect your skin from any bad issues. Whenever you put on this foundation, you will feel comfortable at all times.

Maybelline New York Fit me Dewy, smooth foundation

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This is another ideal product that won’t easily let you down. It offers a great finish and due to its smoothening nature will make your skin texture look great. It also leaves a great natural finish and is ideal for normal to dry skin. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything. It is an ideal foundation that will never let you down.


Just because a certain foundation suits your friend, doesn’t mean that it suits you. Just always research your skin type to find the best skin foundation for you. Thus, also try to check the ingredients in the products to know whether it can affect you or not. There are many considerations that you need to make to ensure you use the best foundation for your skin that won’t lead to any stress or problem.

Take good care of your skin and things will always work out. Apart from the mentioned products, many other amazing products in the market can work for you. Also, ensure to choose a product from a credible source, it is becoming dangerous and you can easily fall victim to counterfeit items. Be wise and choose a safe foundation. Also, take good care of yourself and your skin to ensure you get the best results.