Argan Oil Hair Benefits

As more and more hair care product consumers discover the potentially damaging effects of the chemicals found in typical commercial hair products, there’s been a rising international demand for more holistic and natural hair care options.

Argan oil has been getting a lot of attention recently. Made from the kernels of the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree, argan oil is trending among hairstylists and hair salon specialists. The reason for this excitement is the fact that it is loaded with vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a very powerful nutrient that helps improve skin growth, healing, and rejuvenation. Since our hair is just an extension of our skin, any compound that we apply to our scalp or any skin area to boost its health automatically, by extension, boosts hair health as well.

Argan oil is also packed with linoleic acid, which is omega 6, and oleic acid. These are fatty acids that are great for the skin but are also necessary for optimal heart health. Scientists have discovered that argan oil is also packed with antioxidants.

These antioxidants have a very strong anti-inflammatory effect. A lot of people develop skin lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes because their skin dries up and is inflamed. Maybe this is due to diet. After all, if you eat a lot of carbs like rice, mashed potatoes, or plain white bread, your system takes up a lot more water.

The increased water presence in blood as well as the body’s tissues lead to inflammation and this robs the moisture of your skin. It is no surprise that people who eat a lot of sugar or other carbohydrates tend to develop bad skin because of inflammation.

Well, argan oil has strong inflammation-fighting properties. It releases the water in your system so your skin isn’t as dry. Another skin-boosting compound found in argan oil is vitamin E. Also known as tocopherol, this form of vitamin E antioxidant goes a long way in either reducing or preventing harm cost to your skin and tissues by compounds called free radicals.

If you allow free radicals to get out of hand, they can really degrade your tissues. Another antioxidant that is drawing a lot of attention contained in argan oil is COQ10. This is a really interesting compound because it stimulates your mitochondria to produce more energy and cells with more energy can do a lot more things and are healthier.

If you thought that this is a long list of benefits, wait, there’s even more! Argan oil is known to carry quite a bit of melatonin. Why is this a big deal? This is one compound that you don’t normally get if you have lousy sleep.

This is a hormone that you produce when you sleep. It goes a long way in calming your overall system and also helping you deal with stress and pressure. When there’s a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on your skin, eventually, it starts to break down.

The good news about argan oil-infused melatonin is that you get an external source of this calming compound.

Finally, it is also rich in omega 9 fatty acids, which can further decrease your chances of heart disease but also can improve skin health. This oil also contains plant sterols which have been linked to the prevention of a wide range of heart diseases.

Argan oil also boosts the skin’s overall health by speeding up wound healing and tissue repair. Make no mistake, if you want your skin and hair to be healthier, well-hydrated, and well-moisturized argan oil is definitely a great option.

Its health-boosting qualities have been known for quite some time because it’s been used for cooking in Morocco and other parts of the Middle East. It’s only been fairly recently that people have become aware of its skin and hair health improving qualities.

What are the specific benefits you would get from argan oil when it comes to your hair?

Not only does it nourish your hair at a very fundamental level, we’re talking about your roots, it is also packed with fatty acids and vitamin E that preserves the integrity of your skin’s cells. They’re able to take a lot more punishment.

So if your skin, for example, tends to dry out, argan oil can boost your skin’s resistance to dryness and make your hair and scalp shinier. Also, if you suffer from easily tangled or matting hair, argan oil can untangle your hair and protect it, especially if your scalp is exposed to quite a bit of heat. If you typically suffer from split ends, hair frizz, or wavy hair, argan oil can go a long way.

It also soothes your scalp and this can lead to lesser inflammation and reduced risk of dandruff. Finally, if you apply artificial hair coloring, argan oil acts as a coating that can help your colorant last for a much longer period.

Look for the real deal

There’s a lot of products on the market labeled “argan oil”. Go for 100% legit and authentic products. How? Look for oil that has a distinctive golden yellow appearance. Try to smell it. It should have a scent that reminds you of nuts.

If you find oil that is pale and doesn’t have a strong nutty aroma, chances are you’re either dealing with a product that has been blended with lower quality oils, or it has been heavily filtered. Either way, you shouldn’t buy that product.

Other benefits of argan oil

Not only is argan oil great for your hair, but it also improves the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Do you suffer from dark spots? Do you have uneven skin? Do you have certain blemishes that appear during certain times of the year and disappear? Do certain parts of your skin darken heavily when exposed to the sun? Or do you get a lot of sun exposure?

All of these issues can be helped by the constant use of argan oil. This oil compound has vitamin E, which is a known agent that can arrest increase skin pigmentation. This can help your skin achieve a more even overall tone because the parts that tend to darken really quickly are mellowed out by argan oil while the rest of your skin gets the time it needs to catch up.

Argan oil can help modulate your skins sebum production

Sebum is skin oil. A lot of people produce skin oil in an unregulated way. They

basically end up with very shiny scalps and this might look unattractive, but there are a lot worse things going on with excessive oil production.

First of all, it can clog up all your pores and block follicles. It’s bad news. It’s no surprise that a lot of people develop scalp pimples or their scalp just overcompensates and they end up with a bad case of dandruff.

Argan oil can help modulate the amount of sebum your skin produces. One of the ways it does this is it actually does a good job cleansing your skin. If you are using a lot of hair care products or you’re just exposed to a lot of environmental dirt, grime, or pollutants, all of these could combine to put a tremendous amount of pressure on your scalp’s skin.

A pressured scalp is an unhealthy scalp. It’s only a matter of time for some sort of imbalance to throw off your scalp’s overall health and you come down with dandruff, overly irritable skin, or just dull, dry, and itchy skin.

None of these situations is good. When you use argan oil regularly, your sebum production is normalized and this can lead to an overall cleaner scalp health.

Argan oil is also a great cleanser

Not only can you apply argan oil to your scalp, but it can also help you get rid of dirt and makeup on your face. This is a big deal because a lot of the products out there leave residue that is almost invisible. You don’t think there’s a problem because you can’t see it.

You don’t see the caked over product. As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Since you don’t see anything that’s obviously on your face, you might be thinking that you’ve actually gotten the product off. But it turns out there’s a very thin layer of residue that you can’t see.

The more make up you add on later, the worse the problem gets until it’s too late. You start breaking out in pimples or your face becomes really oily because of excessive sebum production. All sorts of problems might happen.

The good news is by simply cleaning your make up every day with argan oil, you can go a long way in making sure that these problems don’t occur and you reduce your facial skin’s overall levels of cosmetic residue.

Hair seal

Another great use for argan oil is to use it as some sort of hair seal or shield. Make no mistake, your hair needs as much protection as it can get because there’s just so many things that could damage the delicate strands of hair growing from your scalp’s follicles.

Whether it’s the constant use of hair care products with their exotic list of heavy chemicals or the kind of hair styling tools that you use at home or that your stylist typically prefers. These are styling tools that can put a lot of pressure on your hair follicles because of the blow-drying as well as the high levels of heat.

Maybe it’s your lifestyle. Maybe you spend a lot of time out and about under the sun. Whatever your situation may be, your hair is under a tremendous amount of environmental stress and pressure. You have to be aware of this. You have to protect yourself against this.

If you’re like most people, you probably won’t like it if you automatically put on a hat the moment you step out of your home. This is where argan oil hair conditioning or shielding comes in.

Basically, you massage argan oil into your hair before you blow-dry or iron your hair. This infuses your hair with antioxidants so you’re less susceptible to both heat damage and free radicals. How come? Your hair is coated with all the chemical protective properties of argan oil.

Put simply, it would be able to take more punishment than normal. It’s important though that you apply argan oil evenly throughout your hair. This is crucial because you have to start out at the roots and get all the way to the tips if you want this oil to properly shield your hair.

Otherwise, you might get uneven results. Some parts are great, some parts look awesome, and other parts look frizzy. A little bit of consistency can definitely go a long way.

Argan oil can also spur hair growth

While scalp massaging should definitely be a big part of your daily hair care routine, you should also consider applying argan oil. When combined with a deep, soothing, healthy scalp massage, argan oil can work to stimulate and clean out your pores as well as bring life back to your follicles.

When you’re massaging, you’re pumping more blood into your scalp’s circulation system which is a good thing. But you might want to boost the effect of this by pairing your manual scalp massage with some argan oil.

This way, you not only stimulate the overall blood transport of the tissue under your scalp, but you also introduce into your system the kinds of antioxidants and skin-boosting vitamins and nutrients that would help with your skin’s overall self-repair and cellular nourishment system.ssss