Best Ammonia Free Hair Dye

For many decades (if not centuries) women have been coloring their hair. What could be better than coloring to renew your style with a fresh and new color? Going from blond to brown is so easy! Nothing like it also to cover the white hair which is gradually making a sensational arrival in our life …

However, who says coloring, also generally says hair subjected to a rough treatment and requiring a very great care work behind.

There are different kinds but the effects will not be the same on your hair and over time:

The vegetable coloring , such as henna

These colors are 100% vegetable or even organic. They are more and more popular with the development of cosmetics with clean and responsible compositions. Effective, the result is satisfactory but they require a longer pause time than chemical coloring and some remain even less durable over time …

The semi-permanent dyeing

As its name suggests, semi-permanent coloring allows you to revive a color, bring light … this type of coloring is defined for a period of time and fades after a few weeks or shampoos. It also allows you to relieve the hair by letting it breathe once its natural color has fully reappeared.

ammonia free hair dye

The classic coloring

Said permanent or by oxidation, it allows to completely change color.

“Classic” colorings are made up of several particularly chemical products. They are also the only ones allowing to completely cover gray hair and in a 100% safe way … However, the procedure is not the most gentle.

Imagine! To be able to change the color of the hair fiber, professionals must use different components which, through oxidation, will transform your color.

First, the oxidation gets rid of the original color, then, secondly, it opens the scales of the hair. Once these protective cuticles are open, the dyes can settle deep in the hair fiber and permanently merge with it.

Among these components harmful to health we find:

  • The DDA (called para-phenylenediamine) which is an allergen and in the top of the dangerous components for the health of consumers.
  • The resorcinol , potentially responsible for endocrine disruption …
  • The ammonia : one of the most formidable weapons staining because it has the main catalyst. Indeed, it is he who opens the doors to pigments and other products during the oxidation that we have just explained to you. As it passes, the hair becomes more fragile because the scales are attacked. In some people, it can cause allergic reactions such as redness and irritation of the skin.

Ammonia is also the author of this strong chemical odor, pungent and unpleasant to the nose during permanent coloring.

Fortunately for our hair, progress has been made in permanent coloring and most of these components are mixed with care to limit the harmful effects. Don’t get me wrong, coloring is still quite a physical exercise that we impose on our hair to make it shiny and a whole new color. 

Other brands have even decided to replace the harmful elements in order to improve the composition of a classic hair color, this is the case with many new hair colors on the market .

However, we must be careful because some manufacturers replace these products with other mixtures that are just as disturbing in terms of their compositions and effects …

How to navigate you will tell us? What are the most suitable ammonia-free hair colors to preserve your hair and your health?

We have decided to look into this subject and offer you its top 5 Best hair color without ammonia 2020 :

What are colorings without ammonia worth?

As we explained to you at the beginning of this article, chemical coloring is aggressive towards the hair fiber. This is why coloring products without ammonia have been developed by the major brands on the market in order to reduce the harmful effects too often pointed out.

Warning ! A coloring without ammonia does not especially mean that it is of better composition or BIO. No. A classic permanent color without ammonia generally remains a set of chemicals mixed together. On the other hand, products replacing ammonia are gentler on our hair, which is not to displease us.

Best ammonia-free hair color 2020 # 1: OLIA permanent hair color by Garnier

In first position, the OLIA range from Garnier. Developed by Garnier for a few years, Olia hair color is today one of the ammonia-free hair colors we hear the most about.

The purpose of Olia coloring without ammonia is to color your hair, of course, but also to strengthen it as your hair is colored or retouched.

How? ‘Or’ What ? OLIA contains 60% oils to intensify the color and nourish the hair in depth during use. The applicator also has the shape of an oil drop.

Among the oils mentioned we can find the following oils:

  • sunflower
  • passionflower
  • meadowfoam
  • camellia

Since these oils are of floral origin, they help to improve the smell of the product . Your nose is no longer disturbed during the break, and that’s quite pleasant! Goodbye long minutes of apnea during the famous wait (around 30 minutes) and we say THANKS …

With this mixture, Garnier promises us hair 35% softer, 17% shinier, a more intense color, in other words hair ready to fight the slightest dull or coarse hair.

ammonia free hair dye

“Without ammonia. This coloring smells very good and does not damage the hair thanks to the oil, the care provided with it is also excellent! The coverage is good and the shine of the hair stays for several days. Delighted with this product! ”

Best color without ammonia 2020 # 2: INOA by L’Oréal Professionnel

INOA is the reference ammonia-free coloring in the L’Oréal professional range (it is therefore important to have a good knowledge of coloring and all the products necessary for those wishing to do it at home, or to request this product directly by living room).

Available in many shades, INOA coloring offers a large number of possibilities and is suitable for all desires. In particular, you can lighten your color up to 3 tones and cover up to 100% of gray hair .

The colors of INOA hair colourants are particularly brilliant and promise long-lasting hold with a dwell time of only 35 min. And this, always without that famous unpleasant smell of ammonia.

We particularly like it because it also takes care of our scalp thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing agents . For once, there is no itching the day after application. We almost have the impression of having made an express visit to the hairdresser with this beautiful color!

Best Ammonia-Free Hair Color 2020 # 3: ONC NATURALCOLORS High Performance Hair Color

Have you heard of ONC? It is a brand of Greek origin advocating natural values with top quality ingredients . The compositions of their products are particularly known to be “clean”. This is what their efforts are mainly focused on.

The ONC NATURALCOLORS is no exception to the rule!

We chose it because it immediately announces a formulation that we greatly appreciate. Indeed, it is WITHOUT: 

  • Ammonia
  • Paraben
  • Silicone
  • PPD
  • Resorcinol
  • Mineral oil

ONC has gone over the usual hair colors to ensure you have a trusted product that doesn’t torture your hair. ONC Coloring brings shine and reinforcement to your hair by its pigment technology. The pigments are indeed fixed without ammonia by a new technique of implantation of the color in the depths of the fiber.

In addition, argan oil and oat extract provide hydration, nourishing micro minerals which act as a protective shield against aggressions such as cold, heating devices … Our hair supports particularly well (and better) coloring!

Best color without ammonia 2020 # 4: Phytocolor by PHYTO

We wanted to offer you a selection Best coloring without ammonia, part of the trend of vegetable colors.

Here is the Phytocolor range, the new arrivals on the ammonia-free hair color market with plant pigments. Phyto hair colors contain up to 74% of plant origin depending on the color.

These pigments come from plants specially chosen for their intense pigmentary actions! White hair is covered, just one application is enough, and your hair is glowing.

The color is also natural and lasts as long as with coloring with ammonia.

We appreciate this product for its main assets which are in our list “tested and approved” to care for our hair on a daily basis. Indeed, it contains the oil of Jojoba and Monoi , two particularly nourishing ingredients and light source we use including making masks in an oil bath.

Never two without three, Phyto has enriched the coloring with softening agents to minimize allergies. Thus, the coloring without ammonia Phytocolor is without PDD, without resorcinol but mainly contains extract of jujube bark which is a plant ingredient recognized for its soothing properties. Epalin is also present to protect your scalp.

From roots to ends, your hair is pampered and sublimated.

Best ammonia-free hair color 2020 # 5: Perfect Mousse by Schwarzkopf

To finish this top 5 of the best hair color without ammonia, here is the Perfect Mousse hair color by Schwarzkopf. Available in supermarkets and at a price slightly less expensive than the previous ammonia-free colorings, this product is a sure bet, at the height of the other brands mentioned in this top.

Indeed, it has already made its place for some time in the bathroom of many people.                                                         

Without ammonia, without PDD, it offers different color variations and gives very beautiful, luminous hair while obviously covering all white hair. The Perfect Mousse fulfills its role, with congratulations!

Nothing could be simpler, even for our clumsy hands. As the name suggests, the Perfect Mousse coloring by Schwarzkopf comes in an easy- to-use packaging . It is a foam to apply, similar to a shampoo , which allows us to access all the usually difficult places. It therefore does not create runs or itching and the color is very beautiful over time.