Best Electric Lice Comb: How to Fix Your Lice Problem Quickly

Lice do not need to be introduced. These fearsome parasites cling to our hair and can be tough. A surefire method to get rid of lice for good? Shave it all off! Not sure that’s an option you’d like to consider. And then it’s a bit extreme, we grant you. Fortunately, there are treatments for lice, but they are numerous, not always effective and certainly not always natural. Standard lice treatments are often made up of chemicals or insecticides that can damage hair and scalp from the first use.

In this article, we offer alternatives to these treatments with the best electric, suction and conventional lice combs to help you toe, quickly, healthily and above all efficiently. These electric and conventional lice combs are super effective especially in the case of lice in babies or children who are even less supportive of harmful and toxic products and for which a quick solution is desired.

This purchase guide will introduce you to the best electric, classic or suction lice combs to help you return as quickly as possible to a life free of itching and lice. Choosing the right comb can be complex because there are many models and some can disappoint by their poor quality. To do this, we have selected for you the best electric and classic lice combs on the market, for all prices and especially with the advantage of being delivered very quickly to put an end to these parasites. Below we present a mix of the best electric combs, classic combs and even as a bonus some non-chemical lotions to treat complementary without harming your health or that of your children.

In order to guide you as best as possible in your search for the best lice solution according to your needs you can use our interactive summary below. Just click on your need and we’ll take you directly to the best products to answer them:

Anyway, don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice and tricks to put all the odds on your side.

What is the best electric or classic lice comb on the market: the complete guide

1 – Licetec V-comb, the best electric lice comb: fearsome innovative

Lice are no joke and lice V-comb is not a joke either. To eradicate lice in a certain way you must know how to arm yourself properly. The V-Comb comb is by far the best electric lice comb on the market. It is the result of a long research and development to develop an innovation capable of ending lice. It combs and sucks at the same time for a quick and easy head lice treatment. It is the Dyson vacuum cleaner for lice.

This revolutionary and easy-to-use stainless steel comb sucks in lice and nits in order to eradicate them from your hair. The V-Comb reaches the top spot in our ranking of the best electric lice comb thanks to its hyper efficient lice suction system when it passes over your hair. He captures them in a disposable bag that you then just have to get rid of! It’s a great way to eliminate lice without subjecting your scalp or your child’s scalp to aggressive chemicals or repeated, painful combs.

Once the operation is complete, you can empty the filter and simply clean the machine with hot water for future use. This product uses no chemicals or corrosive products and is perfect for regular lice treatment.

Its price is obviously a little higher than conventional combs but it is the price of a formidable efficiency thanks to its patented system. If you are looking for the best solution available to get rid of lice (without having to shave your head), you have it in front of you.

Best Electric Lice Comb

The characteristics and benefits of Licetec V-comb make it the most effective natural treatment on the market:

  • The best electric lice comb on the market thanks to its patented and unique operation
  • Advanced technology with built-in suction system
  • Chemical-free treatment
  • Simple and easy to use and maintain
  • Integrated lice and slow capture filter
  • Early detection of lice possible

Licetec V-Comb electric lice comb

  • The most highly rated electric lice comb by users!
  • Easy to use for lice treatment and detection
  • Comb and suck at the same time
  • Treatment without chemicals or allergens

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A notice is provided with the V-Comb to explain how to use it step by step, even if it remains very simple.
And if you ever run out of disposable bags you can order them very easily from the brand that sells them especially on Amazon (delivery in less than 48 hours):

Replacement filters for lice comb Licetec V-Comb

  • Filter to use with your V-Com lice comb
  • Change in seconds

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2 – Aspipoux, the efficient and natural French innovation to eliminate lice

For this second product we tested a small French revolution against lice. Aspipoux is a treatment without chemical or insecticide and therefore 100% natural.
It’s an innovative and economical solution that’s easy to use at home and involves removing lice by suction with this adapter that attaches to your classic vacuum cleaner. The tip is designed to fit on any vacuum cleaner on the market,(diameters of 30, 32 or 35 mm) so whatever your it will be adaptable, no worries on either side. There is even an adapter for Dyson vacuum cleaners. This system makes it without a doubt one of the best electric lice comb by suction, and especially for a hyper affordable price (less than 25). In addition to the adaptable tip the Aspipoux kit comes with an anti-hair comb to remove lice from the hair in a single pass before they are sucked in.
No more lice problems become resistant to chemicals with this treatment and prevention solution fruit of several years of development. A reusable filter is located at the exit of the Aspipoux to recover lice and nits.
After a quick reading of the instructions provided, you will only have to notice the effectiveness of the comb with its patented suction system which is three times more efficient than conventional combs. It’s a one-time purchase for multiple regular uses that make it an excellent investment.

The characteristics and benefits of Aspipoux that make it your best ally to fight lice:

  • More efficient than market products
  • Very easy to use and adapts to all the usual vacuum cleaners
  • Less expensive than chemicals
  • Respectful of the environment and your health
  • Design designed to please your children
  • Available in three colors (blue, white, pink)

Aspipoux adaptable electric lice comb

  • A complete anti-lice solution by suction 3 times more effective than conventional anti-lice solutions
  • Economic and natural treatment, perfect for your children
  • Hyper easy to use
  • Includes an aspipoux, filter, adapter, 2 combs and a spray

The best electric lice combs without suction

Less innovative but just as effective, vacuum-free electric combs present themselves as a solution for parents who lose patience in their fight against lice. Treatments with shampoos take a lot of time and organization and it also takes time to let the product work. Here the result is much faster and you are certain that lice are killed immediately thanks to these hyper efficient electric combs.
Electric combs are very easy to use. They work like conventional combs by brushing hair from root to tip. It is best to use them on dry hair.

The operation is quite simple, when the teeth of the comb pass on the lice and nits, they are killed by the very light electrical current provided by them. The teeth are equipped with small rubber tips to prevent this slight electrical current from disturbing the user’s scalp. If the principle sounds a little strange to you no worries. Lice are very small creatures and it only takes a current as low as static electricity equivalent to that created when you put on a wool sweater to kill them instantly.

best electric lice combs without suction

So if you ask yourself: no, you can’t electrocute yourself with such a comb, and in fact you won’t even feel the static electricity created. Lice, on the other hand, will not resist! And again: these combs are infinitely more effective than simple lice shampoos that take several days to take effect.

3 – The best electric lice comb without suction

We’ve selected the best Nix Electronic Lice Comb for you that instantly kills them by electrical tension imperceptible to your scalp. With an ergonomic handle for an easy grip, this comb offers an alternative to chemical repellent treatments. This comb emits 3 automatic beeps and a red light with each lice detection. Perfect to be aware of its effectiveness and to be sure that none is left once the task is complete!

Totally painless and easy to use this electric comb works on any hair type. A user’s note is provided with the product to guide you for optimal use. A small brush is also provided to allow the maintenance of the appliance that it is necessary to clean well in hot water once your use is complete.

The characteristics and benefits of the Medicaid electric comb to eradicate lice in 3 beeps:

  • Painless electric voltage comb
  • Easy to use and ergonomics
  • Lice detection system with beeps and light
  • Elimination of lice and eggs

Nix Electronic Lice Comb

  • Eliminates lice and nits by electrical voltage imperceptible for a child or adult
  • Immediate effectiveness as lice are killed instantly in the comb pass
  • Respect your scalp and your health
  • Automatic beeping signal to lice detection

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4 – The Electric Head Lice Comb, O-CONN

Very easy to use, the Electric Head Lice Comb, O-CONN effectively detects and removes lice and nits by combing hair from root to tip. Without side effects and painless, lice are killed by a slight electrical impulse on contact with the teeth of the comb but imperceptible to humans. Its main function is therefore similar to the NIX comb presented just before.

LED lighting makes it easier to find the most stubborn lice and a sound indicator warns you every time you detect. The comb comes with a instructions for use and a cleaning brush that must be done after each use. As easy to use as a conventional comb, the Electric Head Lice Comb, O-CONN is a great option to remove lice and prevent lice from spreading to your home and loved ones.

This 100% natural and environmentally friendly method will surely satisfy you with its formidable efficiency. It’s time to move the lice to the electric chair.

The characteristics and benefits of the Electric Head Lice Comb, O-CONN to eliminate lice and nits:

  • Instantly eliminates lice and nits by electric current
  • LED lighting and sound indicator for lice detection
  • Excellent handling and easy to use
  • 100% painless and chemical-free

Electric Head Lice Comb, O-CONN

  • Easy to use like a classic comb
  • Light electric shock to eliminate and kill lice
  • Comes with batteries and a cleaning brush

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Classic lice combs, which are a little less effective but have their advantages

If you are looking for a less bulky and easy-to-carry comb and the lice colony is not too large, you can opt for much more conventional combs, which are not electric, but may be a little less effective. These combs are also available for smaller budgets and for less heavy lice treatments.

5 – Assy 2000: the best classic lice comb

This professional stainless steel lice comb is arguably the best non-electric lice comb to eradicate lice from your life or that of your children. Convenient, effective and easy to use, these micro-fluted teeth slip into your hair to remove adult lice and nits that cling to the base of your hair.

Commercially available combs are often plastic with fragile and too-spaced teeth that make it impossible to eradicate lice altogether. This stainless tempered steel comb will make your mission much simpler. It works regardless of the type of hair (short, long, fine, frizzy, …) provided you properly untangle the hair before for easy use and without a hitch.

The comb has been designed for maximum comfort with rounded teeth at the ends to avoid damaging the scalp and non-slip strips on the handle for better grip. Finally note its easy maintenance since it can be disinfected and passed under boiling water for later use or on another family member in case of an outbreak at home.

The features and benefits of the Assy 2000 comb make it one of the best metal lice combs on the market:

  • Easy to use with a single gesture to make
  • Stainless tempered steel comb with 33 micro-fluted teeth with rounded tips
  • Maximum comfort and simple maintenance
  • Painless and natural treatment

Assy lice comb 2000

  • The lice comb best rated by users!
  • Removes and destroys lice and nits in a single gesture
  • Immediate result and 3x more effective than plastic combs with teeth too spaced
  • Patented and laboratory-certified product

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Beware of counterfeits for this product. Especially since with a very affordable price at less than 15 euros you may not save much money with a less good quality comb but the results will be much lower!

6 – MEDca for quick and effective treatment

Sold by 2 MEDca combs are solid and effective. MEDca is committed to providing high quality products and guarantees customer satisfaction. THE MEDca combs allow, thanks to their fine teeth that adapt to any type of hair, to eradicate all lice and nits on its way from the racin from the hair to its tip.

Its effectiveness is increased tenfold thanks to the fine grooves present on its metal teeth. These grooves allow all the nits to be retained on the hair in a single pass, to avoid a second appearance of lice a few days after the first passage of the comb.

MEDca’s intention is to take away all the stress of a lice infestation, one of which is one of the problems and the reappearance when we thought we finally got rid of it. As soon as someone in your household has a scratching head, check and avoid spreading to the whole family.

The package contains two combs of two different colors. Prevention is better than cure and counter-attack quickly, that’s the whole mission of this MEDca comb.
The characteristics and benefits of the MEDca comb make it one of the best metal lice combs on the market:

  • Ergonomic handle for practical use
  • Extra fine teeth to catch and kill all lice
  • The grooves on his teeth allow not to leave by any slow
  • Suitable for any type of hair
  • Hyper affordable (about fifteen euros)

MEDca lice comb

  • Painless and fast treatment
  • Designed to keep no slow pass thanks to the grooves on its metal teeth
  • Ergonomic and ideal hands-on
  • More stress, get rid of lice quickly and simply

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7 – The Speedipou lice comb designed by a mother for children

With no less than 227 teeth, the comb

Speedipou allows lice to be naturally removed without having to comb wicks like a conventional comb; in one pass almost all the lice are caught.

This product was born from the idea of a mother in France who after treating her daughter many times for lice infestations, had the idea when she saw her headband to make a comb to rake a holding of her daughter’s head and rid her of her lice.

By this innovation lice are trapped and no longer anywhere to hide. It only takes two passages, one on the right and the other on the left. Children plebisc play this product that does not hurt, which is very effective in a few passages, that they can pass themselves and with which lice hunting becomes a little more playful.

Efficient and fast Speedipou will save you a lot of time and energy in eliminating lice every day or preventing it once a week.

The features and benefits of the Speedipou comb make it the children’s favourite lice comb:

  • Ultra fast in lice eradication
  • Practical and playful, ideal for helping to remove lice in children
  • Designed and manufactured in France

Speedipou lice comb – Ideal for kids

  • A product made in France by a mother
  • A quick and radical solution perfectly suited to remove lice in a child
  • Very effective thanks to its shape and size adapted for a result in only 2 passages

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What about complementary treatments?

Let’s not forget that the best electric lice combs are suitable for the elimination of adult lice and nits but that they can be tough and pass between the strands of your comb or stick to the hair.
Indeed, nits cling to the base of the hair and can be more difficult to eradicate if you lack patience or application. It may therefore sometimes be recommended to use your comb in a lotion-type combination of very occasional. It is indeed useless to recall the harmful nature of these often chemical treatments on the hair and scalp. Fortunately, there are treatments that are less harmful than others and just as effective.

Indeed, physical and mechanical treatments should always be preferred to remove nits and lice removal. However, if you want even more efficiency we have also put together for you the two best lice lotions on the market for quick results and an affordable budget.

8 – The soft Solution Duo LP Pro

We recommend that you always stock a lotion of lice products to speed up treatment while respecting your scalp. We particularly recommend the Duo LP Pro lotion which after a unique 8-hour pose (at night for example) helps to eradicate lice and nits that would have passed between the branches of your best electric lice comb.

This radical and miracle treatment will rid you of lice in one or two applications in case of a larger colony. So yes you have to keep the product all night on the hair but it’s worth it to regain your freedom.
Using the applicator the product is placed on the hairline to cover the entire scalp. After a massage insisting to fully impregnate the product respect the break time. Without insecticides, alcoholor essential oils (which are sometimes ineffective against lice), this product uses oxyphtyrine to smother lice.

The features and benefits of Duo LP Pro lotion make it the most effective soft solution for killing lice:

  • Non-aggressive lice treatment for the scalp
  • Effectively proven in one application only
  • Allows efficiency in one night

Duo LP-Pro lice solution

  • A soft solution based on triglycerides, alcohol-free and pesticide-free
  • Radical effectiveness against lice and nits in a single use
  • Effective at all stages of lice development

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9 – The 100% natural Puressentiel solution

From the first application the Puressentiel solution is effective and eliminates lice,larvae and nits. A healthy formula 100% natural and without insecticide that asphyxiates lice thanks to its combination of vegetable oils for a formidable efficiency despite its natural recipe.

Simple and convenient to use, the product is active from 10 minutes and the steel comb provided with you to remove dead lice and nits. After 3 days you can proceed with the second application.
You will need half a bottle for short hair and a whole bottle for medium-length or long hair. Note that this product can only be used in children over 3 years old. For babies and young children no lotion is recommended. In this case, only use a comb as the best electric lice combs we recommend previously.

The characteristics and benefits of Puressentiel lotion make it the perfect natural solution to fight lice

  • Natural lotion that provides efficiency from the first 10 minutes of installation
  • Kills lice by asphyxiation, alcohol or pesticides
  • More steel comb treatment provided

Puressentiel Natural Lice Lotion

  • An ultra-efficient and 100% natural lice solution
  • Alcohol-free and pesticide-free
  • Supplied with a metallic lice comb for greater efficiency

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But by the way, what is a lice?

Ok, you now have before your eyes the best electric lice combs on the market complemented by other effective lice accessories.Β But by the way,Β what are lice?

Knowing your enemy to better eradicate it is the basis of any war strategy. Here is quickly a small ID of the enemy of the day. Lice are parasites that attach to human hair and feed on the blood of the scalp. Repeated small bites are the reason for the itching. An adult louse can lay up to six eggs a day. Eggs also known as nits are laid directly on the hair a few millimeters from the scalp where they attach to it using a sticky substance secreted by lice.
Adult lice can be very difficult to see because of their small size, variable color and rapid reproduction.

Lice are not a marker of poor hygiene. It can happen to absolutely everyone to have lice, just to be in contact with someone who already has lice himself. Children are at greater risk because they live close to other children in school and are often close to each other when they play.

Because there are only two ways for lice to be transmitted from one person to another. In the first case it is during a very close contact head to head where the hair comes into contact. The other very common case and when sharing hats, caps, scarves, combs or any clothing or object likely to contact the hair.

That’s how lice spread. So forget the lice jumps of our imagination and adopt simple barrier measures to prevent the spread of lice: do not style children with the same brush, tie long hair, do not lend business and space the coat doors are very easy preventive gestures everyday and yet really effective.