Best Electric Razor for Your Head

Choosing an electric razor is something you shouldn’t buy on a whim. This is because you need to make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs. The ideal way to do this is to rely on several criteria and examine them precisely to see if they suit your requirements. So here are the criteria that you absolutely must examine.

Start by choosing the type of electric shaver you prefer

First of all, you need to define the type of razor you prefer. They are differentiated by their shaving head. Depending on the models, you can choose between models with rotating heads and vibrating blades. The latter will be a little louder. However, you can use it in the same way as a classic razor, that is to say by making straight movements on your face while following the direction of the hair. On the contrary, the rotary head shaver will be much quieter but requires you to be accustomed to using it. Indeed, it requires that you perform circular movements on your face. Finally, if you want to draw the contours of your beard, and therefore only shave part of your hair, you should instead opt for a vibrating blade model.

Make sure it is comfortable to use

When buying an electric shaver, ease of use is very important and depends on several parts of your device. For example, it must offer a good grip and therefore have a perfectly ergonomic handle. Its shape must be perfectly adapted to that of your hand while it is preferable that it is covered with a non-slip coating, which limits the risk of your electric shaver slipping out of your hands. In addition, it should also have a flexible shaving head, which allows it to be able to access all areas of your face and be able to shave you incredibly close. As for the blades, they must be perfectly protected, to prevent them from irritating the skin of your face. Finally, we advise you to opt for a wireless model. However, you need to make sure that it has good battery life and that its recharge time is short enough. Please note that some models need to be plugged in to charge while others simply need to be placed on their base.

Choose a quality model

Buying an electric razor is a certain investment and you need to make sure you can pay for it. In order for you to be able to use it for as long as possible, you first need to make sure that it is sturdy. A first step is to examine the design and quality of the materials used. Indeed, if the latter are robust and high-end, it will have a better chance of withstanding any shocks while an electric razor whose design is sloppy, especially in terms of finishes, will not be very reassuring. It is also important to take a look at the brand. It is preferable that the latter is recognized in the sector of electric shavers. This will ensure that you benefit from a product that is generally more reliable and has the technologies developed by the company. Finally, be sure to take a look at its manufacturer’s reputation for customer service. If there is a problem, it is indeed important that you have a viable solution to resolve it.

Additional features that can make the difference

When you are hesitating between two similar models, these additional features can make the difference and help you make up your mind. Sometimes these are even real selling points, and just one feature can make an electric shaver stand out. We are therefore going to take a tour of the most successful features. The most important is tightness. The latter offers many advantages. It allows you to use your electric shaver in the shower without risking damage to your device. In addition, it also makes it easier to clean the shaving head. You just need to run it under water to remove all impurities and stuck hair.

In addition, some vibrating blade models also have a mower mode. This allows you to be able to use it to trim your hair and shave it. This is a great option for those who want to be able to style their beard without having to use two separate devices. There are also a lot of cool battery related features. For example, fast charging allows a part of your battery to be recharged very quickly. Thus, if your battery gives up on you in the middle of a shave, you can still finish it. Some models can also be used while they are connected to the mains. This allows you to be able to use it both wired and wireless. Finally, most wireless models have a battery indicator,

Always pay the right price

We have no trouble imagining you wanting a good deal. However, choosing the cheapest model doesn’t necessarily mean you get the best deal. First and foremost, you need to make sure you choose a quality model that does not give up after a few uses. Also, some electric shavers come with accessories which can be very handy. It may in particular be a base. The latter not only allows you to store your electric shaver, but some of them have additional features. For example, they can charge your electric razor while some are even self-cleaning. Finally, since you are going to need to maintain your electric shaver, you should also make sure you have everything you need to do so. For this you need to have a cleaning brush and lubricant, which are usually included with all electric shavers. Finally, you might also find models that come with a carrying case, which is handy if you plan to take it with you on your travels.

What is the best electric shaver 2020?

The 6 best electric shavers are:

1. Philips SP9820 / 12 Series 9000

Here is the top model from Philips. But even if the finishes are perfect and the cut quality at the rendezvous, this model lacks accessories.

Philips SP9820 / 12 Electric shaver S9000 Prestige + Beard trimmer

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WE love :

  • its neat finishes
  • that it is manufactured next door (Netherlands)
  • its clip-on precision head

We don’t like:

  • that it does not have a charging station or cleaning


The characteristics of this electric razor do not stop at shaving, since it has other features as follows:

  • SmartClick precision trimmer: for a precise finishing of the legs and mustache;
  • Deluxe pouch: rigid and large enough to hold the electric razor, precision trimmer and charger;
  • Heads flexible in 8 directions: all areas of the face are shaved without difficulty;
  • Ergonomic handle: non-slip coating for a comfortable grip;
  • BeardAdapt sensor: monitors the density of the beard 15 times per second to adjust the cut and ensure effectiveness on 7 days beard;
  • 100% waterproof: for rinsing under water and use in the shower or with care products.

Test and review

As with all electric shavers of this type, shaving is done in small circular motions. Thanks to its flexible heads, even difficult areas such as the neck or jaw are clean shaven. In addition to quality finishes, the Philips SP9820 / 12 also offers three shaving modes, to adapt to the needs of each according to the sensitivity of the skin and the hardness of the hairs.

Philips has placed great emphasis on the quality of the blades. These are particularly effective and provide a very close shave. Almost enough to convert mechanical shaving enthusiasts!

Waterproof, this electric shaver can be used in the shower. However, since it is not really practical due to the lack of a mirror, this function is mainly used with foam or shaving oil. Its cleaning is done by passing it under water after use.

2. PHILIPS S9711 / 32 with SmartClean system

Philips electric shavers all work on the blade model on three rotating heads. It also has a removable head to trim the beard and a handy cleaning station.

Philips S9711 / 32 Series 9000 Electric Shaver with SmartClean Cleaning System and Beard Trimmer

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WE love :

  • its ergonomic grip
  • its cleaning station

We don’t like:

  • its fragile blade supports


Available modes, battery performance, supplied accessories, these are the characteristics of the Philips S9711 / 32:

  • Li-Ion battery: autonomy of one hour after one hour of charging. Cannot be used on mains but has the option “fast charge” for sufficient autonomy for a shave;
  • AquaTec 100% waterproof: for a quick dry shave or on wet skin with products or in the shower;
  • ContourDetect heads: 8 directions to follow all facial contours;
  • Digital display: Track information such as remaining battery and cleaning indicator visible at a glance;
  • Personalized settings: to choose between the three possible modes: sensitive, normal and fast;
  • SmartClean PLUS system: for a brand new, beautiful electric shaver after each cleaning cycle effortlessly in its station.

Test and review

Its low weight and ergonomics make the use of this electric shaver particularly comfortable, especially since it is very quiet. Its efficiency and shaving quality are undeniable. However, it is to be regretted that the quality of the fixing of the heads is not there and that they break quite quickly.

The SmartClean system is very practical since it allows you to keep the electric shaver clean and the blades perfectly lubricated without wasting time doing it manually, all while charging the battery!

3. Braun Series 7 7865cc with Clean & Charge station

Braun pulls out all the stops with this electric shaver with vibrating blades. Discover a close shave without irritation and use without constraints.


Braun Series7 7865cc Men’s Electric Shaver, With Clean & Charge Station And Travel Pouch Gray

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WE love :

  • that he has a cleaning station
  • his flexible head
  • its 5 modes of use

We don’t like:

  • that it can only be used on battery


Battery life, water resistance, blade type, these are the characteristics of the Braun Series 7 7865cc electric shaver:

  • Four shaving elements: three cutting elements and one that lifts and directs all the hairs towards the blades for a shave in one pass;
  • Clean & Charge Station: effortless charging, cleaning, disinfection and lubrication with every use;
  • Li-Ion battery: 50 minutes of autonomy obtained with a charge of one hour;
  • Wet & Dry technology: shaving possible on dry, damp skin, in the shower or with foam;
  • Eight-direction head: very close shave even in hard-to-reach areas.

Test and review

Hands down one of the best models on the market, this Braun electric shaver provides a comfortable shave. The cleaning station that charges brings a great comfort of use without constraints on a daily basis. The blades are durable, this device retains its performance for many years.

Thanks to the efficiency of its motor, few strokes are enough to obtain a close shave over the entire face and neck.

The travel pouch provided with purchase is rigid. Thus the heads and all fragile elements are well protected in all circumstances.

Even if use in the shower is not easy because “blind”, the fact that this electric shaver is waterproof is especially useful for shaving on prepared skin. The addition of foam or shaving oil on the skin improves the quality of the glide and the precision of the shave while reducing irritation.

4. Braun Series 5 5147s Wet & Dry

As the name suggests, this Braun electric shaver can be used dry, on damp skin with foam, gel or even in the shower. A multitude of choices for a always close shave.

Braun Series5 5147s Men’s Electric Shaver, Wet & Dry, Pull-Out Precision Trimmer, Beard Razor …

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WE love :

  • whether it is made in Europe (Germany)
  • its retractable precision head
  • that it is waterproof

We don’t like:

  • that he does not have a cleaning station
  • that it cannot be used on the mains


In addition to its expected razor function, this Series 5 5147s model from Braun also offers nice additional features:

  • Self-sensing motor: adapts to the density of the beard for optimum efficiency even on thick beards;
  • Eight-direction head: allows the skin to come into contact with the blades even in places that are difficult to access;
  • Two SensoFoil blades: for a very close shave (0.058 mm) without irritation;
  • ActiveLift trimmer: to lift lying hairs and guide those growing in different directions;
  • Precision trimmer: to draw the legs and the outline of the beard with the same device;
  • 100% waterproof: easy to clean under running water;
  • Li-Ion battery: fast full charge (1 hour) for 50 minutes of autonomy.

Test and review

Due to the fact that this model has vibrating blades, it is particularly suitable for hard hairs. Its rectangular shape is more precise than those with round heads. It is therefore ideal for bearded men who need to define the contours and use their razor to achieve a clean neck. Especially since it is supplied with a precision head, precisely to refine the contours.

The head but also the blades pivot in several directions. Thus, all areas are easily reached without creating irritation or having to go over and over again in the same place.

The motor’s “auto-sensor” technology automatically adjusts power for comfort without pulling hairs regardless of their length. Thus, this electric shaver is comfortable on a day or seven day beard.

5. Braun Series 9 9299s

An incomparable shaving smoothness for an electric razor, a refined design, a rigid carrying pouch. This high-end electric razor relies on its look to seduce you!


Braun Series9299s Men’s Electric Shaver, Charging Base & Travel Gift Pouch Gold

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WE love :

  • its shaving efficiency
  • its original color
  • its rigid carrying pouch

We don’t like:

  • his price
  • that he does not have a cleaning station


Like all those in this range for the Braun brand, this electric shaver is waterproof, usable on dry, wet or foamed skin and has highly efficient vibrating blades. Here are more details about its characteristics:

  • Five shaving elements: an ultra precise and smooth cut thanks to the four cutting elements and the system that raises the hairs to better direct them towards the blades;
  • Coating of the titanium blades: an exceptional lifespan and a shaving quality resistant to any test;
  • Adaptation to 10-D contours: the shaving head and blades rotate to better reach all areas of the face;
  • 100% waterproof: use in the shower and easily rinse after shaving;
  • Compact charging base: keeps the electric shaver close at hand and always charged.

Test and review

Arguably the “smoothest” electric shaver in its class, this Braun Series 9 shaves even multi-day beards carefree without pulling or trapping hairs in the blades. However, its price remains very high for the characteristics it offers, especially since it is sold without a cleaning station.

The precision of shaving and the comfort of use of the Braun Series 9 9299s are not due to chance but to technology. It is indeed thanks to the system of “guide” of the bristles towards the blade and the rotating head in 10 directions that its use is so pleasant.

Golden body, detail on the golden blades, closure of the golden cover. You will understand, this electric razor relies on gold! And what we can say is that it stands out from competing models when it comes to color!

6. Philips S7520 / 50 Series 7000

With two removable heads in addition to the shaving head, this electric shaver is also a beard trimmer and a cleaning brush for the skin. An all in one device to take care of the beard and the skin.

Philips S7520 / 50 Series 7000 100% waterproof electric shaver with AquaTec (beard trimmer, brush …

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WE love :

  • his different heads
  • its reasonable price

We don’t like:

  • that it is only delivered with a cord charger


In addition to its interchangeable heads, this electric shaver has comfort rings. But that’s not all, here is the full data on this model:

  • SmartClick system: to adapt the mowing or cleaning head in a single gesture;
  • Powerful battery: 50 minutes of autonomy obtained after one hour of charging and the possibility of having enough battery for a shave with the express mode;
  • AquaTec 100% waterproof: use it with shaving foam or simply in the shower;
  • GentlePrecision Blades: guarantee a smooth, precise shave;
  • DynamicFlex heads: 5 directions to follow all the contours of the face.

Test and review

Multifunctional, flexible, quickly charged, this electric shaver has many advantages for daily use.

With its trimmer head adjustable in 5 positions, it is perfect for bearded men who want to be able to trim the beard and have the contours and neck shaved with care.

The electric shaver guide

Do you know when was the invention of the first electric shaver that can be used dry? Although a user of this type of device for years, I didn’t know until I did my research for this article. I’m no longer in the dark (and neither will you soon!) And I can now proudly tell you that the first electric shaver came out in the United States in 1929. So it’s been almost a century! Suffice to say that many improvements have been made since this first model which could not even fit in one hand… But how does an electric shaver work, what are its advantages and how to choose it? Don’t move, I’ll explain all this to you:

Why choose to use an electric razor?

If like me you have had a bad experience with electric razors in the past, you will be amazed at the quality and convenience these new tech gems provide. The technologies that equip the new generation razors offer a quality of shaving that is not comparable with the old models which tore off part of the skin …

With blades protected by grids, electric razors allow you to shave closely without ever risking cutting yourself. Furthermore, which can be used without the skin being wet or lubricated with foam or oil, they require less preparation time and therefore a faster shave.

Electric razors are no exception to the all-digital vogue and have their share of innovations. Most shavers are equipped with an LCD screen that can display a lot of information such as the percentage of remaining battery or the blade rotation speed, for ever more optimal comfort.

Nomadic thanks to its battery and not requiring a water point, an electric razor allows you to have a clear skin in all circumstances.

What are the differences between shavers with rotary heads and shavers with vibrating blades?

Shavers with rotating heads have 2 to 5 heads placed next to each other on a swivel support. Each head consists of a rotating blade covered by a grid. The gesture of use is not natural since it is necessary to make small circles with the razor. These models are particularly quiet. They are also rather suitable for soft beards and a maximum of one week.

The vibrating fork models have at least two blades, and up to four, arranged in parallel. These blades are generally separated by an element making it possible to lift the bristles and guide them towards them. The gesture of use is more like that to do with a mechanical razor. These models are louder. They are also more suitable for coarse hair.

How to use an electric razor?

If your skin is not sensitive and your bristles are supple, you can just use the dry razor when you need it. Be careful, no model is effective on a beard longer than a week. If your hairs are too long, start by using a beard trimmer to shorten them.

For sensitive skin, you can prepare your skin before shaving. Either with an oil or for waterproof models, directly with shaving foam. If you do not shave your beard completely, remember to moisturize your hair with an oil or apply a balm to your beard . For beginners, it is advisable to invest in a beard maintenance kit in order to equip yourself with the basic equipment to have a well-maintained beard.

How to choose your electric razor?

The different brands offer a multitude of choices in their ranges of electric shavers. To make your choice, be sure to consult the most important criteria (apart from the price):

  • type of electric razor: rotating heads or vibrating blades;
  • battery usage and charge time;
  • waterproofing for possible use in the shower or with foam;
  • charging base with cleaning function for perfect maintenance without effort;

After having understood everything about how electric shavers work, you can now consult the comparison and find your ideal electric shaver.

You will have noticed, when it comes to electric shavers, the two leading brands in the market are Braun and Philips. Both offer good quality products in different ranges and therefore accessible to all budgets. Where the real difference lies is in the shaving system: vibrating blades covered with a grid at Braun or rotating heads for Philips. Both systems provide a precise shave. Rotating heads are best suited for sensitive skin, and hard beards will shave better with vibrating blades.