Best Hair color removers

Are you looking for the best hair color remover to make your hair to revert to its original color? Well, there are a variety of hair products to choose from but you need to find an ideal one that won’t have any harm on your or your hair.

Do proper research to ensure you don’t do any mistakes or get it wrong. You may have gone to the salon and gotten a hair dye but changed your mind after two days or something comes up that prompts you to change your hair.

Well, there is always a solution to anything. Most ideal color removers tend to be bleach-free and damage-free to remover either temporary or permanent hair color. It practically depends on your hair type. However, it doesn’t remove the natural hair color pigment.

How does the hair color remover work?

So practically the hair color remover, helps remove the visible hair color that everyone can use. This is because the permanent hair color is found inside the hair shaft by the color pigments. The remover dissolves the permanent hair color pigments, but the hair color remains unaffected.

The color remover practically enters the hair shaft and works to wash away the color pigment but not permanently. Once the pigment has been dissolved the permanent hair color tends not to have something to anchor on. Thus, after the process depending on the specific time needed by the hair product, the hair color pigment will be washed away.

The hair color remover removes the artificial color pigment but leaves the natural color pigment intact causing no damage. However, for the bleach, it destroys your artificial and natural color hair pigment completely. Thus your hair will be damaged fully. You will have to wait till your hair starts to grow again for it to get its natural color.

How to use a hair color remover

  • Gather equipment

You need to have some water with you, the hair color remover, shampoo, comb, towel, and other personal accessories. Moreover, ensure all the accessories are clean to ensure your hair doesn’t get contaminated or get any impurities.

  • Start by washing your hair

You should first wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo recommended for your hair. We all have different hair types and you should use the recommended ones. Also, ensure the shampoo you are using is from a credible brand.

Washing the hair will help remove some of the dyes and make it easier for the color remover to be more effective. Also, follow closely the instructions of the specific remover, for you not to make any mistakes.

  • Apply the remover

It is highly recommended to start applying the remover, starting from the ends first as they tend to be porous. This makes them not to hold to the artificial color or dye too much.

Thus, continue applying all over your hair and distribute evenly to prevent certain areas from looking different from the others. For effectiveness, you will need to do three to four shampoos in a row. However, for the last one, leave in for 15-20mins with a shower cap.

  • Use a conditioner or reparative mask

After you are done with applying the ideal hair color remover, it is effective to use a reparative mask that helps get back the much-needed hydration. Also, you can rinse using a deep conditioner. This will help the hair remover to be more effective and leave your hair looking great.

  • Professional hair removal

Alternatively, if you want to consult a professional, you will need to have records of hair products you have ever used. The professional will now be in a better position to know the best hair products to use to remove the unwanted color.

Thus, they can start with a deep cleansing shampoo then an artificial color remover suitable for you. You will note that the professional will use a deep cleansing or shampoo high in sulfates and this will help remove your color darkness.  Also, he or she will follow the same procedure above.

  • Take care of your hair

No matter the products you use, ensure you take the right procedures to ensure your hair remains good. Ensure your hair is always moisturized and you take care of your scalp to ensure it doesn’t become dry at any one time. Also, try to use the best products in the market to take care of your hair and prevent brittleness or breakage.

Never neglect your hair, when you notice your scalp has issues, find the right product for that. Also, if the condition is severe you need to seek professional help to ascertain the issue. Never ignore an issue, no matter how small it may seem.

What should you consider before buying a hair color remover?

  • Gentle and moisturizing

The best hair removers are gentle on your hair to bring out the best result. Not only should they be gentle, but also be moisturizing not to leave your hair looking damaged. Thus, even before getting your hair dyed, ensure that the product you are using is high quality and won’t pose any damage to you. This is a great factor that you shouldn’t take for granted or you will regret it.

  • Free of bleach and ammonia

An ideal hair color remover should not contain any slight trace of ammonia or bleach. Even if the product will be efficient, it will have a long-term effect that you won’t like at all. Thus, it is important to be cautious of what the product entails. Also, once you use bleach, be assured that your hair might never revert to its original color unless it grows again. You will need the patience to withstand the new color shade of your hair.

  • Type of dye used

You need to realize that hair color removers are categorized according to the type of dye. Whether it is the semi-permanent or permanent type. Just because you want to remover the artificial color on your hair doesn’t mean that you should use the harshest of removers, it will cause adverse effects. Use the recommended one. Also, you have to realize that some hair color removers are specific, so please don’t assume that fact.

  • Depth of the color

This is also a predetermining factor that will help you know what remover to buy. There are some recommended for black hair, brown hair, blonde hair, multicolors, and vibrant colors. Thus, whatever your issue is, there is always a right hair remover for you.

  • Product formula

It is also important to know the formula you will be using with the product. This is because the main goal of a hair remover is to shrink the large molecules into small particles. Thus, after you are done with this, it will be much easier to wash away. The product formula should also breakdown the ingredient that produces the color. Thus, check the chemicals in a particular product for more effectiveness.

  • Toner-compatibility

Once you are done with hair color removal, you can use a toner to eliminate unwanted tones in your lightened hair. Thus, this helps remove unwanted tones. Thus, the shampoo or product you are using needs to be compatible. If you use products that are not compatible you will not get the best results.

  • Ease of application

You also need to consider the ease of application. Most typically require you to apply shampoo and wait for a while before rinsing. The most effective hair color removers need to be easy to apply.  Also, some products come in powdery form and you will need to mix in a certain way, while some you may need to mix with water and so on.

  • Side effects

Always be cautious of the side effects of a certain product. Don’t buy a product without knowing its pros and cons. You will save yourself from having to regret later on. A harsh color remover can even ruin your hair completely. The hair product needs to remove the hair color in the best way possible.

How to remove hair color naturally

You may hear recommendations now and then on how best to remove the hair color. Some people opt for these options because it is safe and you won’t be prone to using chemicals on your hair that you will later regret. They are all safe and environmentally friendly.

Option 1: Mix Baking soda and shampoo

You need to choose a shampoo that is compatible with your hair. An anti-dandruff shampoo is ideal and will aid in removing the hair color you want. The best ratio to use is 1:1 of shampoo to baking soda. Thus, you will just need to mix it and apply it to your hair for a few minutes then rinse with warm water. You should do this for a few days for more effectiveness. I am sure you have also heard of how baking soda can lead to an uneven finish. We both wouldn’t want that. Thus, follow the right procedure to ensure no regrets come later.

Baking soda is effective because it is a cleansing agent for removing stains. It works best with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Always remember that! The baking soda acts as a scrubbing agent, while the selenium sulfide in the shampoo lightens the hair. 

Option 2: Mix Vitamin C and shampoo

Some recommended mixing vitamin C tablets with shampoo for 20minutes. This helps to remove dark hair and color build-up. Simply mix the Vitamin C tablets with hot water and form a paste. You should then apply it to your hair and wear a shower cap. The next step is to rinse using hot water. However, it is most effective if the dye hasn’t been on your hair for too long.

It is a safe method and mostly for those who want to remove a dark color quickly. The acid in Vitamin C oxidizes the dye loosening the molecules, and this is what makes the hair removal process easier.

Option 3: Vinegar + water

Mix white vinegar with water then apply it to your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap for up to 20mins then rinse. Also, you can decide to use plain white vinegar, the acidity in it helps remove the dye for the hair without affecting the scalp.

This is one of the safest methods that you can use but you still need to understand your hair well. What works for one person doesn’t mean that it works for everyone.

Option 4: Other alternatives that depend on your hair type

This should be your last resort:

You can decide to use dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide, bleach powder + water, swimming, Epsom salt + Baking soda, or sun exposure. Some are natural and can help you out. However, they are not as effective as the hair color removers or the other three options above.

The ultimate guide to best hair color removers

Before making any purchase you need to consider this

  • Budget

What is your current budget? Is the product you want to buy going to help remove the color on your hair completely? How are the reviews? Get a product that fits in your budget and will provide the required results at the right time. This will help you know the right product for you and all the options you have.

If you want to remove the color all over your hair, a kit is the best, uneven color – mix and apply solution is ideal, brassy or red tones – color correcting product, direct dyes – specialized removal product. Also, you need to realize that once you bleach your hair, you can’t get back your natural hair color. It is that dangerous. Until your hair regrows. 

  • Allergies

Some color removers are harsh and may pose sensitivity to you or allergies to you. If you have a sensitive skin that easily reacts, you need to be cautious of the product your purchase. Also, ensure it doesn’t cause any kind of irritation. Make sure your ideal product doesn’t have bleaching agents. If you are allergic to most products, you can opt for a natural product. Allergies are a nuisance and can even make you have adverse health implications.

  • Accessories

On top of buying the hair color removal product, also buy the necessary accessories like a shower cap, gloves, mixing bowl, developer, hair color brush, and the product. If your kit doesn’t come with all these, you will need to buy them.  Also, check the duration in which the product will take for effectiveness. Even if you decide to improvise, ensure the accessories will be effective.

  • Condition of your hair

Browse through the best products and check which one is most suitable for your hair. Some products can easily cause chemical reactions that can affect your hair. Thus, ensure the product doesn’t cause irreversible damage. If your hair is the weak kind, be as gentle as you can on your hair. Also, the product shouldn’t affect your hair cuticles at any cost. Choose the best option for you.

Best hair color removers in the market.

Just like any ideal hair color remover, this one is made from ideal ingredients that will ensure it poses 100% effectiveness at all times. It is also ammonia-free so you shouldn’t worry about anything. The color oops brand is a credible one that you can trust. The whole process takes 20minutes which is effective. It is also safe and easy to use so no worries about that!

You can use this together with their color oops extra conditioning hair remover. It is effective for removing both permanent and semi-permanent hair color. It is also ammonia-free and bleach-free. So, don’t worry about that. Also, it comes with instructions that will ensure you don’t use the products in the wrong way. Moreover, it is cost-friendly for the quality work it does.

This amazing product is from the credible One n’ Only brand. It is made from good ingredients that won’t pose any allergies, sensitivities, or irritation to your hair. However, check the ingredients if you have a specific ingredient that you are allergic too.

If you are looking for an ideal hair color remover, it is effective to check it out. It comes in the form of an oil, making it easier to apply and gentle on our skin. Moreover, it helps remove permanent hair color without any bleach. Amazingly it removes any level of hair color but doesn’t affect the hair’s natural pigment. It also doesn’t contain any ammonia or bleach and can be used on all hair types.  However, if yours is the sensitive type, you may reconsider.

Are you looking for an ideal hair color remover? Why not try this product! It helps to remove permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary colors. This includes all kinds of hair and salon dyes that you may be having. Thus, if a dye doesn’t please you, you can use this product to remove it from your hair.

It is also ammonia and bleach-free to ensure it doesn’t cause any kind of damage. It also works as a hair detox and helps remove any product build-up and pollution. It also helps to condition dry and damaged hair. Hugely, this helps in restoring the softness and elasticity of your hair.

Has your hair been subjected to high lifting shifts or bleaches? This product may not help you that much. You should alternatively recolor your hair to get your initial color if you had recolored it. You should use a semi-permanent hair colorant that is a shade lighter than your original color.

This is an amazing hair color remover that only allows the one-time application. It essentially leaves your hair beautifully conditioned and removes any color build up that easily upsets you.

It also doesn’t restore the hair’s natural color but removes the tint. It can be used by either water or a developer for full efficiency. Moreover, it is also gentle to use and will provide the best experience ever. The credible brand is known for products that work, so you shouldn’t worry about not getting 100% results while using this product. You will get value for your money and have a beautiful hair glow within no time.

This is another amazing product that will remove any unnecessary colors on your hair. Also, it provides extra strength for darker hair colors. It is among the best-ranked products that will never let you down.

 Ideally, it is a natural product that helps remove permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary hair colors. It also helps remove any unwanted color and build-up. After using the product, you can also recolor immediately as needed. However, this product does not return your natural hair color if you had used a lifting tint or bleach.

 You will have to wait for your hair to grow again. Also, it comes with an instructions manual that will help you know how to use the product.


You need to make a thorough research to know the best procedure to follow. Hence, the best you can opt for is using conditional treatments, shampoos, and conditioners for you to get the color you want and remove the unwanted. Therefore, keep in mind to use the right shampoo and hair conditioner for effectiveness.

 Try also to cut back on heat styling to ensure the hair color remover acts effectively. Also, remember the color removers’ act in different ways. You also can’t manage to remove lightened or bleached hair. The common processing time is 20minutes. Also, always be cautious of your color build up. Many manufacturers give different instructions, so never assume how you need to use a product. They may seem similar but the difference in how they were made can make their application different. Thus, be cautious of that and never assume.