Best Hair Dryer Reviews

Think a hairdryer is easy to choose? I’ll stop you right away and tell you clearly that this choice is not made lightly! There are tons of different hair dryer models on the market, and they all come with varying degrees of great features and functionality.

It is true that for many years, the best hairdryers were reserved for professionals, but now the best devices have taken pride of place in our bathrooms to satisfy the vast majority of very demanding women that we are. So I made the decision to create this comparative guide (hoping that it is the most complete) that will allow you to choose the hair dryer that will meet your needs at the best price.

My favorite selection of hair dryers at the best price or on sale

Hair dryer or blower brush: which choice to make?

More versatile and more practical than the hair dryer, the blower brush , by allowing a single gesture to dry and shape the hair, seems to be able to relegate its competitor to the rank of obsolete device. However, if the first is the ideal ally for quick and impeccable hairstyles, the second allows for its undoubtedly natural result. From this point of view, therefore, hair dryer and blower brush, far from being mutually exclusive, can perfectly be used in a complementary manner depending on circumstances and needs.

Comparison of the best hair dryers according to reviews: my TOP12

1 / GHD Air

GHD – Air – Hair Dryer (Black)

  • Professional results 2 times …
  • Advanced ionic technology: r …
  • Ergonomic design suitable for …

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Launched in May 2012, the GHD Air is a stylish and efficient hair dryer that clearly positions itself in the high-end appliance market. In fact, equipped with a professional 2100 watt motor, it is twice as fast for drying as a standard appliance and it is equipped with ionic technology to counter the effects of static electricity. Ergonomic and ambidextrous, it finally offers two speed levels (Breath and Cold air, selectable using buttons), three temperature levels and comes with two concentrator tips.

Praised as much by professionals as by individuals, the GHD Air has only one drawback, when it is used daily and in a somewhat intensive way, its weight (700 grams).

2 / Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly

Capable of combining aesthetic and environmental concerns, the Parlux 3800 displays a remarkable technical level. Made entirely of recyclable materials and available in four colors, it offers four temperature levels, two speed levels, a Cold Air mode (accessible by button) and two nozzles. In addition, if its 2100 watt motor ensures rapid drying, its ionic technology and safety thermostat mean that the temperature is always suitable. Finally, relatively light (500 grams), it is practical to use thanks to its connection cable of three meters.

Remarkable for its environmental commitment as much as for its performance, the Parlux 3800 also seduces by its relative discretion in use.

3 / BaByliss Paris 6609E Pro Light 2100

BaByliss Paris – 6609E – Pro Light 2100 hair dryer

  • 2100 ac professional motor …
  • 6 speeds / temperatures / cold air …
  • Ion technology

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Masterful of sobriety, the BaByliss Paris 6609E however conceals, under its minimalist black hull, a professional quality motor developing a power of 2,100 watts while its ion generator perfectly neutralizes static electricity such as frizz. It offers no less than six different speed and temperature settings as well as a mode to dispense cold air. Finally, equipped with a 1.8 meter rotating connection cable and relatively light (500 grams), it comes with a thin concentrator, ideal for fine-tuning the details of a hairstyle.

Minimalist but effective, this model however lacks ergonomics in terms of the location of its buttons and perhaps also a function dedicated to ultra-fast drying.

4 / Philips HP8281 / 00 Moisture Protect

Philips HP8281 / 00 Hair Dryer Hydration & Deep Protection, 2300 W, 2 accessories

  • Preserve the hydration of your …
  • Keep hair healthy …
  • Get frizz-free hair …

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All in transparency and pearly color, the Philips HP8281 / 00 offers a drying experience focused on mastery. Indeed, its powerful 2300 watt motor is associated not only with ionic technology, in order to fight against frizz, but also with ThermoProtect and MoistureProtect technologies to guarantee an ideal temperature that does not attack the hair and even preserves its natural hydration. For even more comfort, it offers a total of six different settings in terms of speed and temperature, all accessible through buttons on the handle. Finally, it comes with two accessories: a concentrator and a volume diffuser.

Very efficient and quite handy thanks to its 2.5 meter long power cable, this hair dryer is however not very suitable for intensive daily use because it is quite heavy (900 grams).

5 / Calor CV5090C0 Powerline + Ionic

Calor CV5090C0 Powerline + Ionic Hair Dryer, Silver, White

  • An ultra-complete hair dryer …
  • Fast and precise results thanks to …
  • Concentrator: for drying …

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With the Calor CV5090C0, the French brand offers a device with elegant curves and remarkable power. Indeed, this white hair dryer has a powerful motor, developing 2300 watts, cleverly coupled with ceramic and ionic technology. It thus ensures very fast drying, even for thick hair, while guaranteeing effective protection against sensations of burning or drying out and a result very soft and shiny. It offers three temperature levels, two speeds, a Cold Air mode and comes with two accessories: a diffuser to stimulate the volume and a concentrator for ultra efficient and precise drying.

Complete and easy to use, this model has a removable rear grille, which greatly facilitates maintenance.

6 / Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic

Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Hair Dryer Black

  • Ultra light 450 gr
  • Powerful 2200 watts
  • Ionic and Ceramic

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Although displaying a very compact round silhouette and around ten supercharged chromatic variations, the Parlux Advance Light is not to be taken lightly, despite its 450 grams. Indeed, this hair dryer has a motor with a power of 2,200 watts and offers two speed registers and four different temperatures. Equipped with a Cold Air mode, it also embeds ionic technology to prevent hair from drying out and a removable ceramic grid that guarantees uniform heat distribution for silky hair without any frizz. It is also delivered with two concentrators of seven and eight millimeters.

Professional quality, this Parlux brand hair dryer not only promises exceptional longevity but also has a very practical integrated silencer.

7 / Philips HSP910 / 00 Drycare Prestige

Philips HSP910 / 00 Drycare Prestige Professional Ultra Fast Dry Hair Dryer Black

  • 6 speed / temperature combinations …
  • Ideal drying temperature at …
  • Ionic function for hair …

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The Philips HSP910 / 00 is a professional hair dryer with a robust AC motor, developing a power of 2100 watts and capable of generating an intense airflow (110km / h). It also offers great flexibility of use thanks to its six different temperature / speed combinations to which are added various options such as Cold Air or ThermoProtect. It is also equipped with an ionic technology which makes its drying impermeable to static electricity and guarantees hair without frizz. Finally, this device comes with two concentrators of seven and nine millimeters.

Undoubtedly very complete and very practical to use thanks to its long power cord (2.5 meters), this Philips device is however relatively heavy (820 grams).


VELECTA PARAMOUNT Ultra Light Hair Dryer Translucent Fuchsia 1750 W

  • Compact, fashion, professional …
  • Ultra-light: 335g! / Criterion T …
  • Supplied with 2 tips + pouch …

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With the TGR 3600, the Velectra Paramount brand offers an ultra compact model, with a translucent design and available in ten bright colors. However, despite its more than small dimensions (14 centimeters for 350 grams), this hair dryer is more than efficient since with a motor with a power of 1600 watts, it is able to generate an air flow. going up to 120 kilometers per hour. It also offers two operating speeds, four drying stages, a heat reduction option and comes with two tips and a fabric storage pouch.

Easy to handle, even over long periods, this hair dryer proves all its know-how in mobile use, all the more facilitated by its three-meter connection cable.

9 / BaByliss 6000E Pro Digital

BaByliss Pro Digital 2200 Hair Dryer with Ionic and Ceramic Technology Made in Italy

  • Professional digital motor with …
  • Made in Italy for a quality …
  • Ceramic-Tourmaline coating …

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With the 6000E Pro Digital, BaByliss offers a professional hair dryer at the cutting edge of technology. Developing a power of 2,200 watts, the EC Digital motor of this device is certainly powerful but above all electronic. This feature guarantees increased longevity and operation of up to 10,000 hours (compared to 2,000 hours for a mechanical motor). The BaByliss 6000E also offers two levels of heat, two speeds, a Cold Air Shot function and a Turbo function. It also uses ionic technology and comes with an accessory kit that includes two concentrators and a diffuser.

Versatile and efficient, this latest generation hair dryer is also, although a little heavy (600 grams), very practical to use thanks to a long power cord of almost three meters.

10 / Carrera 531 Ionic

CARRERA Ionic Hair Dryer No 531 For Professional Results: 1 Dryer – 1 Diffuser – 2 Nozzles – 3 Temperatures – 2 Speeds

  • PROTECTION AND CARE: the flow of …

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The Carrera 531 Ionique is a hair dryer with a sleek but efficient design, made of black and silver. It is equipped with a 2400 watt motor which allows fast drying but has the particularity of enriching the air it sends with argan oil and keratin in order to protect and strengthen the hair. Easily accessible via buttons on the handle, it offers two drying temperatures, two operating speeds and a Cold Air function. Equipped with ionic technology to prevent static electricity, it comes with a diffuser for curly hair and a nozzle for straightening or brushing.

Although visually not very compact, this device is pleasant to use thanks to good ergonomics and a relatively light weight (640 grams).

11 / Calor For Elite CV5422C0 Studio Dry +

Calor For Elite CV5422C0 DC Studio Dry + Motor Hair Dryer

  • This hair dryer is the balanc …
  • A power of 2300 Effiwatts …
  • Compact and lightweight for comfort …


Offering harmonious curves, cleverly enhanced by a few touches of pink, the Calor For Elite CV5422C0 is a compact hair dryer (18 x 26 centimeters) as practical as it is efficient. Equipped with a robust motor developing a power of 2,300 watts, it adapts as closely as possible to the needs of its user thanks to six possible combinations of temperature and speed. Its ionic system guarantees a perfect finish by neutralizing the effect of static electricity and therefore leaving the hair as soft as it is shiny after drying. It has a Cold Air button and comes with a ten millimeter concentrator.

Easy to use, this model is particularly appreciated for its maneuverability and lightness (480 grams).

12 / Philips BHD004 / 10 ThermoProtect

Philips BHD004 / 10 Hair dryer, 1800W, ThermoProtect, Cold air button

  • Compact and powerful optimal for …
  • 3 temperature / speed combinations …
  • ThermoProtect care function: for …

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With its delicate design and two bands of pink color, the Philips BHD004 / 10 is a semi-professional hairdryer as discreet as it is efficient. Compact and light (300 grams), it can be easily transported and is very easy to use thanks to a 1.8 meter power cord. It is also equipped with a gentle but efficient 1800 watt motor, coupled with a ThermoProtect function which guarantees respect for the hair as well as optimal drying and this with any of the three temperature / speed combinations selected. Also equipped with a Cold Air function, it is delivered with a twenty millimeter concentrator.

Without any advanced or superfluous functions, this model from Philips is an efficient basic and easy to use and transport.

The criteria to take into account when choosing a hair dryer

Your future hair dryer will accompany you for many years. As I told you, there are a very large number of models on the market and you should not be mistaken when choosing. This is why I detail below all the characteristics that you will need in choosing the hair dryer that will meet your expectations.

Before going into details, I would like to remind you what is expected of a hair dryer:

  1. Allow quick and efficient drying of the hair
  2. Be as ergonomic as possible for your comfort
  3. Be light and above all very handy to facilitate brushing
  4. Offer good power to save time
  5. Allow easy adjustment as needed

Weight, ergonomics and maneuverability

We often tend to focus on the advanced functions of a device when we want to have fun. When choosing a hair dryer, the first step will be to look at its weight. It is important that this feature holds your attention because you will be carrying it at arm’s length for a period varying from 5 to 10 minutes depending on its use. If you want to blow-dry using a round brush, easily count 15 minutes or use a blower brush .

Ergonomics is also an element to take into account. A good grip is essential to increase the maneuverability of the hairdryer. Note that the big brands are putting a lot of effort into developing devices that perfectly fit the lines of the hand.

There is no hard and fast rule in choosing these features. If you are used to drying your hair between girls, the weight is not necessarily a handicap because the grip is different. If you use it alone, the light weight / good ergonomics combination is an undeniable asset.

Power, temperature and speed

Before going any further, you should know that just because you are going to buy the most powerful hair dryer that you will get the best results. The choice of power will depend on the type of hair you have but also on the use you plan to make of it.

If you have thick hair, one thing is certain, you are going to need to focus on the more powerful hairdryers. For women with fine hair like me, a medium power hair dryer is sufficient, even low power if you don’t want to blow dry every day.
On average, the temperature range is between 1000 and 2300W.

Regarding the temperature, prefer models offering a heat setting with two or three positions and if possible, a “cold air” function which will allow you to freeze your hairstyle for the whole day. The cold air, as I often recall, makes it possible to smooth the hairstyle by closing the scales created by the heat and therefore, will make them very shiny.

Finding the right balance is a delicate exercise. You should know that a high power, if you have fine hair, will risk damaging it if you use your hair dryer every day, but in return you will save time. Conversely, a low power hairdryer, if you have thick hair, will not be effective and drying will take forever or you will decide to rush the job. Only you can answer this dilemma.

A hair dryer with different heat settings will ultimately be a good choice if more than one of you are using it in the family.

The accessories

The accessories, let’s get to it! Do not be fooled by brands offering low-end hair dryers with a multitude of accessories! I tell you clearly: Forget this kind of model! A hair dryer offered at 20 euros in the store with 5 or 6 accessories will not help you at all, be sure.

On the other hand, now that you have defined the general use that you are going to have every day, you will have to think about the accessories that you are going to need.

Fan of perfect brushing? Treat yourself to a hair dryer offering an air concentrator (or nozzle) that will allow you to strongly and precisely direct the flow of hot air on your hair. A wide nozzle will be perfect if you have long, thick hair. Conversely, an air concentrator with a thinner head will be the best for working on short, mid-length hair, whether thin or thick.

I just told you about the air concentrator, more commonly called a nozzle, but if you have, or want to have curly hair, you will have to choose a hair dryer offering an air diffuser which will be your best ally to shape your hair. ripples.

Ionic, ceramic and tourmaline hair dryer: what to choose?

Great technological advances as well as great discoveries have made it possible to considerably improve hairdressing devices for many years. Physics is part of our daily life and the physical properties of certain natural elements allow us to make ourselves beautiful every day.

Ionic technology

I will start with a little physics reminder that you all forgot: “all matter has a positive or negative electric charge”. When the hair is wet, its electrical charge is positive. If you dry them in hot air without fighting this positive charge, you will have, after a few minutes, a multitude of hairs which will wander around as if under the effect of static electricity. You know the little hair that does what it wants!

An ionic hair dryer will reverse this effect to your advantage. It will take care of sending negative ions to your wet hair and therefore breaking up the water molecules into very small particles. This action will then have the effect of reducing the overheating effect due to the heat diffused. Your hair will not be dehydrated and will absorb the nutritious care that you are used to giving it all the better. Say goodbye to frizz with an ionic hair dryer thanks to static electricity removal!


As I have already explained to you in my article devoted to hair straighteners, tourmaline is a semi-precious stone now widely used in the design of hairdressing devices. Tourmaline is an excellent, if not the best ion and infrared generator in the world.

When the tourmaline stone is heated, it will, under the effect of the diffusion of hot air, send out negative ions just like an ionic hair dryer. The physical reaction will also be to split the water drops into fine particles which will immediately evaporate. The advantage of a tourmaline hair dryer is that it speeds up drying of the hair while making it shiny and healthy.


If you visit my site regularly , you may already know that ceramic has extremely effective properties in terms of heat diffusion. The ceramic absorbs the heat before diffusing it and this allows, for a ceramic hair dryer to distribute the heat in a very homogeneous way and thus avoid any risk of overheating. This is a really interesting feature and definitely a must have if you have rather fragile hair. Combined with ionic technology, your hair will be shiny and you will be much more resplendent.