Best Hair Products for Wavy Hair

Having wavy hair can be frustrating. While there is no shortage of products for curly or straight hair, people with wavy hair find themselves struggling. They are tempted to buy products that are either for the straight or the curly hair category. You will not be doing yourself any favors if you do that because those products are specific to those types of hair. If you have wavy hair it is important to be clear about the hair type you have. Do you have brittle hair? Thin hair? Is your hair falling? You have to know the normal condition of your hair.

When you have this information, you can then go through the following products, mix and match and do additional research to find the right product that will help you bring your locks to life. Like most people, you surely want your hair to complement your overall look. This means that your hair has to be light, vibrant, young-looking, and bring out your other features. Here are three of the best hair products for people with wavy hair.

Wella Professionals Nutricurls Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner

Micellar shampoo has built a reputation for being able to remove impurities, provide much-needed hair definition, and handle frizziness. What turns a lot of head is how it does this. It does not do this with harsh chemicals. Instead, it does it gently while properly nourishing the hair. The result cannot be denied. You get a nice, natural-looking vibrant hair. It all boils down to proper nourishment and the micellar shampoo category is well known for delivering the much-needed balance between gentleness and nourishment while effectively cleansing your scalp and hair.


Nourishes using jojoba oil and wheat bran extract. This is the secret to this product. Wheat bran extract can provide definition for hair, but if this is the only ingredient in the formulation, your hair can feel wiry to the touch. The jojoba oil balances that control by providing an added level of silkiness. The anti-frizz factor makes wavy hair softer, luscious, and manageable. This is a hard balance to strike because it is easy to go on one extreme or the other. There are many products that focus on manageability but using them can make you feel like you are wearing a helmet because your hair is stiff. On the other hand, there are products that can give you soft and luscious wavy hair but good luck trying to make your hair look good because you cannot manage it.

This Wella product can give both manageability and silkiness to your hair. It is definitely worthy of the Wella brand. As you probably know, Wella is one of the most respected brands in the hair care market. 


We looked through many reviews and all negative reviews fall into two camps. First, critics say this product does not provide the right level of moisture. It is kind of a hit or miss on this aspect. Others say it dries out your hair. So whether it is scalp moisture or overall hair dryness, unsatisfied users complain that this product misses the mark.

Dove Amplified Textures Hydrating Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner

This product is produced by one of the most respected personal care product brands on the planet – Dove. It is formulated to deliver the intense levels of moisture to people with wavy or curly hair. How does it do this? It uses all-natural ingredients that maximize moisture while ensuring a high level of scalp and hair cleansing. The result is hair that is healthy, shiny, clean, vibrant, bouncy, and full of life. Seems like a tall order but when you look at the ingredients on the label, it all makes sense. The star ingredients are glycerine and shea butter. Dove also mixed in its patented fiber-actives ingredient. All told, this product does wonders for people with textured hair. It also contains coconut milk and jojoba. These two ingredients work together to maximize moisture while properly nourishing and moisturizing wavy locks.


Formulated specifically for wavy hair. The jojoba, shea butter, and coconut ingredients go a long way in moisturizing and softening hair. This product does not only soften your hair, but it also ensures that your wavy hair is manageable.


It does not work on curly hair. It is tempting to use this for your curly hair when you read the product’s label, but it is formulated specifically for wavy hair only. Keep in mind that some people who have used Dove Amplified Textures complain that their hair became limp and flat. Others say that it causes scalp buildup of residue which can lead to hair fall.

The One Atelier Fekkai The Pure Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to brand recognition among hair stylists and hair care professionals, Atelier Fekkai is right up there. It is easy to see why. This product’s formulation can give you a supernatural level of luxury hair cleansing in a gentle way. It rids your hair of impurities as well as excess oiliness in your scalp. The result is a properly nourished scalp and hair resulting in hair that is light, clean, and has a nice healthy glow. It is also suffused with plant extracts and botanicals that ensure a thorough cleansing job from your scalp to hair roots to its tips.


Many people claim that this is the perfect product for them. They say it delivers what it claims to do and it overperforms in the soothing, cleansing, and overall luxurious feeling departments. It is an indulgence, they claim. Atelier Fekkai, after all, is a luxury hair care product brand. Scent-wise, people cannot stop raving about the natural fragrance of its smell. There is nothing seemingly artificial or off-putting about this formulation. Many users claim that the product’s combination of plant-derived extracts work to help your hair fight off the effects of pollution, heat, radiation, and UV rays. And it does so naturally. In terms of scalp health, this formulation contains aloe vera with an infusion of vitamin B5 and quinoa proteins which help boost the hair’s vitality and protect it from regular wear and tear.

The interesting thing about this product is it is uniform in its effect so not only your scalp is taken care of, but each strand of your hair can become shinier and healthier. It is also naturally hydrating so it goes a long way in fighting off any scalp buildup that can lead to irritation, dandruff, flakiness, and all that nasty stuff. Finally, it almost goes without saying that this product is free of common irritants that hair care products users often complain about. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and silicone.


It takes a bit of getting used to mainly when it comes to the fluid’s texture. Its thin, almost runny consistency, throws a lot of people off. This is due to the natural ingredients of the product. Another downside is it does not lather very well. This is not one of those commercial products that produce a nice thick fistful of bubbles quickly. Again, this is due to the natural ingredients of the product. Finally, some users complain that Atelier Fekkai is more expensive than comparable brands. We believe they are missing the point. The reason this product is expensive is its high-quality ingredients and it can deliver results you do not normally get from traditional commercial hair care products that are usually chemical-heavy.

The Final Word on Wavy Hair Care Products

Keep the discussions above in mind when looking for the very best hair care products for your wavy hair. The solution does exist but you must be aware of the hair type you have, and the challenges you face so you can find the solution that is specially formulated to deal with your hair issues.

How to Manage Your Wavy Hair

The bottom line is straightforward when it comes to wavy hair: You have to experiment with choosing the right shampoo that will adequately cleanse and nourish your locks and select a conditioner that would ensure the best look for your hair type.

Let’s get one thing clear: Wavy hair is hard to manage. There’s no getting around this. But the good news is if you keep your locks healthy and free of frizz, you have a distinct advantage over people with straight hair. Why? You have a mane that has volume and personality. If you play your cards right, you can have an awesome wash and wear look.

Many women would love to be in your position. Hair care can be a hassle because it takes time, effort, and attention to detail, and most women are busy and don’t have the luxury of time for hair care so they end up settling for a mediocre look. With your wavy hair, you have a lot more options available to you provided that you manage your locks right.

Finding the right product is not as easy as you think. You have to experiment with different combinations to find the right product that will ensure that your locks are healthy, frizz-free, and well-hydrated.

Regularly Use A Deep Conditioning Treatment

In addition to finding the right shampoo and conditioner combination, you should also use deep conditioning treatment regularly. One of the reasons wavy hair is hard to manage is it can break fairly easily and frizz up. With deep conditioning treatment, your hair strands become healthy enough so they do not break easily. This is a big deal because dry, lifeless, and dull hair can break fairly quickly. Deep conditioning your hair preserves your locks and makes the strands stronger; it also makes your hair less prone to dryness and frizziness.

Try Not to Use Hot Blow Dryers


As much as possible, you should not subject your hair to any kind of styling tools that use heat. I know this is a tall order because, as mentioned above, most women are busy. Combing along with a hot dryer makes quicker work but if you don’t want your wavy hair to become frizzy or damaged, you have to do things a little bit differently.

Set your blow dryer to cold or turn off the heat and just air dry your hair. The key is to compensate by brushing vigorously and turning the portion of your hair you want to dry next to the cold blow dryer. Otherwise, subjecting frequently your wavy locks to heat can make your hair break easily because it dries out. With air drying, you preserve your natural wavy curls.

Cover Your Hair to Protect It from Heat

Heat has a weird effect on wavy hair. Whether the source of the heat is from a styling tool or the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, you have to be protective of your locks. You have to use a serum protector or some product that helps increase the heat tolerance of your hair.

This is crucial if you are going to use a straightening iron or curling iron. The serum will enable your hair to tolerate much higher temperatures than normal. After you’re done with treating your curly hair, you should also apply a heat protectant particularly if you’re going to be under the sun for many hours.

Use Mousse

There are many different types of products that add body and volume to your hair, but mousse is one of the best products to do this. Mousse makes your curly waves look more defined, vibrant, and attractive.

It is important to steer clear of heavy mousse if you have curly locks because you don’t want your hair to look as if it does not move or to feel too hard. Use a mousse that is light enough to bring out the bouncy personality of your curls.

Use A Dry Shampoo

Overwashing your hair can dry it out so it’s important to use a dry shampoo to cleanse your hair as well as nourish it so it doesn’t get frizzy or dried out.