Best Hair Serum for Hair Growth

Among the many hair care products on the market, serums are not the most famous. They only appeared on the market about fifteen years ago and not all women have the instinct to use them yet. They are, however, very convenient for those in a hurry, and those who make intensive use of hair dryers and straighteners.
They are suitable for all hair types, as long as you know how to choose your own. How are they different from oils and masks? How to best use them? Which serums to choose in 2020? We explain everything to you!

Our choice

L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod serum: Repairs and protects for long-lasting smoothing

L’Oréal Professionnel – Steampod serum, concentrate …

  • HAIR TYPE: Damaged hair, Highly sensitized hair
  • Packaging may vary
  • Apply as a finish Apply to dry hair

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For  highly sensitized, damaged hair . Used for smoothing, this serum enters the heart and fiber of the hair to repair and strengthen it thanks to its pro-keratin technology and steam-activated ingredients. Damaged hair and hair ends are nourished and protected.

Benefits  : repair, anti-frizz, long-lasting smoothing

Organix Ogx: Anti-breakage serum with coconut milk

ORGANIX Ogx Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

  • Coconut milk anti-breakage serum
  • Strengthens weakened hair
  • helps repair split ends and damaged hair cuticles …

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 Coconut milk anti-breakage serum , from Organix. To repair split ends and damaged cuticles of weakened hair. Controls frizz. Contains coconut oil and egg white protein.

Benefits  : provides hydration, strength and elasticity to the hair.

Simon & Tom Moroccan Hair Serum: Organic and vegan formula for radiant, healthy hair

Simon & Tom – Moroccan Hair Serum – Serum …

  • Inspired by oriental traditions, this treatment rich in pure Argan Oil …
  • Contains proteins to strengthen the hair and many fatty acids to …
  • Thanks to its anti-humidity action, the serum helps to control frizz and …

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For  all hair types , especially dry and damaged hair. Anti frizz. The Spanish brand Simon & Tom, based in Barcelona, ​​develops its products around organic Moroccan argan oil.
This repairing serum rich in pure argan oil deeply nourishes the hair fiber. It contains proteins to strengthen the hair and many fatty acids to revive their shine, anti-oxidants, omega-6, linoleic acid, vitamins A and E.
It is applied to wet or dry hair before or after styling, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Ecocert certified product, vegan, with dosing pump.

Benefits  : instant shine and silkiness. 

Belle Azul Moroccan Serum: Styling, repairing and protective with organic Argan oil

Belle Azul Repairing and protective styling serum …

  • Inspired by Oriental Traditions – Immediately transforms your hair into a …
  • Rich in Moroccan Argan Oil – This serum nourishes and repairs dry and …
  • Anti-humidity and Anti-frizz action – It smooths the hair fiber and controls …

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For  dry and damaged hair . Anti-frizz. Rich in organic Moroccan argan oil, this serum nourishes and repairs hair. It smooths the hair fiber and controls frizz. 

Follione Hair Growth Serum for Women: Against Hair Loss

Follione Hair Growth Serum for Women ….

  • This serum reduces the rate of hair loss, stimulates the scalp and helps you …
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of several ingredients heal your leather …
  • Anti-aging effect on the scalp. This product promotes the growth of …

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Hair Growth Follione Serum for Women . This serum reduces the rate of hair loss, stimulates hair growth. Follione products use new ingredients and pure phytochemicals instead of plant extracts in order to obtain greater volumes of active ingredients than in plant extracts.
The active ingredients work in well targeted areas of the scalp. The serum restores hair density, has anti-aging effects, promotes hair growth, strengthens fine hair. Without irritant effect. One month treatment.

Activilong Hair Richness: Nutrition and shine serum with organic vegetable oils

Activilong Hair Richness Serum Nutrition and …

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This serum with   organic muscat rose and jojoba oils is rich in nutritious and moisturizing active ingredients. It is used daily on the lengths and ends. On damp hair it moisturizes and protects against heating devices. On dry hair, it is used as a finish to bring shine and tame frizz. Extremely concentrated, a few drops are sufficient for immediate action. Insist on dry lengths.

Simon & Tom Oshun Professionnel: Vegan repairing serum for frizzy and afro hair

Simon & Tom – Oshun Professionnel – Repairing serum …

  • Nourishing, moisturizing and multi-benefit serum specially formulated for …
  • Nourishes, repairs, protects the hair to give it softness and shine
  • Recommended for mixed, frizzy, afro, relaxed, treated, natural or …

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Oshun professional, nourishing hair serum, by Simon & Tom. Serum specially designed for natural or chemically treated Afro hair .
This serum from the Spanish brand Simon & Tom is rich in Moroccan argan oil. It nourishes, repairs, protects the hair. It makes them easier to smooth and gives them a professional finish.
It repairs damaged tips. It eliminates frizz and brings shine.
It is a thick serum, but not greasy . It can be used on both dry hair and damp hair to restore shine and give a lustrous appearance.

Why use a hair serum?

The  hair serums  are generally in liquid form in small bottles with at without metering pump. Indeed, they are very concentrated, and a few drops are enough each time. They apply quickly with the fingers, and do not rinse. Hence their very practical side, for immediate results!

Just like face serums, they are characterized by a very high concentration of active ingredients. They are available for all hair types. Indeed, today, many brands are developing them, and adapting them to different types of hair. Some are especially suitable for dry ends, others for colored hair, others for frizzy hair, etc. A particularly effective serum treats hair loss in women specifically….
Some are suitable for all hair types. It’s up to you to find the ones that best suit your hair, according to your expectations of the day. Nothing prevents you from having several, according to your needs.

Be aware that there are several kinds of hair serums. Some are simply used to style the hair, without treating it. They bring shine, help to have smoother and silky hair, often with the added bonus of a real luxury and glamor effect!

Other serums are more complete. In addition to beautifying the hair, they nourish it by moisturizing it. This nutritious care aspect makes them more complete.

It’s up to you to decide what you are looking for: a simple cosmetic effect, or a treatment effect ? Depending on your expectations, the serums will not have the same composition. A great classic, in their composition remain silicones, the basis of many hair serums.
Depending on the ranges and brands, different active ingredients are added to them: keratin, shea, olive oil, jojoba oil, argan oil from Morocco, silk proteins, etc.

No rinsing for serums

Unlike oils and  masks , which require a certain amount of time to apply, and must be rinsed off with water, serums spread in seconds, and do not rinse. Their advantage: an immediate effect, and a guaranteed shine. Unlike oils and masks, which are more of a basic treatment, to be done once a week, serums can be used every day. In a very small dose let us remember it. You can read more about the differences between oil and serum  here .

To hydrate her hair , the serum should be applied to damp hair, on the second half of the lengths and ends. A few drops spread well in the hands are enough. Then just apply them to the hair, making the product penetrate. This finishing gesture thus protects the most sensitized areas of the hair. Above all, do not go up to the scalp, otherwise you will lubricate it unnecessarily.
Then it remains to dry her hair. Serums are very popular with women who often brush and  straighten, at the risk of manhandling their hair. Applied before contact with hot air, the serums protect the hair from the dehydrating effects of the heat of the devices. A certain number of sera are particularly suitable for this use.

Many serums have also been designed for dry ends, and have chosen to integrate the  miraculous Moroccan argan oil  in their composition.

Serums also work miracles on curly hair and Afro hair.

Those looking for a perfect smoothness can apply their serum to dry hair: in addition to bringing shine and it will drive away frizz. In case of recurrence of frizz, the serum can be renewed during the day, at the rate of a single drop. Remember that there is no point in overdoing serums!
A little tip to finish  : the serum can also be used in styling mousse, to restore shine to the hair. One drop in the foam is sufficient.