Best Hair Straightener for Thick Hair

Babyliss offers you its ST395E Pro 230 straightening iron to make you enjoy an effective and lasting straightening . This steam straightener has several features for exceptional results in just 20 minutes. It is also safe and easy to use. Discover without further delay all its characteristics so that you can make up your own mind and make the right choice.

ST395E Pro 230 Straightening Iron

Presentation and characteristics of the Babyliss ST395E steam straightener

The Babyliss ST395E Pro 230 straightener is a very powerful model. It is indeed equipped with plates covered with a layer of Titanium Ceramic large enough (3.8 x 8.5 cm) to allow optimal and rapid straightening of the hair. They are also equipped with the I-Temperature Technology system, a system which allows the temperature of the device to rise in a few moments.

This model also works with steam, which explains the presence of its water tank. The water transformed into steam generates moist heat so that the smoothing is perfect. It also helps to hydrate the hair fiber, which protects it during straightening. This steam straightener is also equipped with a retractable comb at the level of the plates to facilitate straightening. It removes the knots and it allows to distribute the hair in a homogeneous way along the plates.

The LCD screen on the device is practical for setting its temperature. This can be set between 170 and 230 ° C and you have the choice between 5 heat levels. Regardless, you should always select the temperature according to the type of hair to be treated.

It should be between 130 ° C and 160 ° C for fine, dry and / or bleached hair. If the hair is normal or wavy, then the ideal heat is between 170 ° C and 200 ° C. A temperature of 200 ° C to 230 ° C must be provided for effective straightening of thick and / or frizzy hair.

Finally, this hair straightener also has ionic technology to control static electricity. It facilitates the styling of the hair, because it prevents them from standing on the scalp.

The Babyliss ST395E Pro 230

Advantages and disadvantages

The Babyliss ST395E Pro 230 straightener has many advantages. Above all, it allows for careful and rapid straightening thanks to its I-Temperature technology. This allows it to heat up instantly, as you only need to wait 1 or 2 minutes for it to be ready for use. So this is a good point for this product, because you will always have an impeccable hairstyle even if you are in a hurry!

The presence of the steam function also preserves the health of your hair and protects it against the risk of burns that could be caused by the rapid heating. It is good to note that the straightener may take longer to heat up when the steam mode is engaged, however its temperature remains constant from the start to the end of the straightening.

Thanks to its steam function, this model guarantees perfect straightening and adapts to all hair styles, whether long, curly or thick. Unlike conventional straightening, steam straightening effectively hydrates your hair and moist heat makes it easy to soften.

The presence of the retractable comb also allows combing and straightening the hair at the same time. This is a real time saver, because sometimes it is enough to pass the iron just once to obtain an exceptional result. The presence of the LCD screen makes it easy to manage the choice of temperature. The Babyliss ST395E straightening iron is also easy to transport thanks to its heat-resistant multilayer pouch.

Besides, the ionic function is convenient to prevent frizz in your hair. The Babyliss ST395E hair straightener is also equipped with a cord that can rotate 360 ​​°, which is convenient so that its cable does not get tangled due to the movements of your wrist.
Finally, the automatic shut-off system is very practical, because the straightener directly stops heating as soon as the desired temperature is reached.

We regret, for example, that the water tank is not large enough to allow more prolonged steam use. In the case of long hair, it takes an average of 3 fillings of the tank, which is sometimes painful and especially wastes time. Some users have also noticed that the comb wears out quickly after a few weeks of use and no longer offers the same result.

Some people are further annoyed by the weight of this hair straightener. It does indeed become heavy after a few minutes of use. On the other hand, its dimensions seem more imposing compared to other models of Babyliss, and it is therefore more difficult to handle by users with small hands.

Our opinion on the Babyliss ST395E Pro straightening iron

To conclude, the Babyliss ST395E straightener remains an excellent choice for easy use at home, because it heats up quickly and it is especially perfect for styling all types of hair. It also smooths the hair without damaging it thanks to its Titanium Ceramic plates.

Remington S1051: Test and Review

The Remington S1051 Straightener is a little wonder that gives all women the ability to shape their hair into the shape they want in just a few minutes.

Remington is an American brand specializing in home beauty and hairdressing devices. The company has succeeded in establishing itself in this market thanks to its quality products equipped with the latest technologies.

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Presentation and characteristics

Measuring 40 cm and having a good grip thanks to its very well studied ergonomics, this straightener does not only make the hair smooth, it can also curl or wave it without any problem. This allows you to vary the hairstyles and adapt them according to the occasions and according to your desires.

It also offers a great diversity of temperature, it can go from 150 ° up to 230 ° and shows a very fast heating time. Indeed, it can be used only 30 seconds after being turned on. This can be very practical in the morning before leaving for work when you do not have much time to prepare.

The Remington S1051 straightener is also equipped with a safety, in case of forgetting, it switches off automatically after 60 minutes, obviously, this happens if in this period of time there has been no use.

When deciding to curl or straighten this hair, it is not uncommon to fear that the hairstyle will be dull due to the contact of the heat diffused by the device. This is not the case with the Remington S1051 which gives hair shine without damaging it.

In addition, thanks to new technologies, hairstyles hold and curls do not sag over the hours. The same goes for people with wavy hair who want to keep their locks straight like chopsticks throughout the day. Thanks to the Remington S1051, it is possible to maintain the straightening or curling without any problem and without excessive use of hairspray.

 Discover all the features

One of the advantages of this straightener is its LCD screen which displays the temperature of the device but also lets you know when the wick is ready. But what’s even better is that it is possible to block the temperature using the control buttons. Indeed, it is not uncommon when handling a straightener or a curling iron to press the keys without wanting to and therefore to modify the number of degrees. On the Remington S1051 Sleek & Curl , it is possible to block the temperature and therefore proceed to straightening without constantly checking if the temperature is correct. This avoids redoing the strands that have not heated enough and of course not to impose on fine hair a heat which will give them a dry and frizzy appearance.

Small and easy to store, this straightener has a heat-resistant pouch, which allows the straightener to be stored even if it has not cooled completely. It can therefore be transported in a bag and used everywhere, which is not negligible when, for example, you have an important appointment and you want to redo your hairstyle in a few minutes.

Summary of features

  • Ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • LCD display screen
  • Turbo function
  • Warms up in 30 seconds
  • Automatic shutdown after 60 min of non-use
  • Allows to straighten and curl the hair
  • DVD “secrets of styles”
  • Heat resistant storage pouch
  • 3 years warranty

Advantages and disadvantages

The Remington S1051 hair straightener is a versatile and quite effective device. Its ergonomics have been well studied and the result is a very pleasant handling and increased maneuverability. A very fast heating time, very useful when there is not enough time to prepare. The fact of being able to block the device on a temperature is very appreciable and avoids any risk of bad handling.

Remington also understood that it was essential to provide a storage and transport pouch. A heat-resistant pouch is therefore present in the box. This hair straightener is offered at a very affordable price given its quality. It is a rather compact device and therefore easy to store or transport. It’s not the best hair straightener but it will suit the vast majority of users who want a change of style when they feel like it.

My conclusion on the Remington S1051 hair straightener

The Remington S1051 straightener is therefore a functional, versatile and efficient device that allows you to achieve many hairstyles. It only has advantages, it curls and smooths without any problem and can be carried anywhere thanks to a heat resistant pouch. Now is the time to make your decision.

The GHD Eclipse straightening iron is the latest from the young English brand. Although young in this very competitive hairdressing sector (a company founded in 2001), GHD has established itself as the leader in France and around the world by offering very high quality hairdressing devices.

She therefore presents her brand new styler, the GHD Eclipse straightening iron . It is a straightener specially designed for colored, sensitive and very difficult to comb hair such as very thick or frizzy hair. However, it can be used on other hair types due to its strong characteristics. It has the advantage of seducing women not only by its very elegant and glamorous design, but also by the result it provides: radiant styling and assured brushing effect. It is recommended for all those who want a smooth, drooping and shiny hairstyle.

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 GHD Eclipse Straightening Iron

Presentation and characteristics

The exterior appearance of the hair straightener is distinguished from the others by its elegant appearance, no doubt thanks to the mixture of black and dark gray in its structure. The finish is metallic. It can be suitable for both domestic and professional use. If a classic straightener just straightens the hair, this model allows you to curl the hair thanks to its ultra-thin high precision plates with rounded tips.

The plates are ceramic in order to allow a homogeneous distribution of the heat and thus offer an exceptional smoothing without the risk of damaging the hair. We can then create magnificent waves in two steps three movements. The device can be used as many times as you want, since it has a high-end rotating power cord. Its length of 2.7 m makes it possible to reach the most distant outlets. It is possible to cover hot plates with its heat-resistant storage cover. Safety and practicality are thus guaranteed.

Regarding the technical characteristics, the GHD Eclipse straightening iron benefits from the new patented “tri-zone” technology. This results in the presence of three sensors in each plate which ensure a constant and maximum temperature of 185 ° C over the entire surface. The heat loss during styling is at the same time ruled out.

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With the high-tech “airgel insulation” system, the temperature of the outer surface of the iron is much cooler than other conventional hair straighteners. So you can handle it without discomfort and without the risk of burning yourself. The GHD Eclipse styler is very fast since in less than 20 seconds it is ready to use. Engineers have incorporated a melodious polyphonic sound into the device to indicate the straightener is ready to use on your hair. A few more points, the hair straightener is equipped with an automatic standby mode. With the universal voltage system, it works smoothly anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its various characteristics, the hair straightener is undoubtedly the faithful friend of those who are obsessed with straightening. In addition to respecting the hair, it beautifies it and makes it shinier than ever. Its design allows it to tame all types of hair: thick, thin, curly and even afro. In just one pass, the result is very satisfactory. What impresses is its ability to quickly style large strands of hair, regardless of the type. For any purchase of a GHD ECLIPSE hair straightener, the warranty is 2 years.

Summary of features

  • Ultra-thin high precision plates
  • Patented Tri-Zone technology (6 integrated temperature sensors)
  • Only one pass needed to straighten your hair
  • Rapid heat-up (20s)
  • Heat insulation with Airgel
  • Perfectly constant temperature of 185 degrees
  • Automatic standby 30 minutes
  • Extra long 2.7m cord rotates 360 degrees
  • Universal voltage for worldwide use
  • Heat-resistant protective case
  • Dimensions: 40.1 x 12.2 x 8.8 cm;
  • Weight: 798 grams
  • 2 year warranty

Advantages and disadvantages

All GHD brand hairdressing devices are used by the majority of professional hairdressers. It is not for nothing that GHD has quickly become the world leader in this sector. The GHD Eclipse is one of the best hair straighteners available on the market today. With its patented “Tri-Zone” technology incorporating 6 temperature sensors, you are sure to style your hair while preserving the health and shine of your hair as much as possible.

This hair straightener is ideal for women with difficult-to-style hair, whether it is thick, frizzy or extra long. A single pass will suffice to obtain a perfect result. Ultra-fast warm-up time that will save you time. GHD ensures your safety by incorporating an “airgel” which keeps the outside of the iron at a reasonable temperature so that you can keep it in your hand without any risk of burns.

The GHD Eclipse straightener is a high-end model intended primarily for hairdressing professionals but which has taken bathrooms by storm. Its price is quite high but the quality is good and you will use it without any problem for many years to come.

My opinion on the GHD Eclipse

The GHD Eclipse Hair Straightener is a “must have” for home straightening. A very design device ensuring unfailing efficiency. By choosing this model, you can be sure that you have in your hands an efficient and robust tool that will sit in your bathroom for years to come. Do not hesitate to take a look if you are looking for a high quality device.

The Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy hair straightener is the perfect tool for all women and young women who have stray hair, or want straight hair for a change from the ordinary. They are undoubtedly looking for the ideal straightener that could tame the “mop” they have on their head and which makes resistance when brushing.

It is possible to provide a solution to this big problem of rebellious hair: the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy straightener will calm your ears and other unsightly curls without any problem thanks to its style and modern technology which guarantee optimal straightening thanks to a perfect fit. of the temperature. But let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this innovative product …

 Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy 

Presentation and characteristics

The Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy is a straightener in keeping with the times, because it has a digital screen and a Turbo function which allows you to obtain the desired temperature in fifteen seconds. This feature is handy: let’s say you have an important date with a man or a night out with girlfriends for example, and you want your hair to be flawless. Unfortunately, you are late in your preparation: these fifteen seconds of waiting before reaching the satisfactory temperature will be invaluable to you in this kind of situation.

The temperature of the straightener can range from 160 to 230 degrees; an audible “beep” will be heard when the straightener is ready, which is an advantage to do something else while waiting (but in fifteen seconds, what to do?). In addition, the plates are flexible and 11 centimeters long, which is effective against thick hair or you can place a larger section of hair. The cord of the straightener, rotating 360 degrees, will not break after a month, and on top of that, it is longer compared to other straighteners, with a length of approximately 175 centimeters.

Do not forget that the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy is a hair straightener that diffuses a consequent heat: it remains however less dangerous than other straighteners because you can lock the temperature, so that it does not fall or rise again without that you realize it (usually you know it by smelling the burnt hair or a big smoke). But you can also block the plates, so you don’t get burned when you put it away. Moreover, a heat-resistant pouch is sold with the straightener so you can store it safely, while the plates are still hot.

In addition, the coating of the straightener is less reactive to heat, which allows a better grip, especially if you set the temperature to the maximum. Finally, for even more safety, when you forget to unplug the straightener due to unfortunate forgetfulness and a rise in stress when you realize that it has not been turned off, it does so automatically after one hour. This is quite a long time, but it will avoid many surprises when you get home!

If the straightener is called Keratin Therapy, this is because it has two important properties that will not damage your hair. The first property is located on one of the straightener’s plates: inside, there is a sensor which takes into account the humidity present in the hair. Thanks to this, the straightener adjusts the temperature on its own during its use, in order to prevent the hair from being damaged quickly with the heat of the plates. The second property of the straightener is found on its plates: these are ceramic and diffuse a so-called “micro-molecular” treatment of keratin, which is an essential protein for the hair. The latter, after using the straightener, are more flexible, appear healthier and are soft to the touch. The only thing Remington straighteners can’t do,

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Summary of features

  • Ceramic plate
  • High protection sensor
  • Diffusion of a keratin treatment
  • Modular temperature 160 – 230 ° C
  • Digital display – ready in 15 seconds
  • Turbo function
  • Extra long flexible plates 110 mm
  • Lock function
  • Automatic safety standby
  • 1.8m 360 degree rotating power cord
  • Double voltage (110V and 220V)
  • Heat resistant pouch

Advantages and disadvantages

Remington hit hard once again with his hair straightener diffusing a keratin treatment. The majority of their products are equipped with this function like the Remington CB65A45 Keratin Therapy heated brush . The adjustable temperature of 160 to 230 degrees with lock is an asset for the safety and health of your hair.

Its ceramic plates are a good size and will suit all hair lengths. Only fifteen seconds will be necessary for the appliance to reach the selected temperature. A “beep” will alert you when the plates have reached it. With an average rating of 4.5 / 5, this hair straightener easily ranks among the best sellers on

My conclusion on the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy

Having already tested the brand’s Keratyn Therapy heated brush, it makes sense to me to think that the Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy straightener is very effective on all hair types. You don’t take a big risk if you decide to go for this model. A professional straightener just a click away!

L’Oréal Steampod: Test and Reviews

The L’Oréal Steampod steam straightener is the result of the association of the hairstyling giant “L’Oréal Professionnel” with “Rowenta Salon”. This partnership has given birth to a little gem that will delight lovers of professional hair straighteners at home. It represents the first high-tech steam hair straightener offered by L’Oréal-Rowenta.

After 5 years of research, the two hairdressing professionals succeed in creating this hair straightener with a revolutionary system combining steam and diffusion of care enriched in pro keratin allowing a complete treatment of the hair, from roots to ends. It consists of a traditional hair straightener connected to a small reservoir which accommodates the demineralized water which is the source of the steam.

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Presentation of the Steampod straightener

As I told you in the introduction, the Steampod straightener  from L’Oréal is a pure concentrate of new technologies at the service of your hair. Quick, precise and effective daily professional smoothing, this is what this high-performance device promises.

The Steampod straightener has a process that allows the continuous diffusion of steam on the hair. Thus, even before the ceramic plates pass over the hair, the steam diffuses, allowing it to be gently heated and to prepare it for the higher temperature of the plates. This practice protects the fiber by avoiding any thermal shock caused by traditional straightening irons. The vapor diffusion rate of 3.5g / min is the highest on the market today.

When you smooth with the L’Oréal Steampod, you benefit from a real treatment that nourishes your hair in depth. Indeed, when the steam comes into contact with the hair, it opens the cuticles of this one, the pro keratin treatments are then diffused in the heart of the hair fiber. Finally, the passage of the plates closes the envelope of the hair while reinforcing it with robustness. Thus, in addition to a perfect smoothing, you also benefit from high quality care without paying a cent more for a keratin treatment.

The plates of this straightener are coated with ceramic. It is the softest material for a hair straightener because it smooths the hair evenly, producing an optimal result. Therefore, the ceramic plates sublimate your hair by bringing shine and vitality.

 Discover all the features

The Steampod steam hair straightener has 5 temperature levels ranging from 170 ° to 210 °. Thanks to this temperature variation, it can be used on all types of hair: curly, frizzy, smooth, colored and even very sensitive hair. However, it is advisable to use the temperature suitable for your type of hair. So, if you have curly hair, do not hesitate to increase the temperature to 190/200 °. On the contrary for smooth or fragile hair, prefer a softer temperature such as 170/180 °.

The device is equipped with a removable comb to keep the hair straightening in the correct axis. It also aims to prepare each strand by detangling it perfectly, thus facilitating the passage of the plates and the smoothing.

They allow greater freedom of movement than with a traditional straightening iron. The floating plates simplify the handling of the straightening iron and the smoothing gestures. They give a natural result while respecting the hair fiber and smoothing it without damaging it.

All the properties of the Steampod straightener aim to give you a longer straightening. No more frizz after a few hours or a day, with the L’Oréal-Rowenta steam straightening iron, smoothing lasts several days. In addition, you will no longer spend hours straightening your hair with the Steampod, the brushing is done faster.

Summary of features

  • Continuous high flow steam delivery
  • Diffusion of pro-keratin treatment
  • Removable comb to increase contact
  • Ceramic coated floating plate
  • Variable temperature (170 ° C to 210 ° C)

Advantages and disadvantages

When you have a model of this type in your hands, it is really difficult to find negative points. The L’Oréal Steampod steam straightener is the most advanced hair straightener available on the market. The vapor diffusion technology is a real asset, allowing your hair to be prepared for the heat of the ceramic plates. Your hair will appreciate the keratin treatment contained in the steam and will be nourished to the heart.

The different temperature settings are ideal and allow the use of this iron on all types of hair, whether fine, thick or frizzy. The LCD display gives all the information to be sure you have selected the right temperature setting. The design is very successful and gives it a futuristic look. The Steampod is beautiful but above all very ergonomic. Combined with the floating plates, you can be sure you’ll never miss your smoothing.

Its price may seem quite high, but given its efficiency and the on-board technologies, it offers a very interesting quality / price ratio. The user reviews speak for themselves.

My opinion on the L’Oréal Steampod steam straightener

The L’Oréal Steampod steam straightener is undoubtedly the most advanced hair straightener on the market. It is a high-end product very popular with hairdressing professionals but also at home hairdressing enthusiasts. By choosing this model, you are not likely to be disappointed. Go take a look and try to resist!

The GHD Styler Gold Max hair straightener has been dubbed the Rolls-Royce of hair straighteners by hair professionals. Having it handy at home is a great asset for daily straightening of your hair. You can be sure that you will get the perfect result without having to think about the health of your hair.

After the great success of the professional hair straightener  GHD Styler Gold Classic , the brand wanted once again to improve its products (and set the bar even higher for its competitors) and set itself the goal of creating “THE” straightener. perfect for long hair. And the GHD Styler Gold Max straightener was! At least that’s what many of its home hairstyling users claim, but also hairdressing professionals.

GHD Gold Max Hair Straightener

Presentation and characteristics

This little gem has made and continues to be talked about. His name is on everyone’s lips, whether it is those of home hairdressers or professional hairdressers who swear by this great brand. If you are used to going to a hairdressing salon, and your hairdresser uses the GHD brand, you have surely already had his recommendation during your little discussions, right?

The GHD Gold Max hair straightener is akin to a styling magic wand for anyone who wants to straighten and style their long hair in a very short time. In five minutes flat you can get rid of your split ends and untamed hair and enjoy smooth, shiny hair.

And so I wondered if all this success was really justified. Nothing better to find out than to take the test yourself. So I went ahead and promised, I’ll tell you everything!

The GHD Gold Max hair straightener comes with its protective case, convenient to carry it better with you, keep it safe and protect it on the go. Its very designer colors, all black and silver, give it a sober and glamorous look, always in tune with the times, as this prestigious brand knows so well.

Its power cord is very long (2.7 m) which allows flexible and stress-free use. The GHD Styler Gold Max gold Max is lighter than its predecessor and therefore fits easily in the hand. Its featherweight combined with its very well studied ergonomics ensures you to perform precise movements. You can also with this model have less fear of burning yourself since it is now less hot to the touch thanks to its real-time temperature control. Its rounded body and 3d contours offer flexible and precise use and allow you to obtain well-drawn waves.

The hair is protected thanks to the extra large ceramic plates between which they slide very easily. The size of the plates is specially adapted for thick hair but also for any other type of hair. In short, it is suitable for everyone!

With the GHD Styler Gold Max straightening iron, it is above all child’s play to get rid of all your rebellious curls but also unwanted frizz! The result is final! It is so satisfying that you will feel like stepping out of your favorite hairdresser.

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Summary of features

  • Professional results at home
  • Plates with 3D contours and rounded body
  • Lacquered and ceramic coating for a perfect glide
  • Less warm to the touch and lighter taking care of your hair
  • Self-thermoregulation and high performance ceramic heating
  • 30min automatic standby mode
  • Universal voltage usable anywhere in the world

Advantages and disadvantages

A great advantage of the GHD styler Gold Max straightener is also the fact that it respects your hair and limits heat attacks thanks to the advantageous size of its ceramic plates. Indeed a single pass is already enough to straighten your hair and even give it a shine effect.

Another highlight of the GHD Gold Max hair straightener is its universal voltage, which allows you to use it anywhere you want, even on the other side of the world! Its standby mode, which is also a novelty compared to the last GHD Gold straightener. It has surely happened to all of us to have forgotten to turn off our hair straighteners, simply due to lack of time or reflex. With this function you will no longer have to ask yourself twice in a row after use if your straightener is unplugged! After 30 minutes of inactivity, the standby mode is automatically activated.

My opinion on the Styler GHD Gold Max hair straightener

It’s time to sum up the Styler GHD Gold Max hair straightener in a few words. Quite simply a great lightness embellished with great precision and excellent performance. If you can afford it (the price is also the only little problem with this little gem), I can only advise you to think about your real needs. If you get started, know that in ten years he will still be by your side to straighten your hair in the same way as on the first day!