Best Hairdryer 2021: The top-5 Comparison of the Best on the Market

Finding the best hairdryer based on budget and hair type can quickly become a complicated task given the plethora of available offerings. To help you make the best possible investment we’ve compiled a list of the best hairdryers on the market, all of which have features and technologies that would make your life easier. With a suitable hairdryer you’ll feel like you’re coming out of the living room every day. For a price in your budget of course.

Our selection includes only well-known brands such as Dyson, GHD or Panasonic, guaranteeing impeccable quality. Without further ado here is the list of the best hairdryers on the market:

Best hairdryer on the market: the top 5

#1 – Dyson Supersonic: the best hairdryer on the market if you have the budget

If you are looking for the best hairdryer ever developed and have a large budget then the Dyson Supersonic is for you. It’s by far the best hairdryer on the market, at the cutting edge of technology,and one that, no matter what the nature of your hair, will easily help you keep it healthy and shiny thanks to its fast drying mode with Air Multiplier technology and its powerful digital engine. It comes with a smoothing nozzle, a concentrator and a diffuser and has four heat settings.

Stronger and brighter

hair The first advantage highlighted by Dyson Supersonic users in customer reviews is the fact that it makes hair brighter and decreases frizz from the first use. The Dyson Supersonic maintains constant and controlled temperatures to avoid overheating and damage to your hair. Its ion technology allows negative ions to be added to the airflow to compensate for the positive ions of wet hair, which generate static electricity and make hair dry. The smoothing nozzle and accompanying accessories can be used to gently dry and style at the same time, perfect regardless of your hair type.


drying Thanks to an air volume of 41 litres per second your hair is dry in a few minutes, regardless of its length; perfect if you’re always in a hurry. It’s quite simple, at the writing we found no hairdryer faster than the Dyson Supersonic to dry a long or very long hair,all without needing an excessive temperature. The combination of Air Multiplier technology and a digital engine concentrates the output of the airflow, which means a much shorter drying time.

Low noise

Most hairdryers are quite noisy, which is not ideal if you have to get up early and not wake up the rest of the house. With the Dyson Supersonic this problem is solved since its airflow technology has been developed to make as little noise as possible. It’s simple, you hardly will hear it blowing once in motion, never seen before.
The features and benefits of the Dyson Supersonic make it the best hairdryer on the market:

  • Intelligent heat control to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Ionic technology to make hair shiny and reduces frizz from the first use.
  • Digital engine for more power and drying in minutes.
  • Dry hair without noise,ideal if you have an early morning.
  • Honestly, once tried it’s hard to get back to a classic hairdryer so the Supersonic Dyson manages at the same time to dry super fast, making the hair shiny and all without a sound.

Order the Dyson Supersonic on Amazon and receive it in 48 hours:

Dyson Super Sonic Hairdryer

  • The best hairdryer on the market
  • Intelligent heat control to protect your hair
  • Ionic technology for shiny hair
  • Digital engine for quick and smooth drying

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Dyson Supersonic customer rating:


#2 – GHD Air: an easy-to-use professional hairdryer

The GHD Air is the first professional hairdryer from the famous hair accessories manufacturer GHD. It’s a high-end hairdryer that makes hair silkier and shiny with every drying, while remaining super easy to use, earning it its place in our top 5 ranking of the best hairdryer.

meilleur sèche cheveux GHD : le Air avec ses accessoires


Air Function The GHD Air hairdryer has a cool air feature that allows you to dry your hair without resorting to heat so as not to damage it and not to inflate your hair if you want a smooth style. Press and hold for a breath of cold air. It is also a great option for if you tend to have dry and brittle hair but also to achieve a heat-free brushing.


ion technology You have too much? This powerful hairdryer has an advanced ion technology developed and patented by GHD to prevent the appearance of any frizz that tends to be created during drying. GHD’s ion technology also retains moisture for softer, brighter hair. This keeps hair shiny for several days. If GHD has become such a famous brand in such a short time it is for the quality of its products and its ability to innovate, and it shows on their hairdryer GHD Air.

Flexibility to adapt to everyone

Left-handed? Right-handed? Ambidextrous? The GHD Air adapts and can be used by anyone, no matter which hand you prefer since it was designed to be used interchangeably with both hands. It also has a 3 meter long cable in case your mirror is not close to a power outlet. And it comes with two hair clips in the box to achieve a brushing super easily, as well as a concentrating nozzle.

GHD Air sèche-cheveux

The features and benefits of GHD Air make it an exceptional hairdryer:

  • Exclusive GHD ion technology that increases hair shine and reduces frizz
  • Cool air function that manages to dry hair without heat and facilitates the achievement of brushing
  • Comes with a nozzle concentrator and two tongs included
  • 3-metre power cable
  • Can be used with both hands

Order GHD Air from Amazon and receive it in 48 hours:

GHD Air Hairdy Drier

  • Exclusive GHD ion technology that enhances shine
  • The ability to dry hair without heat
  • Hyper easy to use despite all its technology
  • Comes with a nozzle concentrator and two tongs included

GHD Air customer rating: (more than 570 customer reviews)

#3 – Remington Proluxe AC9140: the best hairdryer for a tight budget

Ideal for everyday use such as sharper brushing, Remington’s best hairdryer, the Proluxe AC9140, is the best low-priced hairdryer you can simply find. Before you show in more detail its many advantages a little reminder on the Remington brand is necessary. Remington is a professional hair accessories brand whose credo is to offer the best of technology for affordable prices.

A price defying all competition for a professional hairdryer. The Remington Proluxe AC9410 offers an automatically controlled airflow and heat distribution to avoid any damage to your hair. The Style Shot feature makes it easy to make your favourite brushings by tailoring the settings to the cut you want.


Technology This smart feature uses improved airflow and perfect heat distribution to shape, sculpt and lock your chosen style in place. It’s a feature that’s also present on Remington’s corrugated irons and straighteners. This feature helps manage the heat level of your hairdryer to avoid damage from too high a temperature.

Avoiding cheap frizz

This model, which also features ion technology, contains 90% more negative ions than a standard Remington hairdryer for smoother hair and a flawless finish. As we explain below in our article, the negative ions produced by hairdryers with such technology make hair shine and above all to avoid the appearance of frizz during drying. The Remignton Proluxe AC9410 is the cheapest hairdryer on the market with such technology.

The shape of the

Exclusive concentrator in Remington, the shape of the style concentrator is specially designed to improve airflow and heat distribution, to dry your hair faster and better direct the air flow during your brushings, without the need to increase the temperature of your hairdryer.
The features and benefits of the Remington Proluxe AC9140 make it the best hairdryer for a tight budget:

  • super affordable price for an easy-to-use professional hairdryer that is a condensed technology
  • Ion technology for less than 35 degrees to increase hair shine and reduce frizz
  • 3-metre long cord for better usability
  • unique air flow concentrator in Remington to facilitate smoothing, brushing and speeding drying

Order the Remington Proluxe AC9140 on Amazon and receive it in 48 hours:

Remington Proluxe AC9140 Hairdryer

  • Super affordable price for a professional-grade hairdryer
  • Hyper-efficient ion technology
  • Unique air conetrator perfect for brushing or smoothing

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Remington Proluxe AC9140 customer rating: (more than 1,280 customer reviews)

#4 – Panasonic EH-NA65: the best hairdryer for fragile or damaged hair

After the Remington Proluxe which is the best hairdryer at low prices on the market, here is the Panasonic EH-NA65, a hairdryer a little more expensive but which is the best hairdryer for fragile or damaged hair on the market. If you are looking for an easy-to-use hairdryer that can breathe new life into your hair then this is surely the best product you can find. This Panasonic hairdryer comes with an included diffuser, it features three airflow power settings, comes with its array of three accessories and it can run up to a power of 2000 watts to dry your hair in minutes.


Technology This technology patented by Panasonic makes this hairdryer the savior for dry and damaged hair. How? It helps your hair retain about 1,000 times more moisture than when using a regular hairdryer and prevents the scales of your hair fiber from opening too much, which tends to promote the evaporation of keratin. So your hair stays infinitely softer, shiny and softer than with a classic hairdryer.

Accessories included galore

The Panasonic EH-NA65 comes with three complementary accessories to make your life easier: a quick drying nozzle; a standard nozzle for everyday use and of course, a diffuser nozzle to enhance natural curls.


protection Panasonic’s best hairdryer has a “protector” mode that protects your hair from heat and dry air damage. Select this option to activate temperature control at 50oC precisely. In addition to this mode to protect your hair there are also three speed modes and three temperature modes to choose from, as well as a Cool Shot feature enjoying a stream of fresh air in order to achieve your brushing without resorting to heat and even drying your hair with a cool temperature.
The features and benefits of the Panasonic EH-NA65 make it the best hairdryer for damaged or fragile hair:

  • The best hairdryer on the market for damaged or fragile hair thanks to a technology to retain the internal moisture of the hair fiber
  • “protector” mode to strengthen the protection of fragile hair with automatic temperature control
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories including three complementary nozzles to achieve all types of brushing possible
  • Very easy to use despite the presence of state-of-the-art technology

Order the Panasonic EH-NA65 from Amazon and receive it in 48 hours:

Panasonic EH-NA65 Hairdy Dryer

  • The best hairdryer on the market for damaged hair
  • Protector mode to prevent your hair from becoming too dry or damaged
  • Comes with its complete set of accessories
  • Very easy to use

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Panasonic EH-NA65 customer rating: (more than 100 customer reviews)

#5 – Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor: the best hairdryer in terms of value for money

To close our ranking we ended up with a premium hairdryer, very easy to use, and of incredible quality, which is the best hairdryer of Philips, the High End Dryer Moisture Sensor.

Sèche-cheveux philipps hair dryer

A unique

Philips design has achieved the feat of making a simple hairdryer a real beautiful object with a unique aesthetic. It’s a long way from ordinary hairdryers, basic black plastic. Here we alternate between the immaculate white and a golden-pink mast or shiny color depending on the place. You’d almost want to let it sit on a piece of furniture in your bathroom to enjoy its design. The quality of manufacturing is also at the rendezvous. The device is solid, ergonomic and very pleasant to use on a daily basis, thanks to its 2.5 metre long cable to be able to connect it even away from your mirror. Its rear grille is easy to remove when dust is blocked: perfect for maintenance to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Finally the hairdryer comes with a diffuser to achieve all the hairstyles and brushings you want.

An ultra-technological hairdryer to take care of your hair thanks to Thermo-Protect

The best hairdryer from Philips is indeed a concentrated technology It has a sensor to monitor in real time the temperature and humidity of your hair! This unique technology activates when you simply press the back button. The hairdryer then adjusts its temperature and breath at all times to adapt to your hair and dry it faster and softer so as not to damage it. In addition, everything is very easy to use because you just have to press a button for the hairdryer to deploy its technological condenser without you having to do anything else!

Soft, silky hair thanks to ceramics

The Philips High End Dryer has a heated ceramic plate that emits ions in its breath. This prevents static electricity that dries the hair and prevents you from styling. So your hair remains perfectly soft, easy to style and especially naturally shiny. The dream when you get out of the shower! The features and benefits of the Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor make it the best hairdryer in terms of value for money:

  • Unique technology for analyzing the temperature and humidity of your hair to adapt its settings in real time, without you going to do anything to do
  • Ceramic plate to generate ions and keep your hair shiny and silky
  • Splendid aesthetic for a hairdryer
  • Hyper easy to use: you press a button and the hairdryer technology is on its own to adjust the temperature and blow it automatically!

Order the Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor on Amazon and receive it in 48 hours:

Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor Hairdryer

  • Unique temperature and humidity analysis technology
  • Ceramic plate to generate ions and keep your hair shiny
  • Hyper easy to use
  • Splendid aesthetics

Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor Customer Rating: (more

than 730 customer reviews) If you are hesitating between several models and want to buy the best hairdryer for you, that is, the one that best suits your needs and your hair nature, then here are some additional tips to help you, in addition to our great hairdryer comparison that we have detailed above.

The best hairdryer depending on your hair type

One of the main considerations when choosing a hairdryer is to adapt it to your hair type. To help you we have listed for you the best hairdryer based on each type of hair that exists:

The best hairdryer for fine hair

Most people with fine hair want their hairdryer to add volume to their hair. Fine hair, however, can be brittle; Ideally, the perfect hairdryer for fine hair should increase volume without damaging the hair fiber.

If you have fine hair and want to add volume to your hair first then you should avoid ionic hairdryers. Although negative ions add shine, they tend to decrease hair volume. You’d better choose a ceramic hairdryer or porcelain to produce a soft and respectful warmth of your hair. Ceramic hairdryers distribute heat more evenly than other types of hairdryers, improve shine and add a lot of volume without damaging fine hair.

High power is also essential,as high-powered engines produce the airflow needed to deliver sustainable volume over time.
People with fine hair should also consideradding a diffuser tip to their hairdryer. Although diffusers are traditionally used by curly-haired people, they can also add volume to fine hair with a natural ripple.

For people who want to get a volume effect quickly and regularly you should try a concentrator nozzle and a bristle brush. The first concentrates the airflow, making it easier to sty as the hair, and the second helps to create volume at the roots.

Fine hair is easily damaged by high temperatures and high-speed airflows. When selecting a hairdryer for fine hair, look for models designed to cause minimal damage.

Tourmaline hairdryers are often the best choice for people with fine hair. When heat is generated using tourmaline technology, it is soft, uniform and therefore less aggressive for hair. This technology prevents thermal damage and helps preserve the moisture that fine hair needs to stay strong, shiny and supple.

If you are afraid that the negative ions generated naturally by tourmaline prevents the volume of your hair from gaining volume then you can opt for a ceramic hairdryer. In this case set the heat to one of the lowest possible levels.

For fine hair we can only recommend the Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor (see link below). Indeed, its Thermo-Protect technology allows to analyze in real time the temperature not of the airflow but indeed of your hair, and then adapts the temperature of the breath. Thus, fine hair, which is also the most fragile, is protected from damage.

In addition, fine hair also tends to be very prone to static electricity. However, this Philips hairdryer has ion technology that prevents the creation of static electricity. Therefore you will be able to do your hair much more easily!

Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor Hairdryer

  • Unique temperature and humidity analysis technology
  • Ceramic plate to generate ions and keep your hair shiny
  • Hyper easy to use
  • Splendid aesthetics

The best hairdryer for thick hair

Drying thick hair can be long and laborious. For people with extra-thick hair, a brushing session can take up to an hour. For people with thick hair, a quick drying time is often the most important criterion. There are many ways to speed up the drying process, but titanium hairdryers are often the best choice for people with thick hair and wanting to successfully dry quickly.
Titanium hairdryers offer super-fast and easy heat management, so they are not suitable for easily damaged hair.

For thick, healthy hair, however, titanium technology allows for quick and efficient drying. Titanium hairdryers are similar to ceramic models, in that they create uniform and constant heat but which may be higher than with ceramics and increase or decrease almost instantly. For thick hair that can withstand high temperatures, however, you can’t ask for more effective brushing.

To further speed up drying, look for a hairdryer that combines titanium with ion technology and high airflow power. This will minimize the drying time and improve the shine and luster of the hair.

For thick hair what could be better than GHD Air? Indeed, this hairdryer worthy of the best hair salons has all the characteristics to achieve a brushing, or even a smoothing, on the thickest hair. The pressure is powerful but silent and precise, the temperature is automatically regulated by the hairdryer’s sensors and its ion technology allows to give shine and silky to the hair naturally. You just won’t get any better!

GHD Air Hairdy Drier

  • Exclusive GHD ion technology that enhances shine
  • The ability to dry hair without heat
  • Hyper easy to use despite all its technology
  • Comes with a nozzle concentrator and two tongs included

The best hairdryer for normal hair

If you have “normal” hair, neither too thin nor too thick, then it is best to turn to a model that combines rapid drying with an aggressive technology to avoid damaging your hair.

So, to avoid moisture loss and heat-induced breaches, the best hairdryer for you is a ceramic or porcelain hairdryer, as this technology provides gentle, non-aggressive heat. To speed up the drying process and make your hair easier to style and brighter try also to choose an ion technology, which helps smooth and avoid frizz that form during drying.

If you want natural curls, a diffuser is essential. For a straight, straight hairstyle, opt for a comb and concentrator to focus the air flow to your brush.

The ideal is also to choose a hairdryer with several heat settings in order to be able to adapt the temperature to the condition of your hair, to the hairstyle you want to achieve and the time you want to spend drying your hair.

To avoid damaging your hair try to choose a medium heat setting, as too much heat tends to make it dry and brittling. If lower temperatures can make drying longer and you don’t have a lot of time ahead of you, some technologies such as ion or ceramic hairdryers can compensate by speeding up drying without increasing heat.

For so-called “normal” hair the choice of your hairdryer will depend on your budget. Indeed, if you are looking for the top of the top we can only advise you the Dyson Super Sonic. Quite frankly, it’s impossible to miss your hairstyle with this hairdryer. The airflow is arguable, the temperature is managed automatically, it is super silent … in summary it is simply the top of the top. On the other hand, its price is not necessarily accessible to all budgets.

Dyson Super Sonic Hairdryer

  • The best hairdryer on the market
  • Intelligent heat control to protect your hair
  • Ionic technology for shiny hair
  • Digital engine for quick and smooth drying

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If you’re looking for a more affordable hairdryer that’s still of excellent quality then the Remington Proluxe AC 9140 is for you. It has everything from a large hairdryer but for less and remains accessible to as many people as possible!

Remington Proluxe AC9140 Hairdryer

  • Super affordable price for a professional-grade hairdryer
  • Hyper-efficient ion technology
  • Unique air conetrator perfect for brushing or smoothing

🛒 Order with one click on Amazon

The best hairdryer for frizzy hair

There are many reasons why hair gets frizzy. Sometimes frizz is the result of moisture. They can also be caused by too hot showers, too frequent washes and damage caused by a hairdryer that will not be suitable with the nature of your hair. But in any case, the hair is often too dry.

When the hair’s natural balance is compromised, it cannot maintain sufficient hydration. The hair is then forced to look for all available sources of moisture, such as water contained in the moist air. Before choosing a hairdryer, people with frizzy hair should try to identify the source of their frizz. For some people, it’s natural; curly hair, for example, is naturally more frizzy than straight hair. If frizz has been caused by heat damage, too frequent shampoos or other modifiable factors, look for a hairdryer that helps compensate for the problem.

For people whose hair is prone to frizz, hairdryers with several temperature settings are essential. High temperatures can make frizz worse, especially those caused by heat. Whenever possible, people who wish to reduce their frizz should use the coolest temperature setting. This may increase the drying time, but it will help reduce frizz.

Other features that help fight frizz are negative ions, mild heat and high-powered motors. All of these features help reduce frizz, leaving hair shiny, smooth and without rebellious hair. If you find your hair to have too much volume, an ion-technology hairdryer can help deflate them.

For people who want to increase shine without reducing volume, consider purchasing an adjustable ion-function hairdryer. Hairdryers equipped with this technology allow users to choose their own level of ions. Although you have to try to find the right setting, even people with small or very curly hair end up finding the perfect level.
For frizzy hair we recommend the same hairdryer as for thick hair:

THE GHD Air. Indeed, its flow and precision will allow you to achieve all the hairstyles you want without problems with great ease. In addition, its ion technology keeps your hair shiny and supple and avoids frizz related to static electricity. So it’s the perfect solution by far. Besides, it’s not for nothing if so many professional hairdressers have adopted it. This is especially for its simplicity of daily use and its ability to adapt to all hair, even the most rebellious!

GHD Air Hairdy Drier

  • Exclusive GHD ion technology that enhances shine
  • The ability to dry hair without heat
  • Hyper easy to use despite all its technology
  • Comes with a nozzle concentrator and two tongs included

The best hairdryer for curly hair

When curly hair comes into contact with a traditional hairdryer, the main risk is the appearance of frizz. This is because most hairdryers send too hot and over-concentrated airflows, which disrupt the natural shape of your curls. When the shape of the curls is broken, the hair becomes curly and impossible to style. To alleviate this problem, the diffuser is the miracle accessory! These accessories deliver a 360-degree airflow that embellishes natural curls, rather than breaking them.

However, the use of a diffuser has the disadvantage of slowing down drying by reducing the force of the airflow over the entire hair. That’s why many hairdryers designed for curly hair combine diffusers with quick drying functions, such as ion technology. While ionic hairdryers are not always the best option for people with thin, flat hair, they usually only add sparkle to thick, voluminous curls. So the ideal in your situation.

However, even with quick drying technologies, people with curly hair can expect their daily drying time to be 10 minutes or more. That’s why you should look for lightweight patterns, especially since diffusers tend to be bulky and weigh down the hairdryer. For curly hair the Philips High End Dryer remains the best hairdryer.

 Indeed, its active control of temperature and humidity allow you to manage your curls as you wish, more or less wide and visible while avoiding frizz thanks to its internal ceramic plate that eliminates static electricity. This quality set make it extremely practical when you have curly hair to style much faster and easier. Finally, its diffuser will also help you tame your hair in a snap!

Philips High End Dryer Moisture Sensor Hairdryer

  • Unique temperature and humidity analysis technology
  • Ceramic plate to generate ions and keep your hair shiny
  • Hyper easy to use
  • Splendid aesthetics

The best hairdryer for damaged hair

When your hair is damaged, you need a hairdryer that won’t aggravate the existing damage. As heat is the main cause of hair damage caused by hairdryers, people whose locks are damaged should purchase multi-adjustment hairdryers. When hair is particularly fragile, drying it at the lowest temperature can give it a well-deserved respite.

It is also important to look for a high-powered hairdryer. Indeed, taking advantage of a sufficiently powerful airflow allows hair to dry quickly and efficiently without resorting to too high a temperature.
To preserve damaged hair as much as possible and avoid making the situation worse, you should also consider a professionally quality hairdryer, especially with infrared technology. 

Basic hairdryers contain heat resistance, which increases air temperature. However, when heat is produced by infrared light, it is much less aggressive for hair, which therefore reduces damage to the hair fiber, especially if it is already damaged and weakened. Indeed, infrared technology uses a longer wavelength than traditional technologies. These wavelengths dry the hair from the inside out, resulting in smoother, silkier hair.

Many high-quality hairdryers combine infrared technology with ceramic coating and ion technology. In the case of damaged hair technology should not be a priority unlike infrared and ceramics, which are two crucial technologies to preserve the integrity of your hair.

For fine hair we can only advise you the Panasonic EH-NA65. Indeed, its Nanoe technology allows to regulate breath and heat and especially to emit moisture when it detects that your hair is too dry. It is this unique technology patented by Panasonic that gives it its unique shape. If you tend to have dry, damaged hair and are tired of trying dozens of oils and creams that don’t work, simply change hairdryers to try this Panasonic. You are guaranteed that you will never have damaged hair again.

Panasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer

  • The best hairdryer on the market for damaged hair
  • Protector mode to prevent your hair from becoming too dry or damaged
  • Comes with its complete set of accessories
  • Very easy to use

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Features to consider when choosing the best hairdryer

Hairdryers are accessories that have become more and more technological, even complex. Therefore the first criteria on which your choice is based are obviously the technical criteria. While these aren’t necessarily the most fun, they’re undeniably crucial in choosing the best hairdryer for you.

Power for the best hairdryer

The power, expressed in watts (W) refers to the engine power of the hairdryer. When a hairdryer is equipped with a high-powered motor, the strength of the breath allows the hair to dry faster without requiring too much heat.

On the contrary, when your hairdryer is equipped with a low power motor, it will tend to require more heat to effectively dry your hair.
Therefore, if you tend to have easily damaged hair you should opt for a hairdryer of 1800W or more. This will allow you to dry your hair efficiently and quickly without the need for excessive heat that could further damage your hair by making it dry and brittling.

Materials and build quality

Many modern hairdryers are equipped with high-tech materials that have revolutionized the drying process. For the uninitiated, however, the many options of heating materials – from tourmaline to titanium – may seem incomprehensible and especially insignificant.

However, it would be a huge mistake not to give it the proper importance since choosing the right material can have a significant impact on your hair. To help you in your choice here are some easy-to-access explanations that will allow you to be well-guided.

What is an ion hairdryer?

The ions in the water on your wet hair have a positive charge. To combat this load, ionic hairdryers generate negative ions. This means that they send the negatively charged ions to your hair to counteract the positive ions and thus create a state of static balance. This avoids loading your hair with static electricity during drying and brushing,which is particularly unpleasant and tends to promote the appearance of knots.

If you are prone to frisotis or knots, investing in the best hairdryer with ion technology can be miraculous to solve your problem permanently! . The other advantage of an ion hairdryer is to improve the natural drying effect and thus allow for more efficient and faster drying with a lower temperature. It is therefore an ideal technology for people who have fragile or damaged hair because it will allow them to dry their hair easily without having to resort to high heat.


A tourmaline hairdryer is a hairdryer whose internal parts are made or coated with tourmaline, a semi-precious metal that naturally adds more negative ions to the air.

As we have seen before, these negative ions make it easier to dry with a lower temperature and to limit the frisotis whose appearance is facilitated by static electricity that tends to appear naturally when drying hair.

Ceramics and porcelain

When hairdryers are labelled “ceramic” or “porcelain,” this means that their internal heating parts are coated with these materials.
When the heating components of your hairdryer are covered with a ceramic or porcelain coating, the heat is uniform and relatively soft. Like ionic hairdryers, these materials speed up the drying process while remaining very soft and not aggressive for hair fiber.

Ceramic and porcelain hairdryers are ideal for fragile hair that has been damaged by more aggressive hairdryers in the past. If you have dull or brittling hair this is therefore the best hairdryer you can choose as very little aggressive with soft and uniform heat.


Titanium hairdryers optimize heating time, heat distribution and how quickly temperature changes. Thus, when titanium is added to the internal elements of the hairdryer, it makes it easier and faster to increase the temperature of the airflow. If you are looking for a hairdryer that can quickly become very hot and vice versa to cool down just as quickly,then titanium is the material to which you turn.

As a material, titanium also has the advantage of being very light, which means that titanium hairdryers are generally small and easy to handle.

Ergonomics in choosing the best hairdryer

Weight: the best hairdryer should be light

When buying a new hairdryer, taking into account its weight is all the more important as your hair is abundant and therefore drying can take you time. Long, thick hair can take 20 minutes easily to dry; in this case a 200 gram hairdryer is much more comfortable to use than a 400 gram hairdryer.

Presence of a cold air flow

When a hairdryer has a “cold breath” function, pressing this button will send a stream of fresh air to your hair. This allows the hair scales to be closed more quickly to preserve the keratin of your hair fiber, which helps keep hair shiny all day long.

Heat adjustment

For women with thin or fragile hair, a heat adjustment function is essential. On mornings when hair should be dry as soon as possible, higher temperature settings reduce drying times. When time is not essential, using lower heat settings can prevent damage to the hair fiber and keep hair healthy.

Presence of accessories provided

When buying a new tumble dryer, the presence of several detachable accessories is an important advantage.
Diffusers are one of the most common accessories: they disperse the airflow of the hairdryer over a wider area, which avoids damaging the hair, also avoids ruffling it and making it more difficult to style, and facilitates certain types of brushings.

At the opposite end of the accessory spectrum is the concentrating nozzles. This tip narrows and more precisely directs the airflow, allowing to aim for a more precise area of the hair and increase the force of the airflow.

The presence of these accessories will allow you to achieve more hairstyles and more easily, always having the right accessory at your disposal.

Conclusion to find the best hairdryer

In today’s world of advanced technology, choosing a hairdryer is a decision that can seem surprisingly complicated. Many factors come into play, ranging from power, technology and price. So when it’s time to buy a new hairdryer, what to do? Start by setting a price range. Low-end hairdryers cost between 20 and 30 dollars, average hairdryers between 30 and 80 dollars, and anything above 80 dollars is high-end. Professional hairdryers usually cost between 150 and 200 dollars. Once you’ve determined what you’re willing to pay, make a list of the essential features of your hairdryer, especially in keeping with the nature of your hair.

If you plan to spend more than 80 dollars, you should be able to find a hairdryer that meets all your requirements. On the other hand, if you are looking for a model at 30 dollars, you may have to make some compromises. When choosing between style-enhancing features and features that prevent damage, always opt for features that avoid hair damage. In the long run you will definitely win because damaged hair, too dry and brittling become impossible to style.

On the contrary, shiny, silky and supple hair will always be easy enough to discipline and style in the way you want.

Once you’ve compiled a list of your hairdryer wishes, take a look at the models available in your price range. Take a closer look at which features you want. If you have curly hair, you may want to take a look at the hairdryers with a diffuser. For thick, hard-to-dry hair, titanium hairdryers can be ideal.

Whatever your budget, the best thing to do for your hair is to choose a hairdryer suitable for your hair type. Don’t be distracted by the latest technologies if they are not actually adapted to your hair type. Instead, find the technology that works best for your hair and choose the hairdryer that meets your personal needs. When you choose the right model, it’s easy to get the perfect result.