Best Organic Coconut Oil For Hair – Complete Guide

Hair is the natural symbol of femininity. It is important to take care of it to have confidence and self-confidence. To maintain them, various methods are available so that everyone can be satisfied. In this book, we will focus more on  the use of coconut oil for hair . A few questions will be asked to discover the virtues of this hair care.
Starting with its origin, its manufacture, its benefits, how to choose the one that best suits your hair and how to use it correctly. Examples of this natural product will also be announced at the end of the article.

Our opinion on the best organic coconut oils for your hair?

Our choice

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil – 500 ml – Virgin, Pure and Organic

  • Organic Coconut Oil – 500 ml – Virgin
  • Product from Organic Farming

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It is a product based on organic coconut vegetable oil . It is appreciated for its various functions: use in cooking and cosmetics.
Coconut oil is known to be better than other cooking oils, providing more flavor and more nutrients to food. Its cosmetic properties are unmatched by any other chemical product.


  • 100% organic and natural product
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Ideal in the bathroom than in the kitchen
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Affordable price


  • When cooking, some people prefer to
    stay on conventional oils
  • Less pronounced coconut smell
    because of the refinement

100% Organic and Natural Multi-use Virgin Oil – Good value for money

Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair Made with Coconut …

  • Coconut oil stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into …
  • By rubbing coconut oil into the scalp and hair, it moisturizes, …
  • Rich in essential vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin K and also …

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This range of hair care is essentially based on organic coconut oil. It stimulates, among other things, hair regrowth by treating them deeply down to the level of the hair follicle. It participates in improving blood circulation and thus allows the hair to breathe. It also repairs the most damaged hair.


  • Rich in vitamin E, K and iron
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Limits the appearance of dandruff
  • Strengthens the scalp
  • Promotes hair growth
  • 100% pure and organic


  • Limited use to avoid having
    even more oily hair
  • Requires optimal rinsing

Sevenhills Wholefoods: Extra virgin multi-use oil – Good value for money

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This product is also made from pure coconut oil. It can be used in the kitchen for fried foods, fruit drinks or put in a light salad. It is also found in the bathroom to be applied to the hair to hydrate and care for it .


  • 90% saturated fat
  • Vegan product
  • Without chemical active
  • Enhances the taste of food
  • Practice as part of a
    slimming diet
  • Significantly reduces
    hair loss
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Reasonable price
  • Versatile


  • Store in a dry and humid place
  • Becomes strong in cold weather

Its origin and structure

Coconut vegetable oil has been used for centuries for its benefits that have been appreciated by all. Currently, it also has its place in kitchens and bathrooms. This oil is extracted from the coconut, a fruit from tropical countries. At the time, the first producer was Southeast Asia. The coconut is covered with a thick layer of woody fibers nicknamed:  mesocarp .
Inside is housed an oval shell which contains albumen or more precisely coconut water, and coconut pulp or copra. It is  from copra that is extracted the famous coconut oil .

How is it made?

Organic coconut oil can be  extracted in various ways: by grinding, by boiling and most often by cold pressing . Cold pressing is an artisanal technique which consists of drying and pressing the coconut pulp which will then be dehydrated. These pulps are then separated to obtain an unrefined quality oil. The product collected is then very creamy which will be left to stand for a whole day.
The filtration step is the last job to be done to have a pure and clear oil. By grinding the coconut flesh, we first obtain coconut milk which will then be processed to extract the oil.

Its composition

Coconut oil is basically  made up of saturated fatty acids linked in triglycerides . These acids are made up of octanoic acid, lauric acid, tetradecanoic acid and palmitic acid. Another monounsaturated fatty acid is also included in its composition, which acts as a triglyceride. It is rich in various nutrients such as phosphorus and vitamin E.

The benefits it brings to the hair

Coconut oil is highly valued by all hair types. It allows you to take care of them. It is nourishing and offers many virtues in the world of cosmetics.

Lauric acid: the secret weapon of this oil

This kind of acid is a fat, usually found in breast milk and to its surprise: in coconut oil as well. It is a natural ingredient that helps fight against external aggressions when applied to the hair and helps strengthen the scalp.

For smooth and perfect hair

The oil has a so-called sheathing action which allows it to repair the scales of the hair. It also protects the cuticles and plays the role of repairer for those who are in poor condition. When hair is healthy, it appears more shiny, supple and silky.

Its action on the scalp

It has the ability to purify the capillary veins and helps strengthen the scalp. It will thus be protected throughout the day and for a few days thanks to the action of coconut oil applied on a regular basis. Among other things, it promotes optimal stimulation of blood circulation . Hair massage with this product is beneficial, it should be done at least two to three times a week.

Formidable moisturizing power

This oil is recognized for its moisturizing property. It has a particularly strong action for oily and dry hair types . As long as they are hydrated properly, they will always be healthy. The oil deeply cares for this hair for optimal results.

Prevents hair loss

Indeed, it fights against hair loss for those who constantly have this hair problem. Just mix a small amount with its natural organic shampoo. After a few weeks of use, no fall will be noticed. Well, a few, but not as many as at the start. Coconut oil also promotes hair regrowth.

Stimulates proteins

The hair contains proteins by default which give it its shiny side. Following multiple external attacks, its production was limited. To reactivate it, nothing could be easier than to apply coconut oil on a regular basis.

Formula suitable for all hair types

Curly, oily, dry, brittle, fine, normal or even gray, coconut oil is perfect for everyone. It heals, deeply treats and detangles quickly . It can be applied to dry or damp hair, its effects always remain the same. There are then no restrictions on its use. Nothing like it to sublimate and restore your hair to its natural shine. It is therefore ideal for people who have extremely fragile hair over time or due to the consequences of various chemicals.

Very economical product

Compared to hair care found on the shelves of a supermarket, coconut oil is ten times cheaper than the latter. Yet its action has been proven and the product is recommended by almost all of the world’s leading hairdressers. Your hair is nourished, hydrated and maintained in a natural way.

How to choose your organic coconut oil?

To choose the right coconut oil, there is no photo. It is better to choose the one that is only 20% refined so as not to lose all its virtues. Indeed, sometimes some manufacturers refine them excessively to finally have very fluid oil, transparent and almost more coconut odor. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a pure, raw and fragrant organic coconut oil.
Regardless of the hair type, it adapts to just about anything. Even for babies to promote rapid hair growth. In people with gray or blond hair because of age, it helps to brighten them up and hydrate them sufficiently. Ultimately, there is something for everyone.

How to apply it?

Before washing the hair, wet it slightly or let it dry, no problem, take two to three teaspoons of coconut oil and spread it between the hands to then cover the hair. We insist on the roots and the ends of the hair. The trick is to let the oil rest for a few minutes to soak up its benefits. Afterwards, you will have to rinse the hair mainly with lukewarm water at least twice so as not to be overloaded with fat. Repeat this action once or twice a week depending on the condition of the hair.

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