Best Shampoo for Natural Hair


Natural hair requires special care to maintain it and that includes special shampoos. When one talks of natural hair, it simply means that hair which has not touched chemicals in the name of straighteners. Most curly hair will be found in this category although not always. Perhaps this has been the reason why many people with natural hair go for curly hair shampoos. This however might not be important for your natural hair.

What you need is the perfect shampoo that will maintain your natural hair and not shampoos that will make your hair curly. There are very good reasons as to why you should find the best shampoo for natural hair. These reasons include:

  • It will moisturize your hair- natural hair needs to be moisturized as much as possible. This is because this hair is usually dry and therefore it lacks the moisture that any hair needs.
  • It will leave hair as clean as much as possible- of course any shampoo will help clean your hair. Finding the best shampoo for natural hair will lead to your hair being clean from any dust that you may have collected during your activities
  • It will leave you with a healthy hair- there are many good shampoos for natural hair that are there to help keep your hair healthy. Some of them are discussed in this article and you can buy them at Amazon.
  • Styling- you can expect to have a decent style foryour hair if you look out for the best shampoo for natural hair. It helps in making sure that your hair is not only ready to receive styling agents but also is kept safe when using the agents. So the trick is to get the best shampoo and then go ahead for styling. You can never regret this.
  • Removing the frizz- a good shampoo for natural hair should be able to remove frizz from your hair. Such shampoos usually lack sulfate which are the shampoos you should target.
  • Taming your curls- an important part of a good shampoo for natural hair is its ability to tame your curls. This is a good reason as to why you should always strive to find the best shampoos available for natural hair.
  • Making your hair voluminous- if you need to have your natural hair feel up in a nice sweet way and look finer and frizz free, then you should not hesitate to get the best shampoo available.

 This article explores some of the best shampoos for natural hair that you should go for. They may vary in prices but are the ones that can surely help you. The best 5 shampoos that are great for natural hair are:

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Combination Pack

The first of the top 5 best shampoos for your natural hair is the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil; Strengthen, Grow and Restore Combination Pack. The shampoo lacks sulfate unlike most others and is rich in organic raw shea butter that is certified. It is good for conferring intense hydration to your hair alongside cleansing the dry and damaged curly hair.

Features of The Shampoo

The shampoo has unique features that makes it one of the best shampoo specifically designed for natural hair. The key features include:

  • Some of the ingredients include shea butter, peppermint and apple cidar Vinegar all of which have an important role in maintaining your natural hair
  • The shampoo lacks sulfur unlike most other shampoos
  • It is slightly acidic because of the vinegar which has a good role in balancing the ph in your hair
  • Has the effect of enhancing the hair curls
  • Has moisturizing effect keeping your natural hair in perfect shape.


Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil combination pack is the best shampoo for natural hair because of the following pros:

  • The shampoo is a good promoter of hair growth having a good combination of natural ingredients such as the peppermint
  • It makes your curls hydrated and well nourished by helping in restoring the oils which are essential
  • It is endorsed with reparative properties that are important in healing damaged hair and ensuring that your hair shines
  • The shampoo’s natural nature ensures that it makes your hair as strong as possible through cleansing the dirty and grime found in the hair
  • The shampoo also makes your hair free of frizz and messy curls which are detangled.


Despite being a good shampoo for your natural hair, it has of its own thumbs down which are highlighted below.

  • The conditioner might not be good for you because it might have a different color and its smell is not appealing
  • It may cause your hair to come off in rare cases
  • It is slightly expensive for some people

Why should you buy this shampoo?

Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil combination pack is worthy the purchase. It has all the ingredients you need for your natural hair making it stronger, well-nourished as well as increased growth. Because of its reparative properties, it can be perfect for those who have chemically treated, heat styled transitioning hair.

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Combination Set

Do you have thick, curly natural hair whose beauty is being threatened by Frizz and damaged ends? Then this shampoo is for you. It is made from natural as well as organic ingredients that makes it have a unique effect on your natural hair. It will boost your confidence as you walk around with your natural hair because of the wonderful result you will have using this shampoo


There are many good features about Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Combination set shampoo. This is what makes it be among some of the best shampoos for natural hair that you can find in the market. Here are some of these features:

  • It contains natural ingredients such as coconut and sweet hibiscus which are very gentle even on other hair types other than the natural hair
  • The shampoo works in association with the conditioner in cleansing your hair
  • Have a moisturizing and nourishment effect on the hair
  • It is free of sulfate
  • It is color safe
  • The shampoo lathers easily


Using this shampoo, the pros will make you purchase this shampoo over and over again and the only way you can prove this is by using it.

  • The smell of coconut and hibiscus is great and appealing
  • Good at taming frizzy curls as it smooths hair cuticles due to the presence of the coconut oil in the shampoo
  • Gives your hair a soft silky feel
  • It reduces unnecessary breakage of the hair as well as improving the elasticity making your hair stronger and shiny
  • It can be used for all hair types without devastating effects


There are also a few cons encountered when using this shampoo.

  • The shampoo is pricy for some people
  • The smell may not be appealing for some people because they may feel it is like putting food in the hair.

Why Should You Buy This Shampoo?

There are many reasons why shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and shine shampoo should be a good choice for your natural hair. It allows you to be in control of your hair as you bring it back to life. It ensures that your hair does no longer have frizz appearance that it has been accustomed to. This is because the shampoo the much needed moisture and nourishment keeping your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Olapex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olapex No. 4 bond maintenance shampoo is a good shampoo for natural hair that has been made to suit both male and female hair. Olapex develops unique products that are beneficial because of their experience in chemistry, industry and innovation. They therefore design products on the basis of the current technology hence the reason why they are loved across the world.


Here are some of the important features of this award winning shampoo that can be perfect for your natural hair:

  • It is vegan in nature and lacks gluten
  • It also lacks nuts and is cruelty free product
  • It is free from chemicals such as sulfate, paraben, phthalate and phosphate
  • Its ph is well balanced
  • It has a softening and moisturizing effect as well as a good scent
  • It is made from many ingredients all of which are beneficial to your hair
  • It can be used to any hair type and not specifically natural hair


The pros of Olapex No. 4 Bond maintenance shampoo are many and that is why it is preferred for your natural hair. When you use the shampoo, here is what you can expect on the pros side:

  • It is a good shampoo for repairing and maintaining the bond in your hair working at a molecular level
  • It reduces the rate of breakage of the hair.
  • It does away with your troubling frizz and even flyways.
  • The shampoo is color safe
  • The shampoo is well concentrated meaning that you only require a small amount saving on the costs
  • It lathers much easily


On the other side also, the shampoo has its setbacks which include:

  • The shampoo is pricy although it lasts but still not affordable by some people
  • The amount in the container is little

Why You Should by The Shampoo

Olapex No. 4 bond maintenance shampoo is just one nice solution to all your hair problems. From helping with the frizz to adding moisture and nourishment that makes your hair strong among many other benefits. It should be among your top choices of a shampoo that will take your hair to whole new level.  Whether you are male or female doesn’t matter because the shampoo is for both of the genders. Besides being perfect for the natural hair, Olapex No. 4 bond maintenance shampoo is as well perfect for all hair types hence is a multifunctional product that you should purchase.

Hydratherma Natural Moisturizing Boosting Shampoo

The major components of this shampoo for natural hair comprises of marine products such as seaweed and algae that will be beneficial to your natural hair. It comes in strongly to help with hydration of your hair giving you the best result that you might never expect from any other shampoo.


Some of the best features of Hydratherma Natural Moisturizing Boosting Shampoo include:

  • It marine ingredients are an important part of the shampoo
  • Also contains omega 3 acids that are important in moisture retention
  • It has the effect of increasing the secretion of sebaceous glands on your scalp
  • It can be used on practically any hair type
  • It has a hydration effect on the hair strands
  • Has additional high quality proteins as part of the components
  • It is highly concentrated which implies that one should use it sparingly
  • The ph is balanced


Having looked at the features of Hydratherma Natural Moisturizing Boosting shampoo, here are some of its pros:

  • It makes your hair healthy and maintains it in such a healthy condition
  • Maintains the optimal moisture level of hair strands which is about 8%
  • It is good shampoo that will detangle your hair and softens it
  • It also cleanses your hair as well as your scalp
  • Reduces dryness up to the required levels
  • Decreases any dandruff incidences
  • Proteins help reduce breakage and adds strength to the hair


  • The shampoo is quite expensive compared to most other natural shampoos
  • The proteins make the shampoo unsuitable to those with low porosity hair

Why Should You Buy This Shampoo?

this is a really stimulating shampoo with the power to take care of your hair in a nice way. Its ability to keep your hair healthy and strong all the time should be a good reason why this should be a good shampoo for you to buy. Besides being important in keeping your hair healthy, it is will help detangle your hair and even soften it.

Pureology Moisturizing Shampoo

Last but not least, Pureology Moisturizing shampoo is another shampoo great for your natural hair. It has wonderful ingredients that are important for your hair not only in making it healthy but even in ensuring that your color if it is colored remains as attractive as ever. It ability to be used in different hair types makes it suitable for almost anyone within that range.


Pureology Moisturizing Shampoo has very good features which are all aligned towards making sure that your natural hair is in the intended state. Here are these features:

  • It is free of sulfate
  • It is vegan in nature
  • One of the main and potent ingredient is the aloe Vera
  • Has a hydration effect
  • Can be used on any hair types whether they are thick or normal
  • Composed of an ant fading complex
  • Has a hydration effect attributed to the hydrating micro-emulsion technology which has been incorporated


When using Pureology Moisturizing Shampoo on your natural hair, there certain pros that you will see for yourself. These include:

  • It is a great shampoo for removing frizz in your natural hair
  • It is perfect for cleansing your and removing grease in your natural hair
  • It has a very nice smell unlike other shampoos
  • It can be used on colored hair and give good results
  • It makes your hair radiant and shiny


The shampoo also has cons to it

  • It can lead to an extremely dry hair for some users

Why You Should Buy This Product

If you want your natural hair whether it is thick or normal to be healthy and shiny, then you should purchase this shampoo. It will even suit you best if you have colored hair because it has this effect of making it maintaining the bright color. It is great shampoo that has nice features and pros and is exactly what your natural hair requires.

These are some of the greatest shampoos you can get for your natural hair. They differ in one way or another but will give you the ultimate results that you need for your hair. Specifically, the shampoos have been chosen here because of the following qualities that they possess and which is great for natural hair:

  • The Hair Types That They Can Be Used On

most of the shampoos above can be used on practically any hair types. However, there are a few which can be used on specific type of hair in which case you will be required to know the type of hair you have.

  • Moisturizing Effect

Moisturizing effect is another determinant of a great shampoo for natural hair. Most of the shampoos above if not all have this effect. Moisturizing effect is essential in any shampoo recommended to be good for natural hair because it is an important tool in ensuring that your hair is frizz-free. It is therefore mandatory that any shampoo meant for natural hair contain some of the moisturizing ingredients so that you may have better results in the end.

  • Ingredients

Ingredients used in making a specific shampoo should be a great determiner of the best shampoo that you can use in your natural hair. Among the ingredients should include the one that brings about a moisturizing effect as discussed above. Another thing you may consider on the side of ingredients is whether they are natural or not. For example, ingredients such as Aloe Vera are natural ingredients are more preferred as compared to other types of ingredients. Besides the nature of ingredients, there is also the issue of their ability to bring about a nourishing effect.

  • Brand

There are so many brands that deal with shampoos for natural hair. Some of these include Shea and many others. Not all the brands dealing with such shampoo are legit. You got to find the right one for you and stick to them for better results. Reading reviews may help you get the right brand for you and also trying out the shampoo for yourself. The shampoo discussed here have come from some of the best brands out there and we believe will be good for you as well.

  • Cost Consideration

Some of the shampoos listed here are very expensive and not affordable by most people. However, other are quite affordable and can be afforded easily. Price should be an important consideration but not the sole determiner because you will need something that will be beneficial to your natural hair. Highly priced shampoo sometimes may not have any benefits for you while low priced ones may be very good. Therefore, the best way is to be considerate as much as possible.

  • Free of sulfate

Any shampoo containing shampoo should never be applied to your natural hair. In fact, you should never purchase it in the first place. This is because sulfate is disastrous to your hair making it to dry up. Other disastrous effects apart from drying up your hair include eliminating the natural oils found in the hair as well as damaging them. Therefore, any shampoo intended to be used on natural hair should be essentially free of sulfate.

  • Details On the Usage of the Shampoo

Although not so highly highlighted in this article, usage is an important consideration when buying a shampoo for natural hair. There are those which are highly concentrated and need only a small amount to work while other are not like that. There are those that need to be applied after a specific period of time. Get to know the usage of a shampoo before making a step and purchasing it.


Using the best shampoo for natural hair is a guarantee for good results at the end. There are many shampoos on the market today claiming to be the best for your natural hair but the result is not very impressing when used. These article has suggested some of the best top five shampoos that you can use on your natural hair and get the best results. Using these together with knowing a few tips on handling your natural hair will be of great importance to you.