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With the Glam’Brush straightening brush , say goodbye to damaged hair and brushings that do not hold. Indeed, this astonishing device makes it possible at the same time to dry, to smooth and to protect the hair without any particular effort. Do you want to appear in your best light every time you go out? The Glam’Brush straightening brush is what you need.

Glam’Brush Straightening Brush

Presentation and characteristics

Many professionals consider the Glam’Brush straightening brush to be a revolutionary accessory, and they are absolutely right. This 3 in 1 brush was designed to detangle, smooth and shine hair in one or three actions. Efficient and very easy to use, this brush will save you precious time in the morning before leaving for work or in the evening before going out with your loved ones.

To allow you to straighten your hair without risking damaging it, this brush has been equipped with 3D ceramic pins. The materials of these pins will ensure a perfect glide and also better protection of your hair. It is also thanks to these pins that the hair is made even more shiny.

The very intuitive digital LCD screen on the brush handle will allow you to select the mode, but also the desired temperature for your beauty operation. You will have a lot of leeway in the creation of your hairstyle, since the device offers you the opportunity to adapt the temperature to the nature of your hair.

The temperature of the Glam’Brush straightening brush is adjusted in ranges of 5 ° C. Moreover, the temperature varies from 80 ° C to 230 ° C. The heating time of this brush is very fast, you will only have to wait a few seconds before reaching the desired temperature. Without even knowing it, you may already be curling your hair.

The Glam’Brush straightening brush brings a real plus compared to other models of the same generation: its ionic function. This function guarantees an anti-static and anti-frizz effect, which preserves the natural hydration of the hair, but which at the same time gives it an optimal shine. Once this brush in hand, we notice that the coating shell seems to be thicker than normal. This was done on purpose to limit the flow of heat to the top of the brush.

In addition to its formidable performance, the Glam’Brush straightening brush is equipped with an on / off button and a 1.8 meter rotating cord which offers maximum user comfort. The creators of this brush have bet everything on the concept of ease of use and safety. To prevent any accident from occurring, the brush has been fitted with an automatic switch-off system which takes effect after 60 minutes of inactivity.

On the aesthetic side, the Glam’Brush smoothing brush is sober and elegant. Its ergonomic handle offers an excellent grip. For a device of this type, this brush is very light. It is not trivial to note that this brush is suitable for all types of hair. You can adopt it whether you have thin, curly, straight, long or short hair.

Before using the famous brush, you must first wash the hair and separate it into several batches with tweezers. Then choose a wick and use the Glam’Brush straightening brush. You will not have to take care of anything since it is the brush that takes care of everything. After having passed the brush on all the strands of hair, it is necessary to lower the temperature and to iron all the hair in order to fix the brushing.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Glam’Brush straightening brush has a number of advantages, the most important of which is undoubtedly its excellent craftsmanship. The Glam’Brush straightening brush is not at all expensive considering its performance. It also seduces with its minimalist, yet innovative design. This brush is also popular because it is versatile and because it adapts to all types of hair. It can be used by all members of the same family. Thanks to the 3D pins, the knots are quickly undone thanks to the perfect heat distribution.

Even after yet another use, your hair will not be damaged thanks to the technology used by the Glam’Brush straightening brush. After each session, your hair will be soft and shiny. The wide temperature spectrum allows you to treat yourself to various types of hairstyle. The only drawback with this device is the absence of the blower function.

Our opinion on the Glam’Brush straightening brush

The Glam’Brush straightening brush is ideal for private or professional use, it will allow you to achieve the hairstyle you want in a minimum of time. After each session, you will feel like stepping out of your hairdresser, be sure.

Are you looking for an efficient, fast and good value for money straightening brush? Then the MadameParis Miracle straightening brush is the one for you. Equipped with a new innovative technology, it will quickly become your ally in the morning for a quick smoothing, with a natural effect. Easy to use thanks to a very pleasant handling, it will quickly become essential.

MadameParis Miracle straightening brush

Presentation and characteristics

Designed and enhanced with user feedback in mind, the MadameParis Miracle Straightening Brush handles all hair types for perfect straightening in just three minutes. With a very nice finish, the adjustment buttons have been placed on one side, and can be locked by locking, so as not to hinder or interrupt your smoothing. Its rotating handle swivels and its cable is flexible at 360 degrees, to allow you greater freedom of movement.

Who has never experienced the straightener that turns off in full straightening, because the button was accidentally pressed, and then you have to wait for it to return to the right temperature to continue? With the straightening brush, there is no more risk of interrupting your styling inadvertently. The Miracle brush is the first to have buttons that lock. No more wiggling in all directions to make the cord follow or stopping to put it back in place. The cable rotates on itself, which offers great ease of use and a significant time saving when the morning minutes are numbered!

In addition, to combine styling and the pleasure of relaxation, the brush is equipped with round-tipped comb teeth that offer you a real massage. Finally, it is equipped with a mini LCD screen which displays the desired temperature for your straightening. This new brush therefore benefits from a great smoothing performance while presenting a beautiful aesthetic appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

The new MadameParis straightening brush offers many advantages over other brushes on the market. First of all, if its moderate cost made it the best straightening brush of the year in 2016 for its value for money , it is no coincidence. Indeed, this powerful brush is quite affordable. In addition, it has a second major advantage, which is the possibility of adjusting the temperature. Whether you want to give your hairstyle a gentle 80 degree reset or a complete and perfect straightening at 230 degrees, anything is possible! Its high heating temperature allows it to straighten all types of hair, from short hair, to curly or frizzy hair, without ever burning it.

Finally, its super-fast heat-up time, in just three minutes, saves you precious time in the morning. No need to do a neat brushing before straightening, just dry your hair and then apply the smoothing bump! Compared to a classic straightener, its rotating head allows you great freedom of movement, and you get perfect straightening, even behind the head, an area that is not always easy to straighten well on your own! Finally, if you choose this brush as a gift, know that it is delivered in a pretty box, with accessories and instructions in French, which is not negligible!

However, it is important to note that the straightening brush should only be used on dry hair. In any case, it is not intended to replace your hair dryer. However, even if you don’t save drying time, you no longer need to treat the brushing before straightening. All you need to do is dry the hair well and then proceed to straightening by passing the brush, strand by strand, for a better result.

And if you wanted to be styled to perfection every morning, you will observe that in a few passes, the brush will offer you a professional and above all natural result. Unlike the straightener which has the longest risk of burning the hair, the straightening brush does not burn it. This saves you a lot of hairdressing, you do your professional straightening at home and you are always impeccable! No more flyaways that get in the way all day. There is no need to recall how having a good hair changes a face, restores self-confidence and is good for morale!

Our opinion on the MadameParis Miracle straightening brush

So if you have to indulge yourself with a new haircut or simply need to simplify your life with a straightening brush, the new technology of the MadameParis Miracle straightening brush is made for you! Offered at a very attractive price, it would be a shame to miss this model during your research!

A year ago, after three years of research by Sharon Rabi, Dafni’s straightening brush made a big splash in the hair accessories and tools market. The world of beauty was shaken by it, videos flourished on YouTube, press articles took hold of the subject, bloggers tore off the device… As soon as it came out, Dafni’s model was copied : but what is it really worth? Let’s discover its characteristics in detail, but also its advantages and disadvantages so that your daily beauty routine becomes a real pleasure and that you are always in fashion.

Dafni’s Straightening Brush

Presentation and characteristics

This brush with ceramic technology has truly revolutionized the world of hairdressing and beauty, and even that of fashion in general. We must admit that it has innovative technology and that it has intrigued more than one. It is intended for daily use for many reasons, and despite an overall appearance quite impressive, especially if you plan to take it with you on weekends or even on vacation, it turns out to be very handy as you go. as it is used. The gesture is well known and understood: after having previously brushed your hair (because it is obviously not detangling), arm yourself with the Dafni straightening brush and attack the least recalcitrant strands of your hair. The device, according to the instructions, takes a minute to heat up and its use is extremely easy.

In fact, it is ready to use in forty seconds. There, the temperature is self-regulating to 185 ° to allow you to achieve a smoothing that respects your hair and does not seek to denature it. Thus, the hair fiber does not burn: this is where one of the biggest differences from the conventional hair straightener lies. You are aware that traditional plates trap the hair to the point of literally burning it. As we have said, the heat-up time is optimal and saves you time in the morning or even during the day, if you feel that a touch-up is necessary. Also, given that the movement is as natural as possible, the days of the ugly hair clips to separate your hair are over: you simply brush it and get the desired effect.

The device is equipped with a completely innovative 3D technology that all products of this kind do not necessarily have: it therefore has many points of contact with the hair for a uniform and above all natural rendering. But rest assured: despite the displayed heat level and the effectiveness of the Dafni ceramic straightening brush, everything has been designed for your safety. You do not risk burning yourself as usual with a traditional iron. Before, it was sometimes necessary to insist on a wick: you take it while it is still hot and risk injuring yourself, or you had this reflex of wanting to hold the device more firmly at the level of the plates to insist on the smoothing effect.

Not to mention the ears that get hot … There, the problem is solved: the brush pins allow you to pass it through your hair and even touch your scalp without causing any pain. Finally, the brush prides itself on being suitable for all hair (unlike the many copies that are intended for a specific category of people): whatever your hair type, you can expect perfect straightening with this device.

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Advantages and disadvantages

In fact, users are unanimous and often paint a more mixed picture: those with curly or very wavy hair find that they become, an hour later and without necessarily having been exposed to humidity, quite frothy, and that the rendering is not the most beautiful effect. Some say that straight hair does not necessarily last as long as with a traditional straightener: again, it’s all about the type of hair. So you have to think carefully about this, especially since this model has a relatively high cost, depending on the site on which you buy it. This is the big black point of this device.

Despite this, it has undeniable advantages and above all constitutes an invaluable time-saver. Many users now only spend ten minutes straightening their hair, compared to forty previously! In addition, the brush does not burn or dry your hair: it does not provide a “rod” effect but leaves a very natural effect. The result is very flattering and allows you to obtain shiny, healthy hair.

Our opinion on the Dafni straightening brush

Ultimately, this smoothing brush remains a profitable investment for many users. You will certainly have to think twice before offering it to yourself, but if you have the right hair, it goes without saying that you will be convinced by the result. Once this criterion is passed, all you have to do is enjoy the benefits of this brush! In short, it is one of the best hairdressing products available on the market!

Want a natural and easy-to-achieve brushing? The Saint Algue  Demeliss Pro straightening brush  has been designed to satisfy your cravings for silky hair while offering you ease of use accessible even to straightening novices . Discover the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of this effective and protective hairstyle accessory.

Saint Algue  Demeliss Pro Straightening Brush

Presentation and characteristics

The Saint Algue straightening brush is a perfect ally for all of you who want to straighten your hair while maintaining a natural look. Practical and efficient, it will tame the most rebellious hair and adapt to beginners brushing. With its modern and feminine design, this straightening brush reveals an attractive appearance. Its golden brown color makes it an elegant object that will find its place in any bathroom.

With a power of 52 Watts, it offers a temperature between 160 and 210 ° . You can adjust this temperature according to the nature of your hair in steps of 10 °. The thicker your hair, the higher the temperature you will need to use. An LCD screen will allow you to know precisely the temperature of the device. A locking system will give you the ability to lock the temperature once you have reached the temperature you want.

The Saint Algue straightening brush detangles and straightens the hair simultaneously for a significant time saving . Its ceramic coating takes care of your hair to give you a silky texture and remarkable shine. The ionic function diffuses negative ions to eliminate frizz and give you a long-lasting effect. With its 66 heated pins, this brush is effective from the 1st pass.

Thanks to its long rotating cord of 2.5 meters, the Saint Algue styling brush offers great freedom of movement. Its comfortable ergonomics facilitate styling for exceptional speed of execution. Equipped with an on / off button, this brush also has an automatic shut-off function in the event of non-operation for an hour for optimum safety.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the strengths of this brush is undeniably its ceramic coating combined with the ionic function which offers a smooth and long-lasting smoothing. The technology of this device allows to keep an optimal volume for a natural effect, inaccessible with a classic straightener. Its ease of use is also a remarkable asset for this hair accessory. Brushing is done with a single tool in hand, which greatly simplifies the task. Even beginners can pull off all kinds of hairstyles!

Thanks to its adjustable temperature, we also appreciate that this heated brush is suitable for all types of hair. Fine hair can benefit from an ideal temperature of 160 to 180 °. Normal hair will be perfectly straightened with a temperature of 180 to 200 °. Finally, a temperature between 200 and 210 ° will overcome curly, frizzy, wavy and thick hair. Long or mid-length hair, this brush can be used on different lengths of hair.

You will also really like its long rotating cord which will give you great freedom in your movements. You won’t have to twist your wrist or stick to a small space for fear of pulling on the electrical wire. A not insignificant little extra, the velvet carrying case. You will be able to take this styling tool everywhere and restore your beauty in all circumstances . The dizzy will be seduced by the automatic shut-off function which is triggered after one hour of non-use.

You will probably also appreciate the suspension ring which allows you to have this brush always within reach in the bathroom. Finally, the quality / price ratio offered by this straightening brush will not displease you. The quality and technology offered by this hairdressing accessory is accessible to all budgets!

This brush, very practical for long and medium-length hair, is not very suitable for short hair. Likewise, it does not allow the hair to be straightened from the roots. This feature helps to maintain volume but implies that women with short cuts turn to another model of straightener . The weight of this brush (500 grams) can represent an embarrassment during prolonged use. The excellent ergonomics of the device, however, compensate for this lack of lightness.

Although this brush can detangle and straighten at the same time, which saves considerable time, it is only for use on dry hair. This specificity therefore involves two styling steps after shampooing. We would have appreciated a brush capable of drying and smoothing at the same time. Finally, we regret the absence of a “cold air” function which allows the hairstyle to be fixed and gives an even greater hold. However, the ionic function that eliminates static electricity and frizz provides long duration of straightening.

Our opinion on the Saint Algue Demeliss Pro straightening brush

The Saint Algue straightening brush is therefore a perfect accessory for all those who want to benefit from a natural brushing. Less aggressive than a traditional straightener, it will give your hair flexibility and shine. Its ceramic coating provides optimal protection for your hair. By combining quality and affordable price, Saint Algue offers a hairdressing accessory that is as effective as it is affordable.

The Babyliss HSB100E straightening brush is one of the most effective tools for anyone to style their hair well and have smooth hair without spending too much time on it. The efficiency of this heating and blowing brush facilitates styling and guarantees an impeccable result. This performance falls to it thanks to the technologies it embeds. Let’s find out what it offers.

Babyliss HSB100E Straightening Brush

Presentation and characteristics

The rectangular format of this Babyliss HSB100E ceramic straightening brush is a considerable plus that should not be overlooked. Indeed, this rectangular shape allows it to treat more or less thick locks. All parts of the brush work the same, so all strands taken will receive the same heat and treatment.

Thanks to this uniform operation of the brush at all levels, straightening a large mass of hair in a short time is feasible. This speed of smoothing for a most satisfactory result therefore characterizes this brush signed Babyliss.

The Babyliss 3D straightening brush is equipped with 3 kinds of pins. Combined together, these ceramic, silicone and plastic nubs offer impeccable smoothing. Each of these types of picot has specific functions that work together to quickly smooth out any mugs that are dealt with.

The 34 plastic pins are very rigid. They are located on the two extreme left and right sides of the flat brush. Each side has 17 pins installed along the length of the brush. They serve as a detangler and remove curls and tangles from strands. Normally, styling always begins with disentangling the hair, thus avoiding cutting or pulling it out.

The silicone pins are 50 in number and are delicately aligned on this flat brush. 12 of these silicone pins are implanted near those which are plastic (previously mentioned). These small rods play an important role in smoothing since they position the wicks as close as possible to the heating surface. They therefore promote the work of the heating pins which are ceramic. By their presence, the mugs slide easily and smoothly on the brush, while becoming smooth.

As for the ceramic pins, there are 42. These rods are the most important since it is they which ensure the smoothing itself. They are designed with ceramic.

It produces three categories of heat namely 200 ° C for the hottest, 180 ° C for the median and 160 ° C for the minimum. They are displayed on the small LED screen placed on the sleeve. The choice of temperature depends on the type of hair to be straightened . It is up to the user to adjust this temperature according to his needs.

The rendering obtained using this device is simply excellent. The hair is smooth, soft, shiny and natural, with no frizz or static electricity. This result is guaranteed by the ionic function with which it is provided. This ionic function serves as a beacon and prohibits frizz and static electricity that are often encountered on straightened hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Babyliss HSB100E straightening brush offers several advantages. Due to its performance, this model can be used by everyone, at home, while the smoothing obtained is worthy of the work of a professional hairdresser. Its handling is convenient, the person using it will not have to make any specific gesture or movement. Just take the strands and run them through the brush, like with classic styling, but only with a little more care.

Its rectangular shape grants a large surface area for smoothing. Thus, it is possible to take thick wicks. Smoothing becomes quick and easy. A single pass with the brush allows for a natural smoothing. It is therefore not necessary to insist several times on a wick. Straightened hair is shiny and looks natural.

The maximum temperature of 200 ° C may limit its use since some types of hair such as frizzy, or very dense curls sometimes require more heat. An additional temperature of 230 ° C would be welcome.

Our opinion on the Babyliss HSB100E straightening brush

To do a do-it-yourself straightening at home, this Babyliss HSB100E 3D straightening brush is the perfect model. Its compact and ergonomic design, its adjustable temperatures, and its delicately chosen and subtly installed pins characterize it, and are the guarantees of the quality of the smoothing that it is able to provide.

Are you looking for a professional-quality straightening brush that can tame and beautify your mane in just 3 minutes? The Madame Paris Glamor straightening brush is made for you! Let’s find out what the model elected best product of the year 2017 has to offer!

Madame Paris Glamor Straightening Brush

Presentation and characteristics

With many pins very close to each other, the Glamor straightening brush allows hair to be smoothed in record time for a neat finish and unparalleled shine. At the cutting edge of technical innovation, the pins that cover the brush are covered with ceramic with ionizing properties. The presence of negative ions cancels out the negative effect of positive ions present on the hair and optimizes the smoothing qualities and the natural shine of the hair.

The handle of the straightening brush has a high quality LCD display. This allows you to easily vary the heating temperature of the brush (between 120 ° C and 230 ° C), according to your needs. The chosen heating temperature is ideally suited to the type of hair concerned. If you have fine and fragile hair, you will opt for a heating temperature between 120 and 160 ° C (maximum) which will allow you to obtain successful straightening while preserving the quality of your hair.

If your hair is normal, a temperature between 170 and 200 ° C is ideal. And, finally, if you are lucky enough to sport a thick mane, a temperature between 210 and 230 ° C will allow you to obtain a perfect straightening. Rotating 360 °, the innovative handle of your smoothing brush facilitates the freedom of your movements and allows you to shape your smoothing like a professional.

The quality and speed of heating of this styling device make it the most powerful straightening brush available on the hairdressing market. High-end product rightly elected Product of the year 2017, the Madame Paris Glamor straightening brush will quickly become essential for your express beauty. The icing on the cake: for die-hard heads-in-the-air too easily distracted, the MadameParis straightening brush has an automatic shut-off function offering an always appreciable security guarantee that should not be neglected. After 30 minutes of inactivity, your smart brush systematically switches off and does not risk making you pay dearly for your inadvertence …

The automatic locking of this straightening brush prevents you from accidentally pressing the on / off button while holding the device and thus involuntarily increasing or decreasing the correct heating temperature that you had initially chosen. to perform your smoothing. To further facilitate your straightening, the Glamor straightening brush also has a flexible cord measuring 1.90m. Very easy to handle, there is no risk of tangling on itself or of hampering your smoothing work.

Operating your brush is a snap. All you have to do is plug it in and press the dedicated button (on / off) to turn it on, then set the desired temperature (depending on the type of hair concerned) using the LCD screen. After locking the buttons and waiting 1 minute until your brush reaches the desired temperature, all you have to do is run the brush through your hair, as you would with a conventional brush … And voila !

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Advantages and disadvantages

The great lightness of this straightening brush (400g) makes it always handy and easy to use, for your greatest comfort. Made from quality materials, optimized by advanced technology and increased styling power, the Glamor brush is nonetheless accessible on the purchase price side and remains one of the most efficient available on the hair styling market. hairdressing.

Available in white (black and purple dots), the Madame Paris Glamor straightening brush is suitable for all hair types. It is presented in a designer box containing two hair clips, a “keepy” (manicure accessory), a satin fabric storage pouch and a detailed and complete manual in French.

It is very difficult to find drawbacks to this styling jewel with undeniable qualities which signify a very effective and high quality product … But, by looking carefully, there is in spite of everything one aspect on which a small reservation can be made: this brush straightening is used exclusively on very dry hair.

For an optimal smoothing effect, with a silky and shiny appearance to perfection, do not forget to proceed with your smoothing work on previously dried hair, you will thus avoid any risk of damaging your precious hair!

Our opinion on the Madame Paris Glamor straightening brush

Thanks to the Glamor straightening brush, you will be able to perform a complete straightening of your hair in 3 to 5 minutes and obtain a perfect result of professional quality without risk. Your Glamor brush will allow you to touch up or refresh your brushing, whenever you deem it necessary!