Bhringaraj, an Ayurvedic Powder With Many Virtues


Hello, hello When I switched to organic, I started with the “no poo”. This trend was heard in all mouths and that’s when I learned of the existence of Ayurvedic powders. From ayurveda, the traditional medicine of the Indians by plants, Ayurvedic powders immediately made me of the eye. I saw girls posting pictures of their hair and I was wahouuu! Some used color powders, their hair color was really pretty! Others used care powders like Ayurvedic powders and seeing their hair so healthy made me jealous. No forks, long hair, I see it as the Holy Grail! Nevertheless, I had started with what I had on hand: eggs. So it has nothing to do with it!
When I also see the hair of the Indians themselves, very black, very bright, very thick, so long, it makes me totally dream! Unfortunately for me, my hair happens to suffer from my health and my pressure lifestyle. So when I was offered to help me recover from my hair loss and regain healthy hair, I agreed.

bhringaraj ma planète beauté


Brhingaraj is therefore an Ayurvedic powder with many virtues. My Beauty Planet says it promotes hair growth, fights hair loss, makes it denser and so on!

Bhringaraj can be used in a number of ways. Either in a skincare mask by making a “paste”, in shampoo (paste also), in tonic lotion anti-fall or after-shampooing, or in care oil for dark hair.


I used this powder in a skincare mask. To make a paste, just pour a little hot water over the powder and toss. It’s as simple as that. SAUF THAT, bhringaraj tends to dry out the hair. Thus, it should not be applied as is on your hair but with a moisturizing countervailing agent such as honey, aloe vera or glycerin. I used it sometimes with honey, sometimes with aloe vera but always overhanging with a little coconut oil. My preference turned to honey because I feel like it makes up for it more, but it all depends on you and your hair type.


I put about 2 tablespoons of bhringaraj, a little hot water and I compensate with honey and a little coconut oil (I avoid putting too much because I always had a lot of trouble removing oil from my hair!). The water should be adjusted according to the consistency of the dough. It must not be too thick or too dry otherwise you will struggle to apply it! yes, it smells like a living experience!

I let the mask lay about 3 hours, the hair in a charlotte and with a towel over it in addition for the heat. You can leave it much less than that if you can’t stand it but you have to at least leave it for an hour.
I start by putting some on my roots by doing a scalp massage at the same time. This helps stimulate hair growth. I then apply some on my tips and I put the rest on my lengths.

Quite honestly, I tested it once in shampoo, it was the big disaster! This thing is just impossible to rinse! I had sticky hair, full of residue and I had to put it back on the next day. So it’s much easier in a mask because from my point of view, it goes much better with honey.

I rinse it with a hazelnut shampoo (to really remove all the residue). And then I apply my aftershampoo. I use Lavera’s rose range for dry and damaged hair. I’ll tell you about it later.


The result is mixed and countered in particular by my seborrheic dermatitis that occasionally points to the tip of his nose. My stress resumes with my studies, long live the back to school! And autumn means more important hair loss.
Since I treated my seborrheic dermatitis, my hair loss has been moderate or even normal. I have been using bhringaraj since July in a mask once a week. I don’t see any difference in the growth of my hair and the fact that I make it denser simply because I will not find in 2 months all the lengths I have lost over the weeks. In addition, I try to cut them relatively often (a few millimetres or centimeters) to cut my forks before they come up and destroy all of my hair. I cut them another centimetre and a half last week.

But what is obvious is that my hair has regained a certain thickness. They had become so fine as a result of all these problems. Today I found much thicker spikes. And that’s how I want it to stay that way! They have completely changed in a few months due to my organic and natural care.

My mom told me that the hair on my head is really nice and denser and that it takes time for it to grow back. On the other hand she hates my lengths (these are “old” hair).
My aunt, whom I hadn’t seen in some time, said to me“we see the change outright! Your spikes have changed, they are much thicker!”

However, a few days ago I suffered a hair loss when I washed it (a tuft fell down my legs, others fell like that…), it put me in all my states. Is it autumn too? I showed the “post-shower” photos of the hair I lost to my friends, to my entourage and on facebook groups, I was told not to worry, it’s not so awful either… However, you really have to keep in mind that I don’t have a healthy lifestyle (stress and pressure) and that my body makes me understand it (psoriasis, stomach aches etc). Hair is something, it touches the physical, it boosts the morale to see all this! So it’s a vicious circle in which I’m stuck: the more I see my hair fall out, the more I stress, the more it falls.
So I have to calm down myself to help my hair recover. It is up to me not to flout the effects of care by learning to manage my stress and social pressure. In the meantime, since February/March, all this care has done me the greatest good! The bhringaraj makes me want to discover other Ayurvedic powders…