Braun Epilator Silk 9 – Test and Review

Aesthetics is an area of beauty that is developing more and more, probably because as time passes, people pay more attention to their appearance. But what we notice today is that beauty appliances for personal use are more successful than beauty salons. As proof, the Braun Epilator Silk 9 is of particular interest to consumers and many of them want to be fixed on its effectiveness and characteristics. This article finds its place. Here, the advantages and limitations of this device are presented with clarity and detail. So find out in the following lines!

Is Braun Epilator Silk 9 Skin Spa recommended for the 4-in-1 Epil?

Obviously! The Braun Epilator Silk 9 is the hair removal kit you need to overcome a strong hairiness in the long term. The highlight of the latter is that it does not require any particular expertise to be used. It is very easy to use and its design reveals a very attractive design. Also, it’s a portable gadget that you can easily take with you anywhere because of its minimal footprint. You don’t need to ask yourself about its reliability, as it is 100% confirmed. Moreover, a plethora of accessories accompanies it to ensure its function 4 in 1: hair removal, exfoliation, massage and relaxation. This high-end device is far from disappointing. On the contrary, it gives you the guarantee of finding a smooth, ultra soft skin and free of all impurities as soon as possible.

Braun Epilator Silk 9 Skin Spa’s “strengths” and “limits”

  • Easy handling
  • Aesthetic and comfortable design
  • Several accessories provided
  • Function 4 in 1
  • Ultra-discreet package
  • Guaranteed efficiency
  • Wet and Dry System
  • Very high price

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I’m an accounting consultant and on weekdays like weekends, I don’t have enough time to spend a beauty in an institute. So I preferred to get personal use devices, in order to take care of my body, especially my skin myself. The Braun Silk-epil 9 epilator was one of the best aesthetic choices I could make. I usually use it during the bath and once I get out, I feel really beautiful and fit. Since I use it, finish the ingrown hairs, the rough areas on my face and body. I also recommended it to my companion who has a strong hair and he enjoyed it very much. I didn’t think I had to say it, but the Braun brand really won my heart with this quick hair removal kit.

Easy handling

Using this hair removal device won’t give you a hard time. In reality, it is a device that is not complicated to use. Given its simplistic design and uncomplicated manual, the user does not have much effort to make to use it. Note that it is an automatic device that uses a rechargeable battery. So all you have to do is mount the accessory that performs the function you need right now and get the device started.

Moreover, you will undoubtedly appreciate its 40-minute battery life which gives you the opportunity to pamper your body while dialling your hair at will. This epilator has 2 speeds. Then you can activate either the slow mode if you have sensitive skin or the speed mode if you have long, rebellious hairs.

Aesthetic and comfortable design

Braun has put together the Braun Epilator Silk 9 with a particularly sleek design. Yes, it is known that the brand does not do in lace when it comes to designing beauty appliances that are themselves very pleasing to the eye. As a result, Braun has covered this epilator with a satiny white color that gives it a luxurious yet understated appearance. But the designer not only bet big on appearance, but also on touch.

At the handle, a non-slip material ensures an ergonomic and comfortable grip. A few fine sequins enhance the aesthetics of this gadget with great finesse, which reflects although there was a great care that was brought during design. The beautiful design of this device can also be seen in the level of its accessories. Indeed, they have precise finishes and marked curves. In short, Braun really put the package on this product.

Several accessories provided

Braun Epilator Silk

The Braun Epilator Silk 9 epilator is a complete kit that includes several accessories that fill different roles. Described in this way, you might think it’s a bulky set of parts, but no, be sure. Just to give you an idea of what you will find in the cardboard of this advanced epilator, we can mention among other things its main hair removal head and its shaving head that are effective to overcome hairs at the torso, armpits, legs and arms. Also, this epilator is accompanied bya gentle exfoliating brush that adapts to the face especially to cleanse the skin thoroughly but with the utmost softness. You’ll also find in its package an exfoliating brush, a revitalizing massaging head, a face accessory and the sheathing accessory that is compatible with the shaving head.

Function 4 in 1

The Braun Epilator Silk 9 is a base epilator, but it’s not the only function it performs. In fact, it is a beauty kit that guarantees well-being and care to your body. Given the plurality of its accessories, this 4 in 1 device is also ideal for relaxation, exfoliation and local massage. Its versatile structure and efficient operating system ensure the success of your beauty treatment, although carried out at home. From your face to the legs to the torso, this hair removal kit tones your derm, erases dead skin and removes hair and facial imperfections. It’s a great way to offer you luxury beauty treatments for free at home; no need to have a fortune, no need to resort to an expert in the matter, everything is done instantly, just by pressing his start button.

Ultra-discreet package

Braun Epilator Silk

When you want to put a product on the market, you have to make sure to perfect the details such as its presentation, its format and even its weight depending on the type. For the Braun Epilator Silk 9, the brand rightly opted for an ultra slim package. Indeed, it is certainly a product that comes in kit, since the epilator is accompanied by several accessories, but rest assured, it does not present any clutter. As it comes with its accessories in a stylish pouch, it is easy to take away on the go. So don’t make a blood of ink when it comes time to travel, because the discreet format of this Braun epilator allows it to be small in your business. This is not only true for travel, but also for city outings. Why not, for example, take it with you as a prelude to a romantic evening? It will certainly do you a lot of good.

Guaranteed efficiency

Tired of using razors that are only effective after three or four passes in the same place? Don’t put your body through this torment! With this innovative Braun epilator, you can now avoid this mandatory passage. It is equipped with a hair removal head that incorporates MicroGrip technology which in turn consists of several discs with a total of 40 tweezers. These have been designed with the utmost precision to extract hair easily and instantly. Moreover, the hair removal head of this gadget has a diameter 40% larger than previous versions. This is a detail worth coming out, since it reassures that it removes a lot more hair in a single pass.

Hair removal with Braun Epilator Silk 9 Skin Spa does not cause any pain. On the contrary, it is a moment of relaxation that everyone should offer themselves without hesitation. In fact, its high-frequency massage system helps to reduce the feeling of hair removal. As a result, once the device is turned on, vibration pulses soften the area to be waxed and create a pleasant sensation. This is not to mention its swivel hair removal head that perfectly follows every curve of your body for surgical precision during hair removal.

Wet and Dry System

Braun Epilator Silk

Men and women like to wax, in order to have a smooth skin and conducive to caresses of any kind. However, this will put unsuitable conditions on you if you use a rudimentary method such as a razor for example. With this object, your skin should be dry or slightly moistened, and it should be taken with the utmost gentleness. On the other hand, the Braun Silk-epil 9 has a Wet and Dry system that you will greatly appreciate. In fact, it is a special feature that allows this product to be used on both moist and dry skin. Yes, with this latest-generation epilator,you can shave serenely in the shower, in the bathtub or simply on your couch.

It is an off-road epilator that complies with your requirements at all times. So if you can’t stand the edge of a razor on your dry skin, this device of a different kind will make you enjoy a nice feeling of softness when you wax during the bath. In addition, its Wet and Dry system allows it to be used anywhere and for any part of the body.

Very high price

Braun Epilator Silk

The high cost of a device can significantly reduce its sales success. In fact, most products sold in commercial spaces have this big limit. Finally, one wonders what is the point of putting together a gadget that could interest the general public and then selling it at an unaffordable price for most targets. It’s downright paradoxical.

Note, however, that this epilator is a device of the famous Braun brand. This label is no longer at a stage where it still has to seduce buyers. On the contrary, it has achieved such a reputation that at the mere sight of its logo on a product, it is a reliable guarantee for many. But what is still misunderstood is why this brand does not make this gadget, if not its products in general, accessible to the small social class. Everyone knows it’s easy to run to buy a device from a well-known brand, rather than rushing for a no name device. It is then very disappointing that Braun decides to put this epilator of very good quality at a selling price that could only be suitable for a few buyers.

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