Caramel locks for men: our advice on this trend

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Locks are most often associated with blonde hair, but they are not reserved exclusively for blondes and women! Moreover, even men are now starting to adopt locks and in particular the trend of caramel locks for men. Enough to highlight their virility with style and elegance!
Indeed, a few lighter strands strategically placed on a brown hair can bring light and a sober but elegant trendy side, adding dimension and visual interest to an otherwise united brown color.
This is the whole point of caramel locks for men, more subtle than blonde locks but all as trendy.
In the following, we will tell you about points to know about caramel locks for men, and bring you some tips to adopt them well!

Who popularized caramel wicks for men?

Caramel locks are no longer just for women! Changing the color of your hair is now possible to look more trendy and neat. So, if you want to adopt this coloring but you do not know where to start, know that among the celebrities who popularized caramel locks, Elwis Presley was certainly the precursor.
Now popularized on social networks such as Instagram but also on the red carpets during the various shows, the caramel wick for men is increasingly seducing men of all ages and professions.
To give you some ideas of the result of caramel locks for men we have selected inspirations in the image below:

Inspirations of caramel wicks for men

To help you take the step of caramel locks for men here are some inspirations in pictures that will give you an idea of the rendering that it can have:

Caramel locks for men

This first image shows you how subtle and sober caramel locks can be. Ideal if you want a trendy cut without falling into something too eccentric.

Here the shade pulls a little more on the copper and brings warmth to the hair in general.

Description: Coloration caramel

This time we are on a shade between blonde and caramel. The result is very subtle if you have brown hair and will therefore perfectly match your goal if you want a slightly lighter hair without falling into blonde.

Caramel locks for men

Here we find a result quite close to our first photo with scattered locks, subtle for a completely natural and trendy rendering.

Caramel locks for men

This time the strands are lighter and almost pull on the blonde at the tips. However, the result remains very natural and is close to the natural effect of the sun on the hair.

Caramel locks for men

In this image we can see how caramel locks for men can illuminate the face and bring more depth to the hair.

Caramel locks for men

This last inspiration of caramel locks for men shows that you can restrict yourself to certain areas of the hair, here on the front, without losing naturalness and sobriety.

What are the advantages of caramel locks for men?

Adopting caramel locks for men is a quick and effective way to look young and trendy without it being “bad kind” because it is a more sober type of coloring than blonde locks.
The other great advantage of caramel wicks for men is indeed their subtlety and sobriety. On brown or chestnut hair, caramel locks simply recall the natural lightening effect of the sun on the hair. You will look like you are coming back from vacation even in the middle of winter. As a result, you will generally look better and your face will be brighter.<

Permanent coloring, things to know before adopting caramel locks for men

Do you want to make caramel locks for men or simply color all your hair? Permanent coloring can meet your desire. We will explain how permanent coloring works and how you will need to maintain your hair after that.

How permanent staining works

Each hair fiber in your hair has a protective outer layer called the “cuticle,” which covers the inner parts of your hair where the pigment is located. In order to change the color of your hair, you need to pass the cuticle and manipulate this inner layer that contains the pigment.
Hair coloring treatments start by using ammonia to increase pH. This “relaxes” the cuticle, lifting it to allow access to the inner layers of your hair. Next comes peroxide,which breaks down your natural color pigment into the inner layers and makes room for the new color pigment.
Once the color is applied, it is locked with a complete rinse with water.

Which brand of coloring products to choose for men?

If you are wondering if you can use a coloring brand designed for women while you are a man, know that yes, you can use it without any problem. There is no difference between the hair color of women and men, at least not in the chemicals used.
The basic content and composition of the two colors remain the same. They really differ only in shades of color, although women may have more variety.

How much does a permanent coloring for men cost?

It depends on the salon, the service and the stylist. Some hairdressers offer a wide variety of different coloring options, from beard coloring to lock coloring, which will allow you to make all the difference.
For simple locks for men count between 50 € and 70 € depending on the hairdressers on average.
If you want to avoid using a professional hairdresser because of the price, keep this in mind: even if it is a certain expense for a quality hairdresser, it will cost you less than ending up with a failed coloring that can cost you even more.

How often will you need to do your retouching?

Caring for dyed hair is a more demanding lifestyle. Once you’ve reached the desired color, you’ll need to do touch-ups every 5-10 weeks depending on how contrast your natural color is with your new color. You’ll also need to invest in products to prevent your color from fading.

Also consider a sweep rather than men’s caramel locks

Compared to traditional reflections achieve by placing strands of hair covered with dye in aluminum, sweeping is a hand coloring technique, much freer that works particularly well on dark hair.
As it is carried out “by hand”, this creates a much more natural and therefore more subtle final result.
Brown hair sweeping is a particularly effective way to capitalize on one of the major trends in hair color even for men. It’s almost like a contouring for your hair, bringing out lighter caramel strands, while still looking soft and natural.

How to maintain caramel wicks for men?

Maintaining your men’s caramel locks is essential to keep your new shade perfect and consistent in the long run. To do this, we recommend some tips below.

Blue shampoo, the best ally of caramel locks for men

Among the interviews you can do on your caramel locks for men the blue shampoo is certainly a must. No matter how you end up lightening your brown base, there’s a risk of ending up with an unwanted coppery appearance in the long run.
Your best bet to keep your new color is to incorporate a blue shampoo or conditioner into your hair product routine. A blue or purple shampoo will prevent your hair from turning yellow and retain all the beauty of your caramel locks for men.

What is the role of blue shampoo?

Blue or purple shampoo has the ability to neutralize unwanted red and yellow tones. If you’re wondering how this is possible, think of the color wheel hanging on the wall of your school’s art room. On this wheel, the blue falls directly in front of the orange, which means that it will cancel or neutralize the warmer orange.

How to use blue shampoo to maintain caramel locks for men?

Blue shampoo can be used on a weekly basis to keep your locks fresh and glowing. Feel free to speak with your hairdresser to see what he or she suggests. Also know that it is the best option for caramel locks for men for two reasons: first because it is hyper effective and second because many men do not like to spend time making hair masks. Using a blue or purple shampoo will only require you to change your usual shampoo, without any extra effort and it will not require more time on a daily basis. Convenient, isn’t it?

Any other tips to better maintain your caramel locks?

All hair that is colored is naturally more fragile and prone to damage. Feel free to use a moisturizing oil once a week to give your locks, especially the more britt ends, a high dose of hydration. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your hairdresser after 2 or 3 months to have perfectly maintained hair!
As the men’s hair coloring industry continues to grow, it has been found that men have become more demanding about the products they use. It must be believed that men are more and more in search of perfection especially with regard to the coloring and maintenance of their hair. This has allowed stylists and hairdressers to excel in their profession while increasingly turning to a male clientele.

More and more men are taking the step of the wicks

If you hesitate to adopt caramel locks for men then rest assured, you can take the plunge with peace of mind: you are not alone.
Men are increasingly inclined to adopt coloring and other cutting techniques that were previously quite anecdotal in everyday men.
According to the latest market research, the global hair care products industry is expected to reach a value of nearly €58 billion. This represents an impressive 18% increase over the market 10 years ago. One of the main drivers of this rapid growth is the growing engagement of men in the industry. In particular, men’s hair coloring is a growing sector.
According to multi-sponsor surveys, the percentage of men dyeing their hair is on the rise, from 2% in 1999 to 7% in 2010. For older men, the figure rises even more, with 11% of those between the ages of 50 and 64 confirming that they color their hair. And since the trend is that even young men color their hair, it must be believed that currently, the hair industry represents a significant share among men.

Alternatives to caramel locks for men: what other colors to choose?

If you have decided to color your hair, know that the choice of color for your locks remains both fun but also difficult. So, to accompany you here are some points that you will have to take into account when choosing your color, especially if you want to bet on a color that highlights your virility!
The best way to choose a hair color is to consider what suits your overall style. Skin tone and coloration are clues, but a good colorist can help you get a variety of shades.
This can change with the seasons and current trends. Usually, golden blonde is a good option if you have brown or brown hair. Indeed, it brings clarity but without being cold. Guaranteed effect: everyone will want to put their hand in your hair!
Apart from golden blonde usually ashy tones, cold browns, chestnuts, caramel and chocolate work well on men.
Now that you know everything there is to know about men’s caramel locks, it will be much easier for you to make a decision if you want to wear a new look.