Chanel Bleu Review

Everyone knows that the smell of a man in passing clearly determines the impression he leaves behind, even if many of you will try to convince yourself otherwise. It is for this reason that many men’s perfumes are in the image of these, very manly. Those who know it always have a secret fragrance placed somewhere in their cupboard, usually chosen on the basis of the duration of its effect on the body, its size and the fame of its perfumer. So you do well to stop on this article if you are looking for a long-lasting fragrance. I propose the Bleu of chanel, which I used for a long time before I decide to come and share with you my experience with this Bleu chanel fragrance. It is a perfume that I am sure will please all men.

Is chanel Bleu fragrance recommended?

Yes, this Bleu chanel fragrance is highly recommended. It is a fragrance that combines both softness and virility, and allows any user to seduce and feel sexy when wearing this scent. In a beautiful navy blue bottle,this fragrance mixes deep and woody chords, with vetiver compositions, which bring sensuality. This Bleu chanel fragrance water is a reflection of elegance, a praise of men’s freedom. It is part of the aromatic woody, and opens with fresh citrus notes, making it a sparkling attack that lasts about fifteen minutes. It fits easily all day, and even over several days, on clothes, it is a fragrance that remains luxurious and very successful, suitable for both men and women, and can be worn at any age.

The “PRO” and “CON” reviews of the Bleu chanel fragrance


  • A best-selling fragrance
  • Solid and elegant bottle
  • High-quality perfume
  • An enigmatic product
  • a chic and distinguished fragrance


  • Cost very expensive

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Chanel Blue Review

Chanel is one of my favorite brands, and has been since I was old enough to buy them. Over time, I’ve enjoyed wearing coconut, luck and the like, but my all-time favorite is undeniably the blue of chanel. It is a perfume that has marked some of the moment of my life, and that is why I really wanted to tell you about this special perfume man. Even if I admit it, my wife puts it in from time to time, and I find no problem. I’m a salesman in a computer store and I walk all day to go from office to office looking for new customers. You can imagine in the middle of summer, how much I can sweat from walking all day. Well, the surprise is that after all this sweating, the smell of my chanel put since the morning is always present.

A best-selling fragrance

There are many versions of perfume and scent on the market, but the chanel Bleu perfume excels among consumers. It is indeed one of the few perfumes that manages to please the greatest number, not forgetting to have a strong personality. It has been one of the favourite perfumes of the French since its release in 2010. A logical success besides, because chanel has managed to find the perfect balance between a perfume that pleases everyone, but which also has a strong personality, it is perfume very well known and very popular by all, in the market place we can see that it is one of the best-selling men’s perfumes of the perfume shelves.

It’s a perfume that has really grown, to the point where some women are also getting started and are already starting to use it. I think this success is also due to the quality of the perfume, as well as its very reasonable price. The idea of this builder is quite simple and effective, but the work to find this balance must have been a real headache for him, but that in the end, managed to create a real masterpiece. It is a perfume filled with mystery, which allows it to be interpreted in a thousand and one way by consumers, it may also explain its great success with consumers.

Solid and elegant bottle

Chanel Blue Review

The particularity of this chanel perfume water also lies in the design of its bottle, which is quite robust and solid. It is also very compact and easily transportable, although it is a bit thick its however have an excessive weight. The blue chanel bottle has a clean, squared, massive shape,with a color not very light, neither blue, nor gray, nor black. This color of bottle attracts the curiosity of many consumers, it is a mystery that allows users to approach the product and then be conquered by its good scent. Indeed, the bottle is too blue to be black, and too black to be blue, a manly color, elegant and can be interpreted differently park each.

This color perfectly represents the fragrance that suits everyone, but perhaps not for the same reasons. It has a protective cap well adapted for a secure closure of your perfume, so that a child can not easily unclog it, and waste your product. This cap is round in shape, and black in color, plus for easy use, it is magnetized. Very compact, you can bring it everywhere, when you move for small walks, or small trips, to smell good every day. The manufacturer’s inscriptions are shown roughly on the middle of one of the sides of the bottle, in silver grey color, so that you can not go wrong with perfume, as it is chanel that you are looking for.

High-quality perfume

In general, when we hear about a chanel product, we do not hesitate to buy it, because we know very well right away that it is a good quality product. This is always the case, with this chanel perfume, which attracts consumers just from its name. It is a perfume that really has nothing to envy to others, a perfume for strong and sweet man at the same time, for a long-lasting outfit, all day long. If you also think like me that this perfume makes from the high end, well you are not wrong. It is more than just a perfume this chanel, it is also a male perfume water has an olfactory signature even more radical to produce a little greater self-assertion than usual.

When you wear this chanel fragrance, you feel a natural freshness all day long, and you are more comfortable in all your movements, no matter what work you do. In its amber notes, you will also find a voluptuousness and sensuality unparalleled. Its smell or scent attracts miles away, and you can’t walk into a room wearing this scent without anyone noticing your presence. The chanel manufacturer leaves the high ranks, and surprises in many ways, with this chanel perfume water, a very enigmatic blue.

An enigmatic product

The chanel manufacturer really did not do in lace, taking out this perfume with such a good scent and at the same time difficult to understand. It is perhaps not for nothing that it was designed especially for men, who are virile and imposing in nature, it fits them perfectly. This is why many consumers have called this perfume water enigmatic, because it is really difficult to understand. The most important word that comes to mind is balance, it is a word that fits perfectly. It is not a neutral and boring balance, but rather a bold balance, which goes far on either side of the scale.

Indeed, chanel Bleu is an extremely fresh fragrance, thanks to its citrus and pink berry chords integrated. Moreover, manly and mysterious also thanks to incense, ginger and sandalwood and energy by its votes of grapefruit and dry cedar, a whole well thought out mixture to make this fragrance all its sweetness and mystery at the same time. This manufacturer has succeeded in being all this at once, an almost perfect blend, which gives this perfume water all the success it shows to consumers. We can therefore conclude that it is through all these successful blends that he has been able to be loved by so many men, especially since it allows everyone to find what he likes in a perfume.

  A chic and distinguished fragrance

This chanel perfume water holds all its power from a simple and unique composition, which appeals to many floral notes, but does not recall any. It is a fragrance made of a delicious blend of citrus essences,peppermint, ginger, pink berries and jasmine. The chanel Bleu perfume water also coats the skin of all its consumers, an incredible aura that embalms your daily life, accompanied by a sweet thrill of the unknown. It is a chic and distinguished fragrance, which was awarded the award for the best perfume in 2011, only because it brought together all the olfactory ingredients necessary to please both men and women. Because it must be said, women also like chanel Bleu, and when they don’t give it as a gift to their husbands, they use it themselves.

It must be said that it is a perfume water that, when worn on the body, is able to seduce and bewitch. By being part of the shelves of the great perfumeries, this composition with aromatic and fresh notes has met with great success with the men’ gente. With this woody and musky touch, which brings elegance and depth to the scents, chanel Bleu perfume water is an ideal fragrance for men who refuse uniformity and who free themselves from all code, independence and determination are its watchwords.

Cost very expensive

The moment that everyone was certainly waiting for, the price of the blue chanel perfume. And as one might expect, it is not within the reach of all scholarships, unfortunately. If you want to benefit from this good, long-lasting smell, you will have to prepare yourself financially. The manufacturer used the best ingredients to make this perfume and may have been forced to put it up for sale at such a high price, in order to cover the costs of the composition. There is no denying it, it is a high-end perfume, which many consumers, both male and female, would like to own, but for want of a limited average, only the well-off have the right to do so. This is one of the reasons why I still confirm the effectiveness of this perfume, because despite being sold at a high price, it is still among the best-selling perfumes nowadays.

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