Comparison of the best henna in 2021

Looking for a natural coloring for your hair without assaulting it? Henna is the solution to color your hair and strands while nourishing it. Formulated without chemical additives such as paraben, peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol, it is ideal for all types of hair. The nutrients and natural conditioner components it abounds in moisturize and nourish the hair and scalp for a soft and shiny result and a natural color.

To be able to enjoy its many advantages, however, it is important to make the right choice in front of the different products offered on the market. Product quality, expiry date, or composition are all criteria to take into account in your choice.

To help you, here is a selection of the 4 best henna in 2021. We also bring all the information you need to know for a better choice.

Comparative table of the best henna in 2021

Henna color natural copper: quality at the top

Henna Color Powder Dye Natural Copper 100g

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  • 100% natural
  • Color of natural and bright coloring


  • Difficult to apply

This coloring based on natural ingredients will allow you to obtain beautiful orange red colors while bringing protection and shine to your hair.

The result is adjustable according to the exposure time. The longer it stays on your hair, the more important the intensity of the color will be. If you are looking for reflections, it is advisable to leave it 30 minutes at 2 hours.

Sold as a 100g powder,this henna color is easy to apply. You just need to pour the sachet into a container, and mix it with hot water until a smooth paste is obtained. The dye present in the tannin will attach to your hair to revive its color and bring nuanced reflections.

Natural copper color henna is particularly appreciated for its abilities to bring shine and suppleness to your hair, while strengthening its roots. The hair keeps the color for a long time, while regaining a better shape.

Comes in a package of 14.4 x 9 x 3.6 cm, you can easily slip it into your purse when you travel for hair always on top.

1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye: the best quality/ price ratio

1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color / Dye – 150 Grams – Henna for Hair, Natural Hair Color – Chemical Free Hair Color – The Henna Guys

  • This bundle includes pure henna powder and indigo powder, as well as natural herbs such as amla powder, false daisy powder, and neem powder.
  • There are no fillers, dilutions, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, or additives. The Most Expensive Premium Grade Best Price : Powder, 5.30 oz Packed in a large aluminum foil bag with an airtight seal for the longest shelf life possible.
  • For a two-step application process, one pack contains 100 grams of dark brown henna and 50 grams of pure henna. Please remember:
  • This Henna Shade combination is designed to hide gray hair in a Brown/Dark Brown color. Change the color of your hair from light to dark brown.
  • This product will not lighten dark hair, and it will not work on black hair.

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  • Well covering
  • Pleasant color
  • Nice texture to use


  • Packaging to be improved
  • Contains Sodium Picramate

Henna, indigo, amla, fake daisy, red clay, hibiscus powder, and other organic components are used to create all of our hues. For the best non-clumpy pastes, we use the highest quality ingredients and triple sift powders. To get the best results, we make sure that each component is fresh.

There are many brands of henna or natural hair dyes available, but we value quality and honesty in all we do. You might believe that all henna is the same, so what difference does it make if you choose one over the other? However, it makes a significant difference and completely decides the outcome of each application.

SURYA Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream

SURYA Brasil Henna Dark Brown Cream

  • The coloring cream “Henna Color” Brown is a semi-permanent coloring enriched…
  • Without oxidant, without ammonia, without PPD, without resorcin, without heavy metals, without…
  • Respects the hair fiber- does not involve any discoloration – does not allow…

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  • Does not irritate the scalp.
  • Easily applies.
  • Perfectly covers the roots and white hair
  • The hair is soft and smells divinely good


  • A somewhat long list of ingredients. Less healthy than a classic henna

This cream without ammonia or oxidant adds intense reflections to your hair. Natural, colored or permanent, it is suitable for all types of hair. Henna color brown is particularly appreciated for its practical use and natural effect.

Ready to use, the Brown Henna comes with a clear mode of use. It is enough to shake the vial and apply the product. An average exposure time (variable depending on the nature of the hair) of only 30 to 40 minutes can be enough to have the expected result.

With a volume of 540 Millimeters, henna Color Brown comes with gloves, and its container with a precise tip ensures excellent comfort of use. All in a box of 10 x 10 x 10 cm.

The hair gains in shine and suppleness with a slight reflection for those that are darker than the product, and clearly coppery for white or gray hair for a very pleasant strand effect. Its outfit is 4 to 5 shampoos, and it leaves a sweet pleasant scent on your hair.

Reshma Beauty 30 Minute Henna Hair Color Infused with Goodness of Herbs

Reshma Beauty 30 Minute Henna Hair Color Infused with Goodness of Herbs

Reshma Beauty 30 Minute Henna Hair Color Infused with Goodness of Herbs


  • Good product to serve as a self-tanner and as a skin care
  • Color adjustable according to the break time for the hair
  • Nourishes the hair


  • Has trouble taking on certain types of hair

Henna coats the hair shaft, enhancing fullness and protecting hair, so it can color and condition at the same time. It gives lighter hair a brilliant color, makes darker hair softer and richer, seals in moisture to cover gray hairs, and makes hair thicker, stronger, shinier, and glossy.

Biological :Henna powder made from 100 percent organic henna gives hair natural color, gloss, and conditioning.
30 Minutes to Say Goodbye to Grey Hair Henna covers grey hair entirely and can last up to 6 weeks. It’s a gentle approach to color because it’s devoid of ammonia, peroxide, alcohol, and parabens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of henna coloring?

Henna coloring offers many advantages.

First of all, the fact that it is usually 98% to 100% natural guarantees a coloring that does not distort your hair.

The natural components are chosen to nourish the hair and strengthen the roots while bringing a beautiful shine to the hair.

Henna offers a natural effect that does not dread regrowth,and some products offer acoloring that lasts several months.

What are the disadvantages of henna?

The result is variable depending on the exposure time, and if you have trouble finding the desired color, you must wait a few months before starting again or opting for a chemical coloring.

By the way, it is sometimes difficult to cover thick white hair. Even after two applications, it happens that the tincture disgorges into just 2 or 3 shampoos.

Finally, be aware that even if henna covers gray hair, there are shades. If all your hair is gray, the result will be the same as with discolored hair

Should henna be applied to wet or dry hair?

Dry or wet hair, the result will be the same. However, an application on wet hair is more convenient. Not only will you have easier to better dose the product, and to apply it on your hair.

In addition, rinsing will also be easier.

For what type of hair is henna intended?

Henna is suitable for all types of hair. However, if you have recently applied chemicals that make your hair fragile such as coloring or straightening, wait until their effects dissipate. This could have serious consequences not only on the rendering, but also on the quality of your hair that may be damaged.

In addition, know that if you want to lighten your hair, henna is to be avoided. It is a product that colors and gives shades.

How to dye hair with henna?

Make sure you have at least two hours if you plan to dye your hair with henna. This is the minimum time required for the preparation, application, and fixation of henna on the hair.

The application is simple, you just need to follow these steps:

  • In a wooden or plastic container, mix the henna powder with water. If you have short hair, use 100g of henna. For hair that protrude beyond the shoulders, at least 200g is required.
  • Work the dough until you get a smooth chocolate-like texture in a cup
  • Bring plastic gloves, and apply henna from the scalp to the ends of your hair
  • Allow an hour or two hours of time to let the product act, depending on the desired result
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly with water and shampoo preferably without chemicals.
  • Do not forget to apply a moisturizing mask to your hair to nourish it after the operation.

How to choose your henna? – Buying guide

Very popular for its virtues and natural reputation, henna has conquered many people, men and women. But it is not always easy to identify the products of better quality, and adapted to your needs. To be sure to choose the one that meets your expectations, pay attention to certain criteria such as the composition of the product, its purity, or its expiry date, etc.

The purity of the product

In order not to come across a product stuffed with chemicals, the first thing to do is to check the substances that make it up. Henna that claims to be natural can indeed be composed of chemical ingredients such as ammonia, oxidants, sodium picramate, silver salts, etc. However, these substances can cause allergic reactions, and damage the hair.

Know the benefits of the main ingredients

By scanning the labels, you can not only come across the wrong substances, but also the good ones. It is the combination of ingredients that give henna its abilities to make your hair better and achieve the expected coloring result. It is still necessary to know how to distinguish them, and how they are beneficial for your hair.

If you are looking for golden hair, opt for a henna rich in Cassia.

For a dark result, the share of Grass Indigo must belarge. It has the effect of obscuring henna. For a clearer and more golden rendering, the combination of chamomile with natural henna is the solution.

Ground coffee allows it to darken the tone of henna.

Product expiry date

Like any other product, the expiration date of henna deserves special attention. Even if it is dry and powdered, after a while its properties will diminish or even disappear.

In some cases, the expiry date is not written on the product. It is then advisable to see the production date.

As for the conservation of henna, be sure to place it in a cool, dry place so that it keeps all its properties.

Be aware that 6 months after its opening, the effects of henna decrease.

The different ecological certifications

In your search for the best henna, do not hesitate to check the presence of ecological certifications. It is essential that henna is as natural as possible since it is used on the skin and / or hair.

Certifications can be derived from many criteria, including: the authorized ingredients, the processes used in the manufacture of the product, or the fact that it is not tested on animals, etc.

To go further, do some research on the labels of these certifications to be sure of having a quality product.

The exposure time

Remain vigilant about the fast exposure time offered by some products. This means that henna contains additives that speed up the staining process.

Natural henna needs time to settle on the hair. The coloring can then not be done quickly, even with a heated helmet at the hairdresser.


The choice of a good quality henna offers a natural result, a bright color, while maintaining and purifying your hair. The sebum of the hair is regulated, and the hair fiber is fortified for better resistance to external aggressions.

It offers natural effects thanks to its fixation on the hair without covering the scale of your hair as does a chemical coloring.