Copper Tie-Dye

Copper tie-dye is a very fashionable coloring technique at the moment. He has seduced many celebrities, citing only Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens. Then, he also knew how to satisfy hairdressers all over the world as well as their clients in search of originality.

If you too are interested in this kind of hair coloring, discover more information about the copper tie-dye in this article.

What is a copper tie-dye?

The coppery tie-dye is a two-tone color between your natural color and a coppery color (logically we’ll say).
It consists of keeping the natural color of the hair at the roots until about mid-length and displaying another color, including a copper color in this case, on the rest of the hair and on the tips.
Many people consider the tie-dye to be a kind of horizontal sweep, as it usually offers a very marked gradient with a fairly clear delineation between the two colors.
As for the copper tie-dye, it is the best alternative to the classic or blond tie-dye. It pulls slightly on the red and it can really give style to the hair.

Copper tie-dye inspirations

After these explanations we have selected a set of copper tie-dye inspirations in pictures to help you get a more accurate idea of this coloring and know what exactly to ask your hairdresser:

copper tie-dye

What types of natural color is the copper tie-dye best suited?

The coppery tie-dye is especially suitable for girls with red hair. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have a nice effect on brunettes and dark-haired people. You just have to use good products, bet on a good dosage and apply them properly.

Before you go any further know that the best solution to achieve a successful copper tie-dye is to go to a good professional. Hello Hairdresser helps you find the best hairdressers and colorists in your city with just one click. Just do your research below:

To give you a little help, you need to detail the main steps you need to take to achieve a copper tie-dye. First, you need to prepare your fading product. Then you need to determine the area where you want to start your tie-dye.

For a successful copper tie-dye, you are advised to start coloring with the tips. Apply your formula using the brush provided with the kit, then use a comb to apply it to the rest of your hair up to the desired limit. Normally, this comb allows you to distribute the product more gradually and get a nice shaded effect that goes from the darkest to the lightest.

The next step to making a copper tie-dye is to let the product work for a few minutes. Here, it is suggested that you do not exceed 30 minutes if you do not wish to have the color “yellowed discoloration”. Anyway, feel free to test the product on a wick before applying it to your hair to estimate the ideal installation time.

To continue, you must then rinse your hair thoroughly. This removes product residue and dirt that has accumulated on your head and it also prepares your hair for copper tie-dye and care. You must apply your color to the entire discolored part.

And of course, you can overtake a little on your natural hair so that the color melts well and offers a nice gradient. You have to respect again a laying time of a few minutes and finally, you can finish with a good rinse.

How long does it take to make a coppery tie-dye?

Copper tie-dye is a coloring technique that is especially suitable for long and medium-length hair. It is not suitable for very short hair, as it does not allow to display the two-tone gradient. Then, you have to have a minimum length of hair to be able to choose it and especially to avoid the impression of poorly maintained hair.

As an illustration, the cut that can highlight your tips is the long, smooth square that frames your face and also brightens your hue while giving you a chic and trendy look. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Wavy version to ensure a more natural look with ripples that hide the demarcation of your copper tie-dye.

If you have afro hair, the ideal is to make a copper tie-dye on a long or mid-length cut in order to bring light and style. Finally, if you want to insist on short cuts, you can try the androgynous cut, the boyish cut or the square cut.

The androgynous cut is a very short cut on the sides and longer on the top of the skull. It is very trendy at the moment and it suits all face morphologies. The boyish cut, on the other hand, can bring a captivating play of light if you bet on a coppery tie-dye made or on a subtle gradient clearly visible.

Finally, the square cut is one of the cuts that have made their big comeback on the stage. It keeps a little length while freeing the shoulders and it perfect to sublimate a coppery tie-dye.

To do this, you can choose between two alternatives: either opt for an ultra-marked copper tie-dye, i.e. for a tie-dye that cuts the natural color of your hair with a strong demarcation; or you bet on a discreet copper tie-dye that is characterized by subtle luminous locks and a lot of contrasts on the tips.

What are the benefits of a copper tie-dye?

The benefits of a copper tie-dye are many. First of all, it’s a very fashionable coloring right now. So you’re not going to go unnoticed if you wear it with you and you can also benefit from an attractive and trendy look.

Copper tie-dye is also a discoloration technique that preserves the natural color of the roots. So you don’t have to worry about regrowth, because it won’t give a root effect.

Also, know that it is quite possible to make your copper tie-dye yourself. Nowadays, special copper tie-dye kits are available in shops and they allow a very simple application of coloring.
The other advantage of the copper tie-dye is that it is easy to maintain. It only requires a small hair care every week. Then, you can also make alterations if necessary.

How to maintain a copper tie-dye?

Like all other discolorations, the coppery tie-dye can also weaken your hair. That’s why it’s important that you maintain it properly and regularly.

A special coloured hair shampoo to maintain your copper tie-dye

Using a special colored hair shampoo, for example, might do the trick. This kind of hair product is usually enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and it helps preserve your color while making it brighter.

For example, you can opt for the INVIGO Color Brilliance Shampoo, a formula dedicated specifically to fine to normal colored hair. Its optimized low pH is effective at closing the cuticle after a copper tie-dye. It also allows you to better preserve your colour, exceptional hair and shine.

A bath of oils

The other alternative is to make an oil bath. It’s a kind of pre-shampoo that allows you to rehydrate and soften your hair after a coppery tie-dye. To do this, you need to choose essential oils that are right for you.

Until then, the most nourishing and restorative are grape seed oil and argan oil. But nothing prevents you from opting for coconut oils well, because it is perfect to awaken the shine of your hair.
Finally, remember that the star of hair oils is coconut oil. This vegetable oil can protect your hair from external aggressions on a daily basis and is also useful for moisturizing, nourishing, toning and naturally strengthening your hair. It can even make it easier to untangle your hair and it can make it smoother and silkier.

The rinse water with vinegar and thyme

Of course, you can also treat your hair with an effective grandmother remedy after a coppery tie-dye. You can try, for example, the rinse water with vinegar and thyme, because it is a solution that allows to revive the shine of colored hair. It revives the reflections while preserving the coloration and closing the scales of the hair. In addition, it is very easy to prepare and apply.
If possible, choose cider vinegar, as this ingredient can add shine, fight dandruff and grow your hair. Otherwise, there is no harm in using white vinegar, because it makes it shine while detangling the lengths.

It also rebalances the pH of the scalp and eliminates dandruff and itching. Not to mention the fact that it closes the scales and has antistatic virtues. Thyme, on the other hand, makes hair both brighter and stronger.

Shikakai powder

Also note that shikakai powder is also a must for brightly coloured hair. It is an Indian brown powder that beautifies colored or swept hair after a copper tie-dye. It brings them brilliance and brilliance, then it strengthens them.

To prepare the solution, the powder must be poured into lukewarm water. Then you have to mix well. After applying the mixture, starting with the roots and gradually going towards the tips. And finally, you have to rinse thoroughly. It should be stressed that is not worth washing with shampoo, because shikakai powder has a great cleansing effect.

The homemade mask with egg yolks and lemon to nourish your hair after a coppery tie-dye

One of the best colored hair masks too is the homemade mask with egg yolks and lemon. It is a very effective mask to nourish your hair after a tie-dye, to revive their shine and to tighten their scales. Egg yolk, in particular, moisturizes hair and improves its elasticity. Then it also manages to reduce breaks and split ends and it beautifies the hair.
Lemon juice, on the other hand, is perfect for making your hair shine and for removing the limestone that may be deposited by your washing water. It also tightens the cuticles and eliminates excess sebum and therefore dandruff.

Aloe vera, honey and coconut oil

For an ultra-hydrating mask, just mix aloe vera with honey and coconut oil. The benefits of aloe vera on hair are no longer to be proven. It respects the scalp and strengthens the hair fiber from the roots. It can also retain water in the hair, as it tends to penetrate deep. Then, it eliminates knots as well as frizz.
Honey is also a popular ingredient for hair. It is ideal for hair growth and hair conditioning. It also helps to lighten the hair and restore its natural shine. Finally, coconut oil is well known for its ability to repair dry and tired hair. It also promotes rapid growth and has anti-lice and anti-dandruff virtues.

Spaced shampoos

Before closing this article, you should give yourself a little effective advice to properly maintain your hair after a copper tie-dye. In fact, try to space your shampoos so as not to further weaken your hair.
Frequent or daily washing of hair actually results in it being added faster. This encourages them to produce sebum, as they seek to defend themselves from aggression. Aside from this, frequent washing will also make your hair dry, as the natural greasy film of the sebum can no longer ensure its protective role on lengths and tips.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that frequent hair washing accelerates the fall, especially if it is characterized by poorly adapted shampoo, aggressive substances, too much limestone water or too hot water.