Hey guys, what’s up its Raven and Ziya welcome to our Sunday night hair washing routine this is the routine that I have been doing for the past several months now where I wash detangle and style Zayas hair get it clean and get it looking cute for the following week of school so just jumping straight into it you can see that the first thing that I need to do is of course take her hair.

Down from the previous hairstyle that it was in and she did have her hair in these braids for a full seven days she was going swimming she was playing outside all types of stuff so honestly her hair has been through a lot this week and I’m using this ponytail elastic cutter that I got from Amazon if you guys saw my Amazon must-haves video I talked about this and I actually do highly recommend it it definitely makes it easy to cut out the little disposable rubber bands and just make taking down her hair a little bit easier so I’m just.

Cutting out all of the rubber bands and undoing her braids she has two Little grades that were feeding into two bigger braids so I’m taking everything down trying to be as gentle as possible, but honestly, sometimes her hair does get tangled up around the rubber bands and stuff like that so I just try to take my time with it and I always kind of like.

To finger comb and separate the hair out and remove any big knots as I go as you guys can see as I as hair is getting a lot thicker and a lot longer its been a while since I’ve done one of these hair routine videos with him Are you guys have not seen all the previous ones that I did definitely check them out so you can see how her hair has progressed ever since she was a little baby but yeah its definitely a lot thicker and longer.

Now so it does take a bit of time to just take it down and get it situated but something that has been helping me recently is this product that I’m more recently started using I think it talks about it in a Blagh this is just for me and they sent it to me in a PR package so I’m not sure Which stores its available at but you guys could definitely check online this is a pre-wash Detangler gel and it sounds kind of gimmicky but it actually really works this is not sponsored or.

Anything I’ve just been using this recently and I put it on her hair before I wash her hair just to start to finger comb through her hair and kind of start getting it detangled and it actually really helps Ziya was not too happy about having to get her hair wash but I tried to do anything I can to make it be Easier and faster on both of us so something else that I’ve been doing recently is just having her get into mine.

Shower and I will go in there with her to wash her hair its just much easier on my back instead of leaning over the bathtub I’ve also tried doing it in the kitchen sink but I’m a little bit clumsy with that and that also requires your kitchen sink to be perfectly cleaned out which mine is not always honestly and her hair is honestly too long now for me to even do it in a bathtub because tHe ends of her hair trailed down into the bath water and I don’t really like all the recycled water going into her hair.

And then I can’t really reach all over here because its too long and I just don’t like doing it in the bathtub she’s getting too big for that and like I said doing it in the kitchen sink I just don’t always have the sink prepped for that so this is just what has been working for me recently since I do have a larger shower so she’s able to get in there and kind of like just lean her Head back and get her hair rinsed.

Normally its more comfortable for her as well, so of course I just wet her hair down and I do the shampoo making sure to really shampoo her scalp and I’m actually using the same just for me line as that Detangler that I just showed you they have a shampoo, conditioner and some other styling products within this line I kind of bounce around in terms of what products I use on his hair I’m not a huge stickler on products I don’t really have like Holy Grail products that I use I mainly just.

Look for things that are going to be very moisturizing things that are paraben free, sulfate free have natural ingredients and stuff like that so I have a few things because I get sent PR a lot I’m always trying new things, but yeah, so just for right now I am using this just for me a curly line and it worked out pretty well so I went ahead and shampooed like I said and then I make sure to rinse out the shampoo really really well and then moving on to conditioner again using that same just.

For me curly line my thing with conditioner is that I just use a ton of it, I don’t care I go through conditioner way faster than I go through shampoo the more conditioner the better, especially when it comes to detangling curly hair and I always do everything and kind of a straight up-and-down motion I don’t scrunch up her hair I don’t ball it up on top of her head I don’t do anything to rough it up or cause any.

More knots I’m doing everything in a downward motion the whole times that I can make the detangling process as easy on myself as possible so I’m putting a whole bunch of conditioner and then I start to go in with the wide toothed comb while the conditioner is still in and if you guys have seen the previous hair routine videos I’ve done this is basically kind of the same steps its.

Just that her hair is longer now I also have this special detangling brush that is meant to be used on textured hair and actually does help a lot I can link all of these products and stuff down below for you guys if you’re interested, but I kind of just switch back and forth between different sizes of combs and brushes while the conditioner is still in her hair to detangle it of course starting at the ends and working my way up and doing little sections at a time if needed and then I always like to add.

Some sort of additional deep conditioner or hair mask so I grabbed one of my Carols Daughter hair masks that I had in my shower and added that really focusing on her ends just To really amp up the moisture, then I brushed that through her here and let that sit for a few minutes and then I rinsed everything out and like I said this is what we do every Sunday evening this is the last thing that we do before going to bed so I like to make sure that.

She’s comfortable she puts her jammies on after the shower and I usually have her sit in her play room, turn the TV on turn Netflix on choosing a movie or something like that to keep her entertained and comfortable and I will sit behind her on the couch to get ready to actually style her hair so again I’m not a huge stickler on specific products.

I bounce around between different styling products I can link some of my favorites down below if you guys are interested, but the main thing that I always like to do is just make sure that her hair is still damp because its gonna be the easiest to work with when it’s damp so I always keep just a regular spray bottle full of just plain.

Water and then I always like to add some Sort of cream leave-in conditioner and then I pretty much just brushed through it one more time to make sure that it is fully detangled and on top of that I do also like to add some sort of hair serum or oil and that’s always like the first thing that I start with, no matter what kind of hairstyle I’m gonna be doing just to make sure that her hair stays healthy and moisturized then from there I will just basically start making up a.

Hairstyle just off the top of my head some days I’m really tired And really lazy and all I feel like doing is literally just two ponytails two braids and keeping it super simple other days I start trying to get super creative and I start doing all these different parts and sections and stuff like that so it just depends on this day I decided to do something kind of fun in the front and then keep the back kind of simple but.

One thing that I do always try to do is at least have two braids even better if I have four braids even better if I have even more sustain Ions than that because I find the more sections that I put here and the more braids that I do the best that her hair will actually last throughout the week and it won’t get all matted and tangled and just super frizzy by the end of the week and just end up.

Being a huge matted mess the more that I let her hair loose and just let her curls be free unfortunately the more that it’s just going to just matte up throughout the week because she is a rough-and-tumble girl like I said playing outside dFor all types of crazy things so in order to keep her hair controlled I try to always put it in some sort of braided style so as you just saw I just started parting off the front of her hair again I’m just.

Freestyling and making things up as I go along so since this is just a freestyle hairstyle I’m just gonna kind of sit back and let you guys watch what I’m doing, hopefully if you do want to recreate something like this you can just learn by watching because honestly I don’t even know how to explain In it okay so now that I’ve got the front of her hair all styled and braided up I debated on just putting the back of her hair into a loose ponytail but then I remembered that its always gonna be.

Better if there are more braids so I decided to split it into two sections and braid those two sections again trying to keep her hair as controlled as possible and then I ended up deciding to take the little braids from the front of her hair and wrapping them around the braids in the background hair go Set to add some more interest to the hairstyle.

Again, just making stuff up now that her hair is all braided and everything is connected the last little finishing touch is just to take some gel on this little edge brush which you can also get on Amazon and just move down her little baby hairs and polish off the hairstyle and this is the finished look so she will go to sleep like this Sunday night wake up Monday morning with a fresh hairstyle to wear to school and it’ll be looking pretty good for about two days.

Then of course it is gonna start freezing up so then I will just touch it up throughout the week by spritzing it down, maybe adding a little bit more product and maybe redoing the front sections and trying to make it last all the way until the next Sunday when we will do this all over again