Cutting Your Man’s Hair: Is It a Good Idea?

We all asked ourselves the question one day when we looked in the mirror: won’t I be able to cut my own hair to go faster? A quick mower in the neck and two scissors doesn’t have to be that complicated, does it? We understand you, and this craving is probably the reason why the Internet is suddenly fascinated by this or that Youtube video where you see a man cut his hair himself with a mower. After all, cutting your own hair at home would certainly save you time… not to mention money.

But don’t be too adventurous. Yes, cutting his hair may seem tempting, but the truth is often quite different: if you try to cut your own hair, you probably won’t get the same result as a professional hairdresser. In fact, DIY her haircut is not only a style risk, it can also damage your hair. The temptation to cut your own hair for a man can be strong, but allow us to put up with some welcome arguments to this idea which is not necessarily the best, before catching your pair of scissors.

1. Having the right material is necessary to cut your own man’s hair

The majority of people do not have the necessary equipment at home to cut their own hair. Most of those who try to cut their hair at home go looking for kitchen or office scissors. These tools have blunt blades that create split ends and ultimately ears impossible to style Think about it: a haircut is supposed to prevent split ends and ensure that all hair is cut to the same length. Under the pretext of cutting his own hair, a man who does not have the right equipment may have longer hair than others which is not really aesthetic.

2. You probably won’t get the results you want.

Even if you think you know what you’re doing, if you’re not a professional hairdresser, you may end up with a disastrous result. When he cuts his own hair, a man who is not seasoned with exercise may either cut it far too short in itself to completely miss his gradient. You may have hair too short on the sides of the skull and much longer on top, with uneven lengths left and right…

Doesn’t that really make you dream, does it? Finally cutting his hair short is extremely difficult to reach the hair at the back of the head… You may also have a completely different length on the sides and back of the head.
So even if you have the best scissors on the market, you still won’t have the skills and experience to make a perfect cut yourself.

3. Regrowth when you decide to cut your own hair for a man is often even worse

When you decide to cut his hair, certainly the result as soon as the work is finished is important, but you also have to think about the rendering several days and weeks later… and there the disaster is often worse. Regrowth tends to accentuate duds and length differences. So if your hair “front” ie at the wick, is cut irregularly, during regrowth they will form a completely unsightly wave and you will end up with a strange strand and impossible to style or hide.

There is another scenario when you want to cut your own hair: a man makes the decision to shave his entire head at the same length with a buzzer… That’s a big mistake. The hair all has about the same length of growth and when it will grow back you will end up with an equal waist hair all around the head, without it being a little shorter on the sides, for a result effect “bowling ball”: a ball of hair equal everywhere.

4. Cutting your own hair: a man who loses his hair should think even less about it

Cutting Your Man's Hair: Is It a Good Idea?

Like many men you are prone to hair loss and you say to yourself: “you might as well cut your own hair: a man with very short hair is better than losing his hair little by little”. Thinking like this you risk making your case worse and ending up with some kind of monastic cut, an unsightly crown.

On the contrary, if you tell your hairdresser about your problem he can offer you a suitable haircut, which will make your hair loss less visible for a successful, modern result, and save you a few more years before you have to make the decision to shave everything! Just because baldness starts to happen doesn’t mean that cutting his hair becomes a good idea. On the contrary, it is better to seek advice from a pro to help you find a real solution!

5. You’ll probably need to see a pro anyway.

If you cut your hair to spend less, think about it again. Often, the end result when you cut his hair is not really a success. Therefore it is ultimately necessary to visit a professional hairdresser, which means that you will end up paying a salon to make up for the duds. Worse still, if your cup needs to be repaired, you’ll probably need to cut it even shorter than your original goal.
The moral of the story when you want to cut his hair?

Your best chance of getting a good haircut: find a reputable hairdresser and ask him exactly what you want. The DIY of your hair will only end in disaster which will have to be caught up anyway by a pro.

If you want a new haircut forget the idea that goes through the head to cut your hair yourself: a man has as much reason to go to the hairdresser as a woman.