Dark Brown Hair Dye: Dark Brown or Ebony Brown

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent

It is the darkest brown there is, the one that Asians are born with and gives you absolute black locks. Made famous by 1930s vamp actress Louise Brooks and then pinup Bettie Page who flaunted dark brown hair in the 1950s, she is the charismatic brunette of fatal independent beauties.

Contrary to popular belief, this color full of character is suitable for all women regardless of their base or skin tone. Extreme and deep, it goes well with diaphanous complexions as well as matte or mixed. It makes the look stand out, especially if you have light eyes.

However, if you are brunette, switching to ebony brown will be easier than if you are blonde. A simple black coloring will suffice while, for those with light hair, a pre-coloring to darken the base will be essential to obtain this intense brown.

This significant contrast between your natural color and the dye also makes the maintenance of the roots restrictive. Think carefully before adopting it!

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Coppery Brown

L’oreal Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color, Dark Coppery Brown

Sparkling and dynamic, this medium brown bursting with orange highlights is perfect for energizing dull or dark hair without going blonde. It is also the ideal alternative for brunettes who wish to adopt the red hair gently.

Embodied by actress Bette Davis and her half-brown half-red hair in the Hollywood golden age, this vibrant shade is accessible whatever your base. Blondes go through the full color box while women with brown hair go for a balayage for locks that blend into their dark bases.

Fall for its intense orange-brown highlights that twist your lengths to better flatter your fair to golden skin or your blue-green and hazel eyes. On the other hand, forget them if you have a dark complexion because the copper-brown would judge with your complexion. Then prefer a caramel color.

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Cocoa Brown                    

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

It is a very dark brown, bordering on ebony brown, but with a dominant more brown than black which differentiates it from this radical shade. Easy to wear, it was Audrey Hepburn’s playful brown that gave her that chic and mysterious look.

To copy it, you will have to go through a permanent color whatever your natural color in order to display intense brown strands.

A simpler head change for chestnut to brown hair because this dye sometimes reveals orange highlights on blonde and red locks. Then neutralize with a purple shampoo for flawless color and irresistible brown hair!

On the other hand, it goes to all women because the cold shade of cocoa color goes wonderfully with fair or tanned complexions. Not to mention that it’s great for sparkling brown irises or bringing out blue-green eyes!

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Caramel Brown

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color

This medium brown illuminated with golden highlights is ideal for bringing shine to your lengths. Darker than hazelnut or honey brown, which is very close to caramel brown, this delicious color is suitable for all types of hair, even if it will be more natural on a dark brown to brown base.

Thanks to its warm pigments, caramel brown softens your features and sublimates your complexion whether it is clear, mixed or tanned like Eva Mendès who made it her asset seduction and gives it a crazy charm!

It is generally obtained by coloring that lightly lightens your locks. For very dark brown hair, prior bleaching is necessary before dyeing to achieve the desired golden highlights.

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Honey Brown

Permanent Hair Color by Dark and Lovely Fade Resist 

All in contrasts, this solar brown is the ideal compromise for brunettes who hesitate to go blond. Even richer in golden highlights than caramel brown but with a darker base than hazelnut brown, this is a partial lightening which is therefore only achievable on light brown to brown hair.

In short, it is the Californian sweep of women with brown hair that brings an intense but natural light effect. Perfect for giving a sun-kissed glow to your brown, honey brown is obtained with blonde strands melted into your dark hair.

It flatters all skin tones to give you good looks in the blink of an eye. With him, you have the irresistible sexy-cool look!

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Icy Brown

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Mousse Absolue

Close to ash brown, this luminous shade adapts to your chestnut to ebony base to add an iridescent veil and give it a very chic glossy effect.

An assertive look that sublimates women of character like Eva Green who is a faithful follower. Obtained thanks to a tone-on-tone color rich in purple pigments, this shade of brown creates a cold silvery reflection that gives a glazing effect on the surface of the fiber, which earned it its name.

No jealousy if you are not brown, an additional step is enough to darken your base with a first Dark Brown Hair Dye before injecting the famous silver highlights. But before you cool your brown down, make sure you have a golden or rosy complexion because icy brown tends to dull pale skin tones.

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Hazelnut Brown 

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent

Here is another brown warmed up with golden reflections but which is however more radical than a honey sweep. Indeed, this light brown is almost blonde!

Close to chestnut, it is also brighter than the caramel color. An ideal shade to sublimate dark skin but which also goes perfectly with a pale complexion, as long as the latter is golden. That’s good, nothing like hazelnut to soften dark looks or sparkle light eyes. Sexy look guaranteed!

A charming asset perfectly embodied by Ingrid Bergman, actress and muse of Alfred Hitchcock. Luckily, you can adopt it whatever your natural color. It’s easy on chestnut to brown hair, just coloring is enough.

On the other hand, be prepared to darken your blonde or to bleach your base if it is cocoa to ebony to achieve the desired result.

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Chocolate Brown

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color

This delicious color is a deep brown nuanced with golden reflections and a hint of mahogany. Dark but less dark than cocoa brown thanks to its shimmering and warm reflections, it gives you a bewitching Claudia Cardinal aura to play the mysterious seductress.

Good news if you melt for this crunchy shade, this natural and raised brown flatters all skin tones and all eyes, from the lightest to the darkest! Another major advantage, chocolate brown is adopted by simple coloring whether your base is blonde, chestnut, brown or red.

Only black hair will have to resort to a very slight discoloration to display it in turn.

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Ash Brown

Clairol Nice’n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Hair Color

This cool brown rich in highlights gives your locks a more pronounced gray-silver hue than the icy brown. Perfect for softening your brunette hair without radically transforming it, it is then adopted thanks to a tone-on-tone coloring that cools your natural color.

Blonde or red, on the other hand, you will have to go through a permanent dye to become brown before creating this gray reflection which gives you a crazy Romy Schneider look. Although very elegant on the divine features of this ambassador with azure eyes, ash brown is not for everyone!

If it sublimates dark skin and conceals the redness of rosy complexions, it tends to give a gray face to diaphanous skin. You have been warned!

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Mahogany Brown

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying + Shine

Mahogany brown, the shade of brown closest to coppery brown.

Very close to coppery brown, mahogany is distinguished by its red reflections which mingle with brown-red nuances to reinvent them. A perfect balance of three colors for a flamboyant brown that will not go unnoticed!

Intense and deep, this warm and daring shade is recommended for sensual women with character like Sophia Loren, among the first to wear it. Ideal for enhancing the tan of mat complexions or awakening a naturally sunny complexion, it also adapts to the complexions of redheads.

Another advantage, the all-flaming reflections of mahogany blend perfectly with all the colors of iris: a godsend to change your head without getting caught! Possible on all bases, however, it is easier to adopt for a brunette with a balayage enhancing the brown of purple undertones than for a blonde who will inevitably have to resort to coloring to obtain the desired shade.

Dark Brown Hair Dye: Light Brown

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme

Similar to dark chestnut, brown is the least! It is said to be clear despite its dark nature as its slight golden reflections uniformly illuminate its base.

A version of brown perfect for women with brown hair who want to lighten their locks without balayage! Elegant and natural, it beautifies all women, something actress Raquel Welch understands. So no longer hesitate to brighten up your brown with a lightening coloring or, on the contrary, to darken your light base by one to three tones to obtain this easy-going brown.

Warm and luminous, this shade of brown flatters every skin tone in its own way, awakening radiance and characterizing fair complexions, or creating a lovely harmony with golden to dark skin tones. With him, no more dull and featureless locks!

It emphasizes light eyes that gain intensity and softens dark irises to give you a velvety look.