The Best Shampoo for Every Hair Type

To sport a pretty hair, regular care must be lavished on it . And one of the main steps to achieve this result is a good wash carried out using a shampoo adapted to its type of hair. Because depending on the type of hair, the choice of product differs . But which one to choose in order to strengthen the beauty and health of your hair? The purpose of this section is to help you make an informed choice among the wide range of products available on the market so that your hair looks great at all times. In short, it’s time to find the best shampoo that will match your hair type!

1. The Best Shampoo for Dry Hair: A moisturizing shampoo rich in nutrients


Coarse feel, dull color, split ends and… want to cut everything. It’s true, dry hair brings its share of problems, but there are solutions to sublimate them. The first is to avoid repeated washing because they promote the elimination of sebum, an oily film secreted by the scalp which hinders the drying out of the hair. Then, in terms of the choice of shampoo, we opt for a moisturizing product, rich in nutritive active ingredients such as ceramides, oils or even essential fatty acids.

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2. The Best Shampoo for Colored Hair: A mild shampoo without sulfate and silicone

the best shampoo for

Permanent hair colors contain active chemicals that over time tend to damage and dull hair. In order to protect their color, we start by spacing out the washes to give them time to regenerate. Then, on the shampoo side, we opt for a product specially designed for colored hair, which closes the scales, preserves the intensity of the color, accentuates the shine of the hair , slows down the appearance of the roots. The ideal? A gentle, nourishing, protective, sulfate-free, silicone-free and anti-limescale formula.

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3. The Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair: A thickening shampoo

In the majority of cases, it is androgenetic alopecia which is responsible for hair loss in men. Although this loss is inevitable because it is hereditary, it is possible to take action to slow the process down by taking certain actions to keep your hair healthy and strong as long as possible. To do this, we choose a mild shampoo , at neutral pH and provided with a thickening active ingredient which is implanted around the hair fiber and increases its diameter in a noticeable way. This results in thicker, denser and shinier hair. For more efficiency and to make the scalp more receptive, the application of shampoo can be preceded by a gentle massage of the scalp in order to stimulate blood circulation.

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4. The Best Shampoo for Blond or Gray Hair: A blue shampoo

Description: best shampoo for blonde hair

A professional blue correcting shampoo – used once or twice a week – is ideal for preventing the unsightly appearance of yellow highlights on blond, platinum or gray hair and giving them shine and suppleness. In addition to strengthening gray hair, naturally. Convenient to use, both shampoo and ephemeral dye (it does not get into the hair), the yellowing blue shampoo prevents yellow reflections and enhances the shine of the hair.

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5. The Best Shampoo for Fine Hair: A volume shampoo

What is the main purpose of shampoo for fine hair? A shampoo for fine hair should be able to densify the hair by lifting it from the root to optimize movement. We avoid all shampoos and other hair products containing oils that weigh down the mop. A good shampoo for fine hair should be composed of a texturizing active ingredient to boost hair volume and give the hair texture. It is also provided with fortifying active ingredients which help to densify the hair fiber.

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6. The Best Shampoo to Prevent Hair Loss: an anti-hair loss shampoo

Description: best shampoo for hair loss

Excessive hair loss, especially in women, is often a traumatic experience. The ideal treatment to increase the lifespan of the hair is to target its hair follicle. Its components must therefore be particularly concentrated and powerful and are most often found in anti-hair loss treatment products rather than in shampoos. Never mind, a shampoo without sulphate, paraffin or silicone , containing vegetable oils (rather than mineral), essential oils and plant extracts helps to re-balance and stimulate the scalp and moderate hair loss.

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7. The Best Shampoo for an Irritated or Itchy Scalp: A regulating shampoo with clay and vitamin B5

Description: best shampoo for itchy scalp

A multitude of factors can attack the scalp and lead to irritation, dryness, heating, itching, etc. When the scalp is irritated, it is important not only to calm the discomfort it causes but to treat it in order to that he regains good health. To do this, we must ensure that the scalp breathes by clearing the clogged pores. We then turn to a mild regulating shampoo composed of active ingredients that act on irritation, such as sensirin, clay and provitamin B5.

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8. The Best Shampoo for Curly Hair: A low poo shampoo

Description: best shampoo for curly hair

Curly, curly hair is difficult to tame and often dry. The first step in maintaining it is therefore to space out the shampoos. Then, to hydrate the hair well and avoid frizz, opt for a shampoo that contains natural lipids such as shea butter, macadamia or jojoba oil or argan or sweet almond oil which wrap each hair in a protective coating and preserve curls. The “low shampoos” are also well suited to this type of hair for their moisturizing and anti-stripping on the fiber.

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9. The Best Shampoo to Lighten Hair: A lightening shampoo

Description: best shampoo to lighten hair

Is there an effective method to achieve lighter hair color without going through coloring? By opting for a lightening version shampoo , usually composed of extracts of chamomile and lemon and free of ammonia and peroxide, it is possible to lighten the hair subtly and gradually. The lightening shampoo does not modify the color of the hair and gives very natural and ultra luminous results.

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10. The Best Shampoo for Oily Hair: A volumizing or sebum-absorbing shampoo

Description: best shampoo for oily hair

The hair is said to be oily because of too much sebum production. There are shampoos on the market for this type of hair that contain active ingredients that regulate sebum production. You can also use a mild shampoo with a neutral pH (pH 7), which does not attack the scalp and reduces its acidity for less sebum production. What’s more, if you avoid over-stimulating the sebaceous glands, you can even use this shampoo every day. Sebum-regulating dry shampoos, those with nettle extract more specifically, are another interesting option to counter the problem of oily hair.

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11. The Best Shampoo to Fight Dandruff: An anti-dandruff shampoo

Description: best shampoo for dandruff hair

Common problem and rather unsightly, the solution to the appearance of dandruff is through the application of an anti-dandruff shampoo which consists of different agents such as salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, tars minerals or plants, depending on the problem to be treated. For a less aggressive treatment, one can resort to organic anti-dandruff shampoos. You can also use a mild ordinary shampoo and incorporate essential oils, eucalyptus, tea tree and juniper are among the oils that fight most effectively against dandruff.

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12. The Best Shampoo for Overloaded Hair: A clarifying shampoo

Description: best shampoo for overloaded hair

To eliminate residues (dirt, styling products, etc.) present on the scalp and ensure that the mop regains its luster and transparency, adopting a clarifying treatment gives conclusive results. It has the effect of deep cleansing and ridding the hair of accumulated deposits that hinder the care that we bring to them. Applied to dry hair, let it act for a few minutes, emulsify then rinse.

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13. The Best Shampoo for Very Damaged Hair: A repairing shampoo

Description: best shampoo for damaged hair

Dry, coarse, dull, brittle, split hair, so many clues that reveal that the hair is damaged and that it lacks vitality. But do not panic, it is not inevitable. The best restorative shampoo that can deal with this problem contains keratin. This protein’s missions are to repair and strengthen the hair, protect it by sheathing the hair fiber and make it more shiny thanks to its moisturizing properties.

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14. The Best Shampoo After Brazilian Straightening: A keratin shampoo

Description: best shampoo after Brazilian smoothing

Following a Brazilian straightening, it is essential to keep the keratin deposited on the hair. In order not to let the precious protein slip away and keep the hair intact, it is better to prefer a shampoo free of sulphate and silicone . These shampoos will be extremely gentle and prevent the opening of the capilaries which loses the keratin. After shampooing, the application of a keratin treatment prolongs the beneficial effects of Brazilian smoothing.

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15. The Best Shampoo for Japanese Straightening: A mild shampoo without silicone

Description: best shampoo after japanese smoothing

Timeless, trendy and elegant, straight hair is still popular. And for lack of having them naturally smooth, Japanese straightening is an interesting option . One of the advantages attributed to this technique is that its maintenance is relatively simple. After the treatment, it is only recommended to use a shampoo without silicone and without sulfate which can harm the hair. To add to the quality of the smoothing, the regular application of a keratin-based mask is also recommended.

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16. The Best Shampoo for Aging Hair: A shampoo with shea butter

From the start of your forties, your hair begins to age little by little. If we can not prevent this phenomenon, we can start to lavish our hair to try to bring it under control. A richer shampoo, with shea butter for example volumizes and gives excellent results. Shampoos designed specifically for mature hair are also an option to consider because they contain molecules that increase the strength and resistance of the hair .

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17. The Best Shampoo for White or Gray Hair: A purple / blue shampoo

Description: best shampoo for white and gray hair

When given the proper care, gray hair can be worn with pride . If they are more and more trendy, on the other hand, they have the major disadvantage of turning yellow over time. This yellowing is caused by the oxidation and breakdown of the amino acids that make up keratin. The application of a shampoo containing blue and purple pigments is ideal for maintaining the shine of white hair and neutralizing these unsightly yellowish reflections .

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18. The Best Shampoo for Locks: A clarifying or purifying shampoo

Description: best shampoo for locks

Regular washing of locks is strongly recommended to keep them healthy and to avoid unpleasant odors. A clarifying or purifying shampoo (or a special dreadlock shampoo) cleanses this type of hair thoroughly. Aleppo soap and Marseille soap, whether or not enriched with vegetable oils, are other interesting options. To boost the effect of the shampoo, you can incorporate essential oils such as essential oil of rosemary, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, etc.

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19. The Best Shampoo for Extensions: A gentle nourishing shampoo without silicone

Description: best shampoo for hair extensions

Many people are succumbing to the trend of hair extensions . You should know that the more attention you pay to their maintenance, the longer they stay beautiful. It is strongly recommended to use a shampoo – every two or three days – very soft and hydrating , without sulfate or silicone. To avoid damaging the extensions, avoid also using fortifying, repairing or keratin-based shampoos .

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20. The Best Shampoo for Afro Hair: A shampoo with shea or aloe vera

Description: best shampoo for afro hair

Maintaining afro hair can quickly become a hassle if you do not use hair products suitable for this type of hair, ultra dry by nature. A moisturizing and nourishing shampoo is preferably chosen, without sulphate and without silicone, with shea or aloe vera for example. It is a gentle vegetable washing base that must replace the sulfate-based detergent , a formula that is too aggressive for the hair. Like all naturally dry hair, shampooing frequency should not exceed once or twice a week.

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21. The Best Shampoo for Psoriasis: A mild and soothing shampoo

Description: best shampoo for psoriasis

The scalp psoriasis is disabling, both aesthetically as itching it causes. Dermatologists recommend that people struggling with this disease use very gentle, soothing and non-irritating shampoos sold in pharmacies. The product is applied to dry hair, accompanied by a rest period of about fifteen minutes then a deep rinse. A scalp massage increases the effectiveness of the shampoo.

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