Hey guys, I’m Mindy from cute girls hairstyles and today Rylan is joining me [Applause] Rylan hardly ever does this so were excited to have her with us today we are going to be doing a fab or fail and we are going to be fab revealing this little hair toy slash brother called the easy braids hair braider okay this is what it looks like outside of the box.

Now this little doohickey is supposed to be able to braid your hair all pretty like were gonna give it a whirl and see if its a fan or a fail if You guys didn’t already know Rylan has her own Instagram that a username is Rylan Olivier tonight, no caps in the spaces and you can find her and go check her out because she’s super excited and she posts lots of fun pictures sometimes just pictures of her jeans so you never know what you’re gonna get over there on her Instagram and if you guys haven’t already heard.

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Lets get on to the fab or fail okay guys so once you’ve got your easy broader your product itself the first thing you do obviously is take it out of the package now once its out of the package you have three Little hook things like this you have the hair braided itself, this is all comes together, you do have to put in three AAA batteries which are not included just so you know you get some little um hair accessories.

Including beads and elastics and a little bit of ribbon and then this little hair separator so the first thing you have to do is get a small section of hair according to the directions so I’m kind of guessing because they don’t really clarify what a small section looks like but so let’s go lets do this just in case I’m taking too big a section and then you’re supposed to separate the hair using this into three equal parts by sliding it in like so so that’s your separator then you clip this little plastic thing.

Over the top and that holds it in place so that works okay now I before I keep going I just have to tell you that when we went to the store and we came back we actually started filming this video we got out our hair braided and unfortunately we must have bought a dud because See, this is all it made no movement like if I force it with me.

Hands its kind of sort of work like for a second, but its obviously not gonna braid so I actually had to stop filming go back to the store and buy another one that looks like its going to more successfully function as a hair braider so at this point the instructions say to take our little hooks these and put them into the machine and I mean just for sake of I don’t.

Think there’s a specific way to do this, but just because blue on blue And purple and purple makes sense well do that way and pink on white apparently now these are the little hair grabbers so you’re supposed to take this up like this and hook the hair into the hair grabber essentially you’re doing kind of like, you know, almost like a crochet hook like its just going to kind of grab the hair and then pull the end of said crochet.

Hook or hair hooks and it pulls it through the pipe a little tube definitely glad I didn’t take any bigger sections you can see that it’s even As it is falling out of the hook probably because I have too much in there and I’m gonna pull down and see that one because I had too much in there it kind of pulled funny, I’m actually gonna pull it out make less hair and start over on this process because this is getting a little complicated and messy so this is not going to work for big.

Giant fluffy braids like on your whole head of hair this is not going to make two French braids this is gonna barely make a few tiny accent braid this time I am gonna hook all three and then pull all three and see if that works a little better without getting messy, which it looks like nope nope nope nope look at that.

Its and I haven’t even started yet trying again lets do it again the third time the charm we got this re-hook try again, okay I think honestly, that’s as good as its gonna get it still isn’t like totally perfect at the top, but its close now her hair is long so they have these like a little extender tube if you have short hair I’m assuming you Just push them back up and you don’t need them but here comes the real key right.

Will it braid lets find out I’m just sort of oh oh oh I should note as it twists the hair you can see that its actually braiding the hair at the bottom too, which is gonna get stuck going through so you kind of have to watch this and make sure that this doesn’t intertwingle while its happening if its long hair like curses if its short hair that wouldn’t be an issue I’m just going to kind of braid it write.

It is braided it Till I see the ends popping through and then I am going to elastic it it did braid okay and then you just are supposed to just release the separator and voila, you have an accent braid that actually it isn’t a bad braid it actually looks half decent so I have two questions I want to test couple theories number one is would it work if you don’t use the separator because I feel like the separator was kind of a hassle and number two if I go slower will make the braid tighter as opposed to moving down.

It’s faster, making the braid looser so that’s what you were thinking so we’re going to test a couple different things and see how it works and how it turns out so again, I’m going to start with a small piece of hair so if I just kind of eyeballed three pieces or even had Rylan hold right and hold these for.

Me since I’m using another human instead of the separator if it would work so the third piece okay, so that definitely did work saves me a bunch of time and I think it turned out a little smoother at The top not using the separator, but you definitely need a second person if you were doing it on yourself the separator would come in handy so were gonna do it slow and.

Try to make it a tight braid like I’m barely moving have no fear, okay so moving a little slower this time this was braid number one and this was braid number two oh Brandon but she definitely did break better so braid number two is definitely tighter the only trick to doing is slow is that I was too busy watching the top to make Sure, I was going slow and I forgot to watch the bottom and that’s when the hair got dangled okay the goal this time.

Is to just go down as fast as I can and see if it really does create a looser break so I did it fast, but I don’t like it at all it kind of doesn’t even look like a braid I don’t know what I don’t know, but I don’t love that one so don’t do that one okay guys so in conclusion first of all lets just go over the facts the product is normally around 24 I found it on sale for 19.

99 with no Coupon so its not like crazy expensive, but its expensive enough that if its not gonna work like the first one major, major thumbs down so first of all not a hundred percent sure I would give it very high ratings for quality of product just because it it does feel like plastic and I mean you know anyway so what do you think Rylan it depends on the way you braid it like if you braid.

It slows it can tangle your hair really fast and for a good braid like it can tangle your hair if you’re not watching The bottom and so if you want if you braid it fast, then its just not even a braid I am gonna say it did braid the hair right it didn’t just tangle it into a mess it actually did create a braid and the braid actually looks half decent, however I thought the hair separator was a little tricky to use and I still think no matter what we did we have like.

Flyaway hair at the top like it doesn’t want to lay flat right there I mean, if you’re going to use it for an actual hair tool for sure a thumbs down Like you fail, fail I wish it like would use more hair because yeah yeah and its not a very big braid even then, however this is sold in the toy section of the stores.

And it’s actually manufactured by a toy company so this is not supposed to be like a professional braiding tool this is supposed to be a toy honestly, I just don’t see people using this for real like to really braid their kids’ hair I just don’t see it as a toy maybe a little bit more so I’m going to go.

Fail as a hair tool and as a toy i am gonna let paisley play with it, I predict that it’s either broken very shortly or her baby’s hair is a nightmare very short non-existent, but she would have fun doing it and if it killed a couple hours or a couple weeks which is why I’m giving it a I definitely think it should also be.

Noted that for the amount of time it took us to just separate and set up the hair yeah, it would have been a lot easier for me to have just whipped out a braid definitely if you don’t know how to braid use one of my beginning hair tutorials and you’re golden so there you have it folks the easy braid this is the easy braid is the brand and it called the hair braided so do me a favor guys and leave.

A comment down below on whether or not you would buy this product or if you have bought it what your thoughts about its work definitely leave me another comment telling me what other fabric fails, you would like to see me do and if you have not subscribed to our channel already click the subscribe button down Here if you guys want to see more favorite males click right here, and if you want to check out behind the braids vlogs click right there and will see you guys next week bye guys bye.