Dr. Botanicals Review

The brand Dr Botanicals presents THE body moisturizing expert cream. It combines care expertise and very good ingredients for the well-being and beauty of the body. It is suitable for all skin types, and softens mature or dry skin, and rebalances oily or mixed skin. We’re all looking for a cream that brings the benefits our skin needs, and uses natural ingredients for skin regeneration, well, Dr. Botanicals brings it all into one product!

Is Dr Botanicals Body Moisturizing Expert Cream recommended?

Yes, it is! It is a rich cream for daily treatment day and night. Due to its properties, it has the ability to soften and regulate the level of sebum. Dr. Botanicals, Body Moisturizing Expert Cream is full of natural benefits because the ingredients used are a mixture of plant extracts dedicated to making our skin even more beautiful and soft.

“For” and “against” notices


  • Brand of choice
  • Natural care and ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Unsuitable bottle for the product
  • Overpriced

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I’m a woman in her fifties, who likes to take care of me. I’m pretty flirtatious, and with age, I realized, I have to pay attention to the products spread in large numbers on the market, but which are usually very chemical, and therefore not good for the health of my skin. Also, I tested a lot of organic products, and finally I opted for Dr Botanicals which offers a crazy good and a new youth for my skin!

Brand of choice

Dr. Botanicals is a London cosmetics brand. It was created by Richard Walker in 2012, who followed in the footsteps of his father, who designed his first cream in 1960. Dr. Botanicals is renowned for its 100% natural vegan and paraben-free products, intended for both women and men. Dr. Botanicals offer a wide range of products for eyes and lips, body and hair. They also produce oils and serums, moisturizers, facial and body cleansers. Much appreciated, the brand is followed by more than 1,700 people on Facebook. On Twitter, the brand has more than 2,000 followers. On Instagram, Dr. Botanicals is followed by more than 500 followers. For the request for additional information, the site of the dr Botanicals brand allows you to send an e-mail message. A phone number and email address are available for claim.

Natural care and ingredients

The dr Botanicals brand has a philosophy of highlighting plant and plant-based compositions. They draw their know-how from nature. They want to be the pioneers of vegan care but also the use of a natural range of preservatives through their products. That’s why expert brand Dr. Botanicals concocts effective treatments thanks to the unique compositions they use for their products. Body Moisturizing Expert Cream, is itself composed of plant extracts including elderberry, coconut oil, jasmine, shea butter, but also vitamin E. These components, thanks to their contribution, nourishes the skin of the face and neck in depth. Vitamin E, antioxidant, protects the skin from pollution, dirt, but also acts against aging. These purely natural ingredients increase the elasticity of the skin, and visibly reduce wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types

Dr. Botanicals Body Moisturizing Expert Cream is suitable for all skin types, and is used day and night for softer, deeper-enriched skin for dry or mature skin. The level of sebum is thus regulated thanks to its regenerative and natural formula for oily or mixed skin. The skin becomes radiant and regains a new appearance. This Body Moisturizing Expert cream moisturizes each skin type for a longer period of time. The tightness and discomfort felt instantly disappears effortlessly on the skin. These unique ingredients help the skin to better reveal itself and become stronger. This is why Body Moisturizing Expert Cream is an effective treatment for dry or mature, oily or mixed skin. But also, it nourishes and softens sensitive skin. Body Moisturizing Expert Cream has a light, floral fragrance that is pleasant when applied to the skin.

Unsuitable bottle for the product

For Body Moisturizing Expert Cream, it is contained in a 200 ml bottle. As the cream is quite thick, it is difficult to get it out of the pump easily. Try to contain it in another bottle or container to get the cream out better.


As it is a luxury product,Dr. Botanicals Body Moisturizing Expert Cream is not given. Indeed, the brand’s products are not within everyone’s reach. They often have to be found from unlikely sellers on the internet for those who really can’t own them. This vegan and 100% natural brand promotes its know-how even through product prices.

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