Hair extensions have become increasingly popular the world over as a way of accentuating looks. Whether it is natural or synthetic hair extensions, people just love them because they are capable of transforming their looks overnight. The investment that you put into getting that perfect hair extension means that you can do anything within your capacity to protect and lengthen the life of your new look. Well, for some reason some people get it wrong and they cannot explain why their hair extensions never live to their expiration date.It is not a chance event that your extensions fall off but rather a sum total of things that you do or do not do in taking care of that extension. For instance your choice of hair products matters a lot. This is because some of these products contain beneficial components that guarantee you stronger and richer hair. On the other hand some hair products have harmful chemicals that destroy your hair making it weak and unhealthy. If you have been wondering what to do to make your extension last long, here are some useful tips.

Choose a Quality Shampoo

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Many people understand the fact that your hair extensions need regular shampooing to ensure that they last long. However the story doesn’t end there. You have to make sure that the choice of shampoo and conditioner is up to the recommended standard. With market liberalization, many dealers have come up with their versions of shampoos and conditioners. Unfortunately some of these are very destructive and instead of making your hair extensions cleaner and stronger, they weaken them leading to fall offs. Also some shampoos do react with your hair and it is upon you to know the varieties that you can work comfortably with. Always remember to dry your hair after a shower in order to keep hair wetness at bay.

Use Heat Protective Spray

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Processes such a blowdrying and straightening, involve the application of so much heat which to some extent may be destructive to your hair extensions. To be on the safe side, limit the amount of heat application depending on your hair extension style. For instance when blowdrying skin weft hair extensions, you should use medium heat specifically at the roots after washing in order to avoid shedding. In the case of microbead and shrink tube hair extensions, you can let them air dry. A heat protection spray stands up to curling iron and flat irons to guard your hair against friction and excess heat leaving it shiny and enviably soft.

Regular Maintenance


It is professionally recommended that your hair extensions should be checked by a stylist every two months. After some time, your extension will grow out with your natural hair. Having regular hair maintenance will ensure that your extension accommodates your new hair growth well without any potential damage. Tape hair extensions require a relatively close spaced maintenance schedule. This is because of the fact that these extensions are on larger sections of hair and become heavier once your hair is grown. The dangers of leaving such hair extensions unattended are that they can cause pulling at the roots and ultimately damage your hair.

Take Caution When Styling Your Hair

Rarely would you stick to one hair style throughout the lifespan of your hair extension. However when styling your hair, you need to be very carefully. For natural hair extensions, you will not have much of a problem because the same hair styling tools you have been using can be applied here as well. Synthetic extensions on the other hand require specific attention. Depending on the type of extension that you have chosen, you stylist should inform you adequately on what you need to do. Feel free to put your hair in braids, ponytails, barrettes or even buns. Styling your hair extensions in a variety of types will help you ease stress and strains on the hair strands.

Set your hair extension before going to sleep

When you are asleep, you literally switch from the conscious state to a subconscious state of mind. The problem with this is that you may find yourself doing things that you would not ordinarily do. Some people pull their hair making it entangled while they are sleeping. To prevent such cases, style your hair in a loose plait or ponytail before sleeping. It is also recommended that you use a crunchy or lose hair tie on your hair extensions before going to bed. This will guard you against hair breakage making your hair extensions last long.
The buck stops with you as far as your hair extension is concerned. You need to do your homework well to ensure that you get a stylist who understands your hair and one who is experienced enough to win your trust.