Factors to Consider Before Getting New Haircuts

Deciding on new haircuts can be quite challenging, especially considering the variety of medium length and short hair cuts available today. Before getting new haircuts, you need to make sure that the new short hairstyles you have chosen will not only suit you, but also make you feel comfortable, especially if you will be cutting your long hair short since it will be a while before you get your long hair back and you will be stuck with the same short hairstyles for quite some time. After all, no short hairstyles can make you look confident and good unless and until you feel comfortable with it.

When choosing short or medium length haircuts, you also need to make sure that the haircuts you have chosen will make it possible to function comfortably. After all, only perfect and comfortable short hair cuts will be able to make you feel refreshing and different and change your outer appearance.

No one in the entire world wants to stick with the same long hairstyles for the rest of their life. Sporting the same long hair for a long time can make you look dull and boring. Change is ultimately needed and desired by everyone. Change spices up your life. Therefore, it is definitely a must to change your long hairstyles every once in a while, or change your long hair color to update your style statement and appearance. Doing so will also draw attention and make everyone feel your presence with your unique appearance and medium length haircuts.

However, before you go for short hair cuts, you need to take some factors into consideration to ensure that you make the right decision.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Medium Length Haircuts

1. Face Shape and Body Structure

One of the most important factors to consider before cutting your long hair short or getting new long hairstyles is your face shape and body structure. For instance, if you have a long or oblong face, you should not opt for long hairstyles since you will end up making your face appear longer and narrower than before. Instead, short hair cuts work well with an oblong face. Even if you have a heavy and big body structure, you are not free to have short hair cuts. However, you can go for medium length haircuts since they work with almost all face shapes and body structures. Your hair texture and hair density also plays an important role in determining your long hairstyles.

2. Your Character

Another important deciding factor for choosing short hair cuts is the type of personality you possess. It is imperative that your chosen long hairstyles or short hairstyles go nicely with your personality. For instance, if you are a tomboy, short hairstyles are the best for you to showcase that part of your personality. On the other hand, if you want to show a cheerful look, you could go for something fun and girly like Meg Ryan’s look or Jodie Foster’s hairstyle. For corporate or business women, medium length haircuts work best.

3. Lifestyle

Your hairstyle also depends on the kind of lifestyle you are used to. The amount of time you can spend on your hair is pretty important before deciding on a certain haircut. You should not compromise on your hair care. For instance, long hair usually takes more time to wash and style than short hairstyles. Therefore, you should only go for long hairstyles if you are confident you have the time to take care of it and style it. After all, it is no use going for hairstyles that requires so much time to take care of it and style that you get frustrated with it.

Never compromise on the health of your hair. It should be remembered that great hair care is the key to a great hairstyle.

4. Career

Most women go to work nowadays, so they need to have a hairstyle that is easy and quick to style so that they can keep up with their active lifestyle. Most career-oriented women go for short hairstyles since it is easy to style yet beautiful and feminine. Long hair is not preferred much since it can be difficult to keep, but if you are confident about keeping long hair, go for long hairstyles!

5. Skin Tone and Eye Color

Your skin tone and eye color are also extremely important to choose the perfect hair color for your long hair or short hairstyles. Your hair color should match your skin tone and eye color, while your medium length haircuts should complement your face shape and body structure. It should be kept in mind that the primary objective is to look good, so you should not experiment blindly or else you will end up regretting your decision. Always make carefully thought out decisions so that you don’t end up with haircuts that you hate.