Feather Hair Extensions – What you need to know

Feather hair extensions have been used for centuries as a means of decorating locks. Everything from peacock, ostrich and pheasant feathers have been used which is only natural as feathers are very similar to human hair in terms of composition. All mostly consist of protein. As human hair differs greatly from head to head, so too do feather hair extensions. You will find a variety of lengths and colors to choose from along with a multitude of styles. No matter which ones you choose to use, you will find that feather extensions add texture and style in no time at all. Best of all, you can reuse them again and again and treat them as you would your own natural hair.

Many credit the pop star Kesha with starting the current trend as she often wears feather hair extensions in her videos and concerts. Although she may be partially responsible, this isn’t the only reason why they are so hot right now. Being able to change your look in trying economic times may not be as easy to do. Hair extensions of any type can give you a completely different look at a very low price so many are choosing this option. Stephen Tyler of American Idol also wore this hair accessory in every show and now you can have the same look at home without spending a fortune.

Feather hair extensions typically come in two different types. Natural hair extensions are made from the feathers of a bird. Before you choose a feather hair extension of this type, you may wish to ensure that the birds from which these feathers are removed are healthy and well treated. Choosing a reputable company to buy from makes this process easier. Your other option will be synthetic hair extensions. Feathers used in this type are made from fibers. With the second type, you may find that you have a wider variety to choose from as they aren’t limited to natural characteristics of birds.

Many options will be offered when you go to purchase feather hair extensions. You may choose to purchase natural looking ones or more flamboyant styles. Some prefer feathers in colors similar to their own hair tones while others may want multi-colored feathers or neon ones. Everything from neon pink to pale yellow is offered along with every shade in between. Once you have chosen the color you would like to use, thickness will be your next consideration. Some feathers are bulky and natural looking while other are thin and sleek. As these hair extensions are clipped on in most cases, you can easily try a variety to see which works best for you.

When you go to select your feather hair extensions, you will have other choices to make also. Do you want ones that are designed for temporary use or are you looking for something more permanent? Although no hair extension is completely permanent, you may choose styles that will last for up to six months. As they can be treated the same way you treat your natural hair, time and money will be saved by choosing the second option. You are not stuck with them either. If you decide to change your look after just two or three months, these items are removable so you may do so.

Your next question when it comes to feather hair extensions may involve cost. How much do accessories of this type run? There is no easy answer to this as there are so many types available. The price for microbead extensions differs from keratin bond extensions, bulky hair extensions will be priced differently than thin and narrow ones, etc. The best thing to do is to browse a wide variety of types to find one or more that you love at a price you can afford.

With the help of the Internet and places such as Amazon, you can browse many styles right from the comfort of your own home. By choosing this option, you can see what is offered and look until you find feather hair extensions that you cannot live without. This also allows you to get a feel for what is out there instead of having to drive from store to store and you can see the various price points for accessories of this type. The Internet makes shopping for your new hair extensions a piece of cake.

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When you choose to head to Amazon to find your feather hair extensions, you will also find a variety of accessories to select from. You may opt to purchase a tool kit or buy each piece individually. If you wish to dress up your feather hair extensions, look for a beading tool kit or something of that nature. By doing so, you can make your new do stand out in a crowd even more.

Following the latest trend in hair fashion has never been easier thanks to the many feather hair extensions available on the market today. When you do choose to buy this type of accessory, there are certain things you should look for. Determine the seller’s return policy and what you need to do if you find you receive a defective product. Comparison shop to ensure you get a great price for an item you love. The more time you take before purchasing your hair extensions, the more pleased you will be each and every time you wear them. Try one today and see how it can enhance your look.
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