List of shampoo that lightens hair naturally

Want to lighten your hair as summer approaches or simply revive your natural blonde? Looking for lightening shampoos which, in addition to giving you back your natural shine, allow you to take care of your hair, without damaging or drying it out? To help you choose the shampoo that’s right for you, we offer you a selection of lightening shampoos that are popular with hairstylists around the world.

What is a lightening shampoo?

A “lightening” shampoo is a shampoo enriched with whitening ingredients that that allow you to maintain your blond hair, a common example would be chamomile and lemon. In addition to lightening your hair they could also have a drying effect on your hair, requiring additional hair care.

Some shampoos combat this drying effect with ingredients such as olive oil and / or honey. They allow you to provide nourishing care to your hair, in addition to restoring shine.

How does lightening shampoo work on the hair?

The agents contained in lightening shampoos make it possible to lighten, if you are lucky, after several applications on your hair. This type of shampoo thus makes it possible to achieve the golden tones naturally present in your hair in order to give it more volume and contrast.

The desired result with a lightening shampoo is far from what a dye would do, but this is precisely what we are looking for: a natural effect that approaches your natural shade while giving it enough shine before the summer! Its effect will also be amplified thanks to the sun’s rays, which tend to lighten your hair.

shampoo that lightens hair naturally

What hair colors is it recommended for?

The lightening shampoo is particularly recommended for blond to light brown hair in order to obtain an optimal result. The goal is to get slightly lighter reflections, around one to two tones.

This shampoo can also be used to revive a somewhat faded Tie-Dye ends.

I have brown hair: Can I expect results?

While recommended for blond hair, lightening shampoo is not recommended for brown hair. It will also have an impact on your hair color, but maybe not what you are looking for…

Used on brown hair, you may especially end up with copper or even red tones, far from the fresh and sunny effect generally expected with this type of shampoo.

Finally, if you hope to see your brown color turn into a sparkling blonde, forget the lightening shampoo and schedule an appointment at the hairdresser: only a hair dye will allow you to achieve this result!

How do I apply my lightening shampoo?

Use your lightening shampoo as you would any “classic” shampoo. So, during your shower, wet your hair abundantly. Then apply about two dab of lightening shampoo while massaging your scalp to create lather.

Do this for two to three minutes, the time that your shampoo penetrates your hair and can act. Then rinse your hair with clean water and then dry off to see the result!

The benefits of lightening shampoos

Homogeneous coloring

Thanks to its light “tone-on-tone” action, the lightening shampoo provides uniform color throughout the year. No need to scrutinize your roots and ends, the main concern when using classic coloring: your hair becomes lighter as you shampoo it evenly over its length.

A gentle formulation of the product

Most lightening shampoos are formulated with completely natural ingredients, but no less effective in lightening your hair. Whether its lemon, honey, or even chamomile, all have lightening properties and are 100% natural.

While certain active ingredients such as lemon can dry out the hair, protective agents such as olive oil, pro-vitamin B5 or cinnamon are added to them to strengthen your hair.

Avoids resorting to the use of chemicals

The use of hydrogen peroxide as a lightening substance is not good for hair, especially in shampoos. It is not recommended because it can weaken your hair. This chemical agent is, in fact, particularly abrasive and risks drying out your hair, making it brittle. So choose natural products, at the risk of ending up with a bale of straw instead of your hair.

The best lightening shampoos according to user reviews

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder

JOHN FRIEDA Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Brightening Shampoo

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From the “Sheer Blonde” range, John Frieda’s “Go Blonder” lightening shampoo is certainly the most popular with pretty blondes.

It mainly contains chamomile and lemon and is guaranteed without ammonia or peroxide, therefore without risk for the health of your hair. Its light texture allows it to quickly blend into the hair and to lather more easily than with a thicker shampoo.

The results of this shampoo are visible from the first use, with a natural and luminous effect. This will also be amplified if you use the other products in the by JOHN FRIEDA, in particular the lightening spray, for an express good morning treatment, or the mask, in order to deeply nourish your hair!

Mirta de Perales Shampoo with Lemon & Chamomile Manzanilla

Mirta de Perales Shampoo with Lemon & Chamomile Manzanilla

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With its lightening lemon and softening chamomile extracts, it is not surprising to find the Blond Soleil lightening shampoo from Mirta de Peralesin second place on our podium!

While its promise is to lighten your hair by just one shade, its impact on the shine and shine of your hair will be more than visible. Also recommended on blond hair only, its use is not recommended on dark hair.

Note that the Mirta de Peraleslightening range also offers a jelly, applicable to dry as well as wet hair using an applicator comb, which will increase the effect of your shampoo.

TIO NACHO Natural Lightening & Volumizing Shampoo

TIO NACHO Natural Lightening & Volumizing Shampoo

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Speaking of lightening jelly or spray, let’s now talk about the products of the TIO NACHO.

To be used on blond to brown hair, these products only require a few minutes of your time, with no exposure time or rinsing, for visible results after 2 to 3 applications. Obtain a gradual but lasting result, up to the expected shade.

If the spray is ideal for a uniform blonde effect, the lightening gel can allow you to achieve a highlighted effect full of contrasts. You choose!

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair – Made in USA – Removes Brassiness, Yellow & Overtones – Gentle Toning & Hair Care

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What better way to look back from vacation than naturally glowing hair that smells of Chamomile? This is the promise made to you by Blondwood lightening shampoo.

Composed of chamomile, to lighten the hair, and Avacado oil, to nourish and make your hair supple and shiny, this shampoo will give you the shine that your blonde / brown hair has always wanted.

Without chemical agents, this gentle formula will allow you to gradually achieve the desired shade, while taking care of your hair and providing it with an exquisite fragrance.

You will undoubtedly be able to make your loved ones believe that you have come straight from a paradise island, the memories and the tanned complexion less, unfortunately!

Joico Blond Life

Vie de la Blonde by Joico Brightening Shampoo

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The fastest acting shampoo of our selection, and definitely not the least powerful, the product Blond Life offered by Joico. Unlike other products, this one especially allows you to revive your blonde.

Particularly used on colored hair, it neutralizes the minerals that alter the color and “yellow” it, making it face and superficial. Rediscover a natural and luminous blonde, bringing an additional touch of radiance to your color.