Green tea for hair: a natural remedy

Green tea has many virtues and properties that are good for health. It facilitates weight loss with its detox effect, it takes care of the skin and helps fight diseases. Still, green tea for hair is also a great ally to take care of your hair fiber. Rich in theine, antioxidants, vitamins C / D and polyphenols, it is a real gold nugget and a beauty secret!

Hair loss, lack of shine, hair that does not grow, the presence of dandruff and itching are the enemies of green tea. By learning how to use it correctly, green tea leaves for hair can improve the quality of hair fiber.

Throughout this guide, we will reveal all the secrets of green tea for hair. We explain in a detailed and complete way its actions on the scalp, as well as recipes and effective products to enjoy its properties!

What are the benefits of green tea for hair?

When it comes to hair, we never cease to discover almost miraculous methods to overcome hair problems. And look like nothing, we realize that some very effective ingredients are found in our kitchen!

Among them we can mention green tea for hair, which is also a must-have ally for health. It has a long list of properties including weight loss and purifying the body. Green tea is also a gold nugget to heal the skin, teeth, prevent nearly 60 diseases, and obviously, it is a precious remedy to get beautiful hair. Unlike the traditional use of green tea, so in herbal tea or infusion, we can treat our hair thanks to theine.

Theine is a molecule that is also known as caffeine,when it is integrated into the body, it joins the bloodstream. The effects of theine are known to all, it provides a boost thanks to its stimulating properties. That is, theine brings the same actions on the hair, at least, on the hair follicle. This substance from green tea will penetrate the hair and reach the hair follicle to activate and boost the activity of the sebaceous glands, including micro-blood circulation under the scalp.

There are many benefits to the use of green tea for hair. In truth, we must admit that green tea continues to prove itself. It is the subject of many discoveries year after year, with more and more virtues. However, back to the hair, the first observation is that green tea improves hair growth. It acts as a booster on the hair follicle, in the same way as mustard vegetable oil, or organic mustard.

If you have looked at most of our latest articles, you know that everything that happens under our scalp is a real smart system. New cells are produced continuously to allow the hair to grow, while renewing keratin. By having a healthy and balanced diet,nutritional intakes participate in this production of young cells. Well, green tea for hair is an added value to your efforts, the process is increased tenfold.

Green tea for hair brings shine

One of the first benefits of green tea for hair is that it brings much more shine and flexibility. Green tea has formidable antiseptic properties that allow to sanitize and purify the scalp in depth. Rich in polyphenols and vitamins C and D, green tea restores more vitality to the hair fiber to gain shine and strength.

Green tea for hair slows down hair loss and baldness

There is another very interesting benefits of green tea for hair. Hair loss and baldness are usually caused by significant iron deficiencies. This means that the diet is not balanced enough to provide the right nutritional intakes to the body. It is necessary to keep in mind that the health of the body plays a key and crucial role in the evolution of the hair, without it, no intake can be transmitted effectively!

If you suffer from hair loss or baldness, be aware that green tea for hair has high levels of iron. By drinking a maximum of three cups of green tea per day, you will be able to ingest the necessary and tolerated iron intakes. We will see a little later in this guide, it is possible to use green tea as a rinsing water, and this is particularly interesting.

Fight dandruff with green tea for hair

The use of green tea for hair also helps to slow down the creation of dandruff. This problem can be a real scourge for some people!

The presence of dandruff on the hair is caused by various factors: too oily hair, a sensitive scalp, the development of fungi, hormonal disorder, bad shampoo, pollution, stress, poor lifestyle … In other words, there are as many causes as there are dandruff on the skull.

However, the action of green tea for hair can solve this problem, or at least, slow down the formation of dandruff. As well as the benefits associated with shine, the properties of green tea will sanitize and purify the scalp. If the dandruff comes from a fungus like Malassezia, then theine can neutralize it. Malassezia is a fungus that feeds on the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, and strongly irritates the scalp. By using green tea as a rinsing water, and regularly, a clear improvement is visible over time.

Grow hair with green tea

It is no surprise that we can tell you that green tea stimulates hair growth, a good alternative if dietary supplements are too expensive. In addition to being economical, green tea is an excellent natural remedy to boost hair growth. It contains a certain amount of antioxidants, as well as caffeine. By acting directly on the hair follicle, the hair is healthier, purified and aerated to let the hair fiber grow. If you don’t own green tea, you can also turn to white tea!

How to use green tea for hair?

To enjoy the benefits of green tea for hair, there are several ways to consume it, but we have a preference for rinsing water.

However, this does not rule out the idea of drinking it daily to do good to the body. Green tea cleans it by removing toxins that hinder its proper functioning. Therefore, your body is stimulated and the transmission of nutritional intakes also promotes cell renewal, the activity of the sebaceous glands and blood circulation. As mentioned earlier, green tea for hair is rich in iron. If you are facing significant hair loss,drink a maximum of two to three cups a day.

Depending on the desired results, there are several ways to use green tea. Therefore, we will take up some issues by sharing an example of hair care:

  • To naturally treat dandruff on the hair, boil a cup of water and add two tablespoons of green tea leaves, three tablespoons of coconut oil and a little lemon juice. When the preparation is lukewarm, apply everything to your hair by massaging the scalp well and rinse after a 45-minute pose.
  • To prevent hair loss and carry out a moisturizing care, infuse 4 tablespoons of green tea leaves in boiling water. Then, embellish the care with a tablespoon of coconut oil and honey, and apply everything to the hair once warm. Leave the treatment for 30 minutes and wash.
  • To achieve a growth mask and stimulate growth , beat an egg and add two good tablespoons of green tea powder. If your hair is long or very thick, double or triple the dose to make sure you can apply it everywhere. Once the preparation is complete, lay the care by separating your hair well by section and leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse everything and proceed to wash the hair according to your usual routine.
  • To make a homemade green tea shampoo,infuse 5 tablespoons of green tea leaves in a cup of boiling water for 25-30 minutes. Let it all cool and add a cup of Castile soap (based on olive oil and glycerin), as well as a tablespoon of virgin olive oil. Mix everything and use the preparation to wash your hair. It is also possible to add some additional active ingredients such as a little aloe vera or a few drops of essential oil for a targeted action.

Many other recipes exist to use green tea for hair. Depending on the targeted issues or the desired results, you can add assets to improve the recipe. One of the advantages in this type of preparation is that it is really economical. In addition, you keep control over the ingredients to respect the real needs of your hair.

Besides, some recipes are also rinsing water. To stay simple, simply infuse green tea leaves in boiling water. Wait until the preparation is cold and use it as the last rinse water. If desired, add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil or peppermint to sanitize the scalp.

On the other hand, it is better to use green tea leaves for organic hair. Unfortunately, green tea bags sold in supermarkets contain other types of tea or residues of unwanted things that can not really be identified. Green tea leaves are available online or in many organic stores, so don’t hesitate!

Selections of the best hair products with green tea for hair

If the idea of making recipes based on green tea for hair does not delight you, nothing is lost, we have done the work for you! Every person is different, and some are not really followers of DIY (Do It Yourself), which is quite understandable. Instead of spending hours looking for green tea hair products, check out our selection:

Fatima’s Garden green tea oil for hair

Fatima’s Garden’s green tea-enriched argan oil offers an exceptional composition that nourishes and moisturizes your hair deeply. This argan oil strengthens, protects and repairs hair by moisturizing dry scalps, split ends thanks to fatty acids and antioxidants. In addition, this serum also contains vitamin D for hair growth.

Fatima’s Garden green tea oil for hair

  • Silky shiny hair naturally of long duration (even colored and relaxed hair)
  • An argan and green tea oil 100% pure from Morocco, certified organic by ECOCERT France and the American USDA
  • Nourishes, strengthens, protects and repairs your hair by moisturizing dry scalp, split ends and frizzy hair with fatty acids and antioxidants
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Green tea shampoo for hair Awakening Detox Le Petit Marseillais

The shampoo Réveil Detox Le Petit Marseillais surprised us somewhat by its composition which is quite amazing. Although we have identified the presence of sulfate at the top of the list, it is softened by the presence of a surfactant derived from coconut. Nevertheless, we find a good amount of vegetable glycerin, thyme extract and green tea leaves for the hair. We recommend this shampoo for punctual use to purify the scalp.

Shampoin detox with green tea Le Petit Marseillais

  • New ritual enriched with botanical infusions to take care of the scalp and hair from the roots to the tips
  • Unique combination of an infusion and a natural ingredient
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The Shampoo Miellaire Le petit Olivier

The Micellar Shampoo Le Petit Olivier is in the same spirit as the product we presented earlier. Its use must be punctual and it is particularly effective for people with very oily hair. When washing, focus on the scalp massage and let the foam clean the lengths. In addition, remember to apply a conditioner as well as a restorative mask to not have dry hair!

The Shampoo Miellaire Le petit Olivier

  • Silicone-Free – Sulfate-Free – Dermatologically tested – 95% natural ingredients
  • Le Petit Olivier and One Voice are committed to an animal and planetary ethic
  • Purifies and shines normal to oily hair
  • Products are created at Salon de Provence and Made in France

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This guide is now coming to an end and we hope you liked it. By way of conclusion, we can affirm that green tea has real benefits to improve the quality of hair and give it a second life. It is an ingredient that you can add in your hair care routine, a real added value for ever more beautiful hair …