Hair Cutting Techniques

There are several hair cutting techniques out there that listing them here would take several hours and several pages of text.

Plus, hairstylists, at least the ones who are worth the astronomical saloon fee you are paying, invent new ones every now and then so that there are new hair cutting techniques that come out of the wood work almost every week!

There are, however a few basic hair cutting techniques that no respectable hair trimmer should be ignorant about. As a rule, straight hair is much more easier to style than curly or wavy hair.

The real nightmare hair to cut are frizzy hair types. They can tough to style because you are never really sure how the look will come out. However, a lot of hairstylists have specialized on frizzy and curly hair cuts. Some people love a challenge, apparently.

Often times, hair stylists prefer wet hair for cutting. Wet hair is often easier to manage and those ugly fly-away hair tips are far more easier to handle this way. Usually, a hairstylist will have a spray bottle of water handy for just this sort of thing.

When cutting hair that is also supposed to be dye on the same hair saloon visit, it is often the practice to dye first before cutting. This way, the color can set into the hair and the inevitable uneven spots at the ends of the hair will be included with the cut.

Needless to say, hair should be made thoroughly clean and there should not be any products on the hair before any cutting is done. Regular hair trimming is a must. If hair is left to grow without trimming for a time, hair length irregularity will be very apparent and the hair will look ugly. Short hair will need a shorter span of time for each cutting, usually around four to six weeks.

Longer hair styles benefit from longer time spans for each cutting which should be around eight to ten weeks. Longer hair styles will often develop split ends and other hair damages, however and may require trimming frequently.

 For those who are out to get a new hair style, it is better to do the changes long before you plan on attending a big event such as a wedding or a prom. This is in case your planned new hair style does not come out very well.

Also, when you want to try for a shorter style hair and you have long hair, you might want to try a medium length hair style so that you can adjust to the look and decide if you want to actually keep to it.