Hair Growing Products for Men

If there is one area in which science is allowing tremendous advances, giving hope to as many people as possible, that of scientific advances related to baldness and hair regrowth is certainly one of the areas in pole position. Hair loss is a complex phenomenon involving many varied factors, all of which act to varying degrees of intensity on hair growth. These are all factors that scientists must master in order to consider solutions for regrowing hair . Which of the current techniques and solutions offer optimal results?

What are the factors that cause hair loss?

Before looking at hair regrowth, it is useful to think about the elements that cause hair loss . A phenomenon affecting two thirds of men from the age of 35. In reality, there is no one and the same cause of hair loss, and the reasons why hair begins to fall out and become sparse at the top of the head are many and varied. The main reason, mentioned in the majority of cases, is linked to genetic factors.

In fact, more than nine in 10 people lose their hair due to a genetic problem; this is particularly the case with individuals affected by what is called androgenetic alopecia (or genetic baldness).

Along with hereditary factors linked to hair loss, there are other reasons for the loss. As such, the way the hair is treated plays a large part in its loss. For example, mistreating your hair, pulling it back or doing too tight hairstyles all contribute to hair loss. Other external problems such as pollution, parasites or fungal infections can also be the cause of baldness or profuse hair loss.

Before considering any solution to regrow hair, it is a question of understanding the reasons behind this phenomenon, in order to treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.

How to promote hair regrowth?

Hairdressers, dermatologists and healthcare professionals agree that the condition of hair is intimately linked to the overall health of an individual . It is therefore possible to see outside what is happening inside. In addition, personal hygiene is also important as it helps protect the hair and scalp as a whole. To maintain healthy hair, it is important to follow some basic precautions.

When the hair starts to get thinner, when hair growth becomes sluggish, and especially when there is a genetic factor favoring androgenetic baldness, it is necessary to act preventively in order to keep your hair healthy on the as long as possible . I highly recommend that you read the pages related to natural solutions that you will find here .

Medical treatments to overcome hair loss

In addition to using natural methods, having a healthy diet and lifestyle, it is possible to use drug treatments to promote regrowth. Be careful, they are not always without risk, I recommend that you read my former user review on Minoxidil as well as this article which talks about the dangers of Finasteride (which I voluntarily forgot in the list below)

The list of drug treatments:

  • Minoxidil , which is presented as one of the most effective drug treatments for hair regrowth. It is applied topically and more than 6 out of 10 people using Minoxidil achieve satisfactory results, i.e. hair regrowth and thicker hair. Indeed, the role of Minoxidil is to provide nutrients to the hair follicle by dilating the blood vessels to which it is linked. Be careful, this treatment is to be taken for life! I have personally had unwanted and side effects using it but I am one of the rare cases …
  • Trioxidil : New anti-hair loss treatment, Trioxidil essentially aims to limit the production of DHT while promoting hair regrowth. To learn more, I recommend reading my complete file on Trioxidil .

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Minoxidil is used by both men and women and its presentation is available in several formats, to vary according to personal preferences and needs.

  • The laser is a technique that offers promising results for growing hair. A technique that stimulates the growth of cells in the hair follicles, aimed at accelerating hair growth. While some are skeptical of laser hair regrowth, the results show that it is of some effectiveness. I have never used this solution, I won’t be able to tell you if it is the best solution, but you can inquire.

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Solutions to grow hair naturally

In addition to the techniques and medicinal solutions related to hair regrowth, there are natural treatments , real grandmother’s remedies which also have their benefits and are recognized for their virtues. Among them :

  • Argan oil , well known for its properties to sublimate hair and reduce hair loss. As such, it is used today in many cosmetic products, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Castor oil , which rehydrates dry hair and promotes hair growth.


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  • Coconut oil , to be used in addition to castor oil! It is very efficient.
  • Mustard oil which helps to grow hair but also to prevent hair loss
  • Olive oil , known for its nourishing and fortifying properties. I personally use it in my hair routine!
  • Bay leaves , particularly interesting in terms of abundant dandruff and hair loss
  • Nard Jatamansi essential oil , a remover aimed at activating and stimulating hair regrowth
  • Tigernuts oil which has the power to deeply nourish and sublimate damaged hair
  • White sandalwood oil , also used in cosmetology for the treatment of dry and damaged hair
  • Brewer’s yeast : A cure to be taken once or twice a year to strengthen the hair and promote the speed of growth .

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Which natural products should be favored for healthy hair?

  • Snake oil , composed of vegetable oil whose actions are beneficial for the hair as for the hair follicles. This oil acts at the same time as a protection, a fortifier, a moisturizer and an anti hair loss and anti-dandruff treatment.
  • Pura d’Or Premium anti- hair loss , one of the best shampoos to promote hair regrowth. Little known in France, it has enjoyed tremendous success in the United States. Composed mainly of natural organic products, it does not contain any harmful unwanted substances. It is also made up of Argan oil as well as many ingredients to block DHT , this substance at the very basis of hair loss.

Pura D’or, Deep Moisturizing Conditioner, 16 fl oz (473 ml)


Products to avoid for healthy hair

Besides the preferred products for regrowing hair, there are many substances that are best avoided , at the risk of damaging and losing more hair.

Among them :

  • All forms of paraben (propulparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben) which can be harmful to the hair, as well as to the scalp and skin
  • Phenoxyethanol, which has carcinogenic properties
  • Sulfates which, of course, make it possible to lather the shampoo, but which are particularly aggressive with the scalp
  • Silicones, used by manufacturers to allow hair to be smoother, forming an additional layer that prevents the hair from absorbing nutrients.
  • PEGs (polyethenglycol) presenting undesirable effects such as those linked to sulfates.

Which food supplements to favor to regrow hair?

If the health of our hair depends on our body, certain dietary supplements can help to regrow hair. Among them :

  • Proteins, essential for hair growth. They are found in white meats such as chicken or turkey, in eggs or even dairy products.
  • Vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B, biotin and omega three. These vitamins, like zinc, for example, make it possible to overcome certain deficiencies in our body. As such, vitamins are easily accessible and can be taken in the form of small tablets on a daily basis:
    • Zinc, which contributes to cell regeneration
    • L-Cysteine ​​which strengthens the hair
    • Iron, which improves blood circulation and keeps the root strong
    • Vitamin E which acts as a protection for the scalp against external aggressions, in particular
    • Vitamin C which allows iron absorption and encourages blood circulation

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