Hair Growth Spray

Growing your hair faster, that would be so incredible!

But how? While there is not yet a miracle product that leads to spectacular hair growth, you can get good results with a few hair growth sprays. Check out all our top hair growth sprays and get your hair longer and stronger!

Understanding How Hair Grows

To make hair grow faster, it is important to understand the life of the hair . It grows from its root, which grows under the scalp in a tiny container called the hair follicle . It emerges from the root through the papilla , located at the base of the root and through which the blood arrives and feeds it. It is therefore “the raw material ” contained in the blood that will allow the hair to grow. The blood then passes from the papilla to the womb, where the hair’s reproductive cells are located, which are the fastest cells in the body.

The lifespan of a hair (its life cycle) is genetically predefined. For men, it is on average 3 years while for women it can be up to about 4.5 years .

Our Recommended Hair Growth Sprays

Anti-Hair Loss Spray, DUCRAY

Enriched with creatine, tetrapeptide and vitamins, this treatment is suitable for people suffering from occasional hair loss. 10 sprays 3 times a week on the dry scalp and a good massage of the scalp make it possible to slow down hair loss and therefore increase hair mass.

LAMFUN Hair Growth Spray

Without rinsing and implementing a good scalp massage, this spray activates the micro-circulation around the root to promote nutritional exchanges and make the hair more resistant.

Nioxin 3D Styling Hair Thickening Spray with Peppermint Oil

Includes texture and boosts the body of the hair right down to the roots for more full looking
locks and styles. Nixon Thickening Spray will shield from frizz and hold throughout the whole day!
Giving your hair more density will also make styling easier as it allow you more to “grasp”. To use shake the bottle, spray it on through damp clean hair the end of your hair to the base. Comb through to get even distribution. Blow dry if you are looking for volume then style as wanted!

What else promotes hair growth?

Hair growth depends on what the blood brings to the root, and therefore our diet . To promote hair growth, we recommend:

  • The sulfur proteins found in chicken, sole, tuna, cheese, egg yolk, beans, lentils, or almonds and pistachios;
  • The trace elements such as zinc and magnesium , which is found in bananas, cocoa, oysters, shrimp, egg yolk, soybeans, cereals, wholemeal bread …
  • The iron found in mussels, egg yolk, oysters, soy flour, grains, almonds and hazelnuts …
  • As well as vitamins A, B and C found in most foods.
hair growth spray

The health of the hair root is also to be taken into account. Its development must not be constrained by impurities which agglutinate at its base and which risk asphyxiation.

The speed of hair growth depends on the “genetic program” of each individual and his ethnicity. Thus, for a Caucasian type, the hair grows on average by 1 cm / month, for an African type of 0.8 cm / month and for an Asian type, 1.5 cm / month.

Hair growth also depends on the secretions of sex hormones carried by the blood.

Finally, the changes of the seasons affect hair growth. In summer, the shoot is energized by the sun unlike in winter and autumn, where all this mechanism is more in latency.

Addition Tips for Hair Growth

It is recommended to use brushes made from natural materials , such as boar fiber brushes for example, in order to prevent the hair from breaking . Synthetic brushes are strongly discouraged. Hélène Clauderer, Founder of the Clauderer Center and specialist in hair treatment, is nevertheless against the use of the brush. She says it is “wrong to advise young girls to brush their hair all the time while the brush strokes are tearing it out. Plus, the static electricity caused by the brush sensitizes the keratin. If you have knots. , you just need to remove them delicately with a comb, ”she explains.

It is also good to make a habit of making  natural masks based on collagen protein combined  with  vegetable oils to nourish and hydrate the hair . Be especially careful not to use a mask containing silicone-based products and other substances that are harmful to the hair.


  • Having your hair tied often is a barrier to good hair growth. If the tie is too tight, this can cause the hair to break, or even fall out, by the continuous traction exerted on the roots. So be careful  not to tie your hair too tightly at the root , so as not to risk it breaking prematurely!
  • avoid using a hot dryer  and if I have use it, I make sure it is not too close to the scalp. Similarly, curling irons or straighteners  can damage the hair and break it. In this sense, they prevent the hair from growing evenly.
  • Likewise, repeated coloring and other chemical manipulations attack the keratin of the hair, which will thin out and break.
  • Limestone is also bad for the hair, especially if the hair is fragile. It is therefore better to wash your hair in fresh water.

Stimulate hair growth

Hair growth is linked to the emotional system . Therefore, from the moment we have a normal and regulated sleep as well as a balanced life, our hair feels it. Indeed, poor hygiene shortens the hair cycle, therefore increasing the rate of fall and maing the hair shorter.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water and to have a balanced diet rich in sulfur proteins, iron, vitamins A , B and C as well as zinc and magnesium.

In addition to these local treatments, it may be interesting to take a course of adapted food supplements . A cure in B vitamins, amino acids and zinc is a good choice. Similarly, a brewer’s yeast cure provides nutritional elements necessary to give strength to the hair (magnesium, group B vitamins). Zinc is also very important. The treatments with essential oils, which nourish deep hair, are also recommended to provided they are well proportioned. Some people often apprehend these cures for fear that at the same time they accelerate hair growth. Hélène Clauderer tells us that only sulfur-containing amino acids can act in this way on the hair. To be checked therefore!

Regularly massaging the scalp stimulates the root and therefore the hair, which encourages hair growth.  Massages revitalize the circulation of blood to the roots and soften the collagen of the tissues surrounding the root, thus freeing up more space for its full activity. Avoid, however, if the hair is too oily.

Finally, beware of “miraculous” hair growth accelerator shampoos . To activate the growth of a hair, it is necessary to reach its root, located 4 mm below the scalp. However, the shampoo does not penetrate under the scalp. In addition, substances such as essential oils, vitamins, and minerals will be infinitely more powerful and concentrated than those found diluted in the washing ingredients of a shampoo. They also require a massage technique and a longer pause time, in order to penetrate the dermis.