Hair mesotherapy, a trend for hair fortification

I first heard about hair mesotherapy through influencer accounts on Instagram, and wanted to know more precisely what it was all about.

I give you the elements of understanding if you want to try the adventure of mesotherapy, also called microneedling!

The benefits of microneedling on hair growth

Hair loss can happen for several reasons, whether for questions of hormonal dysregulation, gene or psychic factors (stress).

Mesotherapy is a medical solution to reduce hair loss, and it consists of the inoculation of a solution in the clinic. The injection which aims to:

  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Reduce the fall of your hair
  • Strengthen hair by making it shinier and more voluminous
  • Thicken the hair a little

The liquid that is injected contains a small cocktail of everything the hair loves to become beautiful:

Trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, vasodilators, minerals, hyaluronic acid…

Beyond stimulating the bulb, mesotherapy also improves blood circulation that plays on hair growth.

As I often have questions of this type, I specify that mesotherapy is as suitable for men as for women.

Did you know?

Mesotherapy is the name of the injection technique, but is not only dedicated to hair. It can be indicated to fight against cellulite or pathologies such as tendonitis or sprain.

How mesotherapy works

The injection of polyvitamins is done using a sterile microneedle whose contents are inoculated in several places of the scalp (so intradermally): we speak of microneedling, needle meaning needle in English!

Even if it must be unpleasant (who likes bites?), it does not require local anesthesia. A priori, it is not very painful if it is well done by the practitioner, and it lasts only 20 minutes.

Unlike other digestive or blood treatments, mesotherapy acts directly on the area concerned, which is why it is known to be more effective.

Description: microneedling hair

Complementary techniques to mesotherapy

Photo-biomodulation with LED lights is a practice often performed in conjunction with microneedling stimulation. The objective is to use the beneficial effect of LED light on the rejuvenation and healing of the skin to multiply the effects of the intervention with a complementary method.

It is also possible to combine mesotherapy and PRP: it involves using the patient’s own blood via a blood test, enriching it with platelets to promote cell regeneration.

However, this is not allowed by French regulations due to centrifugation and manipulation of blood. It will therefore have to be practiced abroad if you are interested!

A medical technique for hair growth

Unlike the other tips I give in my blog, we are really in a clinical world: we talk about intervention, injection, doctor, etc. So it’s not really trivial! After that, it’s more like cosmetic hair surgery than medicine for health.

As with this type of operation, you will have a preliminary diagnosis to establish the needs of your dermis and then be able to dose the amount of vitamins to be injected to stimulate the hair follicle.

If you ask yourself the question, you can quite resume the course of your day normally after the sessions, it is not like a hair transplant that requires rest after the operation and involves some social isolation.

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What are the precautions or contraindications of mesotherapy?

If you are ever prone to scalp conditions such as shingles, lesions or others, it is not advisable to try the adventure of mesotherapy because it involves risks. Also, some people may be allergic to any of the components of the solution.

In addition, if you plan to do a hair coloring, I recommend that you wait 15 days after the microneedling session to make the dye.

Description: Mesotherapie before after

The price of microneedling for hair

As several sessions are necessary, I recommend that you ask for quotes from the medical profession. Often, you will be given a hair diagnosis around 50 € – 80 €,and you will be charged for the session between 120 € – 150 €. There are also packs of the type “5 sessions for 100 €” according to the doctors.

In any case, it is a real budget because it is necessary to plan several sessions, usually between 4 to 6 sessions; some doctors even advise 8 or 10!

As appointments are made every 2 weeks while your scalp absorbs the different properties of the mesotherapeutic solution, medical follow-up is done over at least 2 months.

After the recommended number of sessions, you can also do maintenance sessions 1 time per month.

The alternative at home is the use of a microneedling tool like the dermaroller, which costs much less.

We can find dermarollers for less than 20 € that act on the perforation of the scalp (exfoliating and regenerating action), but there is no injected product.

My opinion on mesotherapy

In all transparency, I have not yet tested because I am a little afraid of the needle side in the skull,so I can not give you feedback on the effectiveness of the treatment.

At the moment, I am doing biotin cures and I already find that it works, so an intradermal injection can only work better.

After, I am not sure either to be the target of mesotherapy: it will speak more to people with very sparse hair, gulfs that appear, incipient baldness, etc.

Description: mesotherapie hair and led

For those who would be tempted, it is also necessary to realize that you will not have the mane of Larousso at its peak if you have the genes of Mr. Clean!

Genetics plays a role in hair density, so I think microneedling can really help, but it can’t work a miracle.

Finally, you also need to work on the other factors: if you can’t do anything about your genes, diet, stress reduction, dietary supplements and external care such as masks can simply help you boost your hair growth.