Honey blonde is a sunny color featuring warm, natural undertones that brighten up any hair. What if you let the sun shine through your hair?

The honey blonde color is a nice mix of dark and warm blonde with light brown. This coloring is particularly glamorous and timeless, it gives the hair an air of vacation. It is also a safe bet because it suits almost all skin tones . The blonde honey is great for illuminating the hair, but also to add dimension and depth to the hair. If you want to change your hair color, the honey blonde color is a very nice idea to bring a little sun to your hair whether you are blonde, brunette or chestnut. So ready for a hair change?

Who can wear honey blonde?

The honey blonde color is suitable for most skin tones. Caramel-colored or slightly tanned skin will be sublimated by the honey blonde color. This coloring is also suitable for fair complexions, warm complexions and rosy complexions. Honey blonde brightens the face, especially if you have a fairly pale complexion. Be careful, however, if your complexion is too pale, this coloring may have the opposite effect. Indeed, the honey blonde color tends to make cold complexions duller. Those with an olive complexion will go for a deeper honey blonde color, with a mix of blonde and brown highlights. It will also give your look more character!

Honey blonde, even for chestnut and brown hair?

If your hair is natural blonde, the honey blonde color will provide a subtle change to your hair. Polar blonde or ash blonde hair will opt for strands with warm undertones. Venetian blondes, on the other hand, will need to lighten their hair in order to soften the red undertones of their hair if they want to sport a honey blonde with the most beautiful effect.

Are you brunette or chestnut? The honey blonde coloring will suit you perfectly. This color will brighten up your brown or chestnut hair for a sunkissed effect. If you have brown hair, this coloring will bring light to your hair. If you have brown hair, you can easily light up your hair with honey blonde coloring without necessarily going through the bleach box. This is good news, because this procedure can damage the hair in particular and requires a lot of maintenance.

A honey blonde balayage will bring dimension to both brown hair and blonde hair.For the most successful coloring, it is important to enhance the honey blonde with a few strands with cool shades and warmer shades. The mixture of sweeping tones will bring depth to the hair, relief, but also more naturalness. If you want a warm honey blonde, it will be sublimated by incorporating a few more neutral strands to bring more depth to the hair . The result will be even more beautiful. Feel free to highlight your balayage with pretty waves or a wavy effect .

If you don’t want a big hair change but just want to camouflage your white hair, honey blonde balayage or blonde highlights will cover it up if you have a light base that’s about to go “salt and pepper”. This will decrease the contrast of your hair so your gray hair will be seen much less, if not at all.

The shaded hair is a nice alternative to scanning, especially if you’re brown or brown . The shaded hair is a gradient method colorful, much more subtle than the tie and dye . It avoids too sharp a demarcation between dark roots and lighter lengths with a transition color. The shaded hairwill give a more melted appearance on the hair for a more natural effect. Like the scan, the shaded hair will be especially highlighted with wavy hair, curly or wavy . In order not to go wrong, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional. A colorist will be able to advise you perfectly for a honey blonde coloring, all in depth, which will flatter your face, your complexion and your hair as well as possible.

If the intervention of a hairdresser can be beneficial in case of doubt, it is also possible to color at home. A vegetable coloring with henna will protect, strengthen and cover the hair. This option is recommended for fair hair or to hide gray hair. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to lighten brown or chestnut hair with a vegetable coloring.

How to maintain your honey blonde color?

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Blonde hair requires a good care routine, especially if it is colored. Colorings actually tend to dry out the hair. After coloring, hydration is therefore essential for healthy, shiny hair .

For starters, like after each coloring, you don’t wash your hair for at least 72 hours . The protective barrier of the hair, called the cuticle, takes about three days to close. By waiting a few days before shampooing, your color will then be better fixed on the hair and will keep longer.

Special care is used for colored hair, including special shampoo and conditioner. These treatments contain UV protectors that protect the hair from heat and sun, two factors that tend to alter color and make it duller. These shampoos and conditioners will therefore provide a protective barrier to the hair. Once or twice a week, we recommend that you use a hydrating mask to invigorate the hair in depth. Leave on for at least ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Before shampooing, you can also do an oil bath to nourish the hair with vegetable oils. Coconut, argan or olive oils are ideal as a treatment before shampooing.

Whether their hair is natural or colored,all blondes are advised to use a blue or purple shampoo and conditioner once or twice a month in order to revive the coloring. Don’t panic, your hair will not turn blue or purple. In reality, blue or purple pigments neutralize unwanted copper or orange tones in colored hair and keep cooler tones. If you’re worried that your honey blonde is getting too cold, use blue or purple shampoo and conditioner just once a month, and leave it on for just a few minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly.

After shampooing, moisturize your hair again with special care or with dry oil. If you expose yourself to the sun, you protect your hair with a protective hair mist that will neutralize the effects of UV rays. On the other hand, one avoids applying oils on the hair, in particular monoi or other vegetable oils in summer. You can also wear a hat to protect your hair. If you want to swim in the sea or in the pool, you rinse your colored hair well with clean water after each swim.

What makeup with honey blonde hair?

Often, changing your hair color can also cause a change in makeup habits. With a pretty honey blonde color, we avoid too dark or too cold tones. We say goodbye to black, gray and silver in favor of warm colors such as gold, which will reveal the radiance of your face, but also of your hair. Nude makeup is honey blonde’s best friend. We do not hesitate to opt for lipstick with a radiant satin finish, whether in shades of red or pink.