How fast does hair grow?

The reasons for asking how fast hair grow are;

  • A bad haircut, this can be traumatic, to say the least, especially when you have to wait for your hair to grow back for days and days helplessly.
  • You wake up every morning, hoping against all odds that your hair has miraculously repaired in the night, but it seems that months pass before you can find them as you would like them.
  • Time seems so long in these moments so we’re not going to make you wait any longer, that’s the answer: hair grows on average from one centimeter to two centimeters per month. Satisfied? Not really.
How fast does hair grow?

Hair grows at an average rate of 1 cm per month or 12 cm per year. We’re good at math. However, not all of our hair and hair grows at the same rate and this varies depending on the area of the body.

  • Scalp growth – 0.36 mm/day
  • Lash and eyebrow growth – 0.16 mm/day
  • Beard hair growth – 0.38 mm/day
  • Pubic hair growth – too fast/day

The rate of hair growth is also affected by sex, age, hair color and ethnicity, all of which will influence how fast hair grows. For example, Asian hair grows faster (1.5 cm/month), while African hair (0.8 cm/month) grows most slowly. For Caucasian-type hair, the average monthly growth is 1 cm/month.

Researchers have shown that hair grows faster in summer than in winter by more than 10%. Hair growth is actually simply related to the good health of the hair and the overall good health of the person. This includes the quality of sleep time, good maintenance and a good diet of fruits and vegetables (decidedly they are everywhere these 5 fruits and vegetables a day, maybe you really need to get started). Like beautiful plants, our skulls bloom more in spring than in autumn and need sun and small gestures of attention on a daily basis.

Know that you know how fast it’s growing, how do you speed up the process?

Let’s go back to our embarrassing problem of failed haircut that raises this important question of how fast hair normally grows. Because the real question behind how fast hair grows is whether there are ways to speed up this process.

Human hair grows at a rate of about half a millimeter a day, which is the average at which hair grows. Therefore, people waiting for their hair to grow back after a particularly terrible cut must be patient. This has led many people to look for ways to stimulate or accelerate how fast hair grows, but is it really possible?

First of all, we must understand that hair is a very simple material, composed mainly of 95% keratin, a fibrous and helical protein, entering into the composition of the skin and all d lasters (hairs, nails…) and other elements such as sulfur. The sulphur content of your hair is the reason it smells so bad when you burn one of your locks with a match (it is repeated to cut your hair with a blowtorch is not an option).

A healthy and balanced diet can play on the question at what speed hair grows

Accelerating the speed at which hair grows is therefore possible by promoting the development of keratin, a protein at the base of the hair fiber and whose production necessarily affects how fast hair grows. The best way to do this is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet rich in keratin and protein or vitamins that your body needs to produce keratin. Keratin is found in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, leek, onion and garlic, or in other foods such as fish or milk. It is also recommended to include protein sources in your diet to promote keratin production such as lean meats, poultry and eggs or to increase your intake of vitamin C, biotin and cystine.

Inversion therapy for hair growth?

Blood flow to the scalp is another safe way to stimulate growth and improve the overall health of your hair. One of the best ways to stimulate blood through the blood vessels of the scalp, in addition to a head massage, is regular exercise. When your heart rate increases, blood is injected into all parts of the body, so that a short exercise every day can keep the hair filled with nutrients and oxygenated blood. This can strengthen the hair root, eliminate toxins from the sebaceous glands and keep tissues healthy and strong.

Inversion therapy, as the name suggests, involves spending long periods of time upside down. For more than two millennia, the act of reversing your body towards Earth and making the pear tree has been used to dramatically increase blood flow to the head, in addition to stretching the spine and relieving tension. This important blood flow to the head is also an effective way to eliminate toxins, prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth.

In fact, for people who lose their hair or suffer from male pattern baldness, inversion therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for lost hair regrowth! There are a number of devices and methods to practice inversion therapy, simpler than standing on your head, but perhaps more expensive!

How fast does hair grow: what should I avoid that slows it down?

In addition to the things you can do to improve hair growth, there are also some things to avoid. Namely, put tons of hard chemicals in your hair, whether for styling or to change its color. These aggressive chemicals can permanently damage your hair.

In contrast, natural products such as beer yeast can strengthen your hair and stimulate its growth thanks to its strong composition of mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins. This is also the case for some essential thyme or lavender oils available in pharmacies.

In silence it grows

So no miracles to promote the speed at which our hair grows. The solution lies in the small daily gestures that will contribute to your good health. Hair is a good indicator of a person’s overall health. So if you recap eat well, sleep well, take good care of your hair, do sports, do pear, massage your head, use essential oils and do not put tons of chemicals in his hair, so many simple gestures that beautify your hair!