How To Avoid Having Dry Skin On Your Legs?

Scaly legs in winter is the last thing you want. Yet it is almost inevitable because of the cold. Fortunately, there are solutions that will prevent you from scratching your skin or having unsightly cracks on your pretty calves.

Wear tights

The easiest way to protect your legs’ skin from extreme cold and wind is to wear pants. It’s the perfect garment to protect your calves and thighs in winter.

The skin of your legs is thin and more prone to cracks, and skirts are not the most recommended to go out. If your skin starts to become dry and chapped, apply a moisturizer before putting on a long stocking or opaque tights to help retain moisture. Choose wool or fine cotton patterns to avoid itching and irritation.

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Stay more hydrated

Applying a moisturizer after showering or cleaning your lower limbs is a good practice throughout the year. However, in winter, this is still not enough to compensate for the dehydration of the skin caused by wind and cold. You will find yourself rubbing lotion more regularly on your legs.

However, lotions are not always the best choices as a moisturizer for the skin in winter. Instead, opt for an oil or cream-based moisturizer. Ointments are effective in retaining moisture from your skin. For best results, apply it a few minutes after washing and drying your legs.

Stick to skin-soft products.


Many skin care products have pH whose basicity is too important that they dry your skin. Find products with softer formulas for the winter season. Anything that is chemical peeling, masking, exfoliating and aggressive cleanser, only reuse them in the spring. These products can help revitalize your skin. But when it’s already dry and you’re itchy, they can make the problem worse.

Run your humidifier

If you have a humidifier, this small device can be used to protect your legs from dry skin. It is convenient during the cold and flu season. It helps relieve symptoms and relieve sore throats and dry nasal passages. It is also effective in relieving dry skin and chapped lips. Place a humidifier in the room where you are used to resting in the evening. Don’t hesitate to install it near your bed when you sleep to add moisture to the air.

Ask for the help of a specialist

If putting your legs warm in tights, hydrating your skin and moistening the air has not changed your situation, consult a dermatologist or beautician. These experts can help you with your itchy dry skin. They can analyze your skin type, advise you on your skin care routine and recommend the best products.