Curly hair has many advantages. It is versatile, that is, it allows to you to achieve many different hairstyles. Aside from that, it is bulkier compared to smooth hair, thanks to their curls, and their length can vary by several tens of centimeters depending on the hairstyles adopted.

But you need to know how to take care of it, because curly hair requires more attention than relaxed hair. They need to be styled with a special comb and they also require special care to enhance their natural curls.

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Why use a special curly hair comb?

With curly hair, long live knots and frizz. This type of hair actually tends to get tangled, because their natural coiled shape makes it more conducive to clinging to each other. Added to this, their porous scales are opened when they are dry and cause friction between the strands, which are real sources of entanglement. Hence the interest of untangling them with a special curly hair comb.

Moreover, it should be noted that untangling with a curly hair comb allows the hair to be dusted and aerated. This helps to get rid of dead hair and energize the hair. Then, it is also effective in spreading the sebum over the entire length of the hair in order to protect it. But that’s not all, untangling using a special curly hair comb is also useful for stimulating blood circulation. This oxygenates the scalp and promotes growth.

Finally, opting for a suitable tool is the secret to a successful unravelling. The use of a suitable curly hair comb allows, in fact, to effectively untangle curly hair, without damaging it. And here, we prefer combs, or otherwise fingers, because the brushes are not suitable at all for curly hair since they do not allow to overcome the tangle. In addition, these alter the formation of the loops, cause breakage and create frizz.


What are the characteristics of a good curly hair comb?

As mentioned above, do not opt for any comb. You should use a comb designed specifically for curly hair. To recognize this, you can refer to different criteria.

The name of the comb

First, you can see on its label a small indication of the kind of “curly hair comb” or “untangleer”. Not all combs bear these names. So you can trust what the manufacturer tells you.

The material of the comb for curly hair

The second criterion to consider is the material of the comb for curly hair. Here, you are advised to choose a strong and resistant material that does not risk breaking during untangling or after a few detanglings.

A comb for curly hair in horn, for example, might do the trick. This one is quite solid and it does not trap electrical charges like plastic. On the contrary, it rebalances the electrical charges of the hair. This allows a good maintenance of these and which also promotes the ruffled look.

What is also advantageous with the horn comb is the fact that it is made from a material composed mainly of keratin. And as you know, keratin is the natural material that makes up hair. This means that the comb has the same molecular composition as the hair.

Finally, it should be remembered that the comb for curly hair in horn is environmentally and hair-friendly. It is made from a recyclable and non-polluting material and it does not tear hair. It can even smooth the hair while closing the scales. Not to mention the fact that it wears out less quickly than plastic combs and makes hair silkier.

In addition to the horn comb, other types of curly hair comb are also recommended by professionals to untangle curly hair. Examples include silicone combs, carbon combs, wooden combs and ionic combs. Not to mention the ebonite combs and resin combs that are also very renowned for their solidity.

The finish of the curly hair comb

After choosing the material to make the comb, you must take into account its finish. If possible, invest in a perfectly smooth model, i.e. for a model that has no problems or gradients. This way, it won’t hang your hair and make it fork quickly, or even damage it.

In other words, avoid using a poorly sanded horn comb with gaps, as it is not suitable for curly hair.

The shape and size of the curly hair comb

As for the shape and size of the detangling comb for curly hair, they can vary depending on the desired uses and results.

comb for curly hair fork

For example, there is what is called fork comb, a model that looks like a fork and is effective in giving volume and texture to hair. Thanks to its forks, it helps to aerate curly hair, especially short hair, and it helps to peel off the roots and refresh the hairstyle between washes.

Comb for curly hair untangle

The detangle comb can also be a better alternative. It is a model that has curved teeth that intersect. These teeth are generally strong and flexible and allow you to deeply untangle and style curly hair without leaving any marks.

Comb for curly tailed hair

On the other hand, there is no harm in opting for a tail comb. It is a model with a state of the art. It is often used to trace stripes accurately and to gently separate hair. Then, it is also effective for dividing curly hair into sections to achieve certain hairstyles, to fix hair clips or to apply specific products.

It should be noted that the tail comb stands out for its thinner and tighter teeth that make it easy to grind tightly, to smooth wick by strand, to have a good grip on the hair and to control it during styling and drying operations.

comb for curly hair with sleeve or rake comb

But the list doesn’t stop there, there’s also the handle comb or the right rake comb. These can perform the same roles as the detanglering comb. They have more or less wide and spaced teeth and are effective at catching small knots.

They also help to limit breakage and avoid damage to the hair fiber. Then, they help shape the loops and distribute conditioner care during washing.

Comb for afro curly hair

Finally, it is necessary to finish with the afro comb. As the name suggests, it is a comb dedicated specifically to afro hair, but it is also suitable for curly hair. In fact, its very spaced fork or rake style allows you to lift the hair and get maximum volume. Apart from that, its shape also helps to separate the curls and untangle dry or wet hair.

The length of teeth of a curly hair comb

The other criterion not to be overlooked is the length of the teeth. If you choose a comb with teeth too short, it is sure that you will have a hard time getting it into your hair. In general, this type of comb can only be used to style hair on the surface. This means that you have to pass it over and below your hair to reach all of your knots.

If you have very long curly hair, you are advised to use different instruments. For example, you can start with a wide-toothed fork comb to remove your knots. Then, you can use a thinner, tighter tooth comb to fine-tune your hair.

The ease of maintenance of the comb for curly hair

Finally, it is finally suggested that you bet on an easy-to-maintain curly hair comb. By using your comb every day to untangle your curly hair, it can get dirty quickly and become less effective. So, consider investing in a model that can guarantee good hygiene and healthy hair, including a comb that can be dusted and disinfected easily and quickly.

A curly hair comb that can be cleaned with soapy water, for example, could do the trick. Otherwise, it is also worth using a model that can be treated with white vinegar or baking soda.

Here, it should be noted that horn combs and wooden combs can be maintained with a small oil bath. You can massage them with a few drops of vegetable oil of your choice, about every three months. Then, you need to plan a little laying time, the time they absorb the oil.

You should also be aware that horn combs do not support prolonged contact with water. So you should avoid using them when showering or on wet hair so as not to curl them.

How to take care of curly hair on a daily basis

Unlike smooth hair, curly hair requires daily maintenance. They are often rebellious, indomitable, fragile and dry. This means that you have to pay special attention to them. Among other things, you need to learn how to wash, dry and brush them. Then, you also need to use suitable products to have healthy hair and to enhance your curls.

Washing curly hair

As far as washing is concerned, you are advised to space your shampoos. Unlike smooth hair, curly hair does not have a oily but dry nature. So you don’t have to wash them every day. You just need to untangle them every day with a special curly hair comb or using your fingers and you only have to run through them every three or four days.

Drying curly hair

To dry your curly hair, just let it dry in the open air. It is indeed the best way to allow them to return to their natural state and it is also a better solution to preserve their health.

In other words, avoid rubbing your curly hair with a towel so as not to break/damage your curls. Then, also avoid using heat, including heaters such as straightener, straightening iron and hairdryer. These will only make your curls less resistant and less bounced. Not to mention the fact that they can weaken your hair. So beware of using your curling iron.

The styling of curly hair

To properly style your curly hair, you must choose the right instrument. Here, it is necessary to repeat once again that the brushes are to be banned.

You should use a special curly hair comb such as fork comb, detangler comb, tail comb or afro comb, to not have a problem and to be totally satisfied. And if you want to untangle your curly hair when it’s wet, simply use a large-toothed comb.

Products suitable for curly hair

Finally, to talk about products adapted to curly hair, they are currently available in different solutions on the market. You can find essential oils, serums and foams, just as you can encounter creams and gels.

But here you are recommended to opt for products based on olive oil, argan oil, coconut oiljojoba oil, almond oil, aloe vera or shea butter to promote the hydration of your curly hair.

There is also nothing to prevent you from doing a little DIY and preparing yourself a homemade mask for curly hair. Moreover, the latter is more effective than the products offered in shops, because it is made from ingredients that you have chosen yourself and also because it does not contain chemicals.

For example, you can concoct a mixture of 3 tablespoons of coconut milk and a tablespoon of ricin oil. Then, you can apply it wick by strand on your entire hair with a laying time of about an hour. After shampooing, you will see that your hair is strengthened and repaired and that it has become brighter and softer.