When we’re not straightening our hair we’re most certainly trying to curl hair. Big, bouncy, tight, spiral, loose, bohemian, soft. However you want your curls to look you want them to look healthy, shiny and frizz free….but, hopefully, not looking like Bo Peep!

Make sure hair is bone dry

For the same reasons as stated in the ‘how to straighten’ blog, it’s important to get your hair dry properly, otherwise your curls just won’t last and will drop in no time at all. Again, it’s fine just to rough dry your hair (much quicker and easier than trying to do it all ‘properly’ with a brush) but just make sure you get all your hair absolutely dry before starting to curl Hair.

Get the top sections perfect

This is a bit of a cheat but makes things easier and quicker for doing hair yourself. Sometimes, when you curl hair, it can accentuate any frizz that may be lurking up top. You want your curls to look shiny and healthy, not frizzy, so the way to achieve this is to straighten your hair before you curl it. This will smooth away any frizzy bits before you start curling…but there’s no need to do your entire head of hair. Just the top sections will be sufficient to create that smoother look. Unless you are blessed (or not, depending on how you feel about it) with poker straight hair, you will probably need to do this step. If you have very thick/frizzy/curly hair you may want to do a bit more straightening before you start curling.

Hairspray For Curl Hair

It doesn’t matter what brand you love to use or strength you prefer just use it and abuse it! Once your hair is dried and straightened give your whole head of hair a good old blast with the hairspray. This will get your hair nicely coated to help the curls last!

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If you have particularly straight hair which doesn’t tend to hold a curl well spray each section with hairspray as well as the initial blast.

NB make sure the room is well ventilated when using hairspray. And only spray the hairspray for about 1-2 seconds per section. You need the hairspray but don’t go too mad with it….just enough to coat each section lightly.

Choose your curling weapon….and size For Curl Hair!

Which appliance you use, and the size of it, will all depend on the length of your hair, what look you want to achieve and the thickness of your hair. I started using a heated wand instead of tonges because they’re a lot easier and I have found the curl hair lasts longer and you have more control over what you’re doing.

If you want to achieve loose curls use a large barrelled tonge/heated wand or straighteners to curl your hair. If you want to achieve a tighter curl use a smaller barrelled tonge/heated wand.

If you want to achieve a more natural looking,large, bouncy curl, use some heated rollers instead. Heated rollers are a bit more convenient too, you can whack them in quickly and do other things, like paint your nails, while waiting for them to cool. If you have long hair, but want a soft curl, you may well be better off using a smaller barrelled tonge/heated wand and running your fingers through the hair once you have finished to pull the curl out a bit to relax it. This will last longer than using a large barrelled tonge, achieving the look you want before you go out and then the curl dropping before you’ve even had time to put on your high heels and lock the door behind you.

Curl Hair

Take sections and work methodically

Again, the same as straightening, you need to know where you are. Always work from the nape of your neck and work upwards towards your crown. Then each side of the parting starting at the ear and working up. The size of the sections don’t matter so much as when you’re straightening because each horizontal section you take will be divided up for each curl anyway. If you have thick hair, each piece will have to be a bit smaller than someone with very fine hair. You just have to make sure you can wrap your hair around the tonges comfortably. And the bigger the section the bigger and looser the curl will be.

Finish off and leave it alone!

Once you’ve finished curling, whether that’s with tonges, heated wands, heated rollers or straighteners, decide what you’re going to do with those curls, do it, spray with hairspray to finish off and hold and then leave your hair alone! A lot of people, when I’ve done their hair for weddings, will go straight to touch their hair. The trouble is, your hands sweat (gross, I know!) but if that sweat keeps being put on your hair, eventually the hairspray will start to be diluted and there won’t be any left to hold that curl you’ve just spent half an hour creating. So, as tempting as it feels to want to keep touching your gorgeous curls…..leave it alone!

So, with a little patience, a lot of hairspray, a hot rod and a large Mojito in your hands to stop you touching your hair, you can create the perfect curl…..and preferably not like you’ve just stepped out of a nursery rhyme!