How to find the best care for very damaged and dry hair?

Depending on our hair type, the season, the period of our life, we have all had a period when our hair was very damaged. This can be due to genetic  factors, internal factors  (stress, hormonal changes, type of hair), or  external  (sun, chemical treatments, lack of care…). At such times, it is important to take care of your hair to restore strength and vitality.

In this article, we present a selection of the best treatments for very damaged hair that we have tested for you, to help you in your choice of a treatment adapted to the condition of your hair.

We have tested for you the best treatments for very damaged hair

Here is our selection of the best treatments for very damaged hair.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor: Best quick treatment for very damaged hair

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Intensive Care …

  • It transforms dry and damaged hair into shiny and soft strands
  • Restorative formula that invigorates damaged hair by restoring …
  • With Australian Macadamia, Jojoba and Avocado Oil

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Our opinion:
The   3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor intensive care for damaged hair  from Aussie  is the best treatment for very damaged hair for people who do not necessarily have time to take care of their hair. Indeed, its formula based  on macadamia oil from Australia , jojoba  oil and avocado oil is particularly effective and leaves hair soft and revitalized almost immediately: you just need to rest the treatment 1 to 3 minutes and rinse it.
The little extra of this product is the mint extract, which leaves a pleasant smell to your hair, as well as a feeling of freshness to your scalp.

Revlon Professional UniqOne Super10R mask: Protects hair and prevents breakage

REVLON PROFESSIONAL Uniqone Super Mask for Hair …

  • Uniq One ​​Supermask, 10.14 Ounce
  • 10.1 oz

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Our opinion:
The Super10R Mask from the UniqOne range by Revlon Professional is in our opinion the best mask for very damaged hair. It deeply cares for very dry and damaged hair, preventing split ends and breakage, and providing your hair with a silky, light texture without frizz.
To use it, apply it to damp hair and leave it on for at least 3 minutes before rinsing it. The advantage of this product is that it simultaneously boosts the volume of your hair. The downside: the smell is a bit strong.

Orofluido Original Elixir: A silky texture for shiny hair

OROFLUIDO Original Elixir Shine Protection Color …

  • Beauty elixir enriched with 3 natural oils
  • Quickly absorbed, leaves no residue on the hair. A liquid texture, …
  • On damp hair. Facilitates disentangling and brushing. For light hair …

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Our opinion:
The Original Elixir from the OROFLUIDO brand is the best treatment for very damaged hair in the  form of an elixir . It is enriched with 3 natural oils including argan oil.
It is applied to damp hair and does not require rinsing because the hair quickly absorbs the product, for a soft and silky result without residue. It can also be used on dry hair, on the ends, to facilitate styling and avoid pulling on your hair. The advantage of this product is its amber and slightly vanilla scent, very pleasant and subtle.

Botugen Hair System: Reconstructs the hair fiber

Botugen hair system – Reconstructive mask – Hair …

  • Restores balance
  • Thickens the hair fiber
  • Makes combing easier

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Our opinion:
The Botolife mask from Botugen Hair System is one of the best masks for very damaged hair: its keratin-based composition restores the hair fiber in depth, and nourishes and thickens the hair in addition to repairing it.
It does not contain  sulfates . It is to be applied to damp hair, and to rinse thoroughly after a few minutes of rest. This product is very effective: after one or two uses, you can already see the difference in the texture of the hair.

Le Petit Marseillais: Intense Repair Mask with olive tree sap and acacia milk

Le Petit Marseillais Intense Repairing Mask …

  • A mask for intense repair for weakened and damaged hair
  • Acacia Milk: Harvested by hand in the South of France, the flowers and …
  • Olive tree sap: Coming from young olive branches, it is rich in acids …

Our opinion :

The intense repairing mask Le Petit Marseillais is the treatment adapted to heal hair weakened and damaged by various internal and external factors. Its formula based on extract of olive tree sap and acacia milk acts in depth on the hair fiber to restore strength and vitality. These results are visible after just a few uses.

These ingredients have been carefully selected to adapt to all types of hair (straight, curly or even colored). These components also contribute to nutrition and to the prevention of split ends usually caused by dryness. Its creamy texture provides optimal comfort of use while leaving a sweet fragrance.

The Le Petit Marseillais mask does not weigh down the hair. On the contrary, they become lighter, hydrated, easier to comb and less harsh. Apply the product to washed and towel-dried hair before leaving it on for about 3 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

How to recognize very damaged hair?

The worst enemy of badly damaged hair is lack of care. But to react when you have very damaged hair, it is important to know the difference between dry hair and very damaged hair.
Indeed, depending on the nature of your hair, it will tend to be more or less dry (for example, African hair is drier than European hair).
The nature of your hair being written in your DNA, you can do nothing more than use the right shampoos and hair products. On the other hand,  damaged hair can be treated!

Damaged hair can be recognized by its dull appearance and its rough texture. The more damaged the hair, the less shiny, supple and softer it will be. Damaged hair will also tend to break more easily. Finally, damaged hair is also hair with split ends, and which will therefore tend to get tangled easily.

What are the potential causes of badly damaged hair?

Even if dry hair is not necessarily damaged, it is true that damaged hair still does not start to be dry. This drought can be caused by several factors.

Internal factors

Hair can be very damaged due to internal factors, such as stress or periods of hormonal changes . The general state of health of your body also influences the condition of your hair: if you are in poor health or have deficiencies in certain vitamins and nutrients, you may have more fragile hair which will therefore be damaged. easier. The iron deficiency is, for example, known to cause hair loss.

Finally, genetic factors can also play a role in the condition of your hair: if your hair is naturally dry, or your scalp does not secrete enough sebum, your hair will be damaged more easily.

External factors

The environment can also play a role in the dryness and fragility of your hair. Indeed, it is well known that chemical treatments are a source of deterioration of the hair fiber. Whether it is discolorations, straightening and straightening, drying with very hot air, all these treatments help to dry out your hair, and to damage it considerably if you do not take appropriate care.

We come to the second external factor of hair damage:  lack of care . If you do not take care of your hair, with products adapted to your hair type or of good quality, your hair fiber may be damaged very quickly, especially if you already have dry or naturally fragile hair.

Finally, the sun and sea salt are also factors of dryness in your hair, which is why in summer, our hair is often more damaged than in winter. Even more so if you do not protect your hair or provide it with appropriate care, after swimming or exposure to UV.

How to repair very damaged hair without cutting it?

If you like to wear long hair, having to cut your hair every time split ends appear or get too brittle can be a hassle. But it is possible to repair very damaged hair without necessarily having to go to the hairdresser. Here are some solutions.

Treat your damaged hair with a homemade mask

Making a homemade mask is a great way to effectively treat badly damaged hair. Indeed, homemade masks are made from simple, non-chemical ingredients, and do not risk damaging your fragile hair fiber.
The most effective homemade mask recipe is based on egg and olive oil . To make the mask, just mix an egg, a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar, a quarter cup of honey, and half a cup of olive oil. Then apply it to dry hair, then rinse well before applying your usual shampoo.

Use vegetable oils

Certain vegetable oils are particularly effective in treating very damaged hair:

  • Argan oil  : this is one of the vegetable oils that has the most benefits. Indeed, its composition rich in vitamin E and fatty acids (especially omega 3, 6 and 9) makes it a very restorative oil, which will help you fight against split ends.
  • Avocado Oil  : Rich in vitamins (including A, B, D, and E), nutrients, essential fatty acids and amino acids, avocado oil is very hydrating and will help condition your hair.
  • Jojoba oil  : widely used to treat hair with very dry ends but oily roots due to its sebum-regulating properties, jojoba oil helps nourish brittle hair to make it less fragile.
  • The  shea butter  : for use alone or in combination with another oil, shea butter is ideal for treating very dry and will help repair your hair very damaged hair.

To  apply the vegetable oils  to your very damaged hair, you can either pour a few drops in the palm of your hand and apply them to the ends, or apply it directly to your roots, and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Use care

There are also many treatments dedicated to repairing very damaged hair. These treatments are above all nutritious and hydrating, which allows them to repair your weakened hair fibers. There are several different types of care, the most effective being based on shea butter or vegetable oils. The ideal for the treatment to take effect is to leave it on overnight, and rinse it off in the morning.

How to protect your hair on a daily basis?

There are a few tips to avoid worsening the condition of your hair when you have damaged and broken hair.

Adapt your washing rhythm to your hair type

The first piece of advice  we can give you is not to wash your hair daily. Contrary to what many may think, washing your hair every day is more likely to damage it than anything else, especially with the lime in tap water. If you have dry hair, once a week is sufficient; and if you have oily hair, don’t go over two to three times a week.

In addition to adjusting your  washing rhythm to your hair type , it is important to adopt  good habits  in the way you wash your hair. It is especially very important to rinse your shampoo or your treatment well, because the shampoo residues will tend to suffocate your hair fiber or grease your hair. Ideally, finish your rinsing with a jet of cold water: this will tighten the scales of your hair fibers and thus prevent damage.

Limit sources of damage

Our hair is exposed to  sources of damage on a daily basis . To prevent them from getting damaged, your goal will therefore be to limit these sources of damage.
First of all, choose the right  dry hair shampoos , masks and care products for your hair, see how they react and adjust your products accordingly.
Then, limit brushing, straightening or drying with a hair dryer as much as possible. If you can’t do without a hair dryer, make sure it isn’t too hot or too close to your hair.

Changing your diet

Sometimes, optimizing your diet can work wonders for your hair! The best food for healthy hair is a balanced diet  rich in vitamins  (in particular A, E, B5 and B8, contained in fruits and vegetables), and rich in proteins (poultry, fish, etc.). Keep in mind that a restrictive or drastic diet is very bad for the health of your hair!

Using food supplements

Certain  food supplements  are particularly recommended for treating damaged hair, in particular  brewer’s yeast , rich in carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and B vitamins. Taken as a cure in the form of capsules or applied to the hair in the form of a mask (by mixing the yeast with water), brewer’s yeast will help revitalize your hair and make it more toned to effectively protect it from sources of damage.

How to choose the right treatment for very damaged hair

What criteria should be taken into account?

The purpose of this article is to guide you in choosing an effective treatment for your damaged hair. Here are the main criteria to consider before you start choosing your product:

  • The state of damage of your hair  : the more your hair is damaged, the more it will take an  effective and radical formula!
  • Your  hair type  : if you have dry hair, you will not use the same type of care as if you have oily hair. Remember to choose a treatment that is well suited to the nature of your hair;
  • The  composition of the treatment  : take a good look at the composition of the treatment before making your choice, especially if you are allergic to a component such as perfume or paraben, or if you have a sensitive scalp (in which case you should focus on treatments based on natural components);
  • The brand and the price  : if you are loyal to a brand, it may be interesting to choose a treatment from this brand because the products are often complementary to each other. Likewise, the brand will be important in terms of the budget you want to spend on this purchase.

In conclusion

Choosing the right care is very important when you have very damaged hair, so as not to worsen their condition. If you want to cut your hair and don’t want to cut your hair, a good treatment for very damaged hair will allow you to replenish and strengthen your hair fibers in depth, making them stronger to fight against sources of damage daily. With our selection of the best care for seriously damaged hair, you can start conditioning your hair right now!