How to Find the Best Conditioner?

Conditioner is, a product to apply to your hair after shampooing. Often designed to complement the washing action of shampoo, it can be detangling, moisturizing, restorative and conditioning. The whole thing is to know how to choose it well, depending on the desired result!

In this article, we present our selection of the best conditioners tested for you by us, so that you can find the product in line with your expectations, your needs and your hair type. We also answer common questions such as: what are the differences with a detangler? How is an conditioner useful and how can it be used?

We’ve tested the best conditioners for you

“Natessance” coconut and keratin shampoo: Care and pleasure for fine hair!

NATESSANCE Coco/Keratin Vegetable -…

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Our opinion:
Natessance’s after-shampoo, With Coco and Vegetable Keratin, is the ideal product to combine care and pleasure. Its scent is very pleasant, but not only: thanks to its components (organic cold-pressed coconut oil and vegetable keratin; not to be confused with animal), it makes your hair supple and shiny, nourishing it deeply on the one hand, and strengthening them on the other. It is particularly effective on fine hair.

April: The natural for dry and damaged hair

April ConditionerIng Certified Repair Organic 200…

  • Sweetness
  • Pleasant perfume
  • Fresh and light hair

Our opinion:
The conditioner with aloe vera and castor oil brand Avril is the best organic shampoo. Certified organic by Exocet and Made in France, it will particularly appeal to lovers of natural and local products. It smells good without being disgusting, and it moisturizes the hair without weighing it down.
It is especially recommended for dry and damaged hair,and it is advisable to let it set for 5 to 10 minutes for optimal effect.

Aussie Repair Miracle: Revitalizes all hair types

Aussie Repair Miracle Conditioner for All Types…

  • Our restorative conditioner restores damaged hair by giving it back…
  • Our special formula is here to help. Finally, to help your hair,…
  • In Macadamia Oil from Australia, Jojoba and Avocado

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Our opinion:
Aussie’s Repair Miracle conditioner is ideal for damaged or very damaged hair. It is composed of Australian macadamia oil, jojoba oil,and avocado oil, an ultra-hydrating and revitalizing cocktail.
The result is rather fast, after a few uses, the difference is felt: your hair is revitalized, softer and brighter. Another strong point: it does not contain sulphates or silicone.

Desert Essence: Reviving hair fiber

After Coconut Conditioner

  • HYDRATANT THE HAIR – The humane hair conditioner moisturizes hair…
  • SMOOTH FRIZZIES – The coconut oil used in this organic conditioner…
  • RESTORES NATURAL LUSTRE – The sunflower oil used in this conditioner…

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Our opinion:
Desert Essence’s coconut conditioner is the best dry hair conditioner. With a pleasant scent and a very nourishing and moisturizing formula, it nourishes your hair fiber deeply to prevent your naturally dry hair from breaking easily.
Plus, it makes styling much easier!

Lissara: Best treatment after Brazilian smoothing

Duo Shampoo and Conditioner Without Sulfate – Without…

  • Specially designed for smoothed hair such as Brazilian smoothing or coloured…
  • Extends the smoothing time for several months thanks to its formula based on…
  • Made in France, its formula provides discipline, vitality and beauty incomparable to…

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Our opinion:
Lissara Professional’s Keratin Liss Extreme conditioner is the best conditioner for chemically treated hair. Whether after a Brazilian smoothing or a stain, its formula based on vegetable keratin and without sulphates helps to strengthen the hair fixation and thus repair your hair while guaranteeing the holding of your treatment.
It is also composed of argan oil, ideal for dehydrating your hair. Another advantage: it is Made in France! Its 500 ml packaging is convenient because it will last you a long time. A word of advice: try using It with Keratin Liss Extreme conditioner of the same brand, based on vegetable keratin and silk protein: both complement each other very well!

What is the difference between an conditioner and a detangler?

The detangler is only designed to untangle the hair. As knots in hair form more easily when hair is dry and damaged, it is often lined with a restorative or moisturizing action, but that never really goes deep. For a more effective action, it is the conditioner that must be chosen, or even the mask.
Conditionering helps to take care of your hair, especially by protecting it from future aggressions. But it works less deeply than a mask, so you’ll need to renew it with each shower, after each shampoo, and complete it if you need a mask.

It should be noted that many conditioners, even if not their main function, also have a detangling action, not least because they moisturize the hair and smooth the hair fiber.

How is conditioner useful?

The conditioner is very useful or even essential! Indeed, shampoo alone is not enough, because its action is above all washing. The action of both is necessary because they complement each other: shampoo can wash your hair, ridding your hair of any impurities (sebum, pollution residue, dust, dirt, sea salt, etc.); and the conditioner is an additional layer of protection. So, in addition to shampooing, applying an conditioner will allow you to nourish, moisturize, untangle or revitalize your hair.

What conditioner for what type of hair?

There is a wide variety of conditioner, each more or less suited to your hair type or texture.

Choose your conditioner based on your hair texture

Conditioners can be more or less moisturizing or sizing. The intensity of the moisturizing action will depend on the texture of your hair:

  • For fine or straight hair, prefer conditioners that give volume. This will prevent you from having flat hair and weighed down by the nourishing action of post-shampoo. Avoid smoothing conditioners, which result in flattening hair. Read our article on fine hair shampoos.
  • For wavy hair, which tends to frizz, do not opt for an conditioner that gives volume but for a moisturizing conditioner, without choosing a product intended for curly hair.
  • For curly or frizzy hair, opt for an ultra moisturizing conditioner, which you will complete with a mask regularly to prevent your hair from drying out thoroughly. Read our article on curly hair shampoos.

Choose your conditioners based on hair type

Depending on your hair type, you will find conditioners adapted because there are all kinds: for colored hair, for smoothed hair, for greasy hair, for normal hair, for dry hair and finally for very dry, brittle and damaged hair. Thus, these different conditioners will all have a specific goal: moisturize your hair, repair it, strengthen it, prolong your color or smooth, etc.

Conditioner should be applied directly after rinsing your shampoo. Make sure your hair no longer has shampoo residue and apply the conditioner on your wet, well-drained hair. To do this, take a hazelnut product (the amount will depend on the length of your hair) and apply it to your tips.
Be careful, there is no need to apply it to your roots as this would stimulate the secretion of sebum and could clog the follicles, thus slowing the growth of your hair. Then leave the product on for a few minutes and then rinse well.

The frequency of application is on average at least once a week. A lower frequency may not affect your hair, as well as too frequent application may damage it.

How do you choose your shampoo?

What criteria should be taken into account?

In this article, we will guide you in the choice to vote conditioner. In order to find the best conditioner based on your hair, here are the main criteria to consider before purchase:

  • The texture and type of your hair: make sure you choose an conditioner that suits your hair type;
  • The composition: depending on your allergies (perfume, paraben…) but also your preferences (without sulphates, organic, natural), it is essential to read the composition of the conditioner before buying it; (see article on sulphate-free shampoos)
  • Brand and price: you will have to orient your choice according to your budget, but also your loyalty to a particular brand.
    Similarly if you have a shampoo of a brand, it is always advisable to use the conditioner that goes with it if there is one, because their action will be complementary.

In conclusion

Choosing your conditioner is not complicated, but it is essential to choose it well so that your hair comes out stronger and healthier. Our selection of the best conditioners will allow you to make a choice based on the different criteria of choice we have presented to you, in order to find the product that is best suited to your expectations!