How to Get Yellow Out of Hair

Because our hair is subject to pollution or quite simply because its color changes, we can observe an unsightly yellowing, which sets in gradually. Natural hair, gray and white, but also colored (and bleached), hair can have this problem. Since it is a process that will take place over time, it is quite possible to combat the appearance of the yellow color by using suitable shampoos, which can be used regularly. The hair will not turn yellow but will take a nice patina of gray, and offer beautiful reflections. Let’s discover together the blue (or purple) shampoo that will allow you to take the yellow out of your beautiful blonde hair!

 Our selection of the best anti-yellowing shampoos, it’s here:

Top 3 best rated anti-yellowing shampoos

L’Oréal Professionnel – Brightening Shampoo for Gray and White Hair – Silver

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Schwarzkopf Professional – Neutralizing Shampoo Ph4.5 300ml Good Bye Yellow Schwarzkopf Professional

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Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair: Blonde Shampoo Eliminates Brassy Yellow Tones

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What is blue (or purple) shampoo?

These shampoos are used to fight against the yellowing of discolored, dyed blond, highlighted, swept, or aging hair. Blue shampoo is more recommended for white hair, while purple shampoo is for blond hair. We often find blue-purple shampoos, which can treat the two types of hair indifferently. They are more hair maintenance than express solutions, although you can sometimes get good results from time to time by using them on dry hair. These shampoos are generally enriched with amino acids or moisturizers, because discolorations or the very nature of aged hair requires this contribution.

Why does blond hair tend to turn yellow?

Environmental reasons such as: pollution, and UV rays from the sun! In summer, the chlorine in swimming pool water will also prove to be very bad for your color! Natural blond hair is also more fragile, drier, and without proper care it will be damaged more quickly. As for bleached hair, there may be a problem of yellow reflections due to insufficient exposure time of a bleaching product.

Likewise, a product that was not powerful enough, unsuitable for your hair color, may leave such reflections. Not to mention that the trend has been for a few years to very extreme colors, including in light, white, pearly, so many shades for which it is necessary to go through for the coloration, which is not a easy process for hair.

The benefits of blue or purple shampoo on blonde or gray hair

Used regularly, these are products will allow the blond not to tarnish, thanks to their purple pigments and their anti-yellowing composition. We bring the complementary color to yellow (purple). In addition, they are very rich in amino acids, and moisturizers … it is necessary to nourish hair weakened by discoloration, or due to loss of melanin. This is the case for white hair, which loses it’s strength, it will surely will appreciate being boosted in this way.

These specialized shampoos allow you to maintain your blonde or white color, this is better than waiting until it is too late and trying to play catch up with hair damage that is already too advanced. In addition, regular maintenance is much more respectful of the hair. We can keep its gray or white / platinum / pearl color longer thanks to these shampoos, it will evolve instead of yellow. It’s kind of the cousin of the brightening shampoo you might already know.

Is an anti-yellowing shampoo different from a classic shampoo?

We use the anti-yellowing shampoo only when you have blond, discolored or gray hair. Indeed colored pigments are not suitable for other shades.

These shampoos are not intended to wash the hair of the whole family, nor to maintain brown or red hair, or colored in green for example… They are products that can be bought at the hairdresser, or in store, even in supermarkets, but their quality is superior to a basic shampoo: it is enriched with many nutrients and vitamins, and must be alternated with a classic shampoo.

Indeed, it also has a strong washing power, so using it too often would be harmful. On the other hand, some shampoos work with a treatment to apply afterwards, a pleasant solution to avoid getting brittle hair.

How to use blue shampoo?

Blue shampoo and purple shampoo should be used every other wash. You can choose another shampoo that is nutritious and gentle. Apply it to wet hair, then emulsify and leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing well. In order not to have any unwanted surprises, be aware of the exposure times. You must take into account what is expected of this shampoo, and not be in excess, this could result in purple or bluish tones. Of course, concerning fragile hair, the use of the hair dryer must be moderate, with little heat, and by moving the device away from the head 10 inches.

Use blue or purple shampoo sparingly on dry hair

You are allowed to use a purple shampoo or a blue shampoo on dry hair! However this should not become a routine because your hair would dry out considerably! Note, some users have had the idea of ​​mixing this shampoo with a little conditioner, to improve nutritional intake. It will therefore be necessary to apply the shampoo with a coloring brush to all the strands, and leave the product to act for 15 minutes. If you wait longer or then apply a purple hair mask, you will get very noticeable purple highlights!

The best blue shampoos according to user reviews

L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Expert

L’Oréal Professionnel – Brightening Shampoo for Gray and White Hair – Silver

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This is the great classic of shampoos suitable for gray and white hair! This treatment, soaked in purple pigments, is essential to remove yellow or copper reflections. The anti-yellowing agents maintain the hair in regular use, and allow you to find a radiant color. It brings shine and suppleness to the hair, a silky texture thanks to amino acids which nourish the hair. We appreciate the design of its recognizable silver bottle. 

Intensive De-Yellowing Biorene

Linange No-Yellow Shampoo

Small budgets are fine with this blue shampoo that neutralizes unwanted yellow reflections. We appreciate the softness of the product which does not “strip” the hair, and which allows it to be used regularly, only one shampoo in two. While respecting the exposure time of 10 minutes, the hair is well hydrated thanks to its film-forming agents, and they regain a nice shine. The hair is much easier to disentangle, it regains its shine and suppleness.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Color Freeze

This shampoo is one of the most modern products in the range of anti-yellowing shampoos. The brand indeed offers this shampoo for colored or highlighted hair. It has excellent washing power, which does not need to be supplemented by another shampoo, but it is above all innovative since it brings the hair’s pH back to 4.5, in order to reduce reflections. Even if it brings shine and radiance, the ideal is to supplement with the BC Color Freeze Brilliance Serum.

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

BLONDWOOD – Purple Shampoo


It is a product dedicated to mature,fragile hair, and quite dry hair. By losing melanin, keratin and sebum dry hair is less resistant to stronger products. This shampoo is enriched with hyaluronic acid, and it contains orchid extracts. This formulation restores hair hold and density, by reconstituting the internal material of the fiber. It helps protect against UV damage from the sun or pollution, while restoring radiance.

Schwarzkopf Good Bye Yellow

Schwarzkopf Professional – Neutralizing Shampoo Ph4.5 Good Bye Yellow Schwarzkopf Professional

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Good Bye Yellow is a range dedicated to white, gray, silver hair. All of the colors that do not enjoy yellowing! It is therefore an anti-yellowing shampoo with a high concentration of pigments which will neutralize yellow reflections, and which restores the hair’s pH to 4.5. Its formulation is very appreciable: without sulfates, the colors last longer, and the hair remains very shiny.

Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo

Klorane Anti -Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury for Blonde

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A very respectful blue anti-yellowing shampoo in its formulation: it is indeed ammonia-free, paraben-free, hydrogen peroxide, silicone-free… and it contains 96% of ingredients of natural origin! And to make it better, it is not tested on animals. Its effectiveness is persistent: from 3 to 4 weeks. It helps fight against yellowing and neutralizes rough shades, but it is especially very naturally enriched with shea, organic oil, beta-carotene, and mica for shine …

Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde Purple Shampoo | Restore & Tone 

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The brand offers two shampoos, one blue (for white hair) and one purple (for blond hair). Anti-yellowing treatment that will remove yellow reflections, it is an artisanal product made without paraben, dye, silicone, phenoxyethanol and EDTA: a real luxury in the field of cosmetics. Shine and softness is there, thanks to essential oils of lemon, and silk protein