How to grow black hair – Do It Yourself Hair Care

Growing Black Hair Is Not As Improbable As It May Seem For many African-American women. Growing their black hair long proves to be a very difficult task. Often they put in many years of effort and then conclude the whole thing to be a seemingly impossible task. They could be forgiven for losing heart over their inability to grow long and healthy hair for they are among millions of other women who have fallen victim to the myths created by the hair care products industry. You may not know it but growing black hair is actually a lot simpler than you have often been led to believe.

How to Grow Black Hair

How to grow black hair

Where does the Problem Lie?
How to grow black hair is a question that does not have a simple solution but when the myths are dispelled, you will realize that it is not as difficult as it may seem. The problem with most women is that they continue using the wrong products on their hair, either because that is the way they have been treating it all along or because they are unaware of any alternatives to work with.

This is a trap that most of them often fall into because changing one’s hair care routine is not always the most obvious solution. You may think that a certain hair care product has been designed specifically for your African-American hair but it could be just another marketing hype by the big players in the concerned industry. Take a look at any of the products that claim to boost the growth of natural black hair and you are likely to come across one of the following ingredients that should be avoided on your hair at all costs.

Silicones, contained in most hair conditioners as well as certain shampoos, hair creams and hair greases that are petroleum based products. Any hair lotion that is based on the use of a mineral oil. And therein lies some of the major problems! If you continue using these products that encourage the cycle of “grow a little, break a lot” on your African-American hairstyle, then your questions regarding how to grow black hair will never be resolved. However, once you get hold of the valuable lesson the whole process becomes a seemingly straightforward task and this is something the hair care industry does not want to see getting passed along among their potential customers.

So how do You Grow those Natural Black Tresses?

 The first and foremost thing to do in your quest to solving the mystery of how to grow black hair is to take a multivitamin that is beneficial for the healthy growth of your mane like this one. Certain vitamins act as building blocks in the body and help to maintain healthy tresses. When you take a multivitamin, you help in making the process all the more effective. It may be several months before you notice the effects starting to take shape so the advice would be not too give up too soon.

Prenatal pills would be a good choice of such multivitamins. Iron deficiency is another cause of thinning hair and hair loss so you should consider adding some iron to your daily diet. Women who experience a heavy menstrual cycle are more likely to be iron deficient. However, it is not advisable to take an iron supplement without confirming the deficiency because an excess of iron content in the body is just as bad. Iron rich foods such as lean beef, raisins, prunes, spinach, oysters, beans, lentils, and beans should give you the required amount of iron content in your daily diet. A multivitamin that contains iron could be another solution.

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Dramatic weight loss is something that should be avoided when you are trying to grow thick black hair. When you lose weight too fast, the volume of hair strands that fall off your head tend to increase dramatically. Low calorie diets that do not have sufficient quantity of proteins and fats also have severely low iron content and lead to too much of weight loss within a very short span of time. It is important that you maintain a healthy diet so that there is some semblance of balance in your weight loss.

Natural Ingredients that Promote Growth of Natural Black Hair

 While thinking how to grow black hair by natural means, many people consider coconut oil to be an effective solution. This is actually very true since this natural ingredient has a light consistency and is not too coarse which allows it to penetrate easily down to the roots of the hair shafts. This provides appropriate nourishment to the hair follicles and is one of the best ways by which you can grow black hair quickly. The rich protein content in coconut oil makes the follicles young and strong.

Vitamins can also be used when you are looking for other measures on how to grow black hair and they can also make your hair longer. Since the hair needs to be washed periodically, use a shampoo that is mild and gentle on the scalp. Most of the commercial products contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is very harsh on the hair. Avoid these as far as possible and instead opt for natural shampoos that are free from any chemicals.It would also be a good idea to neutralize your hair appropriately once it has been out through chemical relaxers.

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You should wash out the relaxer from your hair with the help of water and follow it up with the application of a neutralizing shampoo. Allow the shampoo to sit on your hair for around ten minutes before washing it off. You can follow this up with the use of a conditioner and move on to further styling of your hair. Remember to treat your hair with proteins and fibrous elements called keratins as you continue your research on how to grow black hair.
Conclusion Healthy tresses ensure that your hair is kept smooth with each shaft on a healthy strand being akin to a shingle on the roof. You need to ensure that your tresses are maintained and kept in perfectly healthy condition if you wish to make a success of all the hard work you have put into figuring out how to grow black hair.