How to have beautiful hair after 50

The body undergoes major changes after 50 years, especially with regard to women. Hair is among the parts that are impacted by these changes. Menopause, estrogen loss and increased androgens are all causes that change the nature of hair after this age.

Not only does the hair weaken and sag, but the hormonal imbalance can also make it brittle and unruly. Some people even suffer from hair loss with alopecia. A real problem that affects a large majority of women and men.

For hair full of vitality and healthy even after 50 years, it is important to change hair habits, and to perform appropriate care.

We bring you tips and advice in this article to preserve the beauty of your hair, and give them pep.

The importance of good hydration

After 50 years, hair tends to become dull and dry. It is then advisable to hydrate them well. To do this, opt for a natural product like aloe vera gel. This one has the particularity of bringing water while helping the hair fiber to retain it.

For the moisturizing mask, you can prepare it in a bowl a mixture of a tablespoon of Aloe vera, a tablespoon of organic honey, and the same amount of coconut cream. Apply the solution to still moistened hair and leave 30 minutes of rest time. Rinse and proceed to your silicone-free shampoo.

A suitable shampoo and a gentle rinse

Opt for a shampoo adapted to your hair, without forgetting to favor as few chemicals as possible so as not to assault them.

When washing, distribute the shampoo well and then massage and emulsify gently.

Leave 5 to 10 minutes off and rinse.

Be aware that the rinsing time should be longer than washing. Not only should it be carried out gently but also carefully to be sure that you no longer have foam on your head. Rinsing too hard can weaken your hair even more.

Neutral henna to sheath the hair

Appreciated for its fortifying characteristics, its contribution in volume and revitalizing, neutral henna is a preferred solution to have beautiful hair after 50 years.

We advise you to opt for neutral henna powder 100% organic that you will use once a week.

  • Mix 50g of neutral henna with about a glass of hot water and a teaspoons of olive oil for dry hair
  • Mix until you get a smooth and smooth texture
  • Apply the dough using a brush on dry hair from the roots to the tips, proceeding little by little.
  • Once the pose is complete, cover your head with a plastic film and put a warm towel on top
  • Let stand for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water

Protect hair from UV

After 50 years and even before, the hair begins to lose melanin and becomes white. Their exposure to the sun especially in summer contributes to their dehydration while slowing down the secretion of sebum. It is then essential to protect your hair from UV rays.

To do so, do not hesitate to use a mask that already stands out once a week. A good rehydration with a mixture of egg yolk and olive oil, or a little massage with argan oil allow to nourish the hair while making it silky and shiny. For a better result, leave for an hour.

Finish with a wash with neutral shampoo and if necessary, complete with a conditioner based on shea butter.

Lemon to bring shine to the hair

To make your hair shine even after 50 years, add a few drops of lemon juice during your shampoo. The acidity of the lemon tightens the scales and helps to make your hair shinier.

Ginger against hair loss

Recognized as an excellent scalp stimulant, ginger is a real ally for rapid hair regrowth. It is effective whether in the form of capsules, juice, or mask.

You can prepare a solution of chopped ginger with sesame oil until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Apply it wick by wick without forgetting the spikes and performing a light massage. Let it act for 30 minutes and then proceed to your shampoo with neutral PH.

The importance of a balanced diet

To keep beautiful hair even after 50 years, dietetics is an element not to neglectr. A food imbalance can also cause a disorder of your hair fiber.

When you follow a good food hygiene and consume enough essential elements for the health of your hair: antioxidants, vitamins, etc., you will keep them sublime regardless of your age.

Tips for a good blow drying

Do you have trouble doing without blow drying, or do you want to make yourself beautiful for a special occasion?

For a perfect result, always start with your front hair. On clean and dried hair, apply a styling foam by proceeding wick by strand from the root to the tips.

Finish with a spray of fixing lacnae for better maintenance during the day.

For an even more sublime effect for those who can not do without the blow drying, apply hair oil on your hair after it.

 In addition, if you want to have beautiful hair even after 50 years, the first reflex is to adopt new hair habits. Reduce the use of any heat source device such as irons, hair dryer. It is the same for the colorations and discolorations that weaken your hair even more. And finally, give preference to products without chemical and natural products so as not to attack your hair.