How to hide your hair extensions?

The laying of hair extensions should be reflected. Without this, the result will not be homogeneous. Fake hair will be noticed. That is why it is important to conceal its extensions. Hairpieces will have to mix with natural hair. In addition, fake hair can be cut. If you do not know how to hide your hair extensions, follow our tips.

Do not lay extensions directly on the roots

Rather than fixing the extensions on the roots, leave a margin of 1 cm. Thus, the hairpiece does not interfere with the growth of your hair. This also allows the clamps to hold in place. For bangs, cut the extension to the height of your hair. In order not to make the pliers appear, camouflage them with the help of your real hair.

Paint the real hair above the extensions

If they are not very hidden, a simple gale will bring out the frames. To avoid this inconvenience, bring your hair back. Leave a small section just above the frames. By doing so, no one will see that you have extensions. Using a mirror, check the back of your head. If the hairpiece protrudes, bring your hair back.

Apply a root retouching spray

Since hair extensions do not come with roots, they can contrast with your natural hair. To get a good visual rendering, use a root retouching spray. As the name suggests so well, this product hides the roots. It contains mineral micro-pigments that camouflage the roots as well as the white hair.

As for drying, be aware that a root retouching spray dries instantly. Thanks to a tip, spraying will not cause any problems. To apply it:

  • First of all, remember to shake the bottle well
  • Put a towel on your shoulders
  • Hold the bottle vertically
  • Spray the retouching 10 cm from the roots. The product acts on dry and styled hair. Apply the retouching little by little. If you do not go gradually, the formula will leave stains on your clothes. As for its use, the root retouching spray applies daily. From black to brown to blond, we find all the shades.

Correctly pose extension clips

Fixing extension clips does not require much effort. Hairpieces allow you to change your look, hair color or length. You can go from curly hair to frizzy or smooth in less than 15 minutes. Extensions avoid assaulting your real hair with chemicals or hairdressing devices. However, note that mounting requires tools as well as technique. In addition, there are three types of extensions.

Hairpieces can be temporary, permanent or semi-permanent. As its indicates, a temporary extension is intended for short use either in a day. Semi-permanent models are fixed using adhesive tapes or microlinks. They can be worn at more than 2 months without damaging your natural hair or scalp. The lifetime of a permanent extension is 6 months. Its wearing can damage the hairline.

The cost of the extension includes the application, the price of the hairpieces and its service life. Before applying it, it will be necessary to make an appointment with the hairdresser. Also be aware that an extension can be temporary, permanent or semi-permanent. Due to its lifespan, a temporary hairpiece is intended for daily use. A semi-permanent extension is fixed using adhesive tape or micro-link. Its shelf life is 2 months. A permanent extension can be carried more than 6 months. That said, its port damages the roots.

Note that fusion hair extensions are part of the category of permanent extensions. Its installation costs between 500 and 3000 Euros. As for its service life, these models are worn over 6 months. Fastening requires the use of a heat gun. The latter must be positioned as close as possible to the roots. The simple fact of tying your natural hair to the hairpieces explains the 6-month lifespan of these extensions.

Sewn hairpieces are considered semi-permanent. On average, the pose costs you between 500 and 1000 Euros. As a service life, its extensions are between 2 to 4 months. To fix them, you will need a needle and a thread. Its extensions are suitable for people with thick hair.

Sewn extensions with adhesive tape are semi-permanent. The installation will be charged between 200 to 600 Euros. Be aware that they have alifespan of2 to 4months. In order not to come off, the wefts must be glued to the natural hair thanks to the adhesive tape. The application remains simple. By opting for this type of extension, you will gain in volume. If you have fine hair, opt for this app.

Just like adhesive tape hairpieces, micro link extensions are considered semi-permanent. On average, the installation is charged between 500 and 3000 Euros. As for the lifespan, it is estimated between 3 to 6 months. For information, its extensions have clamps. The application is operated thanks to a special tool delivered with the hairpiece. Small sizes, the pliers will not be noticed. Well designed, these extensions are suitable for people with short hair.

To maintain the natural appearance of the hair, opt for temporary extensions. They are more convenient to wear, especially on a daily basis. With permanent extensions, you will be able to change your look practically every day. There are many colors available on the market.

An extension can be made with natural or synthetic hair. Opt for models made with real hair. Apart from the natural appearance, its extensions last 1 year or more. On the other hand, synthetic hairpieces are intended for short-term use. Its color differs from natural hair. It is therefore difficult to obtain a homogeneous rendering.

Applying an extension does not necessarily require the help of a professional.

  • First of all, style your hair above your head
  • With the help of a rat-tailed comb, horizontally cut your hair about 5 cm above the nape of the neck. To fix it, use hair clips
  • Position the extensions at the roots and fix the frames. As said above, the installation depends on the type of extension
  • Make the natural hair mix with the extensions. For this, it is sometimes necessary to use a straightening iron or a hair dryer.

As with cutting, the laying of extensions requires practice. On the first test, the results may not be satisfactory. At any time, you can overshadow them and start the pose again. Once the installation is mastered, why not opt for ponytails or braids to clip.